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by Shannin Desade

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: One of my first stories, it is a short tale telling what happens in the world of a Dom and His sub, when they don't have the whips and chains out...

The final lines of Boroughs spilled from his lips as a black haired girl finally closed her eyes on his lap. She took in a breath and let it out in a barely audible sigh that told him that her body has now resting. Sitting the novel on a nightstand constructed of glass and metal gargoyles, slowly he untangled himself from sheets the color of indigo. He held her head and slowly drew from beneath her as he moved from the large open canopy bed donning the same gargoyles as the nightstand. She made a small sound and turned a bit, but in moments she burrowed into the blankets of black and sighed as she settled to not having her lover's lap beneath her head. He turned off the light which graced the nightstand and his bare feet fell upon polished wood floors. He slipped from the room and slid the screen that separated it from the rest of the loft before he walked down the hall lined in screens, which reached to ceiling.

Quietly he paced into the kitchen the only open area of a foyer surrounded by screens donning dragonflies and cattails. He was out of the room, away from her. And perhaps now he could let his mind concentrate on his work and not every sound the brown skinned kitten on his bed purred. He placed his hands flat on the counter, taking in a deep breath and squeezing his eyes shut, and squeezed out the thought of her, breathed out the scent of her. With a small sound he ran a hand through hair a brown so rich and dark is might as well have been black. The short locks only shown in its true color under natural light.

Kind of like the color of her skin when wet with oiled water. A mahogany so perfect, so flawless, that... He was doing it again thinking of her. And though not surprise, his frustration was enough to make him wince. With another frown he stepped from the kitchen into the foyer of the loft again as he slid back a screen door and entered a room lit only by a computer screen. The screen saver had kicked in hours ago. A screen savor that showed random pictures done by the girl, a sailboat set against a horizon done in black in white, which captured the cloud forms with an unspeakable brilliance. Then of course more conventional photos.

But the best were her studio portraits and compositions. The way the presented human form often taking two people and somehow making them blend into one. A flow of shapes that can only be created by, a man and a woman, bound together. He shook his head and sat in his swivel chair moving the mouse and typing his password in a flurry of keys as her very essence of thought passed over the screen. When his desktop came into view it was all he could do to breathe a sigh of relief as he picked through icons and opened an agenda listing off the things to be done. Everything from scanned negatives to deadlines for magazines and coding for websites. He chose laying out the page for an article to be printed in a magazine.

It wasn't that difficult, it was instead, a type of busy work that had to be done. Which of course made his thoughts wander to her. The article was titled "Mainstream BDSM?" And it dealt with a bit of everything involving the sub-culture. Everything from theme clubs to professionals of the sport were nicely summarized into a neat little article. He smiled at that, considering the fact that BDSM was never a "neat" thing. A few of the pictures he picked over were those done in his studio with only himself and the cat. The article even had a little section on her and when he chose a picture it was one of her bound and raised to her toes, mouth gasping, and eyes blindfolded.

This of course was over lapped by the faded appearance of her with a bare, leather bound ankle and bare foot pressed against the neck of some poor boy they hand found at a bar across the street. He had actually wanted to participate with more then just the photographs, and within moments of completing the session, the boy, had been bound and gagged. She had wrapped taken a long piece of chiffon, and after folding it over a few times wrapped in around his face to use as a type of blindfold. It had given the boy a way to open his eyes and actually she an attracted vision of myself and the kitten fucking on a light table. But of course every time he opened his eyes it scratched against them causing the feeling of having an eyelash grazing over them. Was that worth it for a mere abstract view of two people fucking? I had been dazed letting her ride me enjoying what she did to me from another world.

She rose from my body not letting me cum inside her and walked behind the boy standing spread eagle in the middle of the room. She had picked up her flogger from the floor on the way was. Without any murmured caresses with her voice or warnings the flogger sounded through the air landing on child/man pale skin with an echoing snap. She showed no emotion to the boys cry's and whimpers from behind the gag. And I watched partially amused and a bit jealous as the boy rose to the occasion even though I'm sure that was not his attention. I pointed this out and she laughed a bit leaving the red striped back behind as she slapped the flogger against his cock. He created more rivers then she had when I first bound and whipped her into a useless heap of tears.

She had my love when I did that too her. This boy had none of which. With a flick of her wrist the flogger had sounded throughout the room and whipped the boys cock and stomach until she grew tired. Then with fingers that had grown use to the shackles she loosened his wrist and watched him fall to the ground in a pile of tears and sobs. She had paced him telling him how stupid he was to let someone he new nothing of to restrain him. Then she soved her foot against his neck (the picture) and told him to kiss her feet when his own tears and snot accompanied them he was given a swift kicked to the jaw and screamed at with such venom that he began to sob anew. I merely watched and smiled.

She unshackled his ankles and walked to the corner retrieving his clothing and throwing them atop his back. She crouched in front of him spreading her legs with the motion and allowing the boy Man (child) to look at her wet sex. That had made a small growl sound from my throat to catch the child's attention and set him shivering. She murmured to him the truth. That he was useless to her and if he wanted to be on the receiving end of her flogger that he could call the number on the card she flung in his face.

Later we found out that he had called our friend, and was spending had spent four uninterrupted months at a secluded farm and training camp. Some people were just meant for this lifestyle. He had astonishingly nodded and kissed the ground in front of her before scurrying to his feet and finding his own way back out of the apartment. After he left I stood and with quick deft movement bound her wrist pulling the chains that held the cuffs up until she stood on tiptoe. I didn't blindfold her. Didn't say anything to her. I just brought her legs around my waist and fucked her until I came in her tight little body. When I was done I pulled her legs from around me and whispered against her ear that this was her punishment for showing off what was mine. I turned off the lights and left her there until morning.

He stared at the screen with eyes that didn't really register the article. He had finished awhile ago, and the clock in the corner of his screen told him two hours ago. He had finished a few other things also. He would figure out what they were in the morning. He stood and walked from the room only bothering to save the information to his drive before sliding shut the screen to his office and walking into foyer, down the hall and opening up the silk which led to their bedroom. She lay in a tangle of sheets and the blanket had long since fallen to the floor, perhaps she was dreaming of what they had done the morning after I left her bound. I hoped she was remembering only the good things.

I slid the screen shut behind me and walked across the room my bare feet making no sound through out the easily echo sounding rooms. I slid beneath the bed beside her and without thought, nor pause shifted her to her back and slowly spread her legs until he could settle between them. She murmured in protest at her sleep being interrupted. But his hands held her waist tightly, as she settled and calmed drifting back into sleep. She wore no panties only a button down shirt that barely covered her sex when she walked. He loved watching her walk into the room after a shower with heat and the scent of her soaps rising from her skin. And her beautiful shaved pussy winking at me with every step she took. For some reason the fact that is was my shirt made it all the more erotic. It was with that thought that I nudged her lips apart with my own body and watched her face in the artificial blue of street lights filtering through windows set high on a wall.

I nuzzled my lips to hers and held myself above her with my elbows before again nuzzling between her lips. She turned her head and made a small sound sighing and murmuring something I could not make out. I moved in closer rubbing her clit with the head of my cock as I watched her body loose some of the relaxed posture caused by sleep. Just enough for her to feeling it in her dreams. She became wet with a few motions of myself against her entrance, my cat, sighing and arching her back ever so slowly in her semiconscience state was a beautiful site to behold. I repeated these motions slowly beckoning her to move her hips upward and capture her dream. I loved it, the control I had over her even as she slept.

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