My Sexy Friend, Valerie

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom notices a very sultry, sexy co-worker named Valerie. Her long brunette hair and full sexy figure really grab his attention and his sexual desires. When he gets assigned to a work project with her, Valerie and Tom discover what else they've got going for them.

Chapter 1: She Needed It Bad

I first met Valerie at a meeting we both attended. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Valerie's in her mid-20's and she's a very striking young woman. Her dark brown hair falls to about the middle of her back and she's about 5'8 or 9 inches tall. She had very sexy medium sized breasts, a solid C-cup, maybe even slightly larger, that drew your eyes right to them when you first saw her and her face was absolutely gorgeous. I was very envious of her husband who was also at the meeting and found myself sitting there imagining what it was like at nights when he and Valerie were alone in their bed. It was almost overwhelming to imagine how hot and sexy I felt Valerie must be with her lover.

When I left the room after the meeting had ended, I realized that my cock was semi-hard in my pants from looking at Valerie and imagining how hot she would be in a negligee or in nothing at all. I tried to place my bundle of working papers somewhat over the obvious lump in my crotch to keep from being embarrassed and left the meeting room and went straight to the men's room to masturbate. Yeah, Valerie had certainly gotten under my skin but I figured that's as close as I'd ever get to knowing her anymore intimately.

Then things just seemed to fall into my lap one day when I was given a last-minute project and Valerie was the other person assigned to work on it with me. She'd already left the office for the day and when I called her at home to tell her what we'd been tasked to do, she suggested to me that I could bring the working documents by her house and we could rough out our response together that night. Wow, I couldn't believe it - an opportunity to go to Valerie's house. I figured her husband would probably be there but I didn't care. I'd get to see Valerie again and in a much more casual setting than the meeting where I'd first met her.

I was nervous when I walked up to the door of Valerie's apartment and rapped firmly on the door knocker. Expecting to see Valerie in something fairly conservative like the dresses or suits she wore at work, I was not at all prepared for the sight which greeted my eyes when the door swung open. Valerie had combed her hair out and it shone richly from the dark brown tints in it. She was wearing a very nice cotton top and a short skirt with sandals. I loved the hot sexy demi-bra I could easily tell she had on under the top. It only contained about half of her nice large breasts and the flesh of the remaining part was pressing out nicely against the material of her blouse.

"Hi, Tom, come on in," Valerie said as she pulled the door wide and invited me into the attractively decorated living room. "My husband is out for the evening so we'll have the place all to ourselves tonight," she mentioned offhandledly as though it was simply a fact and nothing more. I couldn't help but swivel my head to look into Valerie's face when she told me there would be no one there but she and I for the entire evening, and I felt my cock immediately begin to harden as I tried to see if there was a hidden message in her eyes. As I looked into her face, I could see that she was looking at me just as intently. I couldn't help but allow a sexy smile of satisfaction to creep over my lips as my mind quickly began to calculate whether or not Valerie only had us working on the project in mind - or if she was also considering us doing much, much more.

My eyes wandered down from Valerie's dark brown eyes and her beautiful face to her full womanly breasts pressing tightly against her cotton top. I loved the obvious lacy design of the bra she was wearing and was glad in a way that Valerie didn't dress this way at work. I'd never be able to make it through a day if my sexy co-worker came to the workplace looking as hot as she did at that moment.

Valerie had put out some chips, dip and soft drinks for us to enjoy while we worked and we sat down and munched on those refreshments for awhile before we began to work on our project. Unfortunately, that night we never got around to working on the project at all. Valerie and I both had something much more interesting in mind - and that's what we put our energies into.

I was sitting there wanting to join Valerie on the couch where she was sitting when she leaned over to get some chips, allowing the top of her blouse to gape open and I was greeted with a full-on view of Valerie's awesome tits dangling there in front of my eyes as her demi-bra cupped them against her chest. I couldn't move my eyes - Valerie's tits were so nicely shaped and sexy that I was glued to her chest as she leaned over there in front of me. My cock almost instantly sprang into full erection inside my pants and I made my decision to take a chance, and seize the opportunity that I felt my new friend was so blatantly dangling in front of me.

As I saw Valerie begin to straighten up and return to where she was sitting, I stood and walked over to her, reaching out and putting my hand over her right breast, feeling her tit pressing firmly through the material of her top. I knew that Valerie would either smack me in the face for putting moves on her that she really did not welcome or she would respond and let me know that she wanted the same things I did. I didn't have to wait long at all to get my answer. Valerie's left hand came up over my hand on her breast, pulling my hand tight against her. I pulled her close to me, our lips touching in a warm soft kiss. I really couldn't quite figure Valerie's obvious receptiveness to my sudden sexual approach but I wasn't about to question my good fortune. We stood in each others' arms, my hand gently squeezing her breast and I could feel Valerie's groin begin pressing against the hard lump of stiff cock in my pants. I didn't need any further confirmation that she was hot to feel the hard length of my cock inside her pussy.

I reached up between Valerie and I and began undoing the buttons of her sexy blouse, seeing almost immediately that she was wearing a pale pink lace demi-bra underneath. As soon as I had the blouse nearly undone down to her waist, I began to pull the sides of the blouse back, seeing that the bra was see-through and Valerie's nipples were not surprisingly rather dark brown in color and very sexy showing through her bra cups. I pulled her blouse back off of her shoulders and quickly unfastened the short skirt she was wearing pulling it down off of her legs and feet, revealing a matching pair of see-through bikini panties she was wearing. Valerie dark brown pubic hair shown clearly through her panties, and I could hardly wait to get them off and start our lovemaking by burying my face in that hot pussy between her legs. I reached down to the waist band of Valerie's panties, sliding it inside and down past the plentiful bush of her pussy hair to just between her legs. My middle finger sought out the crevice between her pussy lips and I gently caressed up and down her pussy, feeling the growing moistness. I felt back at the top of her pussy for her clit, and began to rub it gently, hoping to help Valerie get more aroused than she already was.

My cock was pressing out hard against my boxers and my jeans but Valerie quickly had undone my pants and my belt, pulling my jeans and boxers down to reveal my cock and allow it to jut up boldly from my crotch. The sexy brunette bent down in front of me, taking the head of my cock in her hand and licking the head before she closed her mouth over it and sucked my cockhead and several inches of my dick firmly inside her hot wet mouth. I almost felt my legs buckle from the sudden hotness both of Valerie's mouth and of her freeing my cock and beginning to give me a blowjob.

I stood there for just a few moments letting Valerie suck on my cock and knead my horny nuts in her hand and then I pushed her firmly but carefully back towards the couch until she was able to recline on it. I leaned down, kissing her lips first and then allowing my lips to trace down over her chin, and neck to the beautifully deep cleavage formed between her breasts. There's nothing quite as sexy as nice cleavage between a woman's breasts and Valerie's was wonderful to look at and running my lips down. I then moved my mouth over the nipple of her left breast, licking it through the thin material of her bra and I could feel that her tit was hard and pointing out hotly. I locked my lips over the nib of her nipple and pull on it through the material, allowing the wetness of my mouth to soak the cup of her bra and add to the warmth of my kiss and sucking.

I reached up between Valerie's breasts, quickly unfastening the snap that held her bra together and very sensually and sexily peeled the cups of her bra back off of both her breasts at the same time. "Wow, Valerie, you are so beautiful, lady," I sighed as I pulled the bra off her shoulders and threw it onto the floor nearby. I took the full roundedness of her right breast in my hand, closing my lips over its nipple and sucking the little nib into hardness as well.

"I bet you say that to all your lovers, Tom," Valerie replied but I could tell from her tone of voice that she was still excited to know that I thought her body was sexy and exciting. "I just wish my husband would tell me occasionally that he thinks I'm sexy and hot," Valerie mused as she pulled my head firmly down onto her right breast. I tried not to let the sudden note of sadness and unhappiness break the tempo of our foreplay, wanting to continue the heat of the moment together until Valerie and I had fucked each other.

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