Meating Lori in the Conference Room

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lori leaves Tom a voice mail asking him to meet her the next morning in their workplace conference room. Well, they meet and then they "meat" each other.

It had only been a week since the last time I'd closed Lori's office door and fucked her sexy tight cunt with my thick cock. When I got to my office that Thursday morning, I had a voice mail from Lori asking me to meet her in the joint conference room at 8:30 that morning. I could hardly wait and I felt my cock grow fully hard as I sat listening to Lori's sexy female voice. We'd been lovers now for several months since the first time Lori and I had fucked there on the desk beside her work computer. If you haven't read about our developing sexual relationship in my earlier stories, Lori was a webpage developer in the company where I worked. She is a very attractive and beautiful young lady in her mid-20s and I'd come to find out that Lori was one heck of a sexy lover too.

After Lori and I first fucked in her office and then became regular lovers either there or actually in her home, it was obvious that I thoroughly enjoyed the intensely intimate sexual situation we'd come to find ourselves in and Lori had come to find me the man who could meet her hot physical and sexual needs as a young married woman. Her husband was going through medical school at the local university and he was either stupid or too tired to make the time and effort to meet his young bride's needs. I can assure you that it was certainly her husband's loss.

Lori is a very sensual and physically sexy woman. She actually dressed rather conservatively in the workplace, usually wearing either pants or a skirt and blouse. Lori never really wore anything that was overtly sexy or revealing but she didn't need to. Lori WAS sexy and anything I ever saw her in revealed to anyone but a blind man what a voluptuous sensual young woman she was. I had been captured by Lori's beauty and her shapely figure long before I was bold enough to actually put my hands on her the first time and then ended up fucking her on top of her office desk. Lori's got the most beautiful face, mouth and eyes, and her large full rounded D-cup breasts were so sexy and hot. Mmmmmmmmm, my mouth's watering to suck those perky hot little nipples while I'm telling you about Lori.

That morning I quickly got what work I needed to finish before I met Lori, and then I sat there thinking back over the times we'd only talked or exchanged chitchat around her office. Then I remembered the first evening that Lori had actually invited me to come to her house because her husband was out of town and we'd fucked like two hot sex bunnies there where she and her husband normally slept. Apparently they didn't do much more than sleep together (and I don't mean sexually) because Lori had arranged for me to come over many times after that when he was away overnight.

At about 8:25, I couldn't wait any longer and I had to consciously sit there, willing my cock to go down a little bit from its fullest erect condition so I could walk from my office down the corridors to the conference room without exposing my raging full hardon for all the world to see. It wasn't easy. I knew - well, at least I hoped I knew - what Lori had in store for me and that kept me aroused and hard as a steel pole.

When I opened the conference room door and walked in, there wasn't anyone else there but Lori. I wasn't at all surprised. This would probably be the most memorable time I would EVER spend in the conference room and I could already feel my breathing growing faster and my heart rate racing as I began to anticipate what my lover and my sexy mistress had in mind. Lori had actually brought some website design sheets and had them laid out on the huge oak conference table as though she was there waiting for a meeting with someone. Well, she definitely planed a "meeting" (or should I say "meating"??) but it wasn't with anyone else but me.

Lori was looking awesome that morning when I first spotted her. She had on a sexy black pullover sweater that looked totally hot as it emphasized her full rounded breasts and my cock grew instantly to full hardness. Lori's tits can do that to you even before you ever see them naked. Her shoulder length dark brown hair was framing her attractive face beautifully and I noticed that Lori was wearing a matching dark skirt that came a few inches above the knees of her shapely legs. I don't remember seeing Lori at work very many times with a skirt on and she looked wonderful. We had jokingly talked once about what we'd do if we ever found ourselves alone in the corporate conference room and I had a strong suspicion I was just about to find out.

"Good morning, baby," I said softly to ensure that Lori heard me but not anyone that might pass by the door of the room at that moment. I knew she definitely could see the full lump of my horny engorged cock as I walked over to her and wrapped my arms snugly around her sexy body.

"Good morning to you, too, honey," Lori responded before her lips eagerly met mine in a very sweet moist kiss as our lips touched. I pulled Lori as firmly against my body as I could, feeling her firm tits pressed hotly against my chest. I was nearly overcome by the sensually sexy aroma of Lori's perfume as I stood there in the quietness of the room, holding my lover in my arms. I didn't know what its name was but Lori had started wearing the most arousing, sexiest perfumes since we'd become lovers. Just a whiff of them could make my cock grow totally hard and there was nothing I could think about but fucking her. I guess that was the whole point, huh???

I knew the moment I'd seen Lori that she had no intention of us doing any office work here in the conference room. I just hoped she'd "cleared the schedule" to ensure we weren't interrupted because I knew that before we left this room, we were going to have to fuck. As I stood there kissing Lori's soft moist lips and feeling her womanly sexy body pressed close to mine, I could feel my hardon mashing tightly against Lori's pussy through her skirt. I enhanced the pressure by pushing my groin more firmly against her, knowing that she was fully aware of my signal to her. I'd come to realize that Lori was as sexy and horny most of the time as I was - and she loved to know how hard she made my thick hot cock get.

"Lori, I want you so much, honey," I whispered as our lips parted for just a brief moment to catch our breath. She looked me straight in the eyes and replied, "Oh, Tom, yes, baby, I want you too. Why do you think I left that message for you to meet me her?"

Without another word, I reached down behind Lori's shapely round ass and cupped the fullness there as our lips met again in an even hotter, more impassioned kiss. I pulled Lori's body closer to mine and could feel my cock flinching and jerking involuntarily, like my cock had a mind of its own and wanted to be inside Lori's pussy.

I released Lori from my arms momentarily and walked over to ensure the door to this room was closed and locked. I knew that would give us a few moments to "get decent" if someone happened to come along. Then I turned back to Lori as she stood there, already looking hot and horny to make love. As I walked up to her, I pushed her ass back against the edge of the table as I felt her hand reach down and cup the fullness of my big hard cock tenting out against the front of my slacks.

"Lori, baby, I want to fuck you. Do we dare try doing it here?" I looked into Lori's eyes and noted that her head just barely nodded up and down, telling me for sure that had been her plan all along.

My left hand moved down the front of Lori's tightly fitting sweater to the full rounded swelling of her right breast underneath it. I could feel by the bra material underneath my hand that Lori had picked out a sexy lace bra that morning when she'd dressed. Mmmmmmm, I loved the feel of her sexy firm tit pressing firmly against the cup of her bra. She knew how hot and horny her sexy lingerie choices made me and the lady in my arms had done it again. She knew just how to play me - what turned me on and what made her totally irresistible.

I reached down between Lori and I and grabbed the hem of her sweater, pulling it instantly up above her breasts to her neck, fully exposing a very sexy see-though bra that made her breasts look as awesomely hot as ever. As my lips moved to the inviting cleavage between her twin peaks, I reached behind Lori and found the 2-hook fastening to her bra. I smoothly undid first one and then the other and leaned away from my lover's body to pull the cups of her bra off and off of her breasts.

Lori's hands were busily undoing my belt and my zipper, then her soft hand slipped down inside my boxers and wrapped itself around the hard upthrusted length of my thick cock shaft. I loved the feel of her soft hand wanking my dick as I kissed and licked on her sexy tits. My lips locked over the dark sweet peak of her left nipple as I sucked firmly and felt her nipple growing hard and firmly aroused under the touch of my wet lips.

"Lori, ahhhhhhh, I love the feel of your sexy hands on my cock, baby," I whispered as I felt the beginnings of my pre-cum leaking out onto her palm. Lori loved it whenever she knew she had turned me on so much that my cock started to leak. Normally before she even had my cock out of my pants, my underwear would already be thoroughly soaked with pre-cum. I knew her panties were probably already soaked with her own pussy juices as well. I couldn't wait to find out.

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