One Fine Day

by PhallusLeader

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Man meets woman for fun, consensual encounter in the Great Outdoors.

The story starts out on a lonely highway. I am driving a tall 4x4 truck and cruising down the road, going nowhere in particular, just out enjoying the sunshine and the wind in my hair (er... ahh... scalp I mean ;-)

As I am driving down the road, I see a small red car, and standing beside it is a beautiful woman waving me over. As I slow, I notice she is wearing cut-off jean shorts and they are short! And a bikini top that barely contains the flesh and her nipples are prominently displayed.

I am definitely stopping for her! After pulling over to the side of the road, she bounces over to ask if I will help her change a flat tire. Since I have nowhere to be and she is a babe, I think "why not?!"

As I get out of my car and stand to my full height of 6'-2", she stares at me, looking up at me with a strange look in her eyes. I can't quite place it, but it reminds me of a smoldering fire. Kinda smoky and red hot! It's too bad she has a wedding ring on her finger, cause I would really like a piece of this!

I go to her car and start changing the flat tire. She leans casually against the car, watching me and making small talk. I look up slowly, moving my eyes across her entire body. I can see the seam of her shorts has ridden extremely high into the crack of her pussy and she seems to be fidgeting back and forth, making it move even deeper into her crack. I am glad I am kneeling, so she can not see the rise of my cock in my shorts.

As she talks to me, I make small grunts and one syllable answers, trying to avoid eye contact for fear she will see my desire. She keeps swinging her legs back and forth, that same fidgeting movement that is driving me crazy.

As I get the tire off and rise to get the spare, my cock pokes it head above the waist band of my shorts. I quickly blush and turn my back while I make adjustments, hoping she did not see. As I turn back, she has a curious smile on her face.

I do not say anything to her and she does not mention it either. As I go to the back of her car and start to remove the spare, she says "Let me help you!"

As she reaches into the car, her breasts brush my arm and I am in total agony as my hard cock strains even more against it's confinement. I am sweating now as we get the tire out of the back and I roll it into position.

Thankfully, she stops talking as I mount the tire and replace the lug nuts. My mind is racing. How can I get out of here without totally embarrassing myself and find a secluded spot to relieve my intense desire.

As I finished, I said "Well Miss, I am all done and you can be on your way."

"But you have done such a great service for me. How can I repay you?" she asks.

"Don't worry about it, miss," I say. "It was my pleasure to assist a beautiful lady in need."

"Well," she says, "Won't you take some cash? I feel guilty that you had to take time out of your day to help me."

"Honestly, I was not doing anything anyway. I was thinking of just stopping along the river a few miles up the road for a swim. I am just lazing about. It was no trouble at all" I said.

"OK" she says. "I really appreciate it and thank you so very much."

As I walked to my truck, I thought to myself what a beautiful woman she was and that some lucky guy had to be extremely happy that she was his.

I got into my truck and started down the road. As I approached the river, there was a very small break in the brush and I turned off the road and into it. I knew it was a secluded spot where people went nude sunbathing and swimming in the river.

Coming to the end of the trail, I jumped out and walked down to the river bank. Not a soul in site. I stripped off my clothes and dove into the cool water. I was hoping it would cool off other parts of me that were overheated as well.

After swimming for a while, I climbed out and lay on the bank, drying in the sun. I soon started to drift off and thinking about that beautiful woman. In my mind, I saw her naked as the morning sun. She had the most beautiful lips. Succulent and just right for kissing and sucking. Her breasts were magnificent. No other words could describe them. My eyes traveled down to her hot, slippery pussy and I saw that she was shaved nearly completely. Just a little patch of fuzz along the top of her slit.

I reached down and started rubbing my hard cock up and down. Soft gentle caresses and playful tugging. That is when I opened my eyes fully.

There, standing before me was the woman of my fantasy. Just as I had pictured her. It was then that I realized I was not envisioning it in my head, but actually seeing her there. I was shocked to say the least and sat up to cover myself with my hands.

She giggled and flashed that beautiful smile and said "You look like you need a little help yourself."

She kneeled down and slowly pulled my hands away from my rapidly softening hard on. Her touch was electric and my softening dick almost leapt from my body in it's effort to get hard again.

She slowly stroked my cock, mimicking the same movements I had been doing. Then she really surprised me as she leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth. All in one stroke down to the root and slowly raised her head up.

The pleasure was so intense, so totally unprepared for, I nearly screamed out loud and was only able to stop by stuffing my fist into my mouth, and then, only muffled the sounds.

She pulled her lips away and smiled down at me saying "You like?" as she continued to play with my manhood, moving her hand slowly up and down.

My brain was still so overwhelmed by her attack that it could not formulate words. I could only nod my acknowledgment.

She smiled again and brought her mouth back to my man meat, effortlessly gliding her mouth up and down and timing her hand movements to those of her lips. Her other hand soon found my nuts hanging below and she started tickling and fondling them with gentle care.

My cock is not overly large in length, but is a mighty fine girth and I had never experienced a blow job of this magnitude before. It was as if her mouth and hands were made for my cock. The way she effortlessly glided up and down in perfect synchronization brought me to the edge quickly.

As I struggled to hold back, I warned her I was ready. To my surprise, she only increased her tempo. As I realized she was not going to stop, I finally lost control. My orgasm was so intense that my entire body spasmed and I thought I was going to pass out from the sheer pleasure. My hands beat the dirt and out of my mouth came a sound that would frighten even the strongest man. It was a loud, long wail of ecstasy and pain that echoed down the canyon.

Even after that tremendous orgasm, my body continued to jerk and spasm. She kept bobbing up and down slowly, taking all of my hot love juice into her mouth and swallowing it down. I finally found my voice again and begged her to stop. I had reached my limit and the stimulation was more than I could take.

Reluctantly, she let my cock slip from her mouth and hand. Wiping her lips with the back of her hand, she said "Damn, that was good."

I only nodded my head in agreement. I was still to dazed for conversation. She got up and strolled languidly into the slow moving water of the river. I tried to raise my head so that I could watch her, say thank you or any of a 1000 things, but my muscles would not comply and I ended up laying there like some kind of handicapped person with drool running down my cheek.

As I slowly recovered from what I would classify the greatest orgasm of my entire life, I sat up and watched her swim effortlessly in the river. Floating along on her back, her beautiful tits shown brightly in the sun and I envisioned my hand and mouth touching, kissing, sucking and fondling them.

In my mind, I was more than ready to jump into that river and swim along beside her, but my body said I would drown if I even attempted such a thing. I had to content myself with looking at her from a distance.

After a few agonizing minutes, I felt strong enough to stand and slowly made my way to the waters edge. My legs were still shaky and I trembled and shook as I walked, but I slowly made my way into the water and moved toward the sexual being displayed so prominently before me.

The water was refreshing after lying in the hot sun and I was soon very much revived. She just smiled as I approached, reminding me of a beautiful water lily floating on a pond. I reached for her, but she swam away, keeping herself tantalizingly close, but just out of arms distance, giggling and smiling the whole time.

"Two can play at this game" I thought to myself and dove under the water to surface behind her, taking another breath and diving under again. I approached her from under the water and lightly ran my hand across her upper thigh before surfacing a few feet away.

She splashed water in my direction, but I was under the surface once again. This time, I briefly touched her abdomen and then tweaked her left nipple. I could see her body quiver as I went past, surfacing right behind her and wrapping my arms around her. I pulled her close to me and my lips found the nape of her neck where I nibbled and sucked, receiving a moan for my reward.

My hands slowly roamed about her body, caressing and touching her erogenous zones, but never really touching any vital area. She was sighing in pleasure as I directed us to a more shallow area of the river. Her breasts popped above the surface first and I admired the slope of them from behind. Reaching up with both hands, I cupped them, weighing them with my hands and letting the excess spill out from my fingers.

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