Left to be Found

by Thad

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Slut Wife, BDSM, Rough, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A women ask her boyfriend to tie her up on the beach and leave her there for the night.

Zed sat on a ledge just below the top of the cliffs listening to the surf and watching the sunset. It had been a very hectic week and he need some time to take the edge off. It was unusually warm for this time of evening. The ocean was very calm and there was surprisingly little traffic on the road just above him for a Friday night. Just as the sun began to touch the ocean he heard a car pull in and stop just above him. He was a little irritated at it for breaking the calm. He tried to ignore the intrusion. He was just starting to enjoy the moment again when the car doors open and slammed shut.

"This looks like the right spot, a lot quieter than normal for a Friday night though" a man's voice said.

"What if no one comes along and finds me". The girls voice sounded a little scared, maybe disappointed.

"Then I'll pick you up early in the morning"

"But you promised someone would come along and find me!"

"Lisa, I didn't guarantee anything, this place is usually always busy. The traffic probably held people up. Someone will come along soon. Hurry up and get the ropes and stuff out of the trunk before someone comes."

After hearing that bit of conversation Zed couldn't get his mind back on the sunset. What the hell were these people up to? When he heard them close the trunk he ducked behind a nearby rock, so they wouldn't see him. He wanted to see what they were up to without disturbing them. He watched as they walked down the trail leading to the beach. The man was wearing shorts no shirt, tennis shoes and was carrying a bag. The girl... Lisa is that what he had called her? She was wearing a bikini, sarong and sandals. She was young, tall, with nice curves and brown hair.

After they had passed Zed's hiding spot he followed them down to the beach. Zed hid behind some rocks 10 feet from where they had stopped on the sand. The man sat the bag down and unzipped it. He motioned to Lisa and she walked over beside him. The man took out a blind fold and placed it over her eyes. Then he took out three pieces of rope.

He climbed the rock just behind them. He wrapped one of the ropes around the top of the rock tied it and then threw the other end down. He climbed back down to the sand. He led the girl over to the rock, tied her hands over her head with the rope. He then tied a short piece of rope around each ankle. He took a piece of steel 2 - feet long with rings on each end. He spread Lisa's legs and tied each ankle to an end of the steel bar. He then pulled a gag out of the bag and zipped the bag back up. He walked over to her, grab her by the ass and pulled her to him. He kissed her hard,... pushed her away from him and said "Hope the man of your dreams finds you tonight baby." Then he took the gag and placed it in the girl's mouth and tied it behind her head. He gathered up his bag and headed back up the cliffs.

Zed watched the man climb back up the trail. What was going on? Did she want to be left here all night? She didn't seem to mind that was for sure. Were they expecting someone to come along they knew? Was this some sort of set up? Zed's mind was racing. He moved closer to the girl to get a better look. He quietly walked up to her. She had nice full breast. A beautiful tan body. He wanted to reach out and touch her, but was uncertain.

He turned and left quietly heading up the trail to the road above. When he got there the man was just pulling away in his car. Zed watched as he sped away.

Zed was still uncertain.

He walked up and down the road 100 yards in both directions looking for someone else. No one was there. He quietly walked back down the trail. He walked slowly up to where Lisa was tied up, he didn't want her to know he was there yet. He got down on his hands and knees and crawled over to her until his nose was a inch away from her crotch. He wanted to reach out and lick her, but he hesitated. He looked up at her breast. He could see the bottom edge of her breast, where her top didn't cover. She was breathing quietly. What was she thinking he wondered. He sat back and watched her for an hour thinking of all the things he could do to her. Then he stood and moved closer to her. There was only inches between them.

"Whdferehwhjw? Whdferehwhjw?"

She must of felt his presents. Oh well he might as well get started he thought.

"What do you want?" He whispered in her ear.


"I'll bet you do. I know what I want. I know what I'm going to do to you, but you are going to have to wait and find out."

Zed sat down in front of her. He untied the sarong and removed it. Then he slowly ran a finger from her ankle up to the top of her thigh. Then he repeated the moment up her other thigh. Her legs trembled. Then he ran a finger lightly slowly around her waist just above her bikini. Her body jerked a couple of times. Then he ran his finger up her side through her arm pit and up the underside of her arm. Lisa's body writhed trying to escape the touch. Then he stopped and walked away down to the ocean. He walked around the surf thinking for 30 minutes or so. He found a seagulls feather and picked it up. Then walked back to Lisa.

"Oh you are still here!"

He walked up to her and sat down in front of her again. He repeated the same movements as the last time, but with the feather. Running it from her ankles up to the top inside of her thighs. Lisa's whole body was twitching.

"Redejwlkjaflkf" "

Then he ran the feather around her stomach and up her sides. Lisa thrashed around trying to escape.

"Redejwlkjaflkf" "Redejwlkjaflkf"!!!

Zed continued to tickle her mercilessly, until her thrashing started to subside. Her nerves finally exhausted.

Then Zed picked up one of the strings from her bikini top from around Lisa's neck and slowly pulled the string until the bow came undone. The strings fell down the front carrying to tiny top with them. Zed stood admiring her firm full breast.

Her nipples where hard.

Then he slowly pulled the string going around her back until the top fell to the sand. He took the feather and ran it across the bottom of her breast. Then up and across her nipples. He bent his head and brought his mouth down to her breast until it was completely covering her nipple but not touching her skin. He breathed through his mouth blowing the warm air from his mouth across her nipple.

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