Race Fans

by Big-R

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Desc: Sex Story: Two young men save a girl from becoming the feature in a gang rape at the races. They take her home with them and she begins a new life.

Nick Underwood and Terry Houston had been close friends since grammar school. They had grown up together in Tarrant City near Birmingham Alabama. Both had lived in a lower middle class neighborhood only a block apart while growing up. Both had found jobs after graduating from high school. Nick got a job as a downtown Birmingham post man, Terry got on at the Homewood City Fire Department as a fireman.

Nick and Terry were each twenty five years old, and going to night classes at the University Of Alabama in Birmingham. Their classes were on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. They went to classes from six until ten those nights.

Terry and Nick were race fans. They seldom missed a race at Talladega Speedway, it was less than forty miles away and they had an opportunity to get good seats long before any race. That was one of their few non essential expenses.

They had decided several years before that going to the main race on Sunday was a truly frustrating experience. The traffic on the Interstate was stop and go and they had to park a mile from the track. The answer was to go on Saturday during the afternoon race, when there was not much traffic.

They would pitch a tent and sleep there that night. They could walk a short distance to their seats in the stands and enjoy the race on Sunday. They would stay Sunday night until before day break Monday morning and by then the roads were nearly clear to Birmingham.

The May race in 2001 was different, the weather had been rainy most of the week.

They chose a camp site in a place that was close to their seats. They made provisions for the rain in the forecast.

Saturday evening about a dozen cars and pickups parked near them. A rowdy crowd got out and began setting up tents. They were all pretty drunk. Nick and Terry were sitting in folding canvas chairs under the shade of a small tree. They had noticed that most of the vehicles the drunks were in were from Georgia.

One of the drunks walked up and told them he was going to put his tent where they were sitting. Nick got up and told the bastard he would have to find another place, they were going to have a small fire there later and had gotten there first. The drunk acted as if he wanted to argue about that but when Terry picked up a piece of fire wood he left.

Those people from Georgia were noisy. It looked as if each man had a woman with him. Now and then some guy would ask one of the women to show her tits. She would bare them and grin. Most of those women looked as if they were sluts. One did not fit in though. She told some guy when he asked her to show her tits that she did not do that. That girl looked much too young and nice to be with that bunch of bums.

Thursday it had rained nearly all day. Friday it had rained three times. That Saturday it rained after the race. Nick and Terry had been there when that had happen before, they had placed their tent on thick pollyfilm and pulled a pollyfilm cover over the top of the tent. The cover was big enough to make a large sheltered area for them to sit under in front of the tent. Terry and Nick watched as that bunch from Georgia tried to get their tents up in a hard rain. Their women had gotten in the cars and trucks when it started. It was comical watching those drunks getting soaked and trying to put their tents up in that downpour. Before the rain ceased they had them all up in a half assed manner.

The portolets for that area were between Terry and Nick's tent and the main road. The constant foot traffic to those toilets made a mud trail around their tent and van. The whole area in the camp ground became muddy. Sunday morning was a bright day, not a cloud in the sky. Nick and Terry did eggs, bacon and grits with toast on their Coleman stove. They watched as that Georgia bunch emerged from their wet tents. Most of them straggled by their tent on the way to the toilets. The girl that looked as if she did not belong walked by bare foot in the mud. She smiled and said good morning as she passed on her way to the toilets. Nick and Terry got a good look at her as she went by, she was tall and slender. She was wearing shorts and a really good pair of legs showed. She was blessed with large tits and a beautiful ass. Nick thought that if her hair had not been bleached and was trimmed so that it was out of her face she might be attractive.

When the girl came back from the toilets later they got an even better look at her. She was not just pretty, she was beautiful. She had pulled her platinum died hair back and made a pony tail of it with a rubber band. Her flawless face showed and she still had that nice smile. Nick and Terry watched the antics of that Georgia bunch trying to fix something to eat with amusement. They were all having beer with their morning snack. One of the stupid bastards put a gallon can of pork and beans on the fire in the center of their spot. Terry said "Jesus, he did not even punch a hole in that can, when it gets hot enough it will blow up".

They moved their chairs back under the shelter of the tent cover. In a few minutes that can went off like a bomb, beans sprayed every where. Every one that was not in a tent got covered with the contents of that can. Nick and Terry broke up, they laughed so hard their ribs hurt. Several of the women had been in the tents and missed getting baptized with pork and beans, the pretty girl with the frizzy blond hair was one of them.

At eleven that morning the men from Georgia were ready to go to the track. They took several large ice chests full of beer and left all of their women. They were going to beat the last minute rush at the gates. The race did not start until one.

Nick and Terry always waited until just before the race started to go to the track.

As soon the men left the frizzy blond walked by going to the portolets. She smiled and nodded as she waded by in the mud barefoot.

When she returned Nick spoke to her. He said he was glad she missed the bean bath earlier. The girl said that it took a dumb head to do something like that.

Terry asked if she had been here to a race before.

The girl said that this was her first and last race. She said she was with a guy she worked with in Rome Georgia and had made a bad decision to come here with him. Terry asked the girl if she would like one of the sandwiches they had brought. The girl asked if they had plenty, she admitted she was hungry. Nick assured her there was plenty and asked her if she would like ham and cheese or egg salad or both. The girl gave them her pretty smile and said she was hungry enough to eat both. Nick asked if she would like beer or coke with her lunch. The girl said she did not drink beer and asked if they had water. Terry got her a bottle of water out of the ice chest. Nick gave her his seat at the folding table and the girl wolfed her sandwiches. She looked around and said that she would not mind going to a race like they did. She said the tents the bunch she was with had let rain water soak through the floors and every thing in them was wet. She said she had sneaked away from the drunk she had come with the night before and slept hidden in the back seat of a car. She said she had not slept very well though because of being wet and cold.

The girl said her name was Nan Farrow and she was originally from Atlanta. Nick and Terry gave her their names and said they were from near Birmingham.

It was time Nick and Terry went to the track and found their seats. They put on western hats and rubber boots and told Nan it was alright if she wanted to stay in the shade of their tent while they were gone. ( They had plastic rain covers for their hats and thin rain ponchos in their fanny packs. ) Nick and Terry each carried a small cooler.

During the race the weather stayed good, there were rain clouds to the west after the race was over. It looked as if it would rain soon.

Race fans began leaving in droves. Nick and Terry heard the Georgia bunch talking about how five of their group were in the track jail. They had been arrested for pulling out their pud and pissing on the road coming from the track. The group decided to wait until the next day to leave. They would wait to get their buddies out the next morning.

Terry said "Shit, that noisy bunch of drunks will keep us awake again tonight"!

Nick said "If that traffic going home was not so bad we would be smart to get the hell out of here". Terry said "Forget it guy that rain would catch us before we could get our tent down". Nick said that it looked like it was really pouring down to the west. They drove more long tent pegs in the ground and tied the polyfilm tent cover with more ropes in case there was a strong wind in the coming storm.

Nan the girl with the bleached hair ducked under their shelter just as the rain hit.

Nan said the guy she had come with had been put in jail with four others. She said she had sneaked away while the six other men were drawing cards for their turn with her. She said that all of them were drunk and asked if she could stay with them. Terry asked her what made her think she would be better off with them.

The girl said she thought they were nice guys and were not drunks. She begged them to give her a place to hide.

Nick said "Honey you are nearly covered with mud and need a bath bad". " I would not mind giving you a place to get away from those jerks but you are going to get every thing you touch nearly as dirty as you are ".

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