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Desc: Sex Story: Women tries to seduce a man while hiking and gets more than she bargained for.

Michelle slowly backed her car into the parking space. Here at last she thought. Three days of peaceful solitude among the redwoods, oaks and streams. She locked the car doors, set her backpack against a tree and started stretching. Her long smooth legs were tight from sitting in the car for three hours. After she stretched her legs out, she swung on her backpack and started up the trail. She had picked her favorite trail for this weekend. The forecast was calling for a nice hot weekend on the coast and this particular trail was not only scenic, but had a secluded lake at the end were she loved to swim.

After she had walked the first couple of miles the fog began to burn off and she started getting warm. She had stopped to get a drink when he came walking up the trail behind her. It was like watching a roman god walk out of the forest toward you. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. He was at least 6'2", long thick golden brown hair, square jaw, shoulders like a surfer or a climber, and legs like a swimmer. He was wearing cutoffs, tank top and hiking boots. The cutoffs left little to imagination. When he was about five steps from her he looked up from the trail, smiled said good morning and continued up the trail. She felt her pussy get warm and moist. She quickly swung on her backpack and started up the trail. She followed him for a couple of miles, his movements were fluid, smooth and powerful. When he came to the stream he swung off his backpack and threw some water on his face. She stopped just downstream from him and introduced herself as she took off her backpack. His name was Jim. "I'm starting to get hot" she committed as slowly pulled her sweatshirt over her head, "How far are you planning to go". He said he was going to do a large loop, but didn't have any definite plans. After he tightened his boots he put his backpack back on, as she brushed off her green hiking shorts. Then he started back up the trail. They passed each other three or four more times before she decided to stop for lunch. He was always friendly, but distant, like he had other things on his mind. She only had one thing on her mind and that was how to get his thick cock into her hot pussy. She had to find a way of getting him a little more interested in her. She moved off the trail a ways to where a group of rocks were. She climbed up on top and sat down to eat lunch. When she saw him coming up the trail, she took off her shirt and bra and started to dig through her backpack for her bikini top. Her breast were moist from the strenuous hike and her nipples were hard from thinking about him. She made sure to look for her top long enough for him to get a good look at her, then she started putting on her bikini top. Then she looked up at him and waved. "Are you ready for lunch" she asked. He said he was and moved off the trail to join her. He sat cross legged across from her as they ate their lunch. They chatted while they ate, mostly small talk about the trail, trees and how much they enjoyed Big Sur. When she had finished her sandwich and apple she sat back with her knees up. She knew he could look down through the oversized legs of her shorts and see her shaved pussy. She had taken off her thong the stop before just for this moment. He tried not to stare, but she saw him look a couple of times. She felt like her pussy must be dripping. He stayed a while longer and then said he had to get going. She only saw him once more that afternoon, but that was okay she knew she had him now.

When she got to the lake Michelle had her plan all formulated. The trail followed the edge of the lake around to the far side, where the camp sights were located. About _ mile before the camp sights the trail ascended around a cliff at the edge of the lake. As the trail descended back down to the lake it over looked a flat rock sticking five feet out of the water about 40 feet from the shore. This was Michelle's favorite place to sun bath and a person on the trail could not miss someone on the rock. When she reached her spot Michelle took off her backpack and set it against a near by tree. Then she took off her boots, socks, top and shorts. Her nipples hardened as she swam out to her rock through the cool water. She climbed out of the water on to the rock and laid down on her stomach to wait for her catch. She could see the trail before it ascended over the cliff and anxiously watched it. When she saw him walking up the trail she knew he would be there in another five minutes. She spread her legs slightly as she felt her pussy warm and her juices began to flow in anticipation. She pressed her pussy against the warm rock. She waited five minutes...ten minutes... fifteen minutes, nothing, she didn't hear him say hi, didn't hear him come down the trail nothing. She couldn't stand waiting any longer, she rolled over and looked back to the shore. She looked, then looked again. Her backpack was gone, so was her shorts and top. Only her boots were sitting on the rock were she left them. At first she got real nervous, then she thought it had to be him. She hadn't seen another person all day and she had seen him walking up the trail. She swam back to the shore, put her boots on and started hiking to the camp sights. She felt a little exposed walking completely nude, but she didn't have much of a choice.

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