Race Fans

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two young men save a girl from becoming the feature in a gang rape at the races. They take her home with them and she begins a new life.

Nick Underwood and Terry Houston had been close friends since grammar school. They had grown up together in Tarrant City near Birmingham Alabama. Both had lived in a lower middle class neighborhood only a block apart while growing up. Both had found jobs after graduating from high school. Nick got a job as a downtown Birmingham post man, Terry got on at the Homewood City Fire Department as a fireman.

Nick and Terry were each twenty five years old, and going to night classes at the University Of Alabama in Birmingham. Their classes were on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. They went to classes from six until ten those nights.

Terry and Nick were race fans. They seldom missed a race at Talladega Speedway, it was less than forty miles away and they had an opportunity to get good seats long before any race. That was one of their few non essential expenses.

They had decided several years before that going to the main race on Sunday was a truly frustrating experience. The traffic on the Interstate was stop and go and they had to park a mile from the track. The answer was to go on Saturday during the afternoon race, when there was not much traffic.

They would pitch a tent and sleep there that night. They could walk a short distance to their seats in the stands and enjoy the race on Sunday. They would stay Sunday night until before day break Monday morning and by then the roads were nearly clear to Birmingham.

The May race in 2001 was different, the weather had been rainy most of the week.

They chose a camp site in a place that was close to their seats. They made provisions for the rain in the forecast.

Saturday evening about a dozen cars and pickups parked near them. A rowdy crowd got out and began setting up tents. They were all pretty drunk. Nick and Terry were sitting in folding canvas chairs under the shade of a small tree. They had noticed that most of the vehicles the drunks were in were from Georgia.

One of the drunks walked up and told them he was going to put his tent where they were sitting. Nick got up and told the bastard he would have to find another place, they were going to have a small fire there later and had gotten there first. The drunk acted as if he wanted to argue about that but when Terry picked up a piece of fire wood he left.

Those people from Georgia were noisy. It looked as if each man had a woman with him. Now and then some guy would ask one of the women to show her tits. She would bare them and grin. Most of those women looked as if they were sluts. One did not fit in though. She told some guy when he asked her to show her tits that she did not do that. That girl looked much too young and nice to be with that bunch of bums.

Thursday it had rained nearly all day. Friday it had rained three times. That Saturday it rained after the race. Nick and Terry had been there when that had happen before, they had placed their tent on thick pollyfilm and pulled a pollyfilm cover over the top of the tent. The cover was big enough to make a large sheltered area for them to sit under in front of the tent. Terry and Nick watched as that bunch from Georgia tried to get their tents up in a hard rain. Their women had gotten in the cars and trucks when it started. It was comical watching those drunks getting soaked and trying to put their tents up in that downpour. Before the rain ceased they had them all up in a half assed manner.

The portolets for that area were between Terry and Nick's tent and the main road. The constant foot traffic to those toilets made a mud trail around their tent and van. The whole area in the camp ground became muddy. Sunday morning was a bright day, not a cloud in the sky. Nick and Terry did eggs, bacon and grits with toast on their Coleman stove. They watched as that Georgia bunch emerged from their wet tents. Most of them straggled by their tent on the way to the toilets. The girl that looked as if she did not belong walked by bare foot in the mud. She smiled and said good morning as she passed on her way to the toilets. Nick and Terry got a good look at her as she went by, she was tall and slender. She was wearing shorts and a really good pair of legs showed. She was blessed with large tits and a beautiful ass. Nick thought that if her hair had not been bleached and was trimmed so that it was out of her face she might be attractive.

When the girl came back from the toilets later they got an even better look at her. She was not just pretty, she was beautiful. She had pulled her platinum died hair back and made a pony tail of it with a rubber band. Her flawless face showed and she still had that nice smile. Nick and Terry watched the antics of that Georgia bunch trying to fix something to eat with amusement. They were all having beer with their morning snack. One of the stupid bastards put a gallon can of pork and beans on the fire in the center of their spot. Terry said "Jesus, he did not even punch a hole in that can, when it gets hot enough it will blow up".

They moved their chairs back under the shelter of the tent cover. In a few minutes that can went off like a bomb, beans sprayed every where. Every one that was not in a tent got covered with the contents of that can. Nick and Terry broke up, they laughed so hard their ribs hurt. Several of the women had been in the tents and missed getting baptized with pork and beans, the pretty girl with the frizzy blond hair was one of them.

At eleven that morning the men from Georgia were ready to go to the track. They took several large ice chests full of beer and left all of their women. They were going to beat the last minute rush at the gates. The race did not start until one.

Nick and Terry always waited until just before the race started to go to the track.

As soon the men left the frizzy blond walked by going to the portolets. She smiled and nodded as she waded by in the mud barefoot.

When she returned Nick spoke to her. He said he was glad she missed the bean bath earlier. The girl said that it took a dumb head to do something like that.

Terry asked if she had been here to a race before.

The girl said that this was her first and last race. She said she was with a guy she worked with in Rome Georgia and had made a bad decision to come here with him. Terry asked the girl if she would like one of the sandwiches they had brought. The girl asked if they had plenty, she admitted she was hungry. Nick assured her there was plenty and asked her if she would like ham and cheese or egg salad or both. The girl gave them her pretty smile and said she was hungry enough to eat both. Nick asked if she would like beer or coke with her lunch. The girl said she did not drink beer and asked if they had water. Terry got her a bottle of water out of the ice chest. Nick gave her his seat at the folding table and the girl wolfed her sandwiches. She looked around and said that she would not mind going to a race like they did. She said the tents the bunch she was with had let rain water soak through the floors and every thing in them was wet. She said she had sneaked away from the drunk she had come with the night before and slept hidden in the back seat of a car. She said she had not slept very well though because of being wet and cold.

The girl said her name was Nan Farrow and she was originally from Atlanta. Nick and Terry gave her their names and said they were from near Birmingham.

It was time Nick and Terry went to the track and found their seats. They put on western hats and rubber boots and told Nan it was alright if she wanted to stay in the shade of their tent while they were gone. ( They had plastic rain covers for their hats and thin rain ponchos in their fanny packs. ) Nick and Terry each carried a small cooler.

During the race the weather stayed good, there were rain clouds to the west after the race was over. It looked as if it would rain soon.

Race fans began leaving in droves. Nick and Terry heard the Georgia bunch talking about how five of their group were in the track jail. They had been arrested for pulling out their pud and pissing on the road coming from the track. The group decided to wait until the next day to leave. They would wait to get their buddies out the next morning.

Terry said "Shit, that noisy bunch of drunks will keep us awake again tonight"!

Nick said "If that traffic going home was not so bad we would be smart to get the hell out of here". Terry said "Forget it guy that rain would catch us before we could get our tent down". Nick said that it looked like it was really pouring down to the west. They drove more long tent pegs in the ground and tied the polyfilm tent cover with more ropes in case there was a strong wind in the coming storm.

Nan the girl with the bleached hair ducked under their shelter just as the rain hit.

Nan said the guy she had come with had been put in jail with four others. She said she had sneaked away while the six other men were drawing cards for their turn with her. She said that all of them were drunk and asked if she could stay with them. Terry asked her what made her think she would be better off with them.

The girl said she thought they were nice guys and were not drunks. She begged them to give her a place to hide.

Nick said "Honey you are nearly covered with mud and need a bath bad". " I would not mind giving you a place to get away from those jerks but you are going to get every thing you touch nearly as dirty as you are ".

Terry told the girl that if she would get clean in the heavy rain fall he would be willing to lend her soap and a dry towel. Nick offered her the use of a pair of dry shorts and a tee shirt if she would clean herself up. They told her she could hide in their tent until near day break. They told Nan that they had to be at their jobs at eight the next morning.

Both Nick and Terry turned their chairs around and sat facing the inside of the tent while Nan undressed and took a cold shower in the rain. She took a long time getting that mud off. When she ducked back under the shelter she asked for a towel. Nick went inside the tent and brought her one. When he came back with it he got a good look at her nude body. She was trying to hide herself with her hands and arms. She used the hand covering her tits to take the towel from him. He got a good look at her beauties before she got the towel over herself. Terry was slightly thinner than Nick he went inside to get something for her to wear. He came back with a pair of his clean gym shorts and a clean tee shirt.

The girl had not found the draw string in the shorts and was holding them up with both hands when she said they could turn their chairs around now, she was dressed.

Terry laughed and said "Come here girl and let me show you how to make those shorts stay up". The girl stepped up to Terry and said "I need something to help". Terry pulled her tee shirt up in front and pulled the waist band out and put his hand down the front of those shorts. He came up with two draw strings. He told Nan to get that shirt out of his way and he would tie it for her. When he was through she could use her hands for something other than holding her clothes up.

Nick said he was getting hungry and thought he would open a can of beef stew. He lit the camp stove and poured the stew in a kettle to heat. Terry asked the girl if she would like some. She told them that she was hungry and would like something. Nick opened another can.

Soon after the girl had finished washing herself in the rain it began to slack up. People began sloshing by in the mud paths to the toilets. Nan hid herself in the tent behind the door flap. She ate her bowl of stew there. Nick and Terry sat in front of her and just outside. A man and a woman, two of Nan's former camp mates went sloshing by. They were holding on to each other because they were so drunk. Just past the tent the man stumbled and they both fell face first in that mud. Both got up cursing the other at the top of their voices. They staggered on.

Nick asked Nan why the hell she was there with that crew. Nan said that a guy she worked with at the poultry processing plant had asked her if she wanted to go with him. She said the guy was secretly a homosexual and that she had gone out with him a few times. The guy was not interested in her sexually and she felt safe while with him. Nan had never seen Patrick drunk. He had already started drinking though before he picked her up at her rented room. She knew now that she would have been smart to have backed out of going on the trip. Terry told her they would be up at four the next morning and pack their things in the van. He asked Nan what she would do after they left. Nan said she guessed she would hide some where else until Patrick got out of jail around noon. Nan knew what was in store for her with out Patrick with her.

Nick said "It is near eight thirty and we are all tired, Four AM is not that long off". Terry said "Yeah let's get some sleep". They went inside the tent with Nan. There were only two sleeping bags, they unzipped them and made one big one of the two. Nick said "You get the middle girl". Nan slept with a man's body touching her front and back. Both Nick and Terry stripped down to their boxer shorts. Nan felt safe between two big nearly undressed handsome guys. She slept soundly until the alarm went off at four. Nick turned on a small light and said "Rise and shine people". Terry asked Nan what she wanted to do with herself. Nick said they would be packed and ready to leave in no more than ten minutes. Nan asked if she could sit in the van while they broke camp. Nick said he would carry her there to keep her feet from getting muddy.

Their gear was in the van in less than ten minutes. Nan was in the back seat. Terry was going to drive. Terry asked Nan if she wanted them to drop her off at the Sheriff's lock up at the track. Nan told them that might be the best thing for her to do, go there and wait for Patrick to be released. Nick asked Nan if she wanted anything from Pat and her tent. Nan said her small tote bag had been stolen that first night while she was sleeping in someone's car. She had even lost her shoes then.Terry had a little trouble getting them through the mire to the paved road.

Nan said she had really nothing to go back to Rome for. She said she had hitch hiked to Rome from Atlanta and had only what she could carry in her canvas tote with her when she got there.

Nan said she was going to quit her job at the chicken plant and look for something else. Her room rent was due today and there was nothing of much value there. Certainly not worth going back for.

Nan said now was as good as any time to move on. Nan asked if she could ride to Birmingham with them.

Nick said "Terry what do you think?"

Terry said "Honey we will only have time to go home and get ready for work". He told her she was dippy for wanting to go to a strange place with no shoes and wearing only a mans shorts and tee shirt. Nick asked Nan if she had any money. Nan said she had nearly sixty dollars in a zip lock bag in her muddy shorts. They had put her wet, muddy clothes in a plastic garbage bag the night before. She had that on the floor under her bare feet.

The Interstate was nearly clear of traffic. Terry was pulling into their garages at five fifteen. Nick suggested they wait to unload the van until that evening, they could cut their evening classes and do it the right way then. Both of them had pickup trucks to take them to work. Nan followed them up the steps to their apartment. Nick told Nan to make herself at home in the living - kitchen room. Nick went through a door to his bed room, Terry to his. Nan soon heard the sound of two showers going.

Nan walked around looking at the place. She wished that someday she could live like those guys did. Out the back windows was a grassed area and trees. She could see a street across that. The front windows looked down on a paved alley. Terry came out of his room dressed in only a pair of white boxer undershorts. He opened Nicks door and asked if Nick had picked up their uniforms at the cleaners Friday afternoon. Nick said they were hanging in the hall closet. Terry found them and was back soon in a black and red uniform with Homewood Fire Department on the back and a badge in front.

Nick came out in the hall in white boxer shorts and got his plastic bag of cleaned uniforms. He was back shortly wearing a U.S. Postal Service uniform. Both men buffed their shoes and were ready to go to work. Nan was sitting on the couch wondering what her new friends were going to do with her now. Nick told Nan that they had no time to take her someplace now, they had to go on to work.

Nick asked if Terry thought it was safe to leave a strange girl in the place all day. Terry asked what harm a barefoot girl in men's clothes could do.

Nan promised she would be right there when they came home. Terry told her the washer and dryer were in that closet in the kitchen. She could wash her clothes from the day before. Nick said she could find food in the refrigerator. Nan asked if they would mind her taking a real shower during the day. She was told to make herself at home.

Nan was thinking that Nick and Terry were really nice guys and she wished they would let her stay for a while. She was sick of not belonging any where. She was tired of running.

Terry and Nick arrived home within minutes of five thirty. They came in the apartment just as Nan was washing the last window. She had all of them clean inside and out. Nan had changed both their beds and washed the linens. She had done their laundry and the house was spotless. Nan said she would have had their supper cooked but she had no idea what they liked to eat.

Terry asked Nick if he thought they should keep Nan around for a while.

Nick said "Sounds good to me".

Nick said "Let's take her to buy a pair of shoes Terry and then eat out". Terry said that sounded good to him.

Nan asked if she had time to change into the clean shorts and top she had worn the day before. Nick said "Hurry, we need to change out of these uniforms to".

They took Nan to Wall-Mart and bought her sandals, dress pumps and running shoes. Nick made Nan try on several pairs of shorts and tops. Terry wanted her to choose two nice dresses and then panties and bras. They bought her socks and hose. Nick said they were going to a pool party at the home of some of their friends the next night and he wanted to pick out a stunning bikini for her to wear.

Terry said Nan would need a purse. He chose one he liked. Nick suggested they get Nan some dress jeans and nice shirts and blouses. Terry looked at Nan's face and he said "You look perfect without make up but you need a comb and brush, tooth paste and a tooth brush. Terry said he would go for a manicure set and clear nail polish. They had two carts at the check out counter. Nick wrote a check for seven hundred and twelve dollars to pay for Nan's things. They took Nan to eat her first Chinese food later.

Back at the garage apartment Terry and Nick told Nan she could use the walk in hall closet to store her new clothes in, there was a small chest with drawers in there. Nan was told to make up her a bed on the couch in the living room. Terry and Nick unloaded the camp gear from the van.

When they came back up it was near ten thirty. Nan was sleeping on the couch. She had pushed the flannel spread off of her and the tee shirt she had worn the night before was bunched up on her tummy. Her legs were together and they could not see her pussy but a dark brown haired muff was showing. It would need trimming if she were to wear that bikini the next evening.

The next morning Nan was up at five. She cooked eggs, bacon, grits and toast while her men had a shave and took their showers. She opened each bed room door and told them breakfast was ready. They came to the table in just their under wear shorts, Nan was wearing only Terry's tee shirt.

Both her guys and she had a good big breakfast. After they had eaten Terry told Nan to get dressed she was going with him.

Terry took her to work with him when he left. He told her to stay in the truck until after he had clocked in and then about nine he was going to take her to a beauty shop.

Later Terry took her to a Salon and gave Mavis instructions to give Nan a bikini cut and cut the split ends of her hair off. Terry said he wanted her hair dyed back the color of her muff. Terry said to do her nails and toes in clear polish.

Terry said Nan was Nicks date for tonight and they would be picking her ( Mavis ) up at six that evening.

Terry asked how long Nan would be in the shop. Mavis said she would need about three hours to do all of that.

Terry said "Call me at the station when you are through with her, I will take her home during my lunch break ".

Mavis called at twelve fifteen and told Terry she was nearly through with Nan.

When Terry saw Nan he was stunned, she was absolutely beautiful. Her hair was now a dark brown with golden highlights. Mavis had trimmed it long enough to barely touch her shoulders and she had barrettes to hold it back and show her face and ears.

He took her home to the garage apartment and told her to try on her new bikini. Terry told Nan if Mavis had not trimmed her enough to hide her bush she could use a mirror to trim and shave more.

At five thirty Nick and Terry were home, both put on bathing suits and beach robes. Nan was wearing a man's tee shirt over her bikini.

Nick said "We got to go folks, the party was to start at six, we don't want to be late". They picked up Mavis on the way. Mavis got in the back seat with Terry. Mavis said "I missed you over race week end, would you take me some time ". Terry said "Honey you would either love it or hate it there is no in between emotion ". He told her of the rains and mud and of thousands of people being wet, muddy and miserable. Terry explained that Friday the weather report had predicted rain over the weekend. They had set up their camp site so that they had camped in a dry tent and had a shelter to cook and eat under. Terry told Mavis that they and the fans in motor homes and travel trailers were about the only ones at the race that were comfortable. Mavis said she would like to go just to see what it was like.

The couple giving the party were glad to see their first guests. Nick introduced Nan to Jean and Ray Baker, the Bakers knew Mavis.

Ray said "There is beer and wine in the coolers on the back porch folks, I need to light the grill so help yourselves.

Nick asked Nan if she wanted anything to drink. Nan asked him for a glass of wine. Mavis asked for wine as well. Nick brought back two paper cups of wine and a cold can of beer in each pocket of his beach robe.

The front door bell rang and Jean went to answer it. She brought Pet Durham and her date Paul Parker out to the terrace. Terry said "Pet, you look beautiful as always tonight". Pet told him to tell that to his date, she had done her magic that afternoon. Mavis said Pet had shown up only minutes after Terry and Nick's date had left. Mavis introduced Pet to Nan Farrow. Nick asked Pet how she was doing with her latest novel. Pet said the money was flowing to her. She said "I have not written a word in two months on my new one though". Nick asked " Writers block" ? Pet said "No, Just being lazy, I have been racing my Corvette ".

Another couple arrived and came through the yard gate like Nick, Terry and their dates had done. Jean introduced Nan to Holly and David Foster. Jean said "David is my brother, isn't he handsome". Pet said that she thought so and wanted to ask Holly to let her borrow him some week end. Holly said "You ain't woman enough to last more than one night with a man like David, what are you going to do for the next two days" ? Pet asked Holly to just give her a chance to die that way. David piped in with the remark that he was not for loan, he could not even get caught up with his home work.

The remainder of the party was like that, intelligent talk mixed with mock flirting.

Nan had never been in a gathering like that before. Her pretty smile and hearty laugh, her dignity and poise endeared her to the others.

Ray served really tasty hamburger steaks and baked spuds with salad.

It was still daylight when every one shed their cover ups and went in the pool. Nan had every ones attention when she took off her's.

All the other ladies were attractive but Nan was a knock out. Her long legs and slender waist enhanced her large tits. Nan was hands down the prettiest woman there. Nick and Terry had chosen a bikini that displayed her body perfectly.

The party broke up around nine, most had to work the next day.

Nick was driving the van when they left.

Nick asked Mavis if she was going home. Mavis said she was spending the night with Terry and he would drop her off at her apartment on his way to work in the morning.

When Nick parked in the garage to his and Terry's apartment Nick took Nan's hand to stop her from getting out. When Terry and Mavis were going up the stairs Nick said "Nan we better make it look as if you are my woman". "Otherwise Mavis may think you are Terry's also". Nick told Nan that it would look better if she slept with him in his room. That would tell Mavis that she was his woman only.

Nick told Nan that Terry had a problem with Mavis. Mavis was jealous and possessive and got bitchy if she thought Terry was paying another woman too much attention.

Nick said "Because of that, I would like you to sleep in bed with me instead of on the couch tonight". Nick went on to say " I am talking about just sleeping together like we did night before last at the track". Nan said to Nick " What ever you like, I want Mavis to be my friend ".

Inside the apartment Terry asked if anyone wanted any thing else to drink before going on to bed. Nan said "I want a cold glass of water to take to bed with me". Nick said "Fix me one honey". Terry and Mavis said their goodnights and closed the bed room door behind them.

Nick and Nan were left in the kitchen. Nan had two glasses of mostly ice with water in her hands. Nick took one out of her hand and asked her if she was ready for bed. Nan nodded and followed Nick to his bed room. Nick said "Leave the door open Nan". Nick sat on the bed and took his shoes off.

They were still wearing their bathing suits, Nan took her sandals off while standing at the foot of the bed. She asked Nick if he wanted her to hang his damp suit up with hers in the bath room. Nick stood up and slipped it down around his ankles. Nick held it out to her. Nan had her eyes fixed on his cock, she was frozen in place until Nick asked "Nan are you going to take my suit to the bath with you"? Nan looked at Nick's face then, she grabbed that suit and walked real fast to the bath.

When Nan came back in a few minutes she had her sleep tee shirt on. Nick was on the bed with a sheet over him. Nan slipped under the sheet and stayed as far away from Nick as she could on her side of the queen sized bed. Nick cut out the light and pushed the sheet off his body. Nan could tell by the dim light from the living room that Nick was nude. Nan began to tremble, she was trying to be quiet but she was crying softly. Nick was still awake and he asked Nan what was wrong. Nan said that something had happened that had changed her life completely four months back. She guessed she would be a long time getting over it. Nick told Nan to come into his arms if she thought that would help. Nan hesitated a minute then slid in tight to Nick. She shoved her butt against Nick's limp cock and her back tight against his chest. Nan quit her sobs soon but it was over an hour before she went off to sleep.

Much later Nan woke as Nick got out of bed to relieve his bladder. When Nick came back he found Nan was awake. Nick lay down and hugged Nan to his chest. He asked if she wanted to tell him what had made her cry. Nan snuggled her head under Nicks chin and asked him to give her some time yet before she told him about that. Nick told her to take as long as she needed. They were back to sleep soon. When the alarm went off at five they were up instantly. Nan got busy in the kitchen fixing breakfast. Mavis wandered in wearing one of Terry's tee shirts and said she never ate breakfast. She said she would like coffee when it was ready though. Nan had eggs and sausage with gravy and biscuits on the table when Nick and Terry came in dressed for work. Nick asked Mavis if she had slept well. Mavis said she always slept good when she spent the night with Terry.

Mavis took her coffee cup with her when she went to Terry's bed room to get dressed in her swim wear and beach robe from the night before. She was back and had another cup of coffee before Terry was ready to go. Terry told Nan that her breakfast was great and kissed her on her cheek. He and Mavis left.

Nick was having another gravy biscuit and he told Nan she was a dam good cook. Nan thanked him and said she was glad he thought so. Nick told Nan that tonight was a school night for Terry and himself. He said that they would not get home before eleven and for her to not wait up for them. Nan asked if she could sleep in his bed again. Nick said "If you like Nan, you felt and smelled nice in my bed last night".

Nan spent the day doing house chores, she had a light lunch and took a walk in the neighborhood. She found that she was in a nice residential area and nearly all of the homes were old well kept large houses. She found an intersection two blocks away that had a drug store on one corner, a delicatessen on another. The other two corners had a dry cleaners and a service plaza with a Kwik-Mart inside.

Nan found that the apartment had a Birmingham Transit bus stop a half block away. Nan returned from exploring before dark that evening. Nan used a key from a key board in the kitchen to get back in the apartment down stairs door.

While she was in the garages she looked it over. She found four bicycles at the far end. They were all ten speed and two were men's, two were women's. The van was in one slot and two were empty for the guy's trucks but one was filled with a large outboard fishing boat on a trailer. The camping gear was on shelves along the back of the garages.

Nan thought she would ask permission to use one of the bikes.

Nan spent the evening watching dull sit coms on TV and got sleepy before nine. Nan had a bath in the tub in sweet smelling bath beads. She shampooed her hair and dried it with Nick's hair dryer. When she was ready for bed she started to put on her tee, she hung it back up and decided to sleep nude like Nick did. His hard body had felt good against her the night before.

Nick found her like that when he came in.

She was sleeping on her back and had her foot against her other knee. She had left the light on in the bath room and Nick could see her breasts very well, and the position her legs were spread apart gave him a good look at her womanhood. Nan was beautiful beyond words.

Mavis had given Nan a hair cut and shave down there and left a vertical bar on her mound. Nick hung up his uniform and got nude. When he got on the bed Nan woke up. She gave him a sleepy smile and said "I'm glad you are here to scrounge up to, this bed is a lonesome place without you". Nick lay down and opened his arms and Nan rolled in to them. She sighed and said "That's better". She was back to sleep in seconds.

Not Nick though. He was wondering if Nan was sending him a signal by being nude in bed with him. She was back to sleep though before he could find out. He was tired and really needed to get some sleep, he would find out later.

Thursday morning Nan was out of bed, dressed in her tee shirt and in the kitchen in seconds after the alarm went off.

Nan had found their waffle iron and cleaned it, she plugged it in and stirred up a packaged mix and put bacon on to cook. She had four hot waffles on a platter and bacon on another. Nan had a large glass of orange juice by each plate. She took two more waffles out and put them with the others on the table as Nick came in. Nick kissed her on her lips for the first time. Nan said "O my God" ! Nick asked if she liked that kiss. Nan said "Don't know yet, let me think about it for a while".

Terry came in, he said "I have died and gone to heaven and an Angel is cooking my meals ". Nan took a bottle of heated syrup out of the microwave and placed it on a saucer. They all sat down and filled their stomachs. There was no conversation.

When every one was through Nan said that this was the last of the butter and there was only two eggs in the fridge. She asked if they thought they should find a supermarket that evening after they came in from work. Nick told her to make a list and they would plan on having dinner out somewhere.

Nan asked if it was alright for her to use a bike, she had found them downstairs. She was told that she could but she would have to wear a helmet. Terry explained that it was the law here.

Nick and Terry left and Nan cleaned up the kitchen. She did laundry and the carpets, then used tub and tile cleaner on both baths.

Nan was hungry at noon and rode a bike to the sandwich shop she had discovered the day before. It was a 'Mom and Pop' operation, they lived above the shop. Her sandwich was very good.

She pedaled around until her minnie mouse watch showed it was time for her to go home and get ready for the evening. Nan had a shower and fixed her hair. Monday evening Nick and Terry had told her she did not need to wear make up. Nan chose to wear a dress and hose and dress pumps. She put on a new bra and matching panties. When she put the dress on the panty lines showed. She took the bra and panties off. She would wear nothing but the dress, hose and shoes.

Nick came home first, he kissed Nan on her lips and told her she looked great. Terry came in and when he saw Nan he gave a wolf whistle. Nan blushed and said "Terry you whistle the nicest things".

Both men changed out of their uniforms. They were back soon dressed in nice slacks and shirts. They had put their black uniform shoes on. Nick said "Terry we need to buy groceries and bring them back here to put up the things that need to be stored in the freezer or fridge". "Why don't you call Mavis and see if she wants to go to dinner and dancing with us later". Terry called Mavis and she was all for an evening out.

Nan had a long list of things she thought they needed. Both Nick and Terry put things not on her list in the cart. Nick got four US Prime strip sirloins and four small baking potatoes. Then he put in a bag of pre-mixed garden salad. Terry asked " We going to burn steaks" ? Nick said "Yeah over the week end". Terry said "I'm going back to produce and get a bundle of that nice asparagus spears then and get some sharp cheddar for a sauce on them. There was nearly two hundred dollars worth of food in their cart at the check out counter.

They took it home and put it up. Terry called Mavis and she was ready. They gorged on seafood and then danced until ten. Nan was a smooth article on the floor. She danced with Nick mostly but Terry asked her often.

Terry said five AM is only seven hours away folks, we better go home. He said you ladies do not need your beauty rest but Nick and I do. Mavis said "I need all the help I can get, I am not like Nan, I have to work on my looks. Mavis said she had an appointment at eight in the morning and was booked for all day. She said she wished she could hire some part time help for the afternoons, she had someone during school hours but her afternoons were hell. Nan asked Mavis if she would like her to ride a bike over at noon and help in the shop. Mavis told her she would pay her well if she would.

Nick asked Mavis if she wanted to go home or to stay with Terry that night. Mavis said "Terry may I stay with you please " ? Terry said "Love to have you honey".

At the apartment they said their goodnights and went in to the bed rooms.

Nan undressed with Nick watching. She was shy about showing herself to him. Nick waited until Nan was on the bed before he shed his clothes. He had an erection from watching Nan undress.

Nan began to cry she was trembling and tears were on her cheeks. Nick asked Nan what was the matter, why the tears. Nan said she was not ready yet for sex with him, could he give her a little more time.

Nick said "What ever you want honey, take as long as you need". Nan asked if they could just sleep very close together and not have sex. Nick said "Sure honey" and folded her in his arms. Nan backed her butt into Nick's hard cock. Nan whispered that she knew she was asking a lot of him to be this close and nude in the same bed and not have intercourse. Nan reached behind and closed her hand around Nick's hard prick and whispered " Roll over on your back honey, I will give this some relief". Nick did and Nan used two hands to bring him to an orgasm. She had told Nick to tell her when he was about to ejaculate. When he moaned " I'm ready", Nan took him in her mouth and sucked him dry. She kept him in her warm mouth until he was soft. When Nan sat up she said "Tell me when you need that again". Nan resumed her position backed up tight to Nick. Nick fondled her breasts until Nan began breathing fast. He let his hand slide down to her mound, Nan got stiff but did not stop him from teasing her lower lips, Nick inserted a finger into her passage, and found an obstruction. Nick sat up in bed and turned on the light. He asked Nan if she were a virgin. Nan nodded her head for yes. Nick said "Now I understand a lot of things honey". Nick got between Nan's legs and began loving and kissing her tits. Nan had a climax. Nick kissed down over her belly and around on her mound. When his tongue found her tunnel Nan moaned loud enough to be heard by Terry and Mavis. When he pushed the hood back from over her clit and took it in his mouth Nan screamed and shouted " O God" as she had a big orgasm. Nick sat up and said "Tell me when you need that again". Nan said "You will be the first one to know honey".

They kissed and Nan again backed up to Nick, that time they went off to sleep.

Five AM Friday morning came and the day started. Nan was in the kitchen finishing breakfast when the others came in. Mavis and Terry said "Good morning" and kissed Nan on a cheek. Nick gave her a loving kiss on her lips and said "Good morning honey".

Mavis told Nan she had scared her last night when she had screamed and shouted ' O God', she had wondered if Nick was hurting her. Nan smiled and said that he was but it was a good hurt. Nan said she hopped Nick would hurt her again like that tonight. Nick promised he would. Terry said that all of that sweet talk was ruining his breakfast. Terry asked if they wanted to go to a fire department cook out Saturday evening. Mavis said the last one was fun, she would love to go. Nick said he thought Nan and he would stay home.

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