Late Awareness: A Woman Discovers Herself

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: A sexy 30-something blonde woman decides to go with her bi-curiosity and is pleasantly surprised at the results.

It began as a gradual awareness that almost seemed to sneak up unnoticed on Tammy over a matter of months and years. She was 35 years old and had never had any physical or emotional desires for anyone except men throughout her entire life. She'd been sexually active in early high school and guys had paid her a lot of attention since she was tall, big-busted, and had beautiful long blonde hair. She'd taken her tall, well-built sexy look and made the most of it by working as a stripper in a local club when she turned 19 and became a college student. Men had tipped her well and made her extra income working nights well worth the effort during her college years.

Tammy married just after leaving college and had three children by the time she was in her early thirties. Her husband was a good-looking, well-built muscular man and their sex life as a married couple had been hot and very active throughout their ten years together. Unfortunately, he had begun to wander sexually soon after they'd married and increasingly slept with other women the longer he and Tammy were together. Finally, Tammy had taken all she could and divorced her husband because of his numerous marital infidelities.

When Tammy turned 30 though she suddenly found herself having subtle thoughts and urges, wondering what it would be like to be with a woman sexually. She found herself looking at other women she would see out in the community, admiring their figures, looking at their breasts and wondering to herself what they would be like naked and in bed with her.

Then Tammy ventured onto the Internet one lonely night and met a young 25 year-old single woman named Donna. Donna was a single vivaciously sexy redhead who had been active bisexually ever since her senior year in high school. She loved to fuck but she didn't care at all whether it was with a hot sexy man or an equally hot woman. She seemed to be just what Tammy had been looking for in a prospective bisexual encounter - a hot-blooded young woman who Tammy could have a passionate sexy "girls only" relationship with.

Tammy and Donna had begun corresponding by email and they quickly found out how much they both had in common. Over a period of only a few weeks, the two young women began to develop a passionate romantic love for each other and then one day, at Tammy's prompting, they engaged in their first experience of cyber-fucking. Tammy had been the first one to broach their discussion of sexual topics but she'd made it very clear from their first contact that she was looking for a bisexual experience with another woman. Donna was very open to such a relationship and she allowed Tammy to lead the way since she was the one who was "bi-curious". Donna knew her mind in that area and there was nothing "curious" about her sexual desires to be with other women. Both women had exchanged steamy hot emails telling the other person how horny they were and how much they wanted to fuck the other person. Their first cyber-fuck was extremely arousing to both as Tammy and Donna both played with their own bodies as they wrote their hot sexual comments and replies to each other on their computers.

At that point, it was very obvious to both young women that the time was right for them to meet. Tammy asked Donna if she would come to Texas where she lived and where they could be together and get to know each other in the comfort and privacy of her home. Since Tammy had been divorced, she lived in the home she and her former husband had shared with her three children. Donna readily agreed to drive out and immediately applied for her annual two weeks of vacation in anticipation of needing every single day of it. Donna packed all the lingerie, clothes and other sexy items she thought she might need during her stay and headed west towards central Texas.

Tammy did have a steady boyfriend who she'd been with for about a year or so. They were active lovers and the only problem was that her boyfriend lived about a three hour drive away from her in another city. His job there kept him from moving in with her so he would often come and spend the night in her home on weekends. She had no complaints about her boyfriend's abilities as a lover. In fact, her sexual demands on him were heavy and he always seemed able to measure up to any fucking or sexual play that she needed.

When Donna pulled up in front of Tammy's rural home in Estevez County, Texas, Tammy was expectantly waiting at the door for her, her heart pounding wildly. Tammy was wearing a nice blouse and pants that she'd put on especially to greet her sexy new friend, Donna. Tammy had also picked out one of her sexy lace front-opening bras and a pair of thong panties because she felt like things would quickly move from the front door to the bedroom door when she and Donna finally met. She was far closer to the truth than she'd ever have imagined.

Donna left her suitcase in the car because she was too nervous and too hot to meet Tammy to worry about such small details at the moment. When she slammed the car door shut, she saw Tammy waiting at the door for her and Donna found that she couldn't walk fast enough to get into Tammy's arms. Wanting to break into a run and literally throw herself in Tammy's arms, Donna just managed to walk very quickly towards the door. Donna couldn't believe how hot and sexy Tammy looked standing there with her long blonde hair combed down around her beautiful face.

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