Back in the Saddle Again

by E. Z. Riter

Copyright© 2001 by E. Z. Riter

Sex Story: Invited to the company party, he wonders how far his wife will go to satisfy a fantasy of hers...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   .

Copyright 1998, 2000

I'm Wilfred Warren and this is my story.

At twenty-seven, fresh from MBA school back east and newly married to my childhood sweetheart, I accepted a job with a firm in Fort Worth, Texas - "Cowtown" they call it. I'd never been west of the Appalachians. My employer was a conglomerate owned by a big rancher and businessman named Jefferson McDuff III.

My darling wife, Sheila, was twenty-five. We began dating when she was sixteen. I was the only man she had ever had. About five three, with a fabulous body and high, large breasts, her best feature, I thought, was her wonderful ass, which was hard yet soft, jutting and inviting. Her brown hair was to her shoulders and she had a sweet smile and big brown eyes. Our sex life was good but not great. With some pushing, she'd suck my cock, but she never volunteered for that duty. I'd tried to get her to open up, but to no avail.

I'd been faithful to her during our relationship except when I was out of town. Out of town, I was on my own and I'd scored every time.

Two weeks after I started work, my boss, Ralph, told me Mac, as everyone called Mr. McDuff, was throwing a big barbeque and dance at his ranch. Sheila and I were invited to go.

Ralph, and his wife, Mary Lou, took us shopping for western wear. We bought boots and shirts, hats and belt buckles, the whole shooting match. Sheila decided on a western blouse and skirt, rather than jeans. The skirt was denim and covered the tops of the new boots she wore.

As we shopped, I saw Sheila's eyes were wide with sexual excitement. I remembered the only sexual fantasy she'd mentioned was to be a cowgirl and have the cowboys fuck her until she couldn't walk. I wondered what the party would bring.

I'd heard McDuff was a wild man, particularly with the ladies. In fact, the story was any husband of a woman who fell into his bed was rewarded by faster promotions and additional compensation unless the husband complained.

They told the story of a husband who did complain, attacking McDuff when he found him fucking his beautiful, young wife. McDuff beat the hell of out the cuckold husband, tied him to a fence post, and made him watch as McDuff, most of the ranch hands, and several company executives, fucked the guy's wife to oblivion. The guy lost his job and his wife, who stayed on as McDuff's personal playtoy.

The day of the big party, Sheila was high was anticipation. I kissed her as she stood in front of the mirror, admiring herself.

"You seem excited," I said calmly.

"Oh, Wil, I'm going to a real western dance with real cowboys! Can you imagine! Real cowboys!"

"You aren't thinking of fucking a real cowboy, are you?"

"What do you mean?" she asked wide eyed. I could tell she knew exactly what I meant.

"Are you thinking of committing adultery today with a cowboy?"

"Wil... I love you very much... "

"And I love you. Are you going to fuck somebody else today?"

Her expression became unsure, embarrassed.

"It's just a fantasy. Nothing'll happen. I'm your sweet, loyal, little wife."

"Baby, relax and enjoy. What happens, happens. Remember, I love you no matter what you do."

She looked very quizzical as if she didn't understand. Then, a sexual, demanding look came over her face.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

"My God, I love you, Wil. You're more man and more husband than any woman deserves."

"Just remember you said that," I replied, my eyes steely.

"I will. You remember I love you."

We were dressed and ready at three when Ralph and Mary Lou picked us up. As we waited, Sheila was twirling in front of that mirror. She looked like a wet dream.

"What are you doing?" I asked innocently.

"I'm not wearing panties. I was trying to see how hard I have to spin before someone could see my pussy."

As we drove to Mac's ranch in their car, Ralph and Mary Lou were happy and talkative. Soon, all four of us were babbling like old friends.

"I hear McDuff likes to hustle the ladies," I said in a conversational tone. I saw a glance pass between Ralph and Mary Lou. Sheila quivered.

"You heard right," Ralph said with a hearty laugh, turning to his wife. "He really hustles them, doesn't he, Mary Lou?"

She turned a beet red and ducked her face in embarrassment. When she looked at us, sexual desire oozed from her.

"You two need to talk about how to handle things out here," she said.

"Handle what?" I asked.

"Handle it when Mac wants to fuck Sheila."

"We've talked. What happens, happens," Sheila said.

She looked at me questioningly. I squeezed her hand and winked.

"Wil, have you heard the stories about the husbands that challenge Mac?"

"Yes," I answered. "But I don't believe them."

"Believe them. They're true. It's happened three times. Each time Mac took the guy's wife. Mac kept one. Her name's Sue Ann and you'll meet her tonight. One decided to turn pro and is the biggest madame in Fort Worth. And the third was given by McDuff to a young man as a bonus for pulling off a big deal."

"When do we meet her?" Sheila asked.

"You already have," Ralph said as he looked at his wife. Again, Mary Lou blushed, but it was followed by a slutty grin that made my cock stiffen.

I pulled Sheila to me and kissed her hard, slipping my hand up to her pussy. Her legs flew open. Her pussy was dripping. It was then I noticed she had shaved her bush. Yes, tonight would be interesting.

You might ask why a man would actually encourage his wife to fuck around. First, there was no way in hell I could stop her. Her mind was made up. Anyway, I wanted her to be wilder, more sexually open. This was a good way to do it. And it could help me in my career. Last, it would give me some opportunities to play around. All in all it seemed like a good deal. By the time, the night was over I would realize what a good deal it really was.

When we arrived at the ranch, probably fifty to sixty cars were parked in a field. We walked toward the sound of a country band and the smell of barbeque. Ralph and I left the woman talking to another couple as he led me toward a group.

"Howdy, Ralph, glad y'all could come. You must be Wil," he said, sticking out his hand.

It was Mac McDuff and his handshake was commanding and dominant. Picture the Marlboro Man but bigger (six four, two hundred fifty pounds of pure muscle), stronger, more handsome and more rugged with cold gray eyes that could twinkle when he wanted them to. And the Marlboro Man was a pretty boy model. Mac had made a billion dollars starting as a high school drop out when he was fourteen. He was brilliant and ruthless.

I was glad I'd paved the way for him and my wife. I could tell he was exactly her type.

"Wil, Ralph here tells me you know I'm going to fuck your wife and share her with some of the boys. Are you okay with it?" Brutally blunt as I expected.

"Yes, Mr. McDuff," I replied.

His eyes softened. "You'll go far, Wil. Do you want to watch when I take her or let her tell you about it later?"

"I'd like to watch," I said.

"Done deal. Now, you boys have a drink and enjoy the party. And Wil, call me Mac. All my close friends do."

When Mac turned back to his group, we rejoined our wives.

"Where were you?" Sheila whispered to me.

"Talking to Mac."

She said nothing but her expression said volumes. I kissed her.

"I gave my blessings to him fucking you."

She shivered and her legs got weak. I think she orgasmed just from thinking about it. The next hour or so, we visited, just like any other party. The crowd was key people from the company I worked for, important clients, key personnel from the ranch or one of Mac's other companies and other friends of his. Sheila had three drinks, which was a lot for her. Then Ralph pulled me aside.

"Mac's ready for your wife. Do you want a woman while he does?"

"That would be nice," I said, my blood pressure soaring.

"You can have Sue Ann, Molly over there, or Mary Lou. I suggest Sue Ann. Molly's drunk and you can have Mary Lou any time. Just ask me."

I told him Sue Ann.

"Sue Ann, it is. Remember, she's use to a dominant male."

Ralph returned in just a minute with an adorable little blonde about five feet tall with an hourglass figure and huge tits. She had blonde hair to her waist pulled back in the longest ponytail, big dimples, a pert nose and pouty lips.

"Hi, cowboy," she giggled.

I pulled her to me, kissed her hard with my hand on her ass. I felt her give in my arms, surrendering, as I cupped her delicious breast.

"Wow! If you fuck like you kiss, I'm gonna' to have a fun time," she said.

I looked over Sue Ann's shoulder to see Sheila staring at me with a funny little smile. She knew her fun was about to begin. I motioned to her to come over and introduced her to Sue Ann.

"I'll be fucking Sue Ann while Mac's fucking you," I said in a conversational tone.

"Wil, I didn't expect you to... well, be having someone else, but, Wil... I... "

Sue Ann gave a little laugh. "Honey, no cowboy... no real cowboy... is going to let another cowboy fuck his heifer without some kind of comeback." The girls started talking, not noticing as Mac walked over to us.

When Sheila looked up at Mac, her eyes glazed over like a deer in headlights. Sweat broke out on her chin. Nobody said a word. We were mesmerized by the sexual dance taking place between Mac and my wife as he stared at her for probably a minute or two. I could hear the crowd becoming silent behind us at they became aware of what was happening.

When Mac reached for the lapel on her blouse, I saw it zipped rather than buttoned. He pulled the zipper down, unsnapped her bra and pulled the garments off her. She hadn't moved, not even blinked, as he stripped her to the waist. He pulled down the zipper to her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. She was naked except for cowboy boots. When Mac caressed her breasts with both hands, Sheila began whimpering.

Only I had seen Sheila naked before this moment. Now, two hundred people were staring at her bounty. If she was embarrassed, it never showed. But everyone could see, and smell, her love juice running down her thighs, coating them from crotch to knee.

Mac put a leather collar around her neck, fastened it, attached a leash, turned and walked away. Sheila followed after him like a heifer on a halter, her hips swaying sexually. That little heifer was looking forward to being bred.

"Come on, cowboy," Sue Ann said, pulling me with her.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"To the breeding barn."

The barn was a new metal building with excellent lighting. There were stalls, tack hanging from the walls, all of the things you'd expect on a working ranch plus some items which appeared to be designed for a woman rather than cattle. There were horses in some of the stalls.

A couple of cowboys rolled a leather bench into the middle of the big open space in the middle of the barn and locked the wheels down to keep it still. I noticed the bench had built in restraints.

As we stood there, I let my hand wander under Sue Ann's skirt. She was very cooperative, spreading her legs to let me play with her pussy. As my hand wandered over her ass, I felt something. I traced it with my hand. Sue Ann smiled up at me.

"Brand," she said.

"I beg your pardon?"

"It's a brand. A good cowboy brands his stock so everyone knows that heifer belongs to him."

"All of Mac's women are branded?" I gasped.

"Yup. All the keepers anyway. The ones he plans to trade or sell are unbranded. The other cowboys brand their heifers, too."

She acted like it was an every day, ordinary occurrence. I'd never considered it. I felt sure Sheila would not want to be branded because it is supposed to be extremely painful. I had to see Sue Ann's brand. As if she read my mind, Sue Ann raised her skirt to show me.

It was the letter M laying on its side. That clicked in my mind. Lazy M Enterprises was my employer. Lazy M. His brand.

When I looked back, Mac was pulling Sheila over the table by the leash, leading her as he would a heifer. He rolled her on her back.

Sheila's eyes were glazed, her expression complete sexual desire and submission as he brought her hands over her head and bound them to the table. He attached the leash, holding her head flat. He bought her legs up, bent and bound them. She was now secure, her ass hanging out in mid air, legs up and open, ready and available.

When Mac dropped his jeans, his huge cock fell out. He looked around the room and smiled at a young woman. She looked up at her husband who nodded affirmatively. She ran to Mac, fell to her knees and sucked his cock in her mouth. With everyone else in the room, I watched it grow.

One reason I didn't mind my wife fucking around is I have a big cock - about eight and a half inches long and thick. Since Sheila never experienced another man, I felt having someone else would make her realize how good she had it with me.

But I was a midget compared to Mac. Hell! Those stallions in the corral were midgets compared to Mac.

I was sorry I'd agreed but it was too late. Everyone could see his monster. Everyone but Sheila. She had no idea what was about to be shoved up her sweet pussy. Even as lubricated as she was, I hoped she'd be all right.

Mac patted the girl sucking his cock on her head. She popped him out of her distended mouth, smiled and ran back to her husband. Mac lodged the tip of his monster cock in Sheila's fuck hole. He shuffled his feet, adjusted the angle, and grabbed her thighs for leverage. He slammed that monster in her with one hard thrust.

'Godddd yessssss. Oh, yessss."

Sheila's back arched and her legs jerked like she had been given an electric charge. I'd never seen her orgasm that strongly but her desire had been building all day. She was bouncing on the table, squirming, out of control in orgasm. I felt Sue Ann drop to her knees and pull my erection out. Her mouth was warm, her tongue active, as she sucked my cock, but I never took my eyes off my wife.

Mac wasn't moving, letting Sheila do all the fucking. But Sheila wanted to be pounded.

'Fuck me... please don't tease me... I need it so... I need you to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Her voice drifted off into a sob.

Mac slowly pulled out, and, then back in, back and forth. Then I heard it. He started to sing as he rammed that monster cock rhythmically in my wife's cunt.

"I'm back in the saddle again.
Out west, where a woman is to please.
Where all the women on their knees,
For my big cock they do plead.
Back in the saddle again."

The audience apparently had heard this one before. They joined in the chorus.

"Whoopie, ti, yi, yah.
I make it last all day.
Back in the saddle again.
Whoopie, ti, yi, yo,
Fucking fast or slow.
Back in the saddle again."

I felt my cock twitch, the sign I was ready to cum. I jammed both hands in Sue Ann's hair and began to fuck her face. She deep throated me once before I came a bucket in her mouth. She grabbed my legs to support me as I almost collapsed my orgasm was so strong.

Mac's huge cock and steady rhythm had Sheila rigid now, quivering all over, her legs locking down in one continual spasm. I knew she was getting ready to have the most mind blowing orgasm ever. She was totally covered in her own sweat and as red as a lobster, or as they say in Texas, as a new borne Hereford.

"I'm back in the saddle again.
Where a heifer's a cowboy's best friend.
Where you never are alone,
With a heifer on your bone.
Back in the saddle again."

Even I joined in the chorus this time, as I began to remove Sue Ann's blouse.

"Whoopie, ti, yi, yah.
I make it last all day.
Back in the saddle again.
Whoopie, ti, yi, yo,
Fucking fast or slow.
Back in the saddle again."

'God, Mac... please... please fuck me harder... I need it harder... "

My little wife was begging him to slam her even more. But Mac stopped, pulling back so only about two inches off cock plugged her pussy. She tried to get some action but her bondage kept her from getting more cock and drove her even crazier.

"Please. Please let me cum. I'll do anything."

"Slut, I want you to belong to me."


"I want to brand you."

"Yes. Anything."

"What do you want?"

"I want to be your heifer. Your slut. Wear your brand. Lead me naked through the streets of Fort Worth. Show the world you own me, control me, but, for God' sake, fuck meeeee!"

"Eeee yahhhh hooooo," he screamed as he fucked her as fast as he could, driving his whole monster in her cunt. You could see his cock head push her belly out on the in strokes. If he had worn spurs, he'd be digging them into her, riding hell for leather.

Sheila's scream started like a train whistle a long way off, getting louder and louder as her skin got redder and redder and her back slowly arched until only her heels and shoulders touched the table.


When Sheila passed out, Mac stopped, a big, shit-eating grin on his face. There was sucking sound as he pulled his cock out of her.

"All right, cowboys. Let's breed this heifer."

A man dragging his wife ran to Mac's side. He gave Mac his wife and slammed himself in Sheila. Mac pushed the wife to her knees, jammed his cock in her mouth and in a moment, started filling her like a grain truck filling a silo: a constant and heavy steam of matter. She must have swallowed ten times.

A line was forming to fuck my wife. It was a long, long line.

Immediately, everyone in the place was naked and fucking. There seemed to be no rules except fuck as much as you wanted. I did it with eleven women before I collapsed in a corner.

As I watched the others, I estimated eighty of the hundred women there were branded. I noticed many different brands, although almost half of the branded women, such as Sue Ann and Mary Lou, wore Mac's Lazy M. I also observed various other decorations such as nipple or pussy rings, some tattoos, ankle chains, and the like. It was an interesting group.

A couple of hours later, we were all out under the beautiful, clear sky, eating barbeque and drinking beer. Those that wanted to be naked were naked, but some people had redressed. I was enjoying feeling the cool, dry air on my naked body. Mac came toward me, leading Sheila by her leash. She was naked except for her boots.

"Hay, Wil. Y'all watch my new heifer while I take a piss," Mac said with a big grin. I took the leash.

"Are you all right?" she asked softly.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I obviously enjoyed him fucking me. I agreed to belong to him, to be his slut, to let him brand me."

"You were trying to orgasm. Those promises don't mean anything."

"Yes, they do," she said fiercely. "I *am* his slut! He *is* going to brand me! Oh, Wil, part of me will always belong to you, but most of me belongs to Mac as of tonight. You're going to have to be happy with what part of me Mac lets you have."

She acted haughty and self righteous.

"You mean you're Mac's woman now? Just like that?" I snapped my fingers.

"Yes." She looked smug.

That really pissed me off! With a mean, nasty expression on my face, I pulled off her diamond engagement and wedding rings and jammed them in my pocket.

"Since these don't mean anything, I'll take them back."

Her lower lip quivered and tears formed.

"Wil... "

"Consider yourself divorced, slut!"

Just then, Ralph motioned to me. As I walked toward him, Sheila followed since I was holding her leash.

"Mac wants to see you in the barn," he said. He winked at me. I trudged to the barn, ignoring Mac's new slut who was making little whiny noises as she followed me.

Mac was over in the corner talking to a group of five women. When he saw us, he had the woman stand up against the wall, side by side. Each of the women was different but attractive. All were naked and had shaved pussies.

"Slut, get up there with them," he said to Sheila.

She gave him a funny look and hesitated. He had a quirt in his hand which he flicked against her thighs. She squealed and hurriedly complied, rubbing her red leg where the quirt caught her.

"Now, Wil," he said, putting his arm around my shoulder, "we're men of the world and we're cowboys, so we understand livestock management."

"I understand you're stealing my wife," I said.

His face got colder than a January storm. His hand crushed my shoulder and I felt the cold wind from his icy, gray eyes.

"Wil," he said very softly and very menacingly, "here in Texas, we don't accuse another cowboy of rustling... not unless we are ready to defend our accusations with our lives. More than one cowboy died of accusing another cowboy of rustling. You didn't mean to say I'm a rustler, did you?"

"No. You aren't a rustler."

He slapped me on the back real friendly like.

"Good. Now, a cowboy needs to build a large herd if he's to be successful. You have one nice little heifer, but you have only one. To help a good ole boy like you, I'm willing to trade you any two of these other heifers for her. Of course, it's your decision. If you want to keep the one you have, you can. But I recommend making this trade, son. I know ranchin' and I know livestock."

I looked at the six women standing there. Sheila had her mouth hanging open, obvious disbelief on her face. I guessed she'd expected me to always be there in case she changed her mind and wanted to come back. The other five was all trying to look hot. They wanted to be selected.

"Obviously," Mac continued, "the more heifers you own, the more feed you need. These others work and earn their own feed. And, they work sitting down, not laying down. The heifer you have doesn't earn her own feed. And, if we reach a trade, a nice little pay increase is yours from the company."

"Can I have a couple of hours to examine them?" I asked.

"Shit! Take all night."

He slapped me on the back, grabbed Sheila's leash and walked away. Sheila looked back at me with a sad, questioning expression.

One by one I started talking to the women, I mean, heifers. I knew all of them would be good fucks so I was interested in finding the right chemistry. None of them had the body Sheila did but all of them were nice indeed. I noticed all five were unbranded and knew they were part of Mac's herd he was willing to trade.

I talked to each, taking my time, playing with their tits and their pussies. By the time I was finished, five beautiful women were dripping down their legs and begging me to fuck them.

I made my decision. I was going to take Ida, who was the least attractive of the five but still very good looking. She had a good mind, a positive nature and a heart of gold. And I took Yvonne, a dark haired, black eyed, exotic looking, half Chinese, half Mexican mixture that made my cock stiff every time she smiled.

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