A Friend In Need

by Bogart

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Anne and Craig decide to ask a friend to help them get pregnant. They get more than they bargained for.

Craig and Anne had been married 12 years and had almost given up hope on ever having children. Craig's low sperm count was the culprit. Their family doctor suggested that while it was possible for Anne and Craig to conceive, it was highly unlikely. After 4 years of trying, they sadly had to agree.

They talked about several options and although Craig made a decent living, the cost associated with these options was prohibitive.

"If we could just get somebody to help us... anyone!" cried Anne.

"What do you mean somebody?" asked Craig.

"Oh, I don't know... maybe a rich relative or some clinic that would take us as a test case" she replied.

"We've been all through that Anne. I'm convinced that we've tried everything and I'm fresh out of ideas," said Craig.

They sat in silence; each lost in their own thoughts. Craig looked up at Anne and his heart broke to see her so down. He was deeply in love with her and had been since they first met almost 14 years ago. Anne was everything he wanted in a woman. She had long dark hair and wide-set blue eyes that gave her a look of child-like innocence. There was nothing innocent about her body however. She had large full breasts with sensitive nipples that reacted to the slightest touch. Down below she had the classic "heart-shaped" ass and long muscular legs.

Anne had fully developed by the age of 14 and she fell victim to taunts and lewd comments from boys and men alike. She took to wearing baggy, unflattering clothes in order to hide her appearance. As a result of her early teen experiences, Anne was extremely shy about her body and sex in general.

"You know, when you said "get somebody to help us" I thought you were thinking about getting someone to... uh... you know... uh... "

"I'm so desperate, I would even consider that!" Anne said.

Craig tried to hide the sudden rush of blood to his head. He had often daydreamed about Anne acting like a total slut in bed and the fact that she would even entertain the possibility of fucking someone else gave him an enormous erection. They had a satisfying sex life but Anne was very reserved and he rarely got her to behave in anything more than a passive manner when they were in bed. He once tried talking dirty to her when they were making love and the night turned into a disaster. Anne acted insulted and was angry for days.

"Are you serious?" Craig asked.

"Oh, I don't know," said Anne. "Even if I was, who would we ask? How would you feel about it?"

Craig shifted in his chair to give his erection some room. Pictures of Anne in bed, with her legs spread and some other man fucking her, kept flashing in his mind. He knew he couldn't discuss his true reaction with Anne. She wouldn't understand.

"I would agree to anything at this point," Craig said carefully. "What if we asked Alex?"

Alex was Craig's best friend and they had known each other since high school. Tall and muscular, Alex was an avowed bachelor and quite the ladies man. Craig sat enthralled whenever Alex talked about his sexual exploits. He was careful to limit Alex's exposure to Anne, however. She was not very fond of Alex as she found him to be crude and obnoxious. She only tolerated him for Craig's sake.

"No way!" said Anne. "You know I don't like him and the way he treats women, well... "

"Alright then, who else?" Craig said.

Silence filled the room once again. Anne looked up at Craig and said in a small voice " what do you think he would say?"

"He knows that we've been trying to have kids... I'm sure he would agree," said Craig. "It's better than some stranger and I know he would be discreet."

Anne didn't respond but he knew she was thinking about it. Several days passed without further discussion but after dinner one night Anne quietly spoke to Craig.

"Ok, ask him," she said. "But if he agrees and we do this, its going to be done on my terms." " Are you sure that you can handle this Craig?"

"If you can, I can," he answered. " What about the ground rules?"

"If he agrees, then I want to do it with as little emotion as possible" said Anne. "No kissing, hugging or any of that stuff, just get it in and get it over with!" Anne blushed when she finished.

Craig asked Alex the next day and he was not surprised when Alex quickly agreed. Craig felt a little uneasy when he saw the excited look in Alex's eyes.

"You know how difficult this will be for me," said Craig.

"I know buddy" said Alex. "Don't worry, I'll get the job done!"

Craig lowered his voice to a whisper.

"Just take it easy on her ok?" "She's not one of your bimbos... in fact, she's a little shy in the bedroom" he finished.

Alex nodded and smiled. Craig still felt a little uneasy. He was a little less sure that he really wanted this to happen.

One week later, when Anne's cycle said she was ovulating, Alex came to their home. Anne had decided that they would try over two nights but she wanted Craig to stay in the house while Alex was there.

"I wouldn't feel comfortable with him if we were alone" said Anne.

Craig offered Anne and Alex a drink to try and ease the awkwardness of the situation. Anne politely thanked Alex for what he was about to do and both men noticed her hand shaking when she reached for her drink.

Anne sat back on her chair and tried to calm herself. "This is so odd," she thought. " In a few moments this man is going to screw me and I'm going to let him!" She glanced briefly at Alex's crotch and wondered what he might look like.

"Well, I'm going to go upstairs" she said. "Alex, wait a few minutes before you come up".

Craig's stomach was tied in knots. It was really going to happen. His cock had been rock hard most of the day and it was almost bursting at this moment.

"Remember what I told you," said Craig.

"I'll be gentle buddy," said Alex as he started up the stairs.

Alex gently knocked on the bedroom door and asked if it was ok to come in. He heard Anne's quiet voice tell him to enter. Alex stepped in the barely lit room and saw Anne on the bed with the covers pulled up to her chin.

"You ok Anne?" He asked. She nodded yes as Alex began to undress.

Alex took his time removing his clothes and moved to an area where the light was better and he knew Anne could see him. When he got to his shorts, he gently massaged his cock before stripping completely.

Despite her nervousness, Anne was watching Alex intently. When he finally pulled off his shorts, she gave an audible gasp as Alex's cock, now semi-hard, sprang free. It looked huge in the sparse light and she began to tremble. Alex walked to the bed slowly; making sure his cock was pointed directly at Anne. She turned her head in embarrassment.

"Jesus Anne... it's not like I'm going to bite you. Relax, maybe you'll enjoy it!" He said.

"You remember our agreement Alex... only what is necessary for conception and nothing more! You promised!" Anne said sternly.

"Alright, alright. Can't blame a guy for trying!" Alex smiled. " Do like my cock?"

"Stop that filthy talk right now!" shouted Anne.

"Oh come on, don't you and Craig ever talk dirty?" Alex laughed.

"That's none of your business" Anne snapped. "I'm starting to think this was a bad idea... maybe you better leave".

" Anne... I'm sorry," said Alex. "I was just trying to break the tension." "Slide over and I promise I'll be good."

Anne didn't respond but she moved over to allow him under the sheets. When Alex was settled they both stared at the ceiling, unsure of what to do next.

"I have some lubricant we can use" started Anne. "Are you... uh... still hard?" she whispered.

"Anne, I'm going to need at least some encouragement," said Alex. "Just follow my lead and I promise it will work out".

Alex moved Anne's hand toward his groin and wrapped her trembling fingers around his cock.

"Go ahead Anne... nice and slow" Alex said. Anne began to stroke him. After only a few moments she felt Alex's cock become fully erect. She marveled at how different it felt from Craig's. It seemed fuller somehow and it was quite a bit bigger.

"That feels nice," said Alex. He began to pull down the sheet that was covering her body.

"What are you doing!" gasped Anne. She had never been fully nude before anyone else but Craig.

"Just getting encouragement," said Alex. "Relax Anne... trust me."

Anne let him pull the sheet off both of them. She kept her legs tightly together in a vain attempt at modestly.

"You are gorgeous!" exclaimed Alex. "I always wondered what your tits looked like". Alex began to play with her breasts and Anne began to squirm.

"Please Alex... don't go too far, remember your promise" whispered Ann.

Alex ignored her pleas and continued to fondle her, lightly pulling on her large erect nipples. He noticed Anne's breathing had quickened and he felt her hand tighten around his cock. He slowly moved his hand down her belly and over the soft hair around her pussy.

"Alex... not there... I told you I have lubricant... we can use that!" Alex let his fingers slide down over her slit.

" I think that might interfere with the sperm Anne," he said. "Just relax and let me handle things."

Alex pushed his finger into her opening and was surprised at how wet she was. He gently moved his finger to her clitoris and began to circle her erect nub.

"Oh... oh... " Ann groaned. Her hand moved faster and faster on his cock. Alex leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"Spread your legs Anne" he breathed. "I want you to come for me".

"No... I can't!" gasped Anne. "It would be cheating!" Alex continued to stroke her pussy.

"I said spread you legs... now!" commanded Alex.

Anne's eyes widened in surprise and shock. Despite this, she obeyed and slowly began to move her legs apart. Alex smiled at her obedience and continued to tease her clit. Anne was breathing quickly now and her hips her making subtle movements in time with his strokes. Suddenly, without warning, Anne grabbed his hand and let out a muffled cry.

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