Doctor and His Assistant

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bill is a researcher at a major university. When he goes on road trips to academic/professional conferences, his assistant Paula always goes along -- but it's not to carry his bags or hold his hand.

Bill Miller had been a senior member of the university faculty for nearly 20 years. He'd become the head of his department in the medical school and, at age 55, he had achieved the reputation of being one of the biggest winners of grant money for the entire university research program.

As Bill pulled out of the unversity motor pool's parking lot, his research assistant Paula leaned over and covered the lump of cock and balls in his pants with her left hand. She sometimes found it hard to keep herself from wanting to touch Bill between their out of town trips but this time she'd managed to be a "good little girl" as he called it and keep her naughty roming hands to herself. Now they were heading out for a 3-day trip and there was nothing to keep her from doing precisely what she wanted to do - touch, feel, and fondle her boss/lover Bill's lovely big horny cock.

Paula sat there next to Bill for a few moments just caressing and kneading his already hardening cock through the material of his pants. "Mmmmm, Bill, honey, I love it when you and I get to go away on a trip, just the two of us, and just enjoy being together with no one else to interfere," Paula cooed as she felt her married lover's cock growing every thicker and harder. She waited until Bill pulled the car fully out in the interstate highway traffic and then she unzipped his pants and allowed his cock to come out into the open. She love the beautiful sight of his aroused cock and she was determined to make his first blowjob of the day a hot sexy experience. Paula had been hungry for a belly full of her lover's sexy hot love cream and she was more than overdue for him to give her just that. Paula leaned over and flicked her wet tongue out, barely grazing the tip of Bill's cock, allowing her tongue to delve slightly in his little juice hole before she brought her tongue back over his cock head again. Paula had done this before and she knew that she could go ahead and suck him off to climax and he'd be more than ready to fuck her again as soon as they reached their destination. Bill was still a very virile, sexy man and he was more than able to meet Paula's sexual needs as a hot mature woman.

Bill had spent years working in high level university research but none of the intellectual and academic endeavors he'd been involved in had dulled his basic needs, sexually and physically, as a man. His wife no longer came anywhere near satisfying him in those ways but Paula had been able to more than meet his horniness and his need for a hot eager lover ever since he had first brought him to work "under" her. He smiled to himself as he felt Paula sexy hot mouth take the naked head of his cock and made it wet with her saliva. He felt his nuts give an involuntary clenching as they knew it wouldn't be long before his horny assistant would be brining them to a climactic explosion either inside her mouth or her tight wet cunt.

Paula soon had the corona of Bill's cock amply wet and she'd sucked his cockhead and some inches of his shaft inside her blowjob-hungry lips. She often found herself sitting at her desk when she should be working, thinking about giving her "boss" a nice sexy blowjob there in his office just down the hall from hers. She normally wasn't able to pull that off (although on occasion she'd been able to get him to let her undo his pants and bring him to orgasm between meetings) so when she could coax Bill to let her go on a road trip, she normally would give him a blowjob just as soon as they'd pulled safely onto the interstate.

Paula soon had her head bobbing up and down on Bill's cock and her hand was firmly stroking it, as it would occasionally slip down and caress his balls. She knew Bill loved for her to kiss and play with his hot nuts and she loved licking them. Paula completely changed from the professional, seemingly very proper woman she appeared to be in the workplace and when she was alone with Bill, she became the hottest, most wanton sexual mistress any red-blooded man could ever hope to have. In only a matter of five minutes or so, Paula could hear Bill's moans growing more audible and then she could hear him saying in his normally quiet voice, "Oh yeah, Paula, mmmmmmmmmm, honey, I'm gonna shoot off my load now, baby," and no sooner had he said that than Paula felt his two large nuts begin to pump a huge load of hot white jism powerfully into the back of her throat. Paula didn't miss a drop; sucking and swallowing every last drop of her lover's thick cum deep into her waiting stomach.

After Paula had finished Bill off and had licked his cock completely clean of all the sperm he'd shot into her mouth, she zipped him back up safely and then sat there next to him, digging her hand down in between her thighs, and slipping her fingers inside her panties to help herself reach a much needed orgasm as well. Bill loved watching his mistress masturbating for him while they made their way down the road and the self-pleasuring she gave her pussy was almost as much for Bill as it was for Paula. Even though her breathing grew rapid and her moans almost made it hard for her to talk, Paula would continually moan and tell Bill that she wished this was his hard cock driving inside her pussy instead of her fingers.

As soon as Paula had helped herself get off, she straightened her clothes up as well and they made their way on to their destination for the business trip.

At the hotel, Bill and Paula showered together and he was all over her there under the cascading hot water from the shower head. Bill loved to feel and caress Paula's sexy hot body whenever he got a chance and when they got to be together on the road, he was all over her nearly every single minute they could steal alone. Paula was 40 years old but she had the body of someone at least ten or more years younger than her. One of the things that always caught a man's attention were her nice sexy big round breasts. Paula knew just how to dress in the workplace to make sure her physical assets were apparent without appearing obvious. It was hard to mask D-cupped tits like she had but when she was out alone with Bill, she dressed to tantalize him and ensure that he would fuck her madly whenever they had the chance.

Their first night at the academic conference, Bill knew Paula would accompany him as his research assistant and he always enjoyed the sexy provocative way she'd dress to keep his cock half hard throughout the evening and make the other men they met as jealous as she could manage.

On this particular night, Paula had decided to wear something that appeared fairly conservative but on her frame was anything but that. It was a very classy nice black sheath dress, rather short and only reaching a few inches above her knees. The dress was cut in the bodice so that it would show off some nice cleavage from the sexy black lace push-up bra that Paula was wearing and down below, she'd picked out a very hot lacy black thong panty that didn't cover much of her body at all. Only Bill knew what she had on underneath her dress and she ensured that occasionally she leaned over to give him a nice view of the valley in between her large shapely tits.

At one point in the evening, Paula reached down and placed Bill's hands on her leg, waiting for him to take her signal from there. Her lover never failed her when Paula would set him up for a sexy touch or forbidden "feel" when they were out in public. He quickly allowed his hand to slide further up under her skirt and before she knew it, he had his hand over her pussy, rubbing up and down the wet lips he could feel through the thong fabric.

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