Angels From Strange Places

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Country boy finds dream girl at a truck stop. She has been a prostitute. She changes to become the perfect wife.

Edward Burton was a good Christian man, he had to be very sick to miss Church on Wednesday nights or Sunday School and then Church on Sunday mornings. Ed would usually go to Sunday evening service as well.

Most nights Ed read a few pages in his bible.

Edward Burton considered himself to be one of God's Chosen, sure to go to heaven because he was a born again Christian.

Ed thought his bible directed him to propagate, get married and have children.

Edward was nearing thirty years old and had proposed to every woman that was single in the small country town he lived in. Most of them laughed at him, several took pity on him and told him that she was nearly promised to someone else and she could not consider his offer. Some even thanked him for the nice compliment. Ed was not a dumb ass he had just never had a date in his life. He did not know how to talk to a female and was shy.

Ed was farming a hundred acre plot his father had left him when he died. It was not very good land and he made a bare living on the place. Ed was using a sixty five year old tractor to farm with. It was a Minneapolis Moline tractor made before World War ll and had been the product of a company that had closed many years before.

In the spring of 2001 Edward was plowing a ten acre field to plant in corn. A gear stripped in the steering sector and he had to disconnect his plough in the field and steer the tractor to the barn using the wheel brakes. Edward was a fair mechanic and found the problem quickly. He could not fix the tractor with out another gear. Edward drove to a John Deere dealer in the next town. They were sorry for Ed and got on line and found a used gear in Nashville. The parts dealer wanted two hundred for what should have been a twenty dollar item. Ed told them he would take it and he would be there the first thing the next morning.

It was over two hundred and fifty miles to Nashville from Cordova Alabama.

Ed went home and changed out of his bib overhauls, showered and changed into a set of jeans and a shirt. He got four hundred out of his hidden stash and left. Edward got to Nashville way after dark. He was dazzled by the bright lights, he pulled off at a truck stop just as he entered the city limits. Ed filled the gas tank of his fifteen year old pickup truck and went inside for something to eat. A waitress gave Ed a menu and left him a cup of coffee.

Two truck drivers were talking in the booth behind Ed. One asked the other if he was sure he would not take the woman and give her a ride for awhile. The other driver said he would be home before dark and he could not help Ned at all. Ned said " Paul she is right pretty and in her mid twenties, she is just wanting to find some guy to take care of her". Paul said " Ned, I got a steady woman at home in Pulaski and I don't need her". Ned said " Shit I hate to just dump her out here but I guess I got to". Paul asked where she was now and Ned told him he and she had a cup of coffee when they had pulled the rig in. He said he had given her five bucks and told her to get a bath in the women's section and meet him back in this booth afterward for something to eat. Paul asked if the woman was broke and Ned said she was. Paul asked when she had eaten last. Ned said he had bought her breakfast in Little Rock fourteen hours ago. Paul said " It is nice to see you again Ned, I have got to go, hope to see you again soon". Ned asked Paul if he would not change his mind about the woman. He said "She is nice, like NICE nice if you know what I mean". Paul laughed and said he guessed he did but he had to go now. Ned said he was leaving also before she came back from having her shower. Edward was still waiting for the waitress to come back and get his order when a woman walked up to the empty booth. She was not a beautiful woman, she was kind of pretty though. She was tall and had a great body, her hair was just down to her shoulders and her lightly tanned face and arms showed that she was spent some time in the outdoors.

She looked out the window where Ned had parked and saw that his rig was gone. Her shoulders slumped and tears started running down her cheeks.

Ed said " It sounded like you got dumped while you were gone lady, if you are broke I will buy you something to eat".

She looked Ed over and found him to be nice looking, he had shaved and bathed that morning and gotten a hair cut recently. If she wanted to have something to eat she thought she better take the nice man up on his offer.

She thanked him and took a small back pack thing off and slid in the booth facing Ed.

Ed told her he was Edward Burton from Cordova Alabama.

She said her name was Brenda Sellers from near Bakersfield California.

Ed told Brenda he owned a small farm and made his living on it. Brenda said she had served in a 'house' since she was thirteen years old, she said she was twenty six now. She said she had worked there half of her life. She said she had left, she wanted to do something else with her life. She said she would like to find a nice guy, marry him and have kids.

( Ed thought she was saying that she had been a servant or maid in some rich persons house, what Brenda had told him was that she had served as a prostitute for half of her life )

Ed said he was single and looking for a woman to marry and have his kids.

The waitress came to take their order, Ed asked Brenda what she would like. Brenda said " What ever you are having will be fine". Ed ordered hamburger steaks and French frys with a salad.

The waitress left to turn in their order and Ed and Brenda were quiet thinking about the other. Ed was wondering if he could get this woman to marry him. Brenda was thinking maybe Ed would keep her around long enough to get interested in marrying her.

After they had eaten Ed asked Brenda what her plans were now. Brenda told him she had no plans, she did not even know what to do next.

Ed told her he was going to sleep in his pickup truck cab then he was going to pick up a tractor part after eight the next morning. He told Brenda he was going to leave as soon as he got that part and then drive straight home. Ed asked Brenda if she wanted to sleep in the truck with him. Brenda said she guessed she had no other choice and thanked him.

(She figured she would have to pay for her meal and a place to sleep with her pussy )

Ed drove the truck to the very back part of the big truck parking lot and locked the doors. Ed told Brenda he was tired and was going off to sleep, he wished her a good night. Brenda realized she was not expected to fuck or suck for her board and keep and went off to sleep as well.

Several hours later they were wakened by rain and hailstones pounding on the roof of the truck. Brenda was looking out of the window on her side when a bolt of lightning struck a tree close by. The flash and deafening noise scared her and she flung herself back away from that window. She ended up plastered to Ed with his arms around her. One of his hands was cupping her tit. Brenda was trembling and scared and did not notice but Ed did. He had never felt a woman's breast before.

In a little while Brenda quit trembling and told Ed that lightning hitting that close had really scared her and asked if he would mind holding her until the storm was over. Ed told her to go back to sleep if she could. Brenda pretended to doze off. When he thought she was fast asleep he moved his hand over that breast and decided she was not wearing a bra. Ed's light touch caused Brenda's nipple to harden and swell, Ed noticed and put all his finger tips around it and plucked it gently. Brenda moaned and shivered, Ed started to move his hand away thinking she might be waking up. Brenda raised both her hands and pulled his hand hard against her breast. She moaned again but pretended to sleep on.

The storm blew on through Nashville before day break, both Brenda and Ed had slept some. Ed woke first and found that she was still holding his hand to her tit. When Brenda woke she lay there against Ed and acted as if she discovered that she was holding his hand to her breast. She sat up and got out of Ed's arms. She turned and looked at Ed and thanked him for taking away her fright by holding her during the storm.

Brenda noticed that Ed had a hard on under the front of his pants, from the looks of it she knew he was much longer than average.

Ed asked Brenda if she would like breakfast, it was still hours before the parts house would be open. Brenda told Ed she hated to sponge off him but she was hungry and would appreciate him buying her some breakfast.

Ed drove them to the doors to the restaurant, he was relieved that his hard was gone when they got there. They had a long breakfast and talked for hours. Each learned a lot about the other. Brenda found out right away that Ed was a very religious person. She found that he had not understood that she had told him she had been a prostitute since she was thirteen years old. She figured she better not let him realize that for a while or if ever.

Brenda told of her early childhood on a farm in California. She had been happy there. She had operated a tractor and helped do the chores. When her mother and father had been killed in an automobile wreck, she had gone to live with a distant relative and had worked for her. Brenda had finished high school there and gone to a junior college for two years. Brenda said she was good with a computer and at keeping books and had learned short hand and typing. She had decided to leave the day after her twenty sixth birthday. She knew she could leave Bakersfield and find a good job somewhere. She said she had never been paid for working but had a place to sleep and eat and had been allowed to finish her schooling. Her clothes had been paid for and she could at times get enough money to go to a movie. After her birthday last month she had taken only what she could carry in her back pack and the old photos of her parents and slipped away when every one in the house thought she was sleeping. She knew if she stayed she would be doing what she was until she was to old to work. Then she guessed she would be thrown out. Brenda had walked to a truck stop nearby and hitched a ride. That was how she got to Nashville.

After breakfast Ed found the parts place and bought his tractor part.

Ed asked Brenda what she wanted him to do with her, he was ready to go back home now and could be there before dark.

Brenda said " I don't suppose you could take me with you and let me live with you could you" ?

Ed asked Brenda if she wanted to get married to him, he said he could only let her live with him if they were married. Brenda said she would marry him and make him a good wife. She thought she might even like having his children.

Ed left Nashville on the Interstate to Chattanooga. South of there was Rising Fawn Georgia. He had heard that a couple could get married there in a few minutes. They were married that afternoon. By nine thirty Ed had carried his bride over the threshold of his farm home.

After a snack they went into the bed room to go to bed. For the first time since she had turned her first 'Trick' at thirteen Brenda was shy. She wanted Ed to like her body so much. Ed misunderstood and thought it was Brenda's first time with a man like it was his first time with a woman. Brenda decided it was best that he think that for the rest of his life.

Brenda had to take the lead in the love making. Ed just did not know what to do.

Ed told Brenda he had never seen a nude woman before. Brenda told him she was his woman now and she wanted him to look at all of her body. Brenda put her hands on Ed's prick and jacked him a bit, she knew she was going to enjoy Ed's prick in her. She guessed he was blessed with more than eight inches but the thickness was as large as her wrist.

Ed said " Brenda I am about to have an ejaculation if you don't stop doing that with your hands". Brenda told him she would like that. Brenda leaned over and took that huge cock into her mouth. Edward was frozen in place, he had heard of some of the girls in school being cock suckers. Ed thought it was a perverted thing to do but it felt so good he shot a huge amount of his seed in Brenda's mouth. When she had sucked an licked him clean Ed said he felt as if they had just done a perverted sex act.

Brenda asked if he had ever found any restrictions on having sex in any way that felt good in the Bible. Ed admitted he had not. Brenda told Ed that she thought that if something felt good that it was alright to enjoy that.

Brenda said that she was convinced that God allowed humans that were married like they were to enjoy sex any way they liked.

Brenda told Ed it was time to consummate their marriage now. Brenda said she was going to take her man in her mouth and make him ready. It took only a minute for those soft lips and busy tongue to have Ed hard again. Brenda said " Lay down on your back honey and let me do all of the work, you are so big and I am kind of small".

Brenda was trembling as she got over Ed, it would be the first time in her life she was going to fuck without having to. Ed saw her shaking and thought it was from fright about having her first intercourse. Ed said " Don't be scared darling, just take it easy and I bet it wont hurt you much. Brenda got just right over Ed and lowered herself down on his cock slowly. In thirteen years of being a prostitute she had not had many cocks larger than Ed's in her. She let him enter her and paused. Ed asked if it was hurting her. Brenda said it was some but that kind of hurt was good. Brenda started taking more of him in her. When the head of his prick touched her cervix she stopped again and whimpered. Brenda had her first climax then. She screamed as loud as she could and drove herself on the remaining length of Ed's cock. She froze there breathing hard. ( In all the years of being a whore she had never had a climax from a man's cock. She had many from her fingers and toys and even other women but never a man )

Brenda took Ed's hands and put them on her tits. She said " My darling I have never felt like this before, I love you deeply". Ed grinned at her and told her he loved her more than anything but God. Brenda began humping up and down on him and soon had another orgasm. She had two more before Ed pumped her cunt full of his semen. Brenda got off of Ed and put a pillow under her ass. Ed asked what she was doing. Brenda told Ed she was trying to make it easy for his sperm to enter her womb. That might make a baby for them. Ed said he would like that.

They were both tired and dozed off to sleep. Two more times that night they had sex, each time Brenda had enormous climaxes and Ed spewed in her. Morning came and they hugged and kissed.

That day Ed took Brenda to Jasper and bought her several hundred dollars worth of clothes.

Each night they tried new things to delight the other. Ed lost all of his reservations about sex. He even went down on Brenda's pussy one night and liked it. They really were in love.

When Sunday morning came Ed introduced Mrs. Edward Burton to the congregation of the small country church. Ed and Brenda let them believe that there had been a long courtship and Brenda had decided to marry him the first part of the week. Ed said he had hustled her off to Georgia before she could change her mind. The minister offered to let them re-affirm their vows in this church if they liked. Ed spoke to Brenda and they agreed to do that in one month.

One lady planed a bridal shower another planed a bridal tea.

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