by soul_jewel(lw)

Tags: Consensual, BDSM, MaleDom,

Desc: : A Master toys with his slave, binding her to the wall of his dungeon before moving on to other things.

The ropes chafed at the soft skin of her wrists, as he looped them around and behind her knuckles. His touch gentle as he bound her. He leaned forward to kiss her lips tenderly whispering endearments against her mouth as he continued to bind her hands. Ordering her to raise her arms above her head, she felt the tricep muscles stretch as he fed the end of the rope through rings suspended from the ceiling of the room. Her arms were spread above her head and her body took on a Y shape. Tugging on it till her arms were taut. Testing the rope he smiled, pleased with his efforts

Standing back to survey her, running an appraising eye across her body, tilting his head from side to side as if trying to determine what was wrong with the picture before him. Her breathing was soft and regular, a sign of her total trust in the man. Snapping his fingers suddenly, she could almost see the little light bulb flicker above his head bringing a smile to her lips.

Bending he wrapped another rope around her slim ankle. Running a casual hand up her calf muscle as he did. Feeling the resilience of the muscle and the softness of her skin beneath his touch. He looked up at her and smiled as he dragged his nail down across the flesh watching with an amused expression as she shivered. He hooked the end of this rope to another ring that was jutting out of the side-wall; by pulling it taut he made her body tilt to the left. She wriggled on her foot to maintain her balance as her right leg was pulled towards the wall. Tying it off, testing its hold with a soft twang against the coarse rope with his fingers. She was now spread wide to his gaze.

Again he studied her, a smug smile on his lips as he realised that she was still dressed. Shaking his head at his obvious oversight, he picked a small knife from the nearby table. The blade glimmering in the glow of the room. He examined it, running his thumb across the sharp blade, his expression one of wonder as if he had never really seen this particular knife before. He heard her gasp audibly as he approached her with the knife. A menacing figure as she was strung helpless before him. His lips curled into a smile as he began to cut away the thin layer of cloth that hid her body from his penetrating gaze.

Naked now, the light cast shadows across her body. He could see her body shiver as the air spread around her, caressing her skin like a lover, raising a fine layer of goosebumps across her flesh. His hand brushed lightly against the skin. Laughing softly to himself as he watched her reaction. Stepping closer he lifted one breast. Laying it against the palm of his large hand. Bouncing it slightly as if to test its weight. Feeling the orb move under his touch. His thumb rolled over the nipple. Feeling it harden, the rosy tip popping suddenly from the safety of the areola. Lowering his head to her his lips brushed against the nipple. She jerked against the ropes, her movement was minimal as he had her held fast against the coarse bonds.

His eyes watched her face as he suckled and fondled her nipples, taking small nips at the underside of each breast. His teeth scraping and tugging at the peak. He shook his head with her nipple firmly between his teeth, terrier like causing her to gasp with the sudden sensations. Her soft moans indicating to him that she was aroused. Her skin had taken on a glow as it flushed with the longing he had sparked in her belly.

Whispering lovingly to her, his voice low and soft, that this night she would experience pain in its most pleasurable form. He turned walking away from her. Leaving her suspended. Her soft whimper as he walked away made him chuckle. His shoulders hunched as he did so, glancing back at her he wondered if she were really that keen to feel the wonders he had planned for her. Her soft blue eyes pleaded with him not to leave her voice begged him to stay.

The bottle in his hand puzzled her, as he shook it walking around behind her. His hand ran lightly down her spine, resting lovingly at the base of her spine, an intimate caress. Sliding his fingers between her creamy cheeks, he parted the soft flesh. Tugging on the rope slightly making her legs part wider. He squatted behind her, studying her intently. His eyes directly level with her sweet hole. His fingers probed the soft outer rim of her tight ass. Pressing the pad of his finger against it. Testing, teasing. She heard the bottle open, her strained to turn her head to watch. Immobile she remained, at his mercy.

The burning sensation that raced through her sensitive anal opening made her cry out. His finger pressing a small drop of Tabasco to her rim. As his hands ran up and down along the inside of her thigh, he watched her body struggle and writhe trying to escape the burn. Leaning he placed a light nip against the v of her thigh, careful not to mark the soft skin. Feeling her muscles tremble and strain under his mouth.

A soft cough from the darkness made her start, as she felt him leave her again. His footsteps moving round her body, standing again before her. Grabbing a chair, he eased his frame onto it, scooting it so that he sat directly in front of her groin. Her ass burned, her hips were pushing forward as she struggled to get away, her teeth clenched her moans low and husky. She felt his fingers parting her swollen pink lips. Opening the folds of her labia with a soft touch. Between each finger and thumb he grasped each lip, pulling them away from her body. Exposing her clit to his gaze. Engorged with blood it pulsed and throbbed under his stare.

He could see her juices glistening against the entrance to her pussy, his eyes boring into her flesh as she tried to wriggle and squirm from the burning at her rear passage. Flicking a nail against her clit, he watched her body spasm. The juices trickling down her thigh. Exposed and vulnerable she was helpless to fight the orgasm that tore into her belly as again his fingernail prodded her throbbing clit. Her cries reverberated around the room and they seemed to her to echo in her ear.

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