Insatiable Leonie

by PJB

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Desc: Sex Story: Business Group Sex.


Just hearing the word referring to me again sent waves of hot juices flooding into my pussy. My skin tingled, and I felt as though I might have an orgasm right there in the middle of the fucking Kroger store.

Leonie... wife of a prominent big money attorney with his own lucrative practice... country club housewife... former member of our church choir... and now a Leonie the Slut. God how the word turned me on. I loved hearing it describing me. Now that Jake and I had all the fucking money we'd ever need, I decided it was time to do some of the things I'd craved to do all my life. Fortunately for me, Jake is as perverted as I am, so he was very encouraging of my new sexually active lifestyle.

It began innocently enough. During the day, when I wasn't playing golf or tennis, or lounging by the pool at our club, I began "surfing the Net." I'd heard so many rumors regarding the sexually explicit material one could find there, I wanted to see some of it for myself. When I actually began to discover some of it, it changed my life forever. I began to masturbate for hours, coming over and over again as I viewed the thousands of photos of women doing everything imaginable and then some. I saw women sucking dogs and horses... even saw them fucking them... I came as I viewed gorgeous women getting gang banged... stared in disbelief at them drinking piss, and at one incredibly sick German woman, Veronica Moser she called herself, who was photographed actually eating shit as it dropped right out of a man's asshole, and then again out of a woman's! I eagerly, hungrily viewed pornography photos of every kind, clearly and explicitly detailing the most incredibly gross and perverted acts possible. And I loved it, all of it. Once hooked on pornography, I became addicted to it. And to masturbation, never failing to achieve orgasm after orgasm while masturbating and viewing the filthy photos on the Net.

Then I discovered the stories. Oh my God how they turned me on. Even more so than the photos. It was the stories, written about slutty wives and the husbands who condoned and encouraged their wives' behavior that made me start questioning Jake's and my rather mundane lifestyle. Gathering up my courage, I decided to do something about it.

One evening after dinner I took Jake into the den, signed onto the Net, and showed him some of the newsgroups I'd discovered. He became aroused immediately, and in seconds we were naked, with Jake fucking me slowly from behind as we viewed the photos in some of my favorite newsgroups. Jake asked me what turned me on the most, and I admitted my favorites were those in which women were being gang-banged. He asked me if I'd ever want to do something like that, and I told him I would love it.

After that it was only a matter of time before it happened. When he verified I was serious about it, Jake arranged for a client to come home one evening and fuck me while Jake watched. It was the hottest experience of our lives, especially afterward when Jake ate the guy's cum out of my freshly fucked pussy. We discovered a hidden "bi" streak in Jake neither of us knew existed prior to that evening. Since then every time I've been fucked by another man my husband has relished sucking the fresh cum dripping from my slutty pussy.

I began wearing sexier clothing. My skirts were much shorter, and my blouses thinner, and much lower cut. My breasts, an acceptable 34B were not as large as either Jake or I wanted, so he paid for an operation to have them enlarged to a perfect 36D... not overly voluptuous, but certainly above average. I had to support them with a bra, but I wore thin ones, and wore them loose so whenever I bent over most of my new tits would be on display. Sometimes I went without a bra entirely, like I did that day in the supermarket when the woman described me to her friend as a "slut." Little did she know just how much of a slut I'd become by then.

Following my little trip to the market, I'd returned home to masturbate again. Just as I was getting into it the phone rang. It was Jake.

"Hi baby. Got a minute?" he asked.

"Hmmm, I guess so, honey. If you talk real nasty to me," I purred, letting Jake know I was masturbating.

"Touching yourself again, Sherry, or do you have company?" he teased.

"Would you mind if I did?" I asked. Until now we'd only fucked together with other men, even though I'd considered doing it behind Jake's back. Still, I had it good, and didn't want to ruin a nice lifestyle, so I had resisted the temptation. But now, Jake was asking me about it. I decided to pursue his suggestion. "Would you, Jake? Would you care if I was fucking somebody as long as I told you about it when you came home?"

"Hell no, darling. Actually, that's what I'm calling about," he said.

"Tell me more, baby. My pussy is already throbbing. You should see it, Jake. It's all wet, layered in that slimy white stuff you love to lick off my clit. I'm all oily, baby, and it smells."

"God, STOP!" Jake laughed. "I can't jerk off here in the office like you can, you know," he said. "Anyway, let me tell you why I called. I think you're going to love this. Or at least I hope you will."

He went on to explain that he had a group of German businessmen in town for a huge financial deal, which, if they agreed to it could make us a very large six figure bundle. Then he told me why he'd called me.

"They saw your picture, baby. The one of you in the yellow bikini I have on my credenza. They loved it, and said so. One thing led to another, and I guess I bragged a little too much about you. I told them how hot you are, and that you fuck other guys with my permission. They jabbered in German for a few minutes, then one of them asked if they could speak frankly. After a few apologies, he asked if it might be possible to meet you this afternoon. Seems they are willing to sign the deal with me if they can spend a little time with you. They want to fuck you, Sherry. Today. In their suite in the downtown Hyatt hotel. Will you do it?"

"Oh God, Jake, REALLY? You want your wife to whore for you?" I asked, incredibly excited, knowing instantly that of course I'd do it.

"Will you do it, baby?" Jake asked.

"Will you be there?"

"Sure. And Leonie... bring our camcorder, okay? They want a photo history of it to take back to Germany to show their buddies. This means a ton of money for us, Sherry. More than enough to get you that red Jaguar convertible you've been pestering me for, and the larger yacht for both of us."

"Consider it done, darling," I said, barely able to breath I was so excited. My God... a room full of Kraut cock AND a new Jag convertible. How COULD a girl say no, right?

Two hours later I was in the elevator of the Hyatt hotel on my way to the penthouse. Walking nervously down the hall, dressed in a simple black frock, black high-heels, black lingerie, and elegant pearls, I felt my pussy flooding with dewy excitement. I knocked softly on the door to their suite, and a handsome tall blond man opened it, then smiled at me.

I walked into the room, and saw Jake at a conference table with another gentleman. The stranger was signing the last of a large stack of contracts, and when Jake saw me he immediately got up and came over to me, smiling proudly as he kissed me.

"Sherry, these are the men I told you about. Gentlemen, may I present my wife, Sherry. She's yours for the afternoon. You can do anything you want to her, other than hurting her, although if she allows it you can do that, too, as long as you don't bruise her face." Then, turning to me, kissing me tenderly, he whispered, "Become the slut we both want you to be, Sherry. Do everything they want, okay? Make me proud of you."

My knees were quivering, and when someone offered me a flute of champagne I took it gratefully and drank every drop of it without stopping, holding out the glass for a refill.

"She has a large thirst, ya?" the man said to Jake.

"Oh yeah. In every way," he replied, grinning at me.

I looked at each of the men, slowly, one by one. There were seven of them, and they came in all sizes and ages, from a young man clearly not out of his twenties, to an older gentlemen in his sixties. "So," I said after appraising them in silence for a moment. "What would you like to do to me?"

"Fuck, of course," the champagne pourer said, his eyes knowingly seductive.

"Then let's do it," I said, smiling back. I sat my glass down on a nearby table, then took off my pearls, handing them, and our camcorder to Jake. "As requested, darling. Happy filming," I said, waiting until he had turned on the camcorder before reaching up behind my neck to slowly unzip my dress. I took my time pulling down the zipper, smiling at the men as seductively as I knew how, and when the dress was completely unzipped, I took a deep breath and stepped out of it.

Around the room I heard the whispered appreciation of my black lingerie-clad body. My bra, panties, and garter belt were very sexy. All were trimmed in lace, and had a red ribbon running along the edges. My stockings were the kind with a seam down the back, and after stepping out of my dress, I walked slowly around the room, standing for a moment before each man to allow him to appraise my body. I felt my breath becoming ragged, and after a few moments, simply reached behind me and took off my bra.

"Touch me," I said to one of the men, my eyes fluttering closed as his cold fingers reached out and squeezed my tits lovingly. "Now you... and you," I said, again making my way around the circle of men now surrounding me.

I saw Jake filming me, and smiled at the camera. "They're going to fuck me, Jake. All of them. They're going to coat me in cum, aren't you, my babies. And I'm going to suck their cocks. Every one."

I felt one of the men squeezing my ass, and turned to him. "Take my panties off," I said, standing with my legs close together to make it easier for him to tug and pull my bikini panties down over my knees and ankles. I was so wet and fragrant I knew he could smell me, and when he paused directly in front of my pussy, as my scent filled his nostrils, he looked up at me and grinned, an evil grin that made my cunt fill with pussy juice again.

"Do you want to eat it?" I asked, spreading my legs apart.

"Ja!" he said, his eyes filled with lust as he leaned forward to touch his tongue to my wetness. I parted my legs further, and from behind me I felt two of the men grasping my arms, pulling me backward. They held me suspended in the air with my legs draped over their colleague's shoulders as he ate me. I cried out as I came, my voice squealing like an animal's, as his tongue drove into my wet opening.

"Let me fuck her," a man said, and I was carried over to the bed, then tossed on it, onto my back. I lay with my legs apart, watching as the man disrobed. Soon others were taking off their clothes as well, and as soon as the man entered me I came again.

He was rough, plowing into me without foreplay, letting his thick uncircumcised cock serve as his foreplay for him. We looked into each others eyes without speaking, and I willed myself not to break the stare. When he came inside me his eyes fluttered almost closed as I smiled at him. God this was so fucking good!

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