Kiss Me First!

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Veronica comforts her distraught father when he dicovers his wife's infidelity.

"Veronica," dad called up the stairs, "are you in or out tonight?"

"In." I called back as I struggled into a dress more than a size too small for me.

I'd known that the dress was too small when I had taken it out of my cupboard; I'd bought it when I was sixteen and I had filled out a little in certain areas since then. I had also got a bit taller, thank God, and the dress, short when I'd bought it, was now a little too short for everyday wear, but it was just fine for wearing at home, well sort of. My boobs felt a little crushed as the dress finally settled into place and I could feel my bra being pressed into my skin. Sighing I took the dress off, took off my bra then put the dress back on again, after a bit of a struggle it was in place and though it still crushed my boobs I did not have to put up with the discomfort of my bra digging into me. Looking at myself in the mirror I frowned, there was a very prominent set of lines where my panties ran, reaching under the short hem I pulled my panties down and smoothed the material again. It was much better, but I knew that sooner or later I'd have to throw the dress out, it was getting too damned small.

Tossing my panties on the bed I gave myself one last look in the mirror, I liked what I saw, even if I did think it myself I was a very attractive eighteen year old and I smiled at myself before turning to leave the bedroom. As I headed downstairs I felt delightfully wicked with no underwear on, the tight dress rubbed on my skin with every breath I took and I could feel my nipples hardening from the sensations of being crushed and rubbed by the silky material.

"Hi dad." I greeted my father as I entered the kitchen.

"Oh, hi," he grinned over his shoulder distractedly, "be a dear and drain the peas for me."

Mum was away at yet another of her conferences; that was the problem with having a career woman for a mother, you never saw her and as I had that thought I wondered for the first time how my father felt about it. He always seemed cheerful, yet it had never occurred to me that he might miss mum while she was away. Then I wondered whether dad had worked once, if he had had a career and how had he been the one that ended up at home instead of mum. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for equality as long as I got the bigger share. Smiling at my thoughts I drained the peas then laid the table while dad dished up our meal. Dad was a good cook and I much preferred his cooking to my mother's any day, but whenever she was around she insisted on doing the cooking; the clearing up and everything else dad did.

"Dad," I said as I tucked into dinner, "did you ever have a career?"

"What a strange question." he laughed, "Yes, yes I did once upon a time."

"Why did you give it up?" I asked around a mouthful of food.

"I've told you before," dad grinned, "it's rude to talk with your mouth full."

I got the impression that my father was avoiding the question and waited until my mouth was empty before asking it again. My father looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Why the interest all of a sudden?" he asked in return.

"Just curious." I grinned, "So why did you give up your career?"

"If you must know I gave it up to look after you." He sighed.

"But didn't mum stay home?" I asked.

"She was earning more than I was at the time," dad sighed looking down at his plate, "we agreed that it would be best if I gave up work to look after you."

There was probably a lot more to it than that, mum had probably insisted that dad stay at home was probably nearer the truth; my mother had quite a forceful character and was very used to getting her own way in most things. I had a sudden picture of my mother in bed with dad ordering him around like a puppet while they made love; the image made me laugh and my father looked across the table curiously.

"It's nothing dad," I grinned stifling another laugh, "I just had a thought is all."

Dad sighed and went back to pushing his food around on his plate and it dawned on me that although I had almost finished my food my father had barely touched a thing; there was something wrong, even I could see that. I loved my father a lot more than I did my mother, probably because he had always been there for me, sorting out my cuts and bruises as cheerily as he helped me with my problems; mum was more of an occasional visitor and when he was upset about something, which was rare, I felt upset too. While I helped my father clear away the dishes and wash up I tried to think of a tactful way of asking what was upsetting him, but I'm afraid tact is definitely not one of my qualities and I decided to just come out with it when we went into the living room after the washing up was done.

Ten minutes later we were sitting down in the living room with a glass of wine and a long evening ahead of us, taking a sip of my wine I looked at my father over the rim of my glass. He looked awfully depressed about something yet as soon as he sensed that I was watching him he looked my way and smiled.

"What's up dad?" I asked bluntly, "And don't tell me that there's nothing wrong, you barely ate a thing and you've been sitting there with a face a mile long."

"Tactful as ever, eh Ronnie?" dad sighed, "If you must know I think you're mother is having an affair."

Mum was the last person I could imagine having an affair, but obviously dad had that impression and my father was not one to leap to conclusions, there had to be more to it.

"What makes you think that?" I asked.

"Veronica," my father said softly, "it really doesn't concern you."

"If my parents are getting a divorce I think it would concern me." I retorted.

"Who said anything about a divorce?" dad said in surprise, "I suppose you'll only harp on about it until I tell you. Your mother was supposed to be at a conference this week, she left the number for her hotel as usual before she left only the conference organisers rang here the day after she went away to confirm the revised dates for the conference. It appears that it was cancelled a month ago due to one of the organisers having died."

"Oh," I said brightly, "but that doesn't mean mum's having an affair. Maybe she decided to take a break seeing that everything was booked up already."

"I spoke with her secretary," dad sighed, "it seems that there have been no official conferences in the last three months. Furthermore she hadn't booked accommodation for your mother in all that time."

"But mum's been to five conferences in that time." I said in a puzzled tone, "Or that's what she told us."

"Precisely." dad shook his head sadly, "So I called the hotel."

"Don't tell me, she wasn't there." I sighed.

"Oh she was there all right," dad laughed bitterly, "so, apparently, was I."

"Oh dad, I'm sorry." I sighed.

"It's not your fault love," dad replied with a tiny smile, "and don't ever think it is. If anyone is at fault its me for not putting my foot down with your mother long ago."

"But didn't her trips show up on the bank statements?" I mused aloud.

"Your mother has her own separate account and I assume she uses that to pay for her pleasure trips." dad sighed, "Either that or her lover pays for them. Damn the bitch anyway!"

I was a little surprised by my father's sudden outburst, but held my tongue for a change, dad grinned sheepishly at me then sighed loudly.

"Your mother cut me off over nine months ago." he explained.

I knew what he was referring to and I felt myself getting angry with my mother for what she was doing to my father. Just then the phone rang, dad answered it, listened for a moment then frowned.

"No," my father snapped into the phone, "I will not cover an amount like that."

Angrily my father hung up the phone then saw me looking at him, he shook his head and breathed deeply to cool off his anger.

"It seems your mother has tried to draw on my account, the bank wanted my permission to pay her the funds," he said in a low voice, "you heard me tell them no. I'm damned if I'm paying out five hundred pounds for her pleasure!"

"Jesus," I laughed, "you've got to admire her nerve though."

Dad sat down again and put his head in his hands, he looked hurt and angry at the same time and I wished that there was something I could do or say to ease his pain. Then he looked up and his eyes went wide, in an instant there was a bulge in his trousers and it didn't take a genius to guess that my dress had ridden up enough to show off my bare pussy. Dad blushed and looked away after a moment and it suddenly occurred to me that there was something I could do to ease his pain; at least to ease his frustration if nothing else. I was no virgin or shrinking violet, but I was shocked at my own thoughts, yet it seemed so logical; I loved my father and he loved me, he was hurting and I had the ideal comforter sitting between my legs, and I had just seen for myself how randy he was feeling if the sight of my pussy could turn him on in an instant.

The longer I thought about it the less shocked I felt about the whole idea, in fact I started to feel excited by it, but there was just one big flaw in my thinking, my father. There was just no way he would up and agree to what I was thinking of, not unless I could somehow get him so excited that he lost control. Just like that I had the answer, it was a little risky in that if I suddenly lost my nerve there may well be no stopping my father, but I was willing to take that risk and having made my decision I acted on it. I knew that dad always loosened up after a couple of drinks so while he was sitting feeling embarrassed at his thoughts I went and poured us both a good strong drink. I felt that I needed it as much as he did, I chose vodka because it was his favourite drink and because he wouldn't notice that I had made it ninety percent vodka and ten percent mixer instead of the other way round.

"Thanks." dad said taking his glass while avoiding looking at me.

I would soon change that though, so far only one man had been able to resist me when I turned on the old sex appeal and he had been queer, my father was a man like any other and I had no doubt at all that I would be able to get him going, but would I be able to get him to lose control? Only time would tell. Lounging back in my chair I sipped at my drink as I opened my legs wide, if he even glanced my way he was going to get one hell of an eyeful, as I sat there waiting for my father to look at me I felt my pussy grow warm and my juices begin to flow, it was a surprise to feel myself getting turned-on like this, but it was lovely at the same time.

"Dad," I broke the silence to attract his attention, "what are you going to do now?"

As I hoped he looked my way automatically to answer me, I watched his face go red, he gulped, licked his lips then tossed back his drink in two huge swallows as he looked away from me. Getting up I took his glass and refilled it, as I sat down again I noticed my father watching me out of the corner of his eye and had to hide a little grin. Taking a gulp of his vodka my father finally got around to answering my question.

"I don't know what to do Veronica." he sighed still not looking at me squarely, "I suppose it will end up as a divorce, but I feel that I've failed our marriage in some way."

"You've failed!" I snorted, "Christ dad, how the hell can you blame yourself?"

"I really don't know." he half-grinned turning to face me, "Why the hell am I feeling so guilty for what she is doing?"

The first drink was catching up with my father as he drained the second, jumping up I refilled both our glasses then flopped back in my chair again. This time my father didn't avert his eyes when my pussy came into view and the bulge in his trousers got harder; I grinned at him over the rim of my glass and he laughed.

"I think you forgot something when you got dressed." dad laughed, "Lord I feel relaxed all of a sudden."

"I didn't forget a thing," I said quickly to take his mind off his feeling of euphoria, "this dress is too tight to wear anything underneath."

"Damned tight." dad chuckled looking into his glass suspiciously, "What did you do to the drinks Veronica?"

Well he'd caught me, but the damage was done and pretty soon the second drink would kick in weakening his inhibitions even more, shortly after that the third drink he held would hit and that would be that. Assuming that he drank the damn thing, all he seemed to be doing at the moment was staring at it. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief when my father grinned, drained his glass in a couple of swallows and put the empty glass down on the coffee table. This time he made no secret about staring at my naked pussy and I felt my juices flow even more as he gazed at me. Standing up I smiled at my father as he leant back in his seat and sighed, crossing over to him I plonked myself in his lap and put an arm around his shoulder. It was a temptation to ask him if he'd liked looking at my pussy, but I held my tongue for fear of driving him back to his senses.

"You are a saucy little baggage," dad laughed, "but I really am glad you're here. I think you're about the only good thing left in my life at this moment in time."

"Things will work out dad" I said reassuringly, "and I'll be right here whenever you need me."

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