Working on the Desk with Barb: Comfortable and Sexy

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: Phil finds his new boss, Barb, very attractive and subtlely sexy. When he takes some new ideas to her, he finds she has some of her own.

Phil knew his immediate boss, Barbara - or Barb as most everyone seemed to call her -- was probably a few years older than he was at 35, but she was one of the nicest people he'd ever been assigned to work under as his supervisor. She'd made him feel very welcome when he'd shown up for his first day of work and it was then that Phil had noticed a lot of things about Barb that he really liked.

Barb wasn't beautiful but she was pretty in a very wholesome sort of way. She had somewhat short brunette hair and a nice face. Her figure was nice and one of the first things Phil noticed about Barb's figure were full, rounded breasts that stuck out so prominently on her chest. He guessed that she wore at least a C-cup bra, maybe even a D. The day he started working in his new office, Phil noticed that it must have been slightly cool because he could distinctly see that Barb's nipples were hard and pressing out against the material of her sweater. Her nipples were very obvious when they grew hard and he could hardly seem to keep his eyes off of them in order to make proper eye contact with his new boss. He opened it wasn't too obvious that he was gazing at her tits but he wasn't sure if he was getting away with it or not.

Phil quickly established a good working relationship with Barb and would either meet with her in office staff meetings or sometimes he'd have to go into her office to talk to her one-on-one about something that had come up in his own area of work.

It had only been a few days after Phil began working for Barb that he found himself wondering what her body looked like underneath her clothes. He knew that Barb had only been married to her present husband a few years which meant that she obviously was sexually active and had caught that man's attention. Phil would catch himself trying to see if her nipples were hard in her bra at times when he'd be around her. He noticed that Barb seemed to wear a lot of fairly figure-fitting sweaters and the types of blouses that would really show off her ample breasts well. Phil reminded himself that he always loved working around women who wore clothes that accentuated their figures instead of dressing to cover up their physical "assets" - yeah, even their asses but he especially like it when they dressed so you could see their sexy tits. Another thing Phil had noticed about Barb - she had a very nice tight ass and he knew he'd love to pull her pants and panties down to see what a nice rear end she had.

One afternoon Phil had been working on making some changes in his personal work program and he managed to get with Barb at a time when her afternoon schedule was fairly wide open with nobody else on her plan for the day. He loved it when he walked in to Barb's desk and saw that she was wearing a soft brown pullover sweater that snugly caressed the curves of her breasts and made it very obvious that she was well endowed in the bust.

"Phil, why don't you sit down here next to me so we can bring up whatever spreadsheet or webpage you want me to look at with you?" Barb offered as she cleared off a chair right next to hers in front of the computer. Phil felt his cock twitch in his pants as he caught a sexy aroma from whatever perfume Barb had worn to work that day. He wanted to just spend a few moments staring at his wholesomely sexy boss, to drink in the sexy fullness of her mature womanly body but he didn't figure he should make it too obvious to her that he was turned on and just wanted to feast his eyes on her rather than the work at hand.

They had been going over all of the new HTML pages and other suggestions he had for the department's website when he began to wonder what would happen if he should make a rather subtle sexual advance to Barb. He figured she would quickly put a handprint across his face but he struggled with the idea of leaning over and kissing her on the neck, or grabbing a handful of one of her full sexy tits and seeing what would follow. Phil's cock had grown well past semi-aroused as he tried to keep his mind on business rather than on fucking Barb. He knew her husband would probably kill him if Phil so much as tried to steal a kiss from his wife, much less ram his horny cock inside her hot cunt.

Finally, Phil decided to go for broke. He sat there beside Barb, drawing up as much foolish courage as he could muster and then he turned towards her and said, "Barb, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you have gorgeous brown hair. I think it's so healthy and attractive on you."

It was like Phil's words had completely stolen Barb's attention from the computer screen she'd been staring at because when he finished saying it, she turned and looked him straight in the eye as though it was the very first time she'd ever seen him.

"You think my hair is pretty?" she asked in a surprisingly questioning way.

"Yes, I really do, Barb," Tom answered as he wondered what he could say to her next besides "now, Barb, do you want to fuck?"

Phil threw all caution to the wind and turning his body towards Barb, he noticed the twin mounds of her breasts pressing out tightly against her sweater, the seam on her bra more obvious than ever and suddenly he could see a little nib of hardening nipple poking out visibly under the tip of her bra cup. Phil felt his cock beginning to get harder as he realized that those simple words of compliment he had just given to Barb were apparently really touching her in an arousing and sexual way. He'd never have believed it possible that saying something so honest and genuine to a pretty woman would elicit such a physical response.

Phil reached up with his right hand, and brushed it gently downward through Barb's hair, running his fingers through the brunette tresses and lightly touching the side of her head as he did. He noticed as he moved his hand downward that Barb was taking a very deep and noticeable breath as he touched her. Her nipples had grown even harder and he felt his cock twitch involuntarily inside his boxer shorts. "My gosh, I'm getting fucking turned on from just touching her hair," Phil thought to himself as he waited to see what his boss's next response would be.

Then Phil noticed that Barb's eyes were not only looking at his but he noticed that she was looking up and down his body and when she glanced at his groin, she couldn't help but see that he was sitting there with a very full and sexy lump of hardening cock in his pants. Barb reached out and touched the palm of her right hand to the side of Phil's face and he was the one who now took a deep breath, enjoying the aroma of her perfume and wishing that the two of them were anywhere else in the world at that moment other than sitting in front of Barb's desk. He wanted to be naked with Barb, to see what it was like to make love to a mature and very attractive woman like her. He wondered if Barb was even more exciting and sensual in bed than she appeared to be in her everyday work clothes.

Phil realized that he was actually holding his breath, pondering what to do next or what to say. Before he could move, Barb moved the same hand that had been touching his cheek down across his chest, feeling the firmness of his taut chest muscles and then before he knew it, she had allowed her hand to slide down even further and it was resting on the hard lump of horny hard cock in his pants. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh yes, Barb," was all Phil could manage as he was amazed that events had moved to where Barb was ready to feel his hard-on and hopefully do something much more exciting to take care of the sexual fantasies and tensions he'd been feeling around her.

"Phil, I've seen the load you've been carrying in your pants the last few times you've been in my office. I like what I've seen - a lot. I'd love to know more about you, and what you're thinking when you come into my room and get all turned on like that."

Phil's immediate thought was "Oh my gosh, I'm busted. Barb's noticed I get hard around her and she's offended by me getting all turned on by her."

Instead of saying anything, Phil took his right hand and placed it over where Barb was touching his cock through his pants. With his left hand, he reached up and covered the full roundedness of her breast, gently but firmly squeezing it and then moving his hand down to excite and stimulate her nipple. His cock twitched again as he loved the sexy feel of his woman's breast and it almost felt as though it swelled underneath his touch.

"What I've always thought since the first day I started working here, Barb, is that you're one of the prettiest and sexiest women I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I get fucking horny when I spend a day around you and I go home at night hornier than hell because you're so sexy and enticing. I hope you won't fire me for being so blatantly honest but that's exactly why I've gotten a hard cock every time I've been around you."

Phil could have peed in his pants when he saw the sexy smile that spread across Barb's face - if he hadn't been so hard. He felt his cock grow increasingly hard and then Barb reached down to the hand covering her breast and brought it up to her lips, kissing it gently and then running her tongue over the back of his hand.

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