Medical Study

by DominantR

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Enema, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman, down on her luck, decides to become part of a medical study for money. Little did she know she would go through the change of her life, she soon finds out what it is like to be controled and humiliated by people of all ages, races,and sexes.

The rent was due in two days and Ann didn't have a dime to her name, work had been slow before she got the layoff notice a month earlier. "Things just couldn't get any worse" she thought as she went down and groveled with the apartment manager to give her another few weeks to come up with the money, she came out victorious and swiped a newspaper from another tenant as she headed for her apartment. Once inside she opened the paper to the want ads to find a job. "APPLICANTS NEEDED FOR A NEW MEDICAL STUDY" was the heading that struck her first, it went on to say qualified persons would receive $800.00 for a two week in house medical study, it also went on to say where and when to apply. After looking at all the jobs she didn't qualify for she went back to that ad and wrote down the address. It was only eleven and the address was just across town so she decided to go see just "WHAT" kind of medical study this was and what was involved.

The bus let her off a block from the address and she walked to the building and into a large office building. She found the office and entered seeing about four young females typing away at computers. "Can I help you?" one of the ladies asked

"Yes, I've come to find out about this ad" she showed the lady the paper

"Oh yes the medical study are you interested?"

"Maybe but first I'd like to know what its all about"

"We only book appointments for the agency we have no information about the study, the ad went out yesterday and we haven't had to many people show so I'm sure I can get you an appointment fairly soon." And with that she started typing, she finally quit typing and asked her "when were you looking for an appointment?"

"Right now, I came down her expecting to see someone with some answers," the receptionist looked at her, picked up the phone and started dialing "I have a lady here looking for an immediate appointment will that be possible? Ok when, ok I'll let her know" and she hung up. " They said if you could make it to the university by two they'll see you." Ann, fairly frustrated with having to go clear across town for nothing decided she could make it and took off for the bus hoping to make the next one to the U. She arrived and realized she had no idea where on campus she was going, she found an office and was directed to the medical building. Once inside she found the research departments office and went inside, after telling the receptionist what she was there for she had a seat waiting to be seen. Soon a mid thirties lady walked out, shook her hand and took her into an office, showing Ann to a seat and taking one behind her desk the lady began "hello, I'm doctor Smith assistant director of research, have you ever been reading an article and they mention a statistic and you wonder how did they come up with that? Well unfortunately quite a bit of our funding comes from us doing that sort of study instead of actual medical research, it "is" medical research but trivial. Anyway a magazine has solicited us to do a study on three topics. The first is both natural and manmade aphrodisiacs, the second is erogenous zones in adults and the third is sexually transmitted diseases. I'm sure you won't fit into the third category but we are taking 15 males and 15 females for the first two, as the ad said we will pay $800.00 for two weeks of in house study and there is a required physical and filling out of a disclaimer form before being enrolled. Are you interested?"

Ann was not the least bit interested in the study but sure needed the money so she went on asking questions. She was given the disclaimer form to fill out and the number to call if she decided to enroll, they would give her the physical when she filled out the form and called for an appointment. She went home and started reading the form. She didn't like the fact that the form said, "do to the fact that this is a study on sexual drugs and zones I understand that contact of a sexual nature will occur." She looked further to find a clause saying no "at no time will sexual intercourse be allowed between any persons involved in this study on school grounds." "Well," she thought "at least that's in there." She knew she had to do it to pay the rent so she filled out the form and called for a physical.

Her physical was set for today, it had been two days ago when she first inquired about the study and had found out she could start as soon as her blood tests came back from the lab, they told her it would be the following day after her physical and they would like her to go to the study site directly after her physical so they could monitor everything she ate and drank for 18 hours before the study began. This they told her would insure the study would be more accurate from the first day on. She packed the things she was told she would need, told her manager she was going out of town and would have the rent in 2 weeks, and headed for the university campus. At the medical building she gave a blood and urine sample, the nurse collected her height, weight and vital signs and she was shown into an examination room. The doctor came in, she was a little younger than Ann had expected and quite plane looking, and she began by asking Ann all of the normal questions and quite a few personal questions about her sex life. After she was done with the questions she began the exam and was quickly finished telling her she could dress and wait out in the lobby for someone to take her to the test site. Ann sat waiting with some apprehensiveness, this might be a formal study by a university but she was more than a little modest and even the exam had been a bit awkward for her. She could just imagine what this study would entail and how embarrassing it might be but she didn't have a choice, she had to have the money and this was the only way she could find right now. A young girl in her late teens walked up asking "Miss Jones?" and directed her to a van outside. She took Anns bag, putting it in the back of the van and then left campus. "Where are we going?" Ann asked not sure what was going on

"Oh, the study site is just a few miles from here at the university's remote campus, we don't have the room at our main campus for housing this many people and this way it is a little more private."

"How many people are there, I thought it was only thirty?"

"Yes that's correct but there are also forty-five students and faculty members and it is more convenient to have everyone involved at the same place, it saves time and money on transportation." As she was saying this they pulled up to a large brick building surrounded by other "twin" buildings, each about a block apart from each other "ok, here you are, just go through those doors and the directors office is on the right, I've got to go pick up some students for another project."

"So your not involved in this study?"

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