Room and Board

by Bogart

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Cheating, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bob and Carol provide room and board to a young athelete who changes their lives forever.

Bob and Carol had a storybook relationship that was the envy of many of their friends. Married for 17 years, they met in university, had one child and lived in a spacious home in the suburbs. Bob was a senior vice-president at a high tech firm that had just gone public and Carol was a registered nurse who worked part-time at the local hospital.

They were both very health conscious and although they were entering their early forties, they could easily pass for a couple ten years younger. Bob counted himself lucky that Carol was one of those women who seemed to grow sexier as the years passed. He still felt pangs of desire whenever he watched her undress for bed. Carol, a petite 5'1", had small but firm breasts with light pink nipples that turned slightly upward at the tips. She had smooth muscular legs and a firm, well-rounded ass. Privately, Bob's favorite feature was Carol's prominent pussy mound. At his request, she kept her pussy almost bare with only a slight wisp of hair at the entrance.

Bob and Carol's predictable suburban life was forever changed when their son Craig decided to attend university out of state. Abruptly, they found themselves with much more time on their hands and suffering greatly from "empty nest syndrome".

Bob had an idea that he thought might fill the void.

"Hon, what would you say if we volunteered to provide room and board to the Kings hockey club?"

The Kings, a local junior A hockey team, were very popular in town. The players ranged in age from 18 - 20 years old and came from all over the state. The Kings always needed help boarding players in local homes. In their recruitment pitch, the Kings promised a stable home environment for the players with a strong emphasis on education.

"I think it's a great idea," said Carol. "I feel the need to take care of someone now that Craig is gone".

Bob made the arrangements and they met their new boarder 2 weeks later. Nick was an 18-year-old rookie that the club was very excited about. Standing 6'4" and weighing 230 lbs., he was expected to crack the starting line-up with ease. Carol was initially taken aback by the size of the boy. She had been expecting someone younger and perhaps a little less imposing. Bob looked so small standing next to him. "Oh well" she thought "I'm sure it will be a good experience for all of us".

It took a few weeks but pretty soon Bob, Carol and Nick were comfortable with each other. Carol still felt a little uneasy whenever Nick and her were alone together but she was gradually getting used to the arrangement.

Nick's hockey schedule was demanding, with several games on the road, and it was a struggle to get him out of bed for school. One morning, fresh out of the shower, Carol slipped on her robe and went to wake Nick as he had an early class. Knocking lightly on his door, she didn't get any response. She quietly opened his door and called his name.

"Come on Nick... I know you're tired but you can't miss school today," she said.

Nick didn't move a muscle. She moved to the bed to give him a shake when Nick suddenly changed position. When he settled again Carol was shocked to see that his cock was plainly in view. She couldn't help but stare as it was fully hard and easily the largest she had ever seen. She stood frozen to the spot and wondered what to do next. Since Nick was obviously still asleep, she decided to ignore his genital display and moved to shake his shoulder.

"Nick... Nick" she whispered "Time to get up now".

Nick still didn't respond. Carol looked down at his cock once more. The head was like a large plum and the shaft was thick and long with prominent veins. Carol guessed that it was at least 8 inches in length. Several minutes passed before she snapped out of her daze. She suddenly felt very uncomfortable and decided to leave quickly.

Carol turned to go but after two steps, she felt something pulling at her robe, exposing her as she tried to walk away. When she turned around and gave a little start as she saw that Nick had grabbed the hem of her robe. His eyes moved up and down her naked body and he began to masturbate. Carol tried to cover herself but the more she struggled, the more she seemed to reveal. Nick was strong and he easily held her fast.

"Let me go right now!" shouted Carol

"Please Mrs. King... it's been so long." Nick pleaded. "Just stay still... just for a few minutes... "

Carol stood frozen to the spot. She didn't know what to do or say. Despite her fright, she watched in fascination as Nick began to stroke his cock faster and faster. His eyes were wide and he was staring intently at her crotch. Carol looked down and saw the reason why. Her pussy lips were wide open and you could clearly see her engorged clitoris. After only a few moments Nick began to grunt and she watched jet after jet of come spurt out of Nick's cock. Nick closed his eyes as his orgasm subsided and relaxed his grip on her hem. Carol took the opportunity to shrug out of her robe and ran from his room naked.

When she got to her bathroom, she quickly locked the door and sat down on the edge of the tub. "My god" she thought. "I can't believe what just happened!" Her legs were shaking, her face was flushed and she found it difficult to breathe. She began to recover after a few minutes and absently stroked her finger along her pussy. She realized with a jolt that she was dripping wet and it wasn't from the shower.

Carol finished dressing and moved quickly down the stairs to the kitchen. "How can I look at him after this?" she wondered. "We'll have to ask him to leave... I'll tell Bob tonight".

Nick came into the kitchen and immediately began to apologize. Carol tried to stop him but he looked so sincere and teary eyed that she let him continue.

" Mrs. King please don't be angry, " he said. "I miss my girlfriend so much and I was so desperate... it will never happen again I swear!"

Carol sat down at the table and stared at the floor as she tried to figure out what to do. Nick sat directly across from her and took both of her hands in his.

" I couldn't help it... you have such a great body Mrs. Kane" he said. "I just couldn't control myself". " I promise that it will never happen again... please just give me this chance!"

Carol thought for a few moments and then made up her mind.

"Alright Nick... we'll both forget this happened". "It will be our secret and I won't tell Mr. Kane".

Nick breathed a sigh of relief, said thank-you and bolted back up the stairs to finish getting ready for school. Carol started to plan her day but images of Nick's fully erect cock kept intruding on her thoughts. It would be a long time before she forgot.

Several weeks passed and there were no further incidents but Carol couldn't stop herself from stealing glances at Nick's crotch whenever he was around. Carol didn't have much sexual experience before she married and Bob had been her one and only partner. Carol was a faithful wife and would never consider another man but the images from that morning were never far from her mind.

One morning, Carol found herself thinking about the incident again as she padded from her shower down the hall to wake up Nick. She opened his door a crack to see if he was still sleeping. Nick's bed was empty. "He must have left already," she thought as she walked back to her bedroom.

Carol pulled off her robe and began to apply her makeup when suddenly the bedroom door banged shut. Carol jumped as she saw Nick, naked, fully erect, and breathing very hard. He had been hiding behind the door.

"Get out!" Carol screamed as she tried to cover herself. Nick just stood there and began to stroke himself as before.

"What kind of an animal are you!" Carol cried. "I should have thrown you out the first time it happened!" Nick was silent and just stared at her body as he continued to masturbate. Carol looked down at his crotch and was still for a moment as she watched him perform.

Her legs began to shake and she leaned against the counter for support. Nick looked between her legs and smiled. He began to move slowly toward Carol.

Without a word, Carol began to sink slowly to her knees as she continued to stare at Nick's cock. Nick stopped his advance when the head was just inches from her mouth. Carol looked up at Nick's face.

"Please don't make me do this... I love my husband and I'd never do anything to hurt him" she cried.

"I'm not making you do anything" Nick replied. "I saw you stare at my cock that time in my room... you liked what you saw didn't you?"

Carol opened her mouth to protest but Nick eased the tip of his cock into her mouth and cut off her reply. Carol stopped all movement and refused to move a muscle. Nick just looked down and enjoyed the vision of Mrs. King with her mouth full of cock.

Nick began to move his cock head slowly in and out of her mouth. A tear trickled down Carol's cheek. Nick saw the tear and was about to stop his movement when suddenly Carol reached up and wrapped her hands around his shaft and started suck and stroke his cock. Nick closed his eyes and tilted his head back in pure pleasure. Carol twirled her tongue around the head and took as much of his shaft as she could down her throat. She fondled his balls and slid her tongue all along his shaft from the base right to the tip and back into her mouth. Carol began to utter soft moans as she continued to give him the best blowjob he ever had.

Nick knew he couldn't take much more of this and he pulled his cock out of her mouth and helped Carol to her feet. He stepped toward her and placed his hands on her hips and easily lifted her in the air. Carol placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself and Nick began to lower her down toward his straining shaft.

"No Nick... this is going too far!" Carol whispered.

Despite her protest, she spread her legs as he brought her wide-open pussy lips to the tip of his cock. Nick, the muscles in his arms now bulging, slowly inserted the plum-like head and Carol let out a moan. Despite his size he easily penetrated her and continued to pull her down on his cock until he was buried to the hilt. Carol wrapped her legs and arms around Nick and tried to catch her breath. She had never felt anything like this! Without warning, she began come... hard.

"Oh, oh, oh... I can't help it" she whimpered as she humped herself against his shaft. Waves of pleasure washed over her body as she clung tightly to Nick.

When she was finished, she pulled her head back and began to place tiny kisses all over Nick's chest. Still coupled, he walked her back to the bed and gently laid her down. Carol felt him from her pussy a little and she greedily grabbed his ass to pull him back in.

"Fuck me Nick... give me your cock... deep in my cunt... just fuck me hard!" Carol said. Nick placed her legs over his shoulders and began to fuck her with long hard strokes. Carol hung on for dear life as Nick started to slam his cock as deep as he could. Her breasts were rolling with each thrust and her nipples were rock hard. The headboard was banging the wall, the bed was creaking and Carol was almost screaming in ecstasy.

"Yes... yes... now... now!" she cried. She started to come again just as Nick gave a final thrust that lifted her ass right off the bed and shot his load deep into her pussy.

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