When My Fantasy Came True

by Nagoda Guru

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, InLaws, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a story about a hot night between a man and his mother-in-law. Fantasy came true for that man.

I have heard that a man fantasizes about sex nearly 285 times a day, which is once about very four minutes. Wow, that is a lot of sex, isn't it? That gives me a lot of solace as I fantasize a lot about sex and having sex with different partners in different positions, from my not-so-good-looking-but-having-a-great-body colleague to my over-friendly and buxom 30-year-old neighbor. I also fantasize about my aunt, my wife, my mother-in-law and so many others. These fantasies have really helped us both (me and my wife) enjoy our sex life. I used to think that the fantasies never come true. That even though I think about having sex with my mother-in-law or my aunt, amongst others, I would never really get to sleep with them. Well, not anymore. Now I am a firm believer in luck, destiny, god and dreams coming true. Here is what caused this extraordinary change in my perspective.

We live in New Jersey, USA. My wife is pregnant with our first baby so her mother is nowadays in USA to help her with her first delivery. First I got to tell you about my mother-in-law. The lady was very good looking in her youth (she still is) and she has managed her aging so skillfully that she still looks very elegant and attractive. What I like most about her is, unlike orthodox Indian old ladies; she is liberal, adventurous, has a very good dressing sense, loves to try out new stuff and is open-minded. She is a widow and has a very good attitude towards life.

Off course my wife's pregnancy means no sex for me for some months. But, I am not the one who will go scouting for sex elsewhere. Whenever I get horny, I often jerk myself up and satisfy myself. That gives me a little more time to fantasize and get a hard on before masturbating.

One night last month, I was watching Sixers vs. Lakers Basketball Finals game on my big screen TV in our recreation room in the basement and was drinking beer. As is my habit, I was also working on my laptop. I had biked 5 miles that evening so to dry myself up from my sweat, I had taken out my t-shirt and underwear and was wearing just the shorts. My wife was upstairs in her bedroom with her mother. Around 11.30, when the game was in fourth half and Lakers were winning, my mother-in-law came into the basement recreation room.

"Mama, aaiye, baitheeye!"["come in mama, have a sit"] I welcomed her and offered her to have a sit on the couch beside me.

"Kya chal raha hai? Aarti(my wife) so gayee hai. Muze neend nahi aa rahi thee to maine socha TV dekhtee hun."["what is going on? Aarti(my wife) has gone to sleep. I could not sleep so early, so thought I will come down and watch some TV"] She said.

"Kuch nahi, Basketball finals dekh raha tha aur kuch kaam nipta raha tha. Bas game ab khatam hi hone wala hai to phir jo bhi aapki dekha ho dekhte hai. Mai to itnee jaldi sota hi nahi." ["nothing much. I was watching the basketball finals game and was finishing off some work. The game is about to finish, then you can watch whatever program you want to. I never sleep so early."] I said.

She lifted the laptop bag from the couch beside me, placed it on the table near wet bar and came and sat on couch near me. As Shaq defended another three pointer attempt by Iverson, I finished my third beer and went to the wet bar. I wanted to get myself another beer but was not sure if it would be okay to drink in front of my mother-in-law. Wouldn't that be construed to be disrespect? I thought myself. What if I offered her a drink? Another thought. I was pretty sure she had not tried alcohol before but she could now. After gathering some courage I asked her "Mama, aap kuch lengi?"["mama, would you take something?"] She turned towards me and with her trademark dry smile asked "Kya Kya hai?Coke, Iced Tea"["what do you have? coke, iced tea?"].

I really did not have any soda but even if I had I would have said no. I wanted to see if she is going to try the alcohol.

"Nahi mama, coke to nahi hai. Ummm... Beer, rum, whiskey, wine, tequila".["no mama, I do not have coke in here. Ummm... Beer, Rum, Whiskey, Wine, Tequila."] I listed out all the stock.

"Nahi re mai to peeti hi nahi. Kabhi pee hi nahi.". Rahne de." ["no, I do not drink. I have never touched it."] She said.

But by now I was pretty fancying my chances of getting her at least try some alcohol or maybe get her drunk.

"Kabhi try nahi kiya to kya. Aaaj kar leejiye. Chalo mai apne dono hi ke liye margarita bana deta hun. That will be easy. Theek Hai?" ["It is okay if you could never try it. You can try it now. Let us do this. Let me make some margarita for both of us. That will do, right?"] I offered her a solution, or nearly thrust her with that one.

I knew she was going to take it. "Theek hai. Thodisi try kartee hun."["ok... I will try some."] Came her words.

As I was blending the drinks, the devil struck me. What if this is the opportunity to make my fantasy about her come true? I thought. May be I would get lucky and have sex with my mother-in-law. I knew she would get drunk in one or two drinks. If not I would venture her out for some tequila shots and then make her hot. That was a sure fire chance.

Margarita was ready, so I poured our drinks in two glasses and walked towards the couch. I handed one to her and sat with mine. We had not really spent that much of time together with each other, alone. So, I did not know what to talk about.

"How is it?" I asked as she gulped down her first sip.

"Umm. It is good. I like it." She said in a complementary tone.

As the Lakers won, I handed the remote to her and said "leejeye, kuch bhi laga leejeeye."["here it is. Watch whatever you want."]

"Arre, nahi beta, laga do na tumhi."["oh... it's okay. Switch something on yourself."] She said as she took the remote. I knew she wanted to watch Jay Leno or Drew Carry. Since she came to stay with us, my wife and myself had really tuned her in to some of the American shows. "Friends" was her favorite show.

As I sipped my drink, She switched some channels and tuned it to some thing interesting on HBO. That was "Sex and the City". I knew she had never watched it so she had know idea what was the show about. She finished her drink rather fast to my surprise. I was also about to be done. She must have surely liked margarita as when I offered her one more glass, she readily agreed to. I had figured this before so I had made more margarita earlier. As we sipped our drinks and watched "Sex and the City", I could see Tequila making it's effect on her. For someone who had never tested any alcohol, Tequila, even if smuggled in the form of margarita, is a powerful drink and sure to have it's effect.

She started to miss on her words as we spoke and started loosing control as she nearly spilled the glass as she was trying to place the glass on the table in front of us. I started sensing my opportunity here. If I played my cards right, I would never going to forget this night.

Luck was also seem to be favoring me, as the "Sex and the City" was also showing some very good sex scenes. I was getting horny now. I was like a cheetah that could not get any food for a fortnight and now had a weak deer in sight and well within it's reach.

"Aap theek to hai?".["Are you okay?"] I asked.

"Kuch kuch ho raha hai. Chadh gayee shayad."["I am feeling something awkward. I think I am drunk."] She stuttered.

"Jyada to nahi pee le maine?"["did I drink too much?"] She continued. "Nahi nahi, yeh to thoda hoga hi. Isiliye to sharaab peete hain."["Oh, no. That is about to happen. That is why people drinl alcohol, right?"] I rushed in with my kind words.

I poured rest of the margarita in our glasses, even though she resisted. "Arre kuch nahi hota. Dekhiye bahut maza aayega."["Oh, don't you worry. Nothing will happen. See, you will have fun."] I said like a good host.

We kept talking on some inconsequential topics while drinking. By the time we finished our drinks we both were drunk. Mama was nearly out and was slumping on the couch just staring at the TV.I could see the gap between her boobs as the blouse she wore was not enough to contain the big boobs she has. That was arousing me. I put my hand on her shoulder and enquired, "Mama, are you okay? Kaisa lag raha hai?" ["How are you feeling?']

Without even moving any part of her body she stuttered, "Bahut acchha lag raha hai. Main to udd rahi hun."["I am feeling excellent. I think I am flying."]

Seeing that she was still in her senses, I tuned in to one of the spice channels showing explicit sex videos. I do not know if she had seen porn earlier but without showing any emotion, she kept watching the TV. By this time I had moved closer to her and allowed her head to rest on my left thigh. Now she was lying half way on the couch with her feet folded up at right angle and resting on the couch arm and her head on my lap, on her right ear side. I think my erect penis was touching her hair. I was slowly moving my right hand through her hairs, slightly messaging her head. My left hand was resting on her heap. She was wearing a sari and her I could see her bare stomach and her bellybutton. Seeing woman's belly button really does arouse me. I slowly moved my left hand on her bare stomach and started moving my palm on her big stomach, fingering her belly button. My penis was jumping hard. Though my eyes were on TV, my mind was clearly not. I think she was in that particular area of mind where you kind of know what is going on but you really have no command from the brain to carry out any resistance, or even if you have, your nervous system disobeys the brain.

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