Wife Gets Caught

by the Troubador

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Gary gets sidetracked on way to a Kiwanis meeting, and finds his best friend visiting his newly pregnant wife when he was expected to be gone. Gary is as upset as he expected to be, but things turn out much differently than expected. It is not a sad tale, and the outcome is not what you expect.

Tuesday nights were always a little hectic, especially the 'Second Tuesday of Every Month'. That was my Kiwanis Club meeting, which ran from 6:30 to whenever. May and I didn't get home until 5:00 and 5:30 respectively. No need for me to worry about dinner because Kiwanis was a dinner meeting, but there was always some little thing May, my wife of 4 years, needed before I could leave. The real problem was my doing anything according to May. She was 3 months pregnant and the hormones were going crazy.

She may have been 'with child' but she was still the dreamboat I'd married, and now with the mother-to-be glow about her it was doubly hard for me to leave her even for one evening. She was just right, 5 foot, 3 inches tall, a well-constructed 110 lbs body with light brown hair and incredible blue eyes. Her shape fit me. Her breasts were perfect handfuls and her hips swished just right. The bust line and her hips were both emphasized by a slim 24-inch waist, which hadn't yet begun to change. But I loved her for a lot more than her looks, she was funny, smart and very observant, but her looks sure didn't hurt.

Anyway, I had to leave by 6:10 to get to the meeting on time. So I had to run through the shower, dress, kiss my wife after doing whatever chore she needed done, get back in the car and head out. I was never back home until after 11:00 but it was often after midnight. The meeting tonight didn't look to be any different, if anything it might be a long one.

After my shower, I threw on my brown slacks and a hawaiian sports shirt, grabbed my briefcase and headed through the kitchen to the garage. Passing through the kitchen I patted that nice bubble ass May stuck out at me from where she was leaning over the kitchen sink. Then I kissed her on the back of the neck and gave her a squeeze to keep her from falling. She always wobbled when I kissed her on the neck like that, so I had to steady her. Then I was out the door into the garage, throwing a rueful glance back at May. It was sure tempting to skip the meeting, not only for May but I had a project in the works in the garage.

It was to be a surprise for May. I was just finishing installing a baby monitor for what was going to be the nursery and I figured that maybe 30 minutes and it would be ready to show off to my bride. She was always so appreciative of my small accomplishments, and I felt no qualms in milking them for the compliments however misdirected.

I was a guy after all and didn't mind having my woman stroke my ego.

Climbing into the car I activated the garage door opener and started the car. While the engine started purring, I set my brief case next to me, and checked that I had everything I needed; cell phone, calculator, notebook, all were there. Then I backed out of the garage and down the driveway to the street, waving to May looking out the kitchen window at me from where she was doing the dishes. She waved back as I reached the street.

Before I could put the car in gear or even close the garage door with the remote, the cell phone rang and I stopped everything to answer it. As I said hello I looked up to wave to May one more time but she had already disappeared from the window.

"Gary!" came the voice over the phone, "glad I caught you. The meeting tonight is off. Our good President, Roger, along with both Everett and Jules have been called out of town. So with the pres., treasurer and secretary all gone we thought it best to call it off this month. Nothing scheduled for tonight, unless you have something that can't wait."

Needless to say, I was glad to take the night off. I just pulled right back into the garage, noting idly that May's face hadn't reappeared in the kitchen window of our three-bedroom rambler. Guess she had missed that I hadn't left, so I could surprise her later on. If she had been any place but the kitchen she wouldn't have heard me drive back into the garage. Once inside the garage I lowered the garage door and then sat in the car, relaxing for a few minutes.

Deciding I'd just call out for pizza tonight, not bothering May to make my dinner, or take the time making it myself I set out to finish installation of the baby monitor. Everything inside the house was already accomplished, I only needed to make the final connections in the garage and final testing. Everything could be done from the garage except for some final beautification in the nursery.

The cosmetics in the nursery were pretty minor. The camera was mounted in a corner, so small May hadn't yet noticed it and had been mounted for 10 days now. I'd get that done another time.

This was a gift to her. May had casually mentioned how much a monitor in the nursery would save her steps checking on the baby when it was napping. Hence my 'wiring' the house. I'd decided to set up sound monitors in each room in the house while I was at it. The visual monitor in the baby's room had been an inspiration when I'd seen some gear a friend was tossing out. The master controls were in our bedroom, now mixed in with the stereo and TV we had there for those long winter nights. But since I spend a fair amount of time in my garage work shop I had a second master in a corner of the garage, complete with speakers and an old TV subbing as the video monitor there. It was flexible enough that every room in the house could be monitored by audio, and the nursery itself could be visually watched from the Master Bedroom, Living Room, and my workshop.

As I mentioned, the whole thing was about complete. Just a little tune up was needed before I could show May, surprise her and get my plaudits. So I decided to see if I could get the work done before I came in and collapsed in front of the tube for the night. Or maybe collapsed on top of May for the night. That sounded even nicer. So I slipped out of my car, and began checking my work.

It took me maybe 20 minutes before everything was connected, warm and working properly, so I started checking out the sound feeds. Each of them could be turned on and off separately, or I could feed them all into the 5 second-hand speakers I had lined up above my little corner. I quickly checked each one separately, starting with the living room. They all worked perfectly. Actually they were pretty sensitive because I could hear May taking a shower in the bath off the master bedroom. I set them up so they were all live and feeding into the garage, then began the last connections for the video monitor.

I was lost in my wiring checks, just triple checking to be sure that everything was right, when I heard something from the living room speaker. I was pleased as punch, because it was so sensitive I picked up May dialing the telephone. I turned the sound up a bit to see how it worked, and it was perfect, beautifully clear. The $20 I'd spent on the 5 speakers had been a real bargain.

"Ralph, its May, if you can be here by 7:00 it's on, lover," came my wife's voice over the speaker. "OK, love, I'll see you then. Don't you dare be late, we won't have near enough time as it is. And no! Don't figure on getting a repeat."

There was a little pause, then May giggled and hung up the phone.

What the hell was that about? What is on, and who was Ralph? Well the only Ralph I knew was Ralph Jenkins. His wife Crystal and May had been roommates in college. Crystal was still May's best friend and Ralph and I hit if off pretty good, too. He was a big guy and a lot of fun. One of those guys who was sure everything he did was better than anyone else, but a lot of fun, too. And it always felt good to whip his ass doing something. He never picked up that I won four times out of five.

I guess he and May had a few dates before Crystal and he hooked up.

We spent a lot of evenings and enjoyed many a picnic together. The two girls were pretty close. May told me they'd done some real crazy girl things together at college. She had calmed me down when she gave me a kiss and told me they hadn't done anything I should be worried about.

I kind of shrugged my shoulders, figuring May and Ralph were planning something for Crystal. I'd find out at 7:00 anyway, which was only 15 minutes away.

Giving up the speculation, I flipped the on button for the camera in the baby's room and sat back with a smile on my face. The monitor showed the room clearly.

Actually, we still had it set up as a spare bedroom and the monitor was focused directly on the big queen sized bed. It was a surprise to see the bad made and the sheets turned down. It was the first time I'd seen May make it up when we weren't expecting guests. Checking the video controls, I zoomed the camera in and out. At the widest angle I could see everything in the bedroom except into the corner where the camera was fixed near the ceiling. I left it there at that setting and critically examined the picture. The door, window and closet were visible and the bed of course was centered in the shot and all were clear as a bell.

Leaving the controls as they were, I started cleaning up my workbench. Feeling pretty good about myself and the sound and picture system I'd made. I pulled a beer out of the old refrigerator and leaned back in my $5 recliner. We'd picked it up at a yard sale and my wife wouldn't let the bilious green thing in the house, but it fit me and the garage beautifully. Huh! Well I'll admit it fit the garage perfectly anyway.

I was just about finished with the beer and thinking of ordering out for some pizza then going in to surprise May, when I heard the front door bell. A second later I heard the door open, and heard May greeting the visitor.

"Hey, I've had a hard time waiting. Come on in, Ralph. We have until 10:30, and then it's over. But until then, I'm yours all the way."

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