Three in a Truck

by Mandil

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Sixten years old Danny lives in the country. One day, his fifteen-year-old sister Vicky, begs him to take her and her new boyfriend to the drive-in movie in his truck. Danny then discovers that his sister is not as innocent as he thought her to be.

Our neighbor Mr. Hackland, was standing in front of the rust covered Toyota that had been parked at the back of his barn for the last two years. When the small panel truck had been new, its colour had been gray, but now with the mud and rust everywhere it was hard to tell exactly what had been its original colour.

"I don't know Danny, what do you think it's worth? " said Mr. Hackland.

Jack Hackland was an honest man, but at the same time I knew that he was fully aware that money didn't grow on trees even though it was a known fact that he had a nice fat bank account at the Glen's Farmers Bank. My father had told me that Mr. Hackland had been wanting for a long time to get rid of his broken down Toyota truck and now I was willing to buy it from him.

"Is there anything wrong with the motor? " I said.

I already knew that one or more pistons had seized in the block; that was the reason he had retired the small truck. Mr. Hackland was also probably aware that I knew this and not wanting to be branded a liar he had to admit the truth.

"Well now that I think about it, I think there was something wrong with the motor. It could be a minor thing like dirty spark plugs or something more important. When I bought my new Ford I no longer needed the Toyota, so when it stopped running I stored it here. "

I had been looking around for a couple of months to buy a used car or a used truck. My dad didn't pay me much to help him on the farm, but having worked full time with him during my two months vacation I had put aside a little over three hundreds bucks.

Mr. Hackland was asking four hundred dollars for his truck, it was probably worth it but it was more than I could pay, and besides, I needed to have money left over to buy the parts to repair it. I finally was able to buy his truck for two hundred dollars on the condition that I would help him to repair the fence around one of his fields. It was finally agreed, and with the help of his tractor he pulled the small truck in front of one of the three garage doors on the back of our house. Then each and every afternoon after school I worked on repairing the small truck After removing the bolts and lifting the head of the motor, using the chain block in the garage, I was able to change the set of rings and at the same time I ground the pistons. Finally after doing other minor repairs, I was able to start the motor. It took another two weeks for me to remove the rust and paint it, but when I was done with the small Toyota it looked as good as new. When Mr. Hackland saw me driving it to his place on a Saturday morning - I was going to help him with his fence - I could tell that he was sorry that he had sold his truck for only two hundreds dollars.

Now that I had transportation of my own, I no longer needed to wait for the school bus each morning and each afternoon. I proudly drove the three miles to Deep Valley High in my truck. Of course my fourteen year old sister Vicky also rode to school with me each day. Now that we were together twice a day during the drive to and from school, we had more opportunities to talk and in a few weeks I learned more about my sister than all the time we had been living together as part of the same family. I must tell you here that I also have an older brother who at the time was working in the big city as an accountant and a younger sister Jenny who was eleven. As for myself, being almost seventeen at the time, I was the big brother to both of my sisters. There is still another thing that I must mention; both of my parents were very religious and each and every Sunday we had to go to church with them.

Until then, I had gone to half a dozen dances at school but I had never gone on a date with a girl yet. Of course, being the small town it was, Deep Valley didn't have too many activities for people my age. Except for the movie theatre, the drive in and the local baseball team that played twice a week, there was not much else to do in Deep Valley.

Therefore, while commuting back and forth from my home to school with Vicky, she began confiding to me. She told me things that just a few months earlier she wouldn't even have dared telling me. For instant she admitted that she had gone on dates a couple of times. When I asked her how that was possible since she was never allowed to go to town on her own, she said that she had skipped school a couple of times and on those occasions she had gone near the creek at the back of the school so as to spend the afternoon with Paul Higginson.

The more she talked to me the more I learned about her. I then realized that until then I hadn't know my sister at all. Far from being the submissive and hard working student that I had always thought her to be, I discovered that besides being very intelligent - she had extremely good marks at school - she also had a lot of character. She never argued with my parents and she always did what they wanted her to do, at least in front of them, but what struck me the most was the fact that she was attracted to boys and had even kissed a few.

I was shocked and even a little depressed upon hearing this. Here I was, almost seventeen and I had never gone out with a girl yet and of course I had never kissed one either, while my sister who had just turned fourteen a couple of months earlier had kissed a couple of different boys and she had probably done more. I now felt sure of that.

We had been commuting in my truck for over a month when one day, a group of boys including myself, were talking about girls. One of the boys was Paul Higginson, the same one that Vicky had told me about; he was new to our school having just arrived in September. Jimmy Parker had just explained that he knew for a fact - he had seen it with his own eyes - that Linda Carstair had let Pat Lockwell fondle her breasts on the bus. Then Paul who at the time didn't know that Vicky was my sister, suddenly added., "That's nothing, two weeks ago Vicky Bradford and I, instead of going to the science class on Wednesday afternoon, we went to spend part of the afternoon in the woods near the creek. Boy was she a hot one, she let me squeeze her breasts and later she even gave me a blowjob while I had my fingers in her cunt. "

I was stunned and I didn't know what to say. Worst still, everyone knew that Vicky was my sister and they were now looking at me. What was I to do. I could have hit him and try to save my sister's reputation, but I knew that what he had said was probably true. Instead, I just pretended that I hadn't heard him and I began taking with Jimmy about my truck.

Later there were other incidents that led me to believe that Vicky was not the pious and sweet sister that she appeared to be. From that day on, I began to look at her more like the well-shaped girl she was than as a sister. I was even jealous of her, after all she was more than two years younger than I was and I had proof that even though she was not fucking yet, she was quite active, sexually speaking. If my mother were ever to discover her activities, I knew that she would take a fit.

Another couple of weeks went by, then one Friday afternoon as we were driving home, she asked me if I could bring her to a movie in Deep Valley that evening. She had a date with a boy from school - it wasn't Paul, the boy who had already bragged about having his cock sucked by her. She knew that there was no way that mother was going to let her out on a date, therefore she wanted me to tell mother that she would be going to see a movie with me.

I knew at the time that if I accepted, I was getting involved in something that I might regret later on if mother ever found out that I had helped Vicky in tricking her. When Vicky realized that I seemed reluctant to help her, she began begging me, she even promised to help me weed the garden. Finally, against my better judgement, I agreed to help her. She told mother that we were going to the movie, then after the movie we were going to eat a bite at Joe's restaurant and we would be back before midnight. I could hear her humming as she was getting dressed in her room; it was the first time ever that she was officially going out on a date and she was in a good mood. As soon as I saw her coming down the stairs from her room, I was sorry I had agreed to help her. She was stunningly beautiful as well as extremely sexy. I had no doubt whatsoever that any boy in his right mind would love to fondle her. She was wearing a rather tight knee length brown skirt and a yellow sweater that was moulding her voluminous breasts very provocatively. Her shoulder length, blond hair was tied in the back of her head with a brown ribbon, and she had on a little make-up which made her appear older than her fourteen years of age.

When mother saw her, she didn't approve of the way she was dressed, especially the rather tight sweater, but since I was going to be with her she didn't make her change her clothing. It had been planned that I was going to pick up her date, a boy by the name of Ron Clark - I knew him a little from school, he was sixteen and rather shy, I had never talked to him - and then I was to drop them at the movie while I would be going to play pool for the rest of the evening. But as soon as we were pulling away on the main road toward Deep Valley, Vicky said to me, "I have a great idea. Why don't we all go to the drive in instead. No one will see us there, whereas if Ron and I were to go to the movie theatre we will probably be seen, then sooner or later, either mother or father will learned that we have lied to them. "

She was right of course, why didn't I think of this before. Had I been aware of this possibility, I certainly wouldn't have agreed to lie to mother. I could tell now that all the time it had been her intention to have me accompany them at the drive in.

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