Water Heater

by Phil Aeschio

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: The repairman fixes the plumbing in more ways than one.

While I was in Japan with the Navy, my wife was living in Maryland. When I returned to the States, she told me about the first time she cheated on me. This is her story.

She had had a problem with the hot water heater, so she had called for a repairman. She had been told that no one could come out until late in the afternoon, so she was resigned to waiting.

Since her girls were in school, she had the house to herself, and because she really couldn't go anywhere, and had been feeling horny, she decided to take advantage of the quiet, and use her vibrator. Since she was just staying around the house, she was wearing a thin tee-shirt and cotton shorts with no panties.

Lying on the bed, she read several of my magazines, looking for a letter that turned her on. Finally finding one, she settled back with the magazine in one hand, and her vibrator buzzing in the other. Rubbing the vibrator across her nipples, through the shirt, made them rock hard, tingling and stimulated. Lowering her shorts, she pressed the vibrator to her clit, and was really enjoying the sensations, the vibrations, the erotic thoughts of her placing herself into the scenario she was reading. Her imagination was running in top gear -- picturing that all the things she was reading were happening to her.

As she got more turned on, that vibrator felt better and better, and her thoughts became more erotic and carnal. Just as she approached her first orgasm, she heard the doorbell. She quickly dropped her vibrator and the magazine onto the bed, and pulling up her shorts, ran out to answer the door.

There stood the most handsome man she'd seen in a long, long time. He was tall, dark, handsome, rugged looking -- just about a perfect specimen. He said he was from the plumbing company, here to fix her hot water. Inviting him in, she was flushed from the excitement of using the vibrator in the bedroom, and also, to no small degree, from the appearance of this man. Leading him to the hot water heater, she was conscious of the fact that she only had on the cotton shorts, and if she couldn't get over his good looks and calm down, she would quickly develop a wet crotch that would clearly show. And she found herself wondering if he was watching her ass as she walked, and she knew she had seen his eyes drop to check out her hard nipples, and he couldn't hold back just a small smile. She knew that he liked what he saw.

As he began to check out the problem, she pulled up a chair and watched him work. She found that her thoughts were becoming more turned-on, admiring his nice body, the obvious bulge in his pants, lust in her thoughts. Sometimes, she said to herself, it would be nice to not be married. In fact, if she wasn't so shy about sex, she would be tempted to try to seduce this ideal man, knowing that not only would I not mind, but I would be turned on to hear the details -- how he touched her, how he felt and tasted, what she was feeling, how much he turned her on, how good he made her feel. But, she just couldn't bring herself to do anything about the situation, except sit and appreciate him, and she knew that when he left, she would get really good use from her vibrator -- thinking about him and how it would have felt to be fucked by such an obviously virile man, instead of thinking about the letter she had been reading.

After too short a time, he told her that it was an easy fix, and he was done. He just had to check out the hot water in the faucets. After he checked the kitchen faucets, he headed down the hall to check the bathroom. At the bathroom door, he glanced into the bedroom, and to her horror, she realized the vibrator and magazine were still on the bed, in plain sight.

He turned to her with a big grin, and said that a pretty, sexy woman like her shouldn't have to resort to mechanical toys, and since he didn't have to be back to the office until after lunch, he would be happy to do a better job than that tiny vibrator.

Her total embarrassment of him having seen the vibrator, and then coming on to she, left she too upset to do anything but nod no. Since he was not only extremely attractive, but a gentleman too, he let it drop, finished checking the faucets, and left.

Once he was out the door, she was shaking. But, it wasn't just embarrassment, she was also genuinely turned on. And she knew that as soon as she got over being upset by the situation, she was going to put that vibrator to good us -- thoughts of him would fill her fantasies for a long time.

In fact, she was already regretting turning him down, he was just so damn desirable. Why, she asked herself, did she always have to be such a prude? Why couldn't she listen to the clear signals her body had been sending her, and let go, and really enjoy herself. Here she had a risk free situation -- the girls were in school, I was out of town, and he had a legitimate reason to be in her house. She knew, sadly, that it wasn't because of me, that I would have wanted her to enjoy herself, as long as she shared the details with me later, but it was because of her. The more she thought about it, the more she decided that if she ever had another chance like that, she was going to take advantage of it.

She was angry enough with herself, that she had just decided to return to the bedroom to put her vibrator away, and save the fantasy of him for another time, when someone knocked on the door.

Opening the door, she was delighted to find he had returned. He sheepishly admitted that she had gotten him so excited, he had forgotten some of his tools. But seeing the delight on her face at the sight of him, he no longer regretted having to come back.

Taking his chances, he put his arms around her shoulders, and gently kissed her. Giving up her resistance, she melted into his arms, shoving her tongue into his mouth. As the kiss went on, she felt his cock growing between their bodies, and it felt good, and as she began to grind her crotch against his cock, they both knew he was going to fuck her.

He finally broke the kiss, and taking her by the hand, led her into the bedroom. Opening her vibrator, he took the battery out and put it into his pocket, telling her that she wouldn't need it while he was around, that he had something much better for her.

Because of the events of the day -- masturbating almost to orgasm, watching his body while he worked, the passionate kiss at the door -- she was so turned on by that point that he made her come when he merely rubbed both her breasts through her tee-shirt while again kissing her. Pulling her shirt off, he began to tongue one of her tits while rubbing the other, with his free hand now roaming over her ass, enclosed only in those thin shorts. But, she had already had enough foreplay, and she wanted a cock now, so she reached for his pants.

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