Passion's Fury II

by Kristin Brilliant

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Cheating, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: The continuing story of Matthew and Kristin. After three years of cyber and phone sex they finally meet. They are not prepared for the flaming passion that ignites them both. Kristin struggles with her mixed feelings of submissiveness while Matthew learns just how natural it is for him to dominate her.

Kristin like a breath of fresh air
You came and you found me
From out of nowhere
All you did was look my way
And I knew
All you did was kiss my lips
And I knew
All you did was squeeze me tight
And I knew
I'd always love you

* As written and sung by Matthew to Kristin *

Chapter 1

The chart lay open in front of me but my mind was not focusing on the words. The steady hum of people talking and moving around me blurred as my mind carried me away. It had been two weeks since I'd returned from the cape. Everyone complimented me on my tan and said that I looked rested. I was more worried that they'd see the telltale signs of my wanton lustful week. I kept checking the mirror for a scarlet letter on my forehead. I was having an affair with a married man. I was in love and I was scared someone would find out. Yet I longed to be in his arms right then. My cheeks flushed as I recalled our week together. If I wasn't instigating lovemaking then Matthew was. We never stopped. We never tired. I was usually sprawled on top of him and I could hear his heart pounding loudly in my ear as his fingers softly stroked my back or my neck. I had been worried about coming to Boston but I needn't have worried.

We poured our hearts and bodies out to each other and I realized that if there was such a thing as soul mates, then I had found mine. We'd always said that we were but saying and really physically being together is two very different things. We were perfectly matched physically and intellectually. I inspected every inch of him from head to toe and he had done the same. His thighs were lean and muscular and I loved tracing the lines of his muscles till my fingertips would lightly rest against his balls. Even his balls were perfect to me.

I smiled thinking of that and realizing I was goofy and in love. He had no hair on his chest and I loved the feel of its smoothness. I'd run my fingertips lightly over his nipples watching them grow hard. His fingers would curl in my hair pulling slightly and I would grab his hand and slide each of his fingers into my mouth sucking. He would groan and roll over on me sliding my thighs apart with his knees pressing his cock deep inside me in one movement making me gasp. He'd just lay there and we'd stare into each others eyes for hours it seemed, though actually I'm sure if wasn't that long. I would squeeze my vaginal walls around his shaft teasing him and smiling. He'd smile back and lean down and kiss me deeply pushing in deeper.

He'd grab my hands and pull them over my head holding them in one of his hands while his other hand would play with my breasts and pinch my nipples. This made me crazy and he knew it. He'd laugh and hold my wrists tightly continuing his movements inside and out. He loved watching my face. His eyes would get very intense and his cheeks would flush deeply. He'd watch for the beginnings of my orgasm. As my mouth would open gasping he'd thrust into me deeply sliding his tongue into my mouth and pressing against me.

He would cum right after me groaning and calling out my name. It was so intense that my thighs would tremble afterwards. I had become used to his cock but it still felt tight when he first pushed into my pussy. I had nothing to compare him to other than my ex-husband but his cock was twice his size in width and in length. It made me feel completely filled. He stretched my pussy lips and I loved how we looked together. It was beautiful.

My clean-shaven pussy lips would glisten around his hard wet cock clinging to it like a life raft as he thrust in and out. He would explore my body like a man left thirsty in a desert. He'd have me lie on my stomach while his hands would explore the backs of my legs. He had a special fondness for the backs of my knees and he'd lean down and softly kiss and lick me there while his hands would slide up my thighs pressing into my flesh with his fingertips. He'd gently push my thighs apart and I would feel the tips of his fingers just brush along my pussy lips.

He'd grip my ass and pull my cheeks apart licking up my thighs to my pussy. He would whisper to me how beautiful I looked and I would close my eyes and purr softly feeling his tongue lathe up and down. I could feel his tongue dart over my clit and back away and I'd arch my bottom up hoping for another lick there. He'd chuckle softly and slap my bottom playfully and tell me to be a good girl and not move. I'd lie there helplessly while he teased me with his tongue. I could feel him humping the bed while he licked and sucked my lips into his mouth and I knew he was hard and throbbing.

I'd bite on the corner of the pillow under my head and finally give in to the delicious feeling of his tongue sliding and sucking. I'd feel his tongue lick around my anus and probe gently and then slide back down brushing over my hard little clit. I'd moan softly biting the pillow hoping he'd just start sucking my clit. Finally, I'd feel him slide a finger into my very wet hot pussy and he'd whisper to me to put my butt up. I'd arch my back sticking my butt up high and he'd lick over my clit finally pulling it into his mouth.

One of his fingers would gently push into my anus while two fingers would slide into my pussy. He'd suck harshly on my clit and the sensation was more than I could take. I'd hump back against his mouth and fingers like a bitch in heat. I would scream out as I'd cum so deeply I felt like I would pass out. His fingers would fuck me hard as I was cumming and I could hear him groan against my sensitive clit. Afterwards, he'd gently lick up all my cum and then kiss my pussy lips softly. His hands would knead my ass, as he'd slide up kneeling behind me rubbing his cock back and forth against my pussy. My ass would rise higher while my face would be turned and buried in the pillow.

I could look back and see his face hungry and flushed. I'd reach back and pull one of my ass cheeks back pushing back to meet him. His cock would slide up to my shiny wet asshole and then down thrusting into my pussy in one movement. I'd grunt at the force and feel my head push down into the pillow. He loved fucking me hard like that. His hands gripping my ass and hips while he plunged in and out. His balls would slap against my clit and he'd grunt loudly. He'd push a finger into my ass while I rubbed my clit.

I could feel his balls slap against my finger as I made circles around my clit. My belly would be on fire feeling the fullness from everywhere. I found that holding very still as he had told me really did intensify my orgasm. His cock was like a piston driving me over the edge each time until I would scream into the pillow jerking my hips back towards him. He would make little grunts of pleasure as his balls let loose their torrent inside the walls of my pussy.

We finally fell asleep at dawn that first night, with our legs entwined and his arms wrapped around me. I never asked him how he managed to stay all night. I didn't want him to leave and so I kept silent feeling slightly guilty wondering if his family knew he would be gone all night. At some point I woke up to go to the bathroom. He was laying on his stomach with his arm stretched over me. I carefully slid out of the bed trying to be quiet but he stirred opening his eyes. His hand held my arm.

"Don't leave." He whispered.

"I'm coming right back." I laughed softly.

"I thought I was dreaming." He said turning over.

His hair was tousled and he looked adorable without his glasses on. I knew his vision was poor and so he had a dreamlike quality about his face.

"I'm really here and I REALLY have to use the bathroom." I said leaning over kissing him quickly and then hurrying into the bathroom.

When I came back out into the bedroom Matthew was sitting up in bed with his back propped against some pillows. He'd slipped his glasses on and he gazed at me as I walked back towards him. His eyes locked into mine as I sat on the edge of the bed.

"God, Kristin. I can't believe we're finally together. I touch your skin and I have to look at your face to keep reminding me that it's really you. I keep expecting to wake up and find, once again, that it was just a dream.

I knew exactly what he meant. This all seemed ethereal. This house, us, our naked bodies, all of it seemed somehow displaced. I glanced out the window and I could see banks of fog drifting against the sand. It was just daylight and the ocean seemed somehow passive in the stillness of the morning. His finger brushed against my cheek.

"Are you ok with this?" He asked me.

"Are you?" I asked looking back at him.

"I couldn't be any happier than I am right now Kristin. I've wanted you for three years and you know that. That's not news."

Finally, I asked the question I'd been dreading.

"Matthew, why didn't you go home last night?"

He leaned forward pulling me to him nestling me in the crook of his shoulder.

"I called your house and Philip said you were out of town. I asked him where you were and he told me. He gave me your phone number and I looked it up in the city directory. That's how I got your address. Don't be mad at Philip for telling me love. I didn't give him any options. You know how I can be when I want to know something."

We both laughed softly knowing how true this was.

"Anyway, I told Susan that I needed some time and that I was coming to the cape to see Father Barrow."

Matthew was Catholic and had known the Father since he was a little boy. He would visit him often and had spent many hours with him. When Matthew met me and fell in love he was compelled to talk to the Father about it. Father did not approve of course and spent many hours counseling Matthew about this. He did not sympathize and he vehemently said that he should stop seeing me. Of course, Matthew didn't stop seeing me. He just didn't tell the Father that. Father had a small parish on the cape and many hours were spent here offering words of comfort to Matthew. When Matthew was having doubts about his marriage long before he met me the Father listened. When Matthew was unsure where his life was going the Father would offer advice. I secretly wondered how a man that had spent his life doing good deeds for the Lord could possibly understand the complexities of today's society but I kept silent. My views on religious training were ambiguous at best.

Matthew rolled over on top of me splaying my legs comfortably to each side of his slender thighs. His hands cupped my face and he looked at me questioningly. His flaccid cock lay draped across my pussy. I lifted my hips up pressing him closer to me. Matthew lifted his hips away from me slightly.

"Stop." He said softly

"Talk to me Kristin. What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing really." I said keeping my voice neutral.

He leaned down and softly kissed my lips.

"Talk to me my love." He said again whispering against my lips.

I knew it was useless to try and hide what I was thinking. Matthew would dog me until I spewed forth everything I was feeling. We had done this many times over the phone and somehow it felt eerie looking up at him pressed to me in this close proximity.

I sighed softly sliding my hands to his back holding him close.

"I wonder if Susan would be happy knowing you were here with me. I wonder how you're feeling about this. You've never cheated on Susan other than with me on the phone. We've talked about this many times and the possibility of our meeting and how it would affect us. This does not seem real yet Matthew. It's as if there is this soft bubble holding us together. Any moment that bubble can burst. I don't want to get hurt nor do I want you to get hurt."

Matthew placed his finger on my lips.

"Shhhh, I know what you're saying. I've never felt so complete as I do with you. For the first time in more years than I can count Kristin, I'm truly content and happy. The thought of you leaving to return home fills me with dread though. I told you many times that I could easily let you go back but now I understand what you'd been trying to tell me. If I think about it too much I feel like a vise is constricting my chest and I cant breathe. I'm feeling that right now."

I closed my eyes drifting listening to his voice. It was soothing even though what he was saying was not. His lips kissed my eyelids. I needed to get everything out in the open before continuing any further.

I took a deep breath opening my eyes and looking up at him.

"Matthew, I have to go back on Friday. I have my job and my son to think about. Before you say anything just listen to me."

Matthew had opened his mouth to say something but then said nothing listening to me intently.

"You have your life and your family. Your girls need you. Susan cannot do it alone. They're into many things now and as they get older it will be even more of a challenge that you face. We have to come to terms with this if we are going to be together this week. Also, have you thought about the rest of the week?" I looked at him.

His cheeks flushed as he sighed heavily.

"Yes, I have thought about that. But I know that I'm going to be with you this week come hell or high water. There will be no discussion on that. As far as you returning home, I'm ok with that. I promise." He sounded convincing but I still wondered. I remembered all too well his passionate fury.

The sun beat down on us ferociously as we walked along the shoreline. Our footprints marking our trail. The wind had died down from the previous night and it was mildly humid. We meandered aimlessly feeling the frothy coolness of the water lap over our toes and feet. The strong smell of seaweed filled my head. I was listening to Matthew talk about his new position teaching. I glanced up at him fascinated as he talked. I marveled at his facial expressions and how the sun glinted off of his glasses. His voice sounded the same as when we'd talked on the phone but seeing him so animated filled me with wonder. He glanced down at me noticing my strange expression.

"What?" He asked stopping.

"Nothing. It's just so strange to see you talk as if it's a normal occurrence in our lives." I laughed.

"You making fun of my accent again?" He grinned down at me grasping my waist pulling me to him tightly.

"No sir!" I laughed pulling away and darting away from him.

I glanced back my hair whipping into my face and I caught just a glimpse, through the tangle of my hair, of his calves flexing as he took off after me. I used to tell him that I could easily outrun him because he'd had several knee operations from years of abuse when he played sports. I ran at least three times a week so the exertion was easy for me. He would tell me he could easily catch me if he wanted to. I was not a good sprinter though and Matthew was. He easily caught me grabbing me by the shoulder and pulling me against him. His arms wrapped around me lifting me easily. I was laughing so hard that I was not aware he was walking out into the water. I felt the icy water hit my legs and bottom as he threw me in.

"Now how does that feel?" He laughed putting his hands on his hips.

"It feels pretty good." I sputtered laughing as I grabbed his legs with both arms and pulled him in the water with me.

The water sent pleasant icy shock waves through my body as I kicked against the current. I felt Matthew's hand clasp my ankle dragging me back towards him as I quickly gulped a mouthful of air before submerging under the water again. The water sluiced through my thighs as Matthew pulled me to him kissing me deeply. My mouth parted as his tongue found its home. I could feel his cock growing hard against my groin as our heads popped up out of the water. I let my legs slide around his waist while he stood in the water waist deep holding me. I glanced up noticing his glasses were sitting askew on his face and this made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to pee in my shorts. He laughed as he quickly pressed his glasses back in place.

"Laugh it up fuzz ball." He grinned at me sliding his hands down to cup my bottom.

"Keep that up and I'm going to spank that very sweet bottom of yours."

I was in the throes of laughter. My eyes tearing helplessly.

"Ok, ok, I'll stop." I said continuing to giggle.

I felt his hands kneading my ass as he pressed himself to me grinding. I pressed my pussy against his cock through our shorts rubbing myself up and down moaning softly against his ear. I hugged his neck tightly feeling the cold water swirl around us. My lower lip started quivering from the cold or from the passion rising within me. I wasn't sure. I was facing the shoreline and noticed a family with three children.

"We have company." I whispered.

The father (I assumed) was looking at us. I had the feeling he was well aware of what we were doing and didn't seem to be upset about it. In fact, I could see him smiling at me. I smiled back blushing. I could see the woman motioning to him and giving me one last grin he turned away helping her with the screened tent she was trying to erect in the sand.

Matthew turned around holding me and noticed the family.

"Ahhh, so we do." He said kissing me again.

"Wanta fuck like bunnies right here?" he laughed softly.

"I don't think so!" I laughed sliding out of his arms and swimming for the shoreline.

We swam to shore looking slightly sheepish in our wet clothes as we passed the family. The woman gave us a sour look while the man laughed out loud. We waved smiling and walked back to our little cottage. I heard one of the children ask his father as we passed, if we were going to get into trouble for getting our clothes wet. The father replied that he thought it was doubtful.

The sun was on fiery display as we watched the sky change from blue to pink to shades of red before darkening to subtle shades of purple. I lay nestled in Matthews arms on the swing. He was sipping scotch while I sipped a gin and tonic. We'd gone out for supplies and stopped at the liquor store so he could get a bottle of Glenlivet. I could not fathom drinking such an innocuous drink but I wasn't drinking it. Matthew lectured that King George IV drank it even though it was banned from England in the 1800's because it was not taxed. The Crown struggled to rid the Highlands of illicit distillers, who paid no excise tax. No Scot was prepared to line the pockets of the English with tax and would fight to the death. It was a stand of independence against the old enemy of England. I laughed and told him it was no wonder it was banned. I could smell the musty aroma as he sipped and to this day I can still smell it. It's not unpleasant actually. There are certain smells that remind me sharply of images from my past and now I would add this smell to my list of fond reminders.

We had taken a shower after we'd gotten back from our playtime in the water. This led to another session in bed and then another shower. We giggled like two children feasting our eyes on the other as if someone would snatch one of us away. I sat up in bed with my legs crossed, yoga style, watching Matthew standing at the foot of the bed imitating one of his students. I laughed till my stomach was sore. His ability for mime was amazing. I found everything about him amazing.

It had been almost twenty-four hours since we'd been together and he needed to call home. He decided to go to a pay phone so that the phone number would not show up on caller ID. He also needed clothes. There was a mall about two miles down the road and he was going to stop and pick up more shorts, shirts, underwear and a toothbrush. I also needed to make a phone call to my son. I walked out on the porch with him and we kissed passionately good-bye. His eyes searched mine while his hands held my face up to his.

"You be a good girl till I get back." He whispered softly.

"I'm always a good girl." I whispered back looking deep into his eyes.

"Yes you are because you know what I'll do if you're not?"

"What?" I smiled up at him wiggling against him.

"I'll put you over my knee and spank that butt of yours till it's nice and rosy." He said.

I felt my face flush and I noticed he was not smiling but looking very intense down at me.

I had a mixture of emotions wash over me. I suddenly felt vulnerable and small wrapped in his arms. It made me feel off balanced but yet I felt protected. I felt my nipples grow hard against his chest and I sensed that he felt them too. He smiled down at me.

"That's my good girl. You stay nice and tingly till I return." He said swatting my bottom hard enough that it made me gasp. He trotted down the steps glancing back at me grinning.

I waved good-bye from the porch watching him drive off in his jeep. My butt was stinging a little from his hand. I rubbed my bottom walking into the cottage to make my phone call.

Chapter 2

And all I do is miss you and the way we used to be
All I do is keep the beat and bad company
All I do is kiss you through the bars of a rhyme
Julie I'd do the stars with you any time

Juliet when we made love you used to cry
You said I love you like the stars above
I'll love you till I die
There's a place for us you know the movie song
When you gonna realize it was just that the time was wrong?

A love struck romeo sings the streets a serenade
laying everybody low with a love song that he made
Finds a convenient streetlight steps out of the shade
Says something like you and me babe how about it?

Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits

After calling home I decided to fix something for dinner. I turned the radio on for company. Hearing Dire Straits singing Romeo and Juliet made me smile remembering Matthew singing it to me so many years ago. The haunting melody always made my eyes tear up without warning. I wandered into the kitchen grabbing a napkin to wipe my eyes realizing that I didn't have to wonder if we'd ever meet.

We had not eaten anything substantial in twenty-four hours and though I wasn't very hungry I knew Matthew must have been famished. I decided on a tossed salad and grilled chicken breasts. I'd bought condiments to make a marinade and I placed the chicken in the refrigerator to soak and then quickly threw together a tossed salad making my own dressing using fresh dill I'd purchased at the store the day before. I had rolls and fresh broccoli to round out our dinner. It was still too early for him to return so I fixed a gin and tonic and wandered out to the swing to relax. I still had a hard time believing I was here with Matthew. It made me feel warm inside preparing a meal for him and this from a woman who rarely cooked at home anymore. I was constantly amazed at my burgeoning metamorphosis.

The sun had long since set and I felt a sense of dejavu as I listened to the surf wash in to shore. I trailed one foot on the floor gently moving the swing back and forth as I recalled our previous night on this porch. The only difference was that there was no wind. It was quiet except for the gentle lap of the surf. The stars hung like brilliant diamonds in the sky. It was summer and so I looked for Venus following my line of sight to the moon. Matthew had taught me a lot about the stars. He was an avid amateur astronomer. Many nights in previous years he would call me from the lake and would describe in detail constellations and what they meant. I would listen to him for hours fascinated more by his knowledge than in what he was telling me. Some of it must have sunk in because now as I looked up into the night sky my eyes could pick out star groups with practiced ease. I wondered if he'd spent time with Susan showing her the stars and it made me feel uncomfortable suddenly thinking of him standing at a pay phone lying to his wife.

I was quickly taken out of my reverie when I heard his jeep pull up next to the cottage. I hopped up dashing into the house to start grilling the chicken. I was anxious to see him.

I heard the screen door slam as I turned around to grab the salad bowl off the table. Matthew walked in and surveyed the scene looking at me smiling softly.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I laughed crossing to the refrigerator to retrieve the chicken.

Matthew leaned against the door jam holding a package in his right hand. I noticed he had on new shorts and a shirt.

"What's in the bag?" I asked tossing the chicken on the grill.

"Oh, this and that." He replied grabbing a handful of cherry tomatoes that were still in the carton lying on the table.

He popped two in his mouth chewing quickly never taking his eyes off of me. I became curious and walked over to grab the bag out of his hand. He easily lifted it above his head and out of my reach.

"Hey now. No peeking till later." He laughed.

The chicken sizzled sending a delicious aroma through the kitchen. My stomach rumbled realizing I was hungrier than I thought I was. I momentarily forgot about the package and quickly set the table grabbing a bottle of zinfandel out of the refrigerator. I tossed the bottle to Matthew, which he grabbed with his left hand.

"Here, make yourself useful."

I tossed him a wine opener and finished setting the table. He ministered to the bottle expertly popping the cork out with a soft muffled thump. I'd set out two long stemmed wineglasses and watched while he poured it into both. He handed me one and lightly tapped his glass against mine smiling at me.

"Here's to long nights and skimpy sheets." He chuckled

I rolled my eyes grinning at him wondering what he meant by that.

I looked at the table surveying quickly to make sure everything was in order. It felt so natural as if I'd been doing this for years with him. The routine things of life were the most painful for us when we were miles apart and I knew by the look on his face that he felt as I did. If I had to lecture on the complexities of long distance relationships I would have to say that the daily routine of our lives were the most difficult to be without. The sex could be dealt with. The love was always there but the small everyday mundane things could not be fantasized about.

I awoke with a start. My heart was pounding furiously and my body felt moist. I could feel the humidity. I tried to roll over on my back and realized my wrists were tied above my head. My ankles were tied as well splayed apart. My right cheek was pressed against a pillow but other than that there was nothing over me to cover my nude body. I remembered immediately the previous night and realized I'd let Matthew tie me up. My bottom and thighs still ached from the spanking he'd given me. That had NOT been with my consent. Not at first anyway. My face burned with embarrassment as it flooded back into my consciousness. I wondered where he was. From my limited vantagepoint I couldn't see him. I was tied on the bed but I was able to move my head from side to side. I had to go to the bathroom and the weight of my full bladder pressing against the bed made me writhe uncomfortably.

I whispered Matthew's name with no response. I tried again calling his name louder. I started getting nervous thinking he'd left me like this. My mind started into overdrive thinking what I would do to get myself out of this predicament. I felt his hand softly stroke my ass cheeks. It startled me at first because I hadn't heard him approach. He sat on the bed beside me.

"Hi baby." He whispered stroking my bottom.

"Matthew, I need to pee. Please untie me." I tried to sound stern but my voice cracked.

He leaned over kissing my ass instead of replying. His tongue flicked out licking each cheek gently, lovingly. I wiggled against his mouth feeling my growing bladder press painfully now against my lower pelvis.

"Matthew, what are you doing? Let me go to the bathroom." I said in soft desperation.

His tongue felt good on my aching ass but it did not dispel my need to urinate. His right hand slid under me between my legs pressing up on my lower abdomen making me cry out.

"Stop Matthew please!" I begged.

I could hear his soft laughter as his hand found its way to my clit. I was not aroused at all and I found this intrusion very distracting. He softly rubbed my clit making tight little circles around it until despite my aching need to pee I could feel myself responding to his touch.

"That's right baby. Cum for me. I'll let you pee after you cum." He promised.

I pushed my bottom against his finger and suddenly felt the sting on my right cheek as he smacked it with his open palm. I cried out realizing too late that I'd moved.

"I'm sorry Matthew but I have to pee really bad." I whined

"Then don't let it happen again. Just let yourself relax against my finger. I know how sore your bottom is so don't do it again and I wont have to spank you." He quietly said.

I lay there helplessly feeling the sensation of his fingers stroking me. I cried helplessly as he pressed harder on my clit making me gasp out. I didn't think I could stop myself from peeing when I could finally cum and I felt momentarily ashamed and angry. I could not concentrate.

"Matthew, untie me now. I can't hold my bladder any longer." I cried.

I felt two hard smacks on my left cheek and I clenched my ass feeling the hot sting crying out despite his earlier warning.

His finger continued its assault on my clit without relent. I stifled my tears and tried to concentrate on his finger and not my aching bladder. I did not want another spanking.

He leaned his body against my back and the added pressure of his weight against my bladder made me ache even more. I blotted this out as I concentrated on his finger. I wanted to desperately move my hips so that I could clamp down with my vaginal muscles on my urethra but I dared not for fear he would feel me clench. Instead, I willed my mind somewhere else and suddenly the sensation of having to pee was gone. It was replaced with an exquisite ache of heat to my loins. I lay there passive as he continued to stroke harder and he licked and bit gently on my neck and shoulder.

"That's my good girl." He crooned softly next to my ear stroking me faster.

My clit was swollen and hot from his touch. He knew exactly how to stroke me and I could feel the wonderful sensation flood through my groin like melting butter dripped over a succulent lobster. It was slow and intense all at the same time.

"You know something? Your clit gets hard like a little dick. I love how it responds to my fingers. You are so sexy Kristin. Now be my good girl and cum for me now."

I felt the hot warmth rage through me as I listened to his hypnotic voice. I came harshly over and over. My vaginal muscles slammed against each other. Matthew slid two fingers in quickly feeling my muscles grip and spasm around his fingers while he stroked me. His fingers made a squishing sound from the torrent of cum I'd expelled. When I finally stopped shuddering I lay there quietly. My tears had long since dried. I'd never cum so hard in my life. I could feel my heart slamming against my ribs. He slid his fingers out bringing them to my mouth and pressed them between my lips.

"Lick yourself from my fingers my love and then I'm going to untie you so you can go to the bathroom."

I'd all but forgotten my urge to urinate as I parted my lips and tasted my own body fluids. I sucked his fingers clean licking between his fingers as well. I realized how powerfully erotic we were as a couple. Matthew controlled me effortlessly and I willingly submitted to him. We were like wind and rain, storm and calm, hunger and sate and nothing in my conservative orderly life had prepared me for my passionate response to him. I lay there tied on my belly licking lovingly on his fingers while he stroked my hair and whispered to me what a good girl I was. I was swept into his torrent.

Chapter 3

If life imitated art than I was content living out the fantasy that Matthew and I had dreamed about. The many times we'd typed or told each other our fantasies could not have been more real than it was as we explored each other that week. What I had envisioned was what I thought it would be. It was somehow uncanny. How could we know? Could it be that there really is someone in the world that is a perfect mate for the other? Could it be we somehow stumbled upon the other or was it devine fate that we would meet? I had struggled wondering if there really was someone that I would fall in love with and feel as committed and in love with years later as I did the first moment that we met. Logically I did not think this would ever be possible but emotionally I wanted it to be so. Yet, by all accounts, we were in tune with the other as two musical instruments tuned to the same chord. It was heady stuff to be sure. At the same time, I wondered how we would be able to continue this passionate affair when we lived so far apart? Matthew wondered too.

"I can't let you go Krissy."

"You have to."



I could sum it all up with that one word. Matthew was married and I was the interloper. I realized suddenly that in all likelihood this would be our only time together, at least for many years and I also realized that Matthew did not or could not see this as well. I thought about this knowing how he reacted to conflict especially where I was concerned. I also knew I was not a confrontational person and he knew this about me. I had to tread carefully with him for the remainder of the days together. I did not want to deceive him but neither did I want to test his temper either.

After dinner the night before, Matthew and I had taken a walk on the beach. I'd forgotten about the bag that he had brought into the house earlier but recalled it now.

"By the way, what was in the bag?"

Matthew laughed.

"Something for later."

I smiled idly wondering about it but gave it no more thought as I grasped Matthew's hand in mine and walked beside him content to just be with him under the stars.

The beach was deserted except for the two of us. Though it was a clear starry night it was very dark. I could barely see Matthews face even though I was walking beside him. The porch lights from the cottages up and down the beach could be seen like tiny fireflies captured in jars. The gentle dunes undulated here and there while wisps of sea grass foraged for a grip on the earth. Matthew tugged me gently to a sand dune hidden from view and pulled me down beside him. We could see the ocean and the darkened silhouettes of far off steamers as they chugged their way out to sea. I tried to make myself comfortable among the tufts of sea grass but their tough stalks tickled my thighs and I had to adjust around them carefully. Matthew laughed softly watching my vain attempts and finally grabbed my waist and pulled me on top of him. I marveled at how perfectly we fit together. My head rested on his chest comfortably while his hands moved up and down my back. We talked about nothing and about everything. My hands naturally strayed as they slid down the sides of his waist. I lifted up slightly so I could rest my hand over his crotch rubbing gently. I could feel him responding quickly as his cock grew hard beneath my hand. I loved feeling it as it expanded pushing insistently. I slid down to his thighs so I could unzip his shorts. He watched me carefully. My fingers tugged gently sliding his shorts down below us to his ankles. My hand slid into the front of his boxers bringing his cock out.

"Tell me what you want." I whispered to him stroking his cock up and down smiling.

"I want you to suck my cock." He said softly his fingers curling in my hair and pulling me to him.

I leaned over nuzzling my nose at the base of his cock softly kissing up the side. My tongue darted out licking up the side to the top swirling around the tip. I let my tongue lick the swollen tip finding the slit and licking back and forth. His hips moved up and back with each lick groaning softly.

"Yea baby, just like that."

I slid my lips around the tip tasting him as I sucked down more and more of him. My fingers stroked and played with his balls. He let out a gasp pushing his hips up and pressing his cock deeper into my mouth while his hands, firmly on the back of my head, pulled me down. I could feel the tip press against the soft palette of my throat as I tried to keep from gagging. I wanted to be in control so I lifted up a bit to relieve the sensation of gagging as I continued to suck and pull on his cock. His cock was thick and long and my lips felt tight around the slick shaft. My saliva slipped out the sides making him wetter as it slid down the sides into his pubic hair. I could feel his fingers pulling my hair insistently as I bobbed up and down.

It was hard not to graze him with my teeth. I glanced up and could just make out his face peering down at me. His eyes were glazed and his mouth was parted breathing quickly. I leaned up letting his cock slip from my mouth. It bobbled softly and I licked gently on the tip right in the crease. I knew this drove him crazy and I could tell he was very close to orgasm. He whispered to me urgently to not stop. I continued licking quickly over and over while my hand stroked him faster and faster. His thighs bunched up and his head fell back as he groaned loudly. I closed my eyes quickly as the first stream of cum hit the side of my cheek. I continued pumping him with my hand as his cum sprayed across my face and down my neck. I could feel his cock swell with the first stream and then contract slightly over and over. I waited for the contractions to stop and slid my lips over the tip softly sucking and finally licking the tip and down the sides. I slid up and wiped my face with his shirt. I could hear him laugh softly and his hands slid up under my armpits dragging me up on top of him.

"Did you have to use my shirt?" He laughed.

"Did you think I was going to use mine?" I grinned down at him kissing him lightly.

"Let's go back to the house. I think its time to show you what's in the bag."

I'd gone to the bathroom and when I came out Matthew was laying on his stomach in the middle of the bed with several things in front of him. He glanced up at me smiling. On the bed in front of him were several scarves and a pair of cream color thigh highs. He loved it when I would tell him what I was wearing. I was not a clotheshorse and usually wore scrubs at work and jeans when not. He always told me that he would love to see me in silk and thigh highs so he could run his hands up my thighs. I assumed those were for me and not him!

"Are those for me?" I grinned at him.

"I thought if you'd like to try them on you could do it now?" He asked it more as a question.

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