by soul_jewel(lw)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two office workers indulge their lusts for each other before their unsuspecting co-workers

It thrilled him to imagine being in the same office as her. Passing in the hallway with the slightest brushing of the shoulders. Subtle and unnoticeable to others but, like two electric wires brushing against each other, sending a spark between them. Glancing up from their work and reading the subtle look in the eyes of the other, the longing... sensing the need and the heat simmering just under the business veil.

Leaning over just next to him at the desk to study a document, the low walls offering the merest hint of privacy, as she feels his fingers snake their way up her inner thigh... brushing against the soft material of her panties, coaxing the wetness and the heat from between her lips... watching her as she struggles to maintain a professional face... pretending indifference. Feeling her thighs twitch as he slips a finger under the material and smears her wetness along her pussy... pressing hard against her clit, making her jump. Each moment, the threat of discovery arousing her all the more.

Watching her walk through the office afterward, knowing the agony she is enduring as the fire burns between her legs... unsatisfied. Finding any excuse to visit him at the desk again, hoping for another taste of his fingers and foiled by intruders. Knowing that she is being tortured by the denial, and that each moment she remains unsatisfied fires her animal instincts... tears at her inhibitions, makes his blood boil

Down the hallway they pass each other and taking advantage of the few seconds of privacy, they embrace, the wild, groping embrace of two desperate lovers... forced apart by footsteps... the instant change of demeanour in their faces as they pass them and they go separate ways. He places a finger to his lips and taste... smell the lingering aroma of her sweet pussy as he glances back toward her retreating form... her hips swaying a bit more than normal... causing her thighs to rub her pussy lips together... aching for attention. Sitting at her desk, casually perusing a document, she slips her hand under the desk... lifting the skirt and dragging finger tips across her burning lips, hoping to relieve some of the ache.

A quick probe into her wet hole and she quickly pinches her swollen clit... rolling it between finger and thumb. Stomach clenches in response... twitching... and a faint grunt under her breath, but above the desk her face is one of professionalism and calm.

He peeks around the corner with a quick "Hi" and she jumps... startled. "Damn you" she whispers with a smile of desperation on her face. He gives her a devilish wink... "See you later", and disappears.

He opens the inter office envelope in his 'in' tray... her panties rumpled in the bottom and the sweet aroma of her musk rises to greet him. Attached is a small note with the printed word 'elevator' on it. She winks back at him the next time she walks by... swaying a bit more than necessary. Mustering every ounce of casualness he can, he stands with an expression as if he had just remembered something, and strides purposefully down the hallway as if on a mission... He is

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