Office Cleaners

by Phantom1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Incest, Niece, Aunt, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Office cleaner is blackmailed into lesbian sex with her co-worker but then turns the tables on her.

Chapter 1

In the late 90's I worked in an Insurance company office in South London. My work was as a computer systems programmer and my duties meant I was often in the office late in the day. Most of my colleagues would normally have left the building by 17.30 and I would normally depart sometime between 18.30 and 19.00 hrs. The reason I write this story is to tell readers of my experiences I had with the office cleaners who would arrive at 17.30 each day to generally tidy up, empty the trash and polish the desks.

As I said most days, soon after the arrival of the cleaners, I would be the only member of staff left. The regular cleaners we had were two women in their late thirties. Now I don't want to be disparaging in anyway to them; they were real nice people, but they were, as we say in England, 'the dirty sort'. By that I mean neither of them was anything other than you might expect; working class, good natured women who both looked liked they had been about a bit and certainly knew how to handle themselves. The short of women that you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of, but always fancied shagging like hell!

Like I said, I thought they were real pleasant and as soon as they arrived we would swap hellos, ask how they were doing and then they would get on with their work whilst I returned to mine. As I sat at my terminals I would watch them go about their work and often fantasise about them; what they looked like naked, being fucked by their men, giving head etc. However when I finally and actually got to find out what they were about sexually, I was in for a fantastic surprise.

It was one evening in August and I happened to notice that having quickly dusted round my part of the office they had both gone into the stair well area. There was nothing particularly unusual in this since they also cleaned the toilets that were located in this area. However what struck me this particular evening was that they seemed to finish the office very quickly. I hadn't even had time to get a good look at what they were wearing let alone let my imagination run wild. I decided to wander out onto the stairs, partly out of curiosity and partly out of concern in case anything was wrong.

As I made my way past the lifts, I heard a strange muffled sound from the ladies toilet. I walked to the door and listened. It was unmistakably the sound of sex. They were fairly loud groans of excitement most definitely coming from the toilet. I thought who it could be and decided that as far as I knew it was only the cleaners and me in the building so it had to be them. But it couldn't be! What was the chance of the two cleaners having sex at work let alone together. I thought again; what if it was one of them and a bloke. Perhaps their boyfriend or husband had come in to meet them. I listened again at the door and was sure that it was the sound of two women I could hear. I decided to take a chance and gentle push the door open. If I were lucky they would be out of site of the door and would not immediately see me. If they did see me, well then I figured they would hardly have a leg to stand on. Sure they may be pissed off at me catching them but they could hardly complain too much if I had caught them fucking each other.

I gently pushed the door of the toilet open and immediately saw the two women. They were in a cubicle with the door open and slightly round the corner from the door but I was getting a superb view in the large wall mirror opposite the door.

At this point I should describe the women. Both, as I said, were in their late thirties, maybe early forties. One was dark haired, with large hips, good firm breasts and a tendency to dress perhaps ten years younger than she actually was. Her name was Karen. The other was smarter, again with full hips but much smaller breasts. She was the more forceful of the two and her name was Angie.

Back to the view before me. Karen was stood in the cubicle, straight legged, with her back to the open door, bent at the hips with her hands resting on the toilet seat. Her jeans and knickers were round her angles but other than that she was fully dressed. Angie was still fully clothed, stood behind Karen and had three fingers of her left hand firmly inside Karen's pussy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As I stood staring, Angie started to pump her fingers in and out and as she did so was trying to get her whole hand into Karen's cunt. She was being quite rough and holding Karen's hair with her other hand.

"Come on you fuck bitch!", shouted Angie, "come for me, come on, come for me you slut. You love this don't you! Don't You! You dirty bitch!"

Angie was obviously running this little show and seemed to be greatly enjoying her dominant position. In response to her harsh prompting all Karen replied was a gentle "Yes, yes I want to be fucked. Please fuck me." as she approached a orgasm. Suddenly her head bucked backwards, her leg muscles contracted and her arse checks closed tight. She groaned in delight.

Angie, realising Karen was coming, thrust her hand fully into her wet cunt and started spanking her arse checks as if trying to wring ever last drop of orgasm out of her. When Karen was spent, Angie pulled her hand out roughly and wiped it on Karen's sweatshirt.

I expected them to turn around at this point and was just about to let the door close when Angie spoke.

"Stay exactly as you are!" she instructed, "Don't stand up and don't turn around. I want to look at your wet slutty pussy while I wank."

She moved a couple of paces back from Karen and then dropped her track trousers to her ankles. Without dropping her panties she put her hand to her own cunt, crouched down, to get a better view of Karen's pussy, and started to 'wank' herself furiously. Again she started to talk dirty, chastising Karen for being a dirty slut and shouting, "fuck, oh god fuck me!" over and over.

At the site of this I could control myself no more. I opened my fly, pushed the top of my shorts down and grabbed hold of my rock hard dick! It took no more than three or four pumps for me to shoot my load straight in through the toilet door and onto the tiled floor. A few more pumps to empty my load and I let the door start to close as I walked away to the sound of Angie screaming to her own orgasm.

Having returned to my desk, I was obviously entranced by what I had just seen. There was no way I was going to let this be a one off and decided that since Karen seemed to be submissive to Angie, it was her I should tackle first. As luck would have it Karen walked back onto the office floor. I decided that I should strike immediately rather than have to wait for a future chance that may never come.

Karen proceeded to a group of desks in front of mine and set about tidying them. I took a deep breath and blurted out, "So you're Angie's fuck slut, are you?".

Karen paused for a second, I held my breath, then she swung round to look at me and simple said "What?"

I could see from her embarrassed look that she had instantly recognised I knew something or had seem something and she look so scared.

"What?" she said again.

I held my nerve, "I said, so you're Angie's fuck slut are you!", and continued before she had chance to respond, "I just saw your little show in the toilets. You've got a real nice pussy there Karen, I'm not surprised Angie likes to look at it whilst she frigs herself!"

Karen, giving up all pretence at innocence, said "It wasn't a show and certainly not for you to see!"

"Well I did see it Karen", I said, "and I can tell you it was one hell of a show from where I was standing".

At this point Karen's demeanour changed and she went very sheepish. She approached my desk and sat herself in a chair just a few feet from me.

"Look, please don't say anything", she begged, "I can't have anyone else know, please"

Before I responded she started to spill everything to me.

"Angie made me do it! A few months ago I was going through a rough patch with my fella. I told her I had had an affair thinking that she would offer me the support I needed, but instead of acting like the friend I thought she was she just got nasty and said she would tell my husband if I didn't do what she wanted. I couldn't believe it. I really thought she would understand and help."

"And what did she have in mind for you to do?" I asked.

She continued, "At first she just made me do more of the cleaning work whilst she sat around reading magazines and drinking coffee."

"So what didn't you just tell her to fuck off and leave?" I said.

"I thought about it but I'm trapped. I need this job and couldn't afford just to walk away from it. Even cleaning jobs are not easy to find at the moment. Also, I couldn't take the risk that she wouldn't tell my husband. All in all I decided that doing the extra work was a price worth paying, at least until my husband and I started getting along better. Then perhaps I could tell him myself that I had made a mistake and that I was sorry."

"Doing some extra cleaning is a long way from what I just saw", I said.

Karen continued, "The sexual stuff started a few weeks ago, when we were cleaning. Angie told me to go into the toilets. I didn't have a clue what she wanted as I walked in in front of her. The out of the blue she said that she wanted to she my tits. I couldn't believe what she was asking. She insisted and repeated her threats. I begged her not to humiliate me like that but she said it was a small price to pay not to tell my husband about my affair and anyway if I obliged her with a show then she would pick up her share of the work again. I caved in and slowly lifted my top, removed my bra and showed her my tits. I thought it was just Angie's way of showing me who was in charge but as soon as she saw my breasts I realised she seemed to be getting very excited."

"Did she make you do anything else?" I asked.

"Not on that occasion. She just looked at my tits touched each of my nipples, then told me to get on with my work. I got dressed and that was that. However a few days latter she made me go into the toilets again. I thought if she just wanted to see my tits again, but this time she instructed that I strip completely. I got a little worried but at the same time there was something very exciting about the situation. Not just the risk of being caught but the humiliation of being submissive to Angie. As I slowly stripped I could feel my nipples hardening and my pussy getting wet. Once naked, she told me to spread my legs wide and frig myself!"

"And did you?", I asked.

"Yes I did." She answered.

"Did Angie do anything?" I asked.

"No she just watched, but she did stay in the toilet after I had finished and left so I reckon she probably masturbated herself." She replied.

"So when did she actually do something to you?" I went on. At this point Karen got defensive and told me that it was none of by business anyway and she wasn't going to tell me anymore. Okay, I may have caught them at it but that was that, and it certainly wouldn't happen again.

I decided to push her, "Look Karen, I can help you here, help you get even with Angie but in return I want to know everything".

"How are you going to help me?", she asked.

"First you tell me how masturbation turned to sex and then we'll discuss how I may help you".

"Okay", Karen went on slightly reluctantly, "it was really just the same as previous times. During our work Angie would suddenly announce that it was time for 'the toilet'. I knew what she meant and followed her. It had happened enough times by now that I just started to undress as soon as we got into the toilet and having done so started to masturbate for her. But a couple of weeks ago it was different. For the first time Angie removed her clothes. Not all of them, but she stripped to her bra and panties and later her bra came off aswell. As I started to masturbate she told me to kneel on all fours. This position of exposure seemed to add to the humiliation and to her enjoyment."

"So what did she do?" I asked.

"She knelt down behind me and started to rub my cunt and around my arse hole with her fingers. It was just a gorgeous feeling to know it was another women doing it", she said, "Then she pushed two fingers into my cunt and the end of her thumb into my arse. I turned my head to see her. She had her eyes closed and was rubbing her own tits with her other hand. She looked like she was in ecstasy. I turned away and concentrated on the finger fucking I was getting. I started to come within a couple of minutes and rode backwards onto Angie's fingers as hard as I could. It was so fucking dirty, just doing it on the toilet floor like that. I came streams. Cunt juice running down my legs. There was so much I was knelling in puddles of the stuff by the time I had finished. The strangest thing of all was that when it was over and I was gathering up my clothes I thanked her. Can you believe it, I actually thanked her for humiliating me!"

It seemed to me that if Karen enjoyed it as much as she said, then why on earth would she want my help to get even with Angie. I put this to her and she said that she couldn't go on with Angie holding all the cards. Whilst she did enjoy the sex and even being submissive she wanted to feel safer knowing that it was by choice she did it and not wholly under Angie's control.

"So", she said, "I've told you everything, so now you tell me how you will help me get even."

"First things first!" I said, "there's one more thing you have to do for me before I help you."

"What's that?"

I didn't need to answer. I just stood, dropped my trousers and shorts and sat back down. My cock was standing fully erect as a result of Karen's story. She looked at me, looked at the glistening head of my cock and sank off her chair onto the floor. She crawled over to me and, without hesitation, sank her mouth over my cock.

I can't pretend we had a really good long session. We didn't! I was so excited that after just a few moves of her head and tongue my prick started to spurt. I pulled out of her mouth and directed maybe four or five good shots of cum into Karen's face and hair. She looked disappointed, so I told her there would be plenty more opportunities for us to enjoy each other. She remained sitting at my feet as I passed her a box of tissues to clean herself up.

"Now as to Angie", I said, "is she honest?"

"Yeah generally, I suppose" said Karen, wiping as much of my spunk out of her hair as possible.


"Well she doesn't rob banks if that's what you mean! But I've known her take a few bits and pieces from offices we clean. Nothing much you understand, office supplies, that sort of thing", said Karen.

"Right!" I said, "that's how we start. Tomorrow when you clean this area I shall be in the print room. From there I can see my desk. It the top draw I shall leave a £20 note and the draw will be half-open. If Angie goes for it and 'lifts' the money we've got her!"

"Then what?" asked Karen.

"Oh, then we shall have some real fun but as to the details of what I have in mind for Angie, you will have to wait and see!" I said.

Chapter 2

The next day when Karen and Angie arrived I gave Karen the nod and, as arranged, put a £20 note partly on view in my desk top-draw. I then retired to the print room, which had a good view over my desk area. I had previously lowered the venetian blinds and angled the slats to offer a good view from inside the room but little or no view into the room from the office floor. I could therefore see what Karen and Angie were doing without much chance of them seeing me.

Karen made sure to clean desks away from mine to ensure that it was Angie who approached my desk to clean. Angie started to tidy things around and then spotted the money. At first see took a quick look up to see where Karen was and then closed the draw a little. She was being careful not to take it when Karen was around. Karen, cleverly, moved away still further to the other side of the office floor. At this point Angie dusted my desk top and then very quickly slide my draw open grabbed the money and half closed the draw again. I wanted to rush out but kept my cool. I needed her to put it in her pocket to make sure I had her. Sure enough having had a further quick glance to make sure Karen hadn't noticed, Angie stuffed the money into her jean's pocket.

I immediately walked out of the print room and sat straight down at my desk. Angie was by this time a few paces away and started for the door, obviously surprised at my entry. I acted immediately.

"Angie", I said, "can you come back here a minute please."

Angie turned round and confidently walked back to my desk. She was very cool.

"I think you may have something of mine there!" I said.

"Like what?" she replied gruffly.

"Like some money from my desk."

"Do be stupid! Why should I have money from your desk for God's sake!" she responded.

"Because Angie", I said summoning as much authority as I could, "I saw you take it. You took it from my top drawer and placed it in your jean pocket which is exactly where it will be now if we look."

"Fuck off!" she said, as quietly as possible obviously hoping not to attract Karen's attention.

"I don't think so Angie. I saw it all and I can recognise the money you took because I happened to jot a word onto it earlier."

Angie started to look a little worried. "Listen" she said, "Don't let Karen know. I'm sorry and I'll give it back. I won't ever do it again. Honest!"

"Not good enough!", I shouted loud enough to make her jump. "Karen come over here please", I shouted across the office.

Karen duly came over.

"Karen", I continued, "Sadly I have to tell you that I have caught your friend here stealing from my desk and I want you to witness what happens next."

I turned to Angie and said, "Take the money out of your top left jean pocket and pass it to Karen." Angie did as instructed. "Now Karen, unfold the note and you will see the word 'Oracle' written in the bottom left corner in red ink. Correct?"

Karen looked at the note and confirmed what I had said.

I continued, "So Angie, Karen has witnessed that you are a thief. What is your response."

Angie looking quickly back and forth between myself and Karen and started to stutter. "I really don't steal. I'm not a thief. It was just there and I just took it, and... and..."

"Shut up!", I shouted, "Stop trying to excuse yourself..."

"Well what are you going to do. If you report me I'll at least lose my job and if the police are involved I may even go to court. I can't have that. The shame for my family... "

I interrupted her again and told her that I might be persuaded not to report her.

"You'd let me off?", she asked.

"I didn't say that! I said I might not report you but there has to be a deal."

She enquired what I meant by a deal.

"Lets be straight here Angie", I said, "Today I caught you thieving but do you know that yesterday I caught you doing something else?". Before she had a chance to respond I continued, "yesterday, Angie, I saw both you and Karen in the toilet and everything you did".

She looked horrified and turned to Karen for support. Karen just stared her straight in the eye.

"The deal is Angie, that I will not report your thieving and in return you will submit yourself to both myself and Karen to do with as we see fit. Further you will swear not to say anything to Karen's husband about her recent affair. Do you clearly understand?"

Angie again looked at Karen, realising that Karen had obviously told me something of what had been going on between them both.

"Fuck off! I'm not doing what she says" replied Angie sneering at Karen.

"Fine!", I responded, "I'll call your employer and then the police!"

Angie just went silent and was obviously considering her position. "Okay, okay", she said quietly, "I'll do it. I don't have any frigging choice do I, you bastards!"

"Just like I didn't!" said Karen, speaking for the first time.

I turned to Karen and asked her what Angie's first punishment should be.

Karen responded, "I think we should take things slowly. Make her sweat a little more each day!" she said as if Angie wasn't even there, "For today Angie you will continue your work but in the nude!"

"Fuck off!" shouted Angie, again.

"No Angie!", I cut in, "you do as Karen instructs or I pick up the phone. And let me remind you that I won't tolerate you arguing the point every time Karen issues an instruction. Now strip!"

Angie took a last look at Karen, hoping to be let off but Karen simply repeated the instruction, "Strip!"

At this Angie slowly started to unbutton her blouse and took it off. This was followed by her trainers and her jeans which she very slowly pulled down to her ankles and stepped out off, covering her crotch with her hands as she did so.

"Now the bra and pants!", said Karen sternly.

Angie did as she was told and removed her underwear. She stood before us now stark naked and trying to cover herself as best she could.

"No use being coy Angie", I said, "Now go about your work while Karen and I watch you."

With that Karen fetched a coffee for herself and me and then sat beside me. We both watched in silence as Angie started about her chores. Her tits gently bobbing around and her pussy being beautifully exposed to our view every time she bent down to pick things up and empty bins.

I turned to Karen and asked her if she wanted Angie to do anything else this time.

"No not this time. I want to take this real slow and enjoy it each evening. Mark my words she will do all sorts for us by the time I've got even with her, but for tonight her humiliation is enough. As for yourself, please feel free to wank whilst you watch. That's the least you deserve for delivering Angie to me!"

Angie had heard the whole conversation, but said nothing.

I wasn't going to miss this opportunity and dropped by trousers and shorts. For the second evening running I was wanking openly in the office but this time seeing Angie 'perform', the tables having been totally switched in Karen's favour.

I pulled my cock slowly and steadily for a few minutes whilst Karen watched and Angie paraded herself. Then when I was nearing orgasm, Karen called Angie over and told her to stand in front of me. Karen then took hold of my cock for the final few pumps and made me start to spurt. She directed my cum onto Angie's thighs and drained the very last drop from me with pump after pump. My spunk was running down Angie's legs onto her feet. One spent, I started to get re-dressed while Karen ordered Angie to clear up my mess.

Once cleaned up, Angie was told to dress herself and make sure she was ready for tomorrow!

"What will I have to do tomorrow?" she asked.

"You'll see", said Karen.

Chapter 3

The following day my anticipation as to what would happen when Karen and Angie arrived, kept my mind from my work. I was desperately excited at the thought of Angie's further humiliation at the hands of Karen whilst at the same time scared, in case the whole thing turned bad or my involvement was in any way discovered. As the end of the working day approached and colleagues started to drift off home, my anticipation grew, as did my cock every time I thought about Angie being made to strip the day before and go about her work flashing her most intimate parts to both Karen and myself. Twice during the day I had resorted to having a wank in the toilet.

Now I watched the clock. The last of my colleagues had left some ten minutes ago and it was now 5.45. I heard Karen and Angie in the corridor. Strangely they were chatting as though nothing had happened between them. Had they got on good terms again? Would evens be taken further? I had to know!

As they entered the office area my mind was put at ease. Karen came straight over to my desk and asked if I was looking forward to Angie's further punishment.

"Oh yes!" I said, "but the way you were chatting together in the corridor I didn't know what was going on."

"That's out of work!" replied Karen sternly, "once we start work then things are different!"

I told her I didn't understand.

"Nor do I", she said "but that's the way it is. It just seems right that way. There has to be a point each day when the dominance, the sex stuff ends or it would get out of hand."

I still didn't fully understand but could just about see where Karen 'was coming from'.

As Karen chatted to me, Angie had proceeded to start the cleaning of the office and didn't seem to want to catch either my nor Karen's eye.

Karen shouted over to her, "Angie, over here, now!"

Angie looked up from her work, looked at Karen, then me and then sheepishly started to walk towards us.

Karen started, "So Angie, do you still feel ashamed at being caught thieving yesterday, and are you sorry for the threats you made against me and for the humiliation that you subjected me to before Steven here so kindly rescued me from your nastiness?"

She went on, "and what about your punishment last night, how was that?"

Angie again looked at me and then at Karen and replied, "Yeah I'm sorry I took the money and I suppose I was nasty to you before, so sorry for that as well."

"And what about your punishment?" repeated Karen.

"I didn't have much fucking choice did I!" replied Angie.

I cut in, "no you didn't, but you did agree to it."

"Is that it now?" asked Angie.

"Oh no!" said Karen, "you will be punished much more yet, I've got all sorts planned for you and I know your a dirty slag so you'll enjoy every minute of it wont you? Even if you pretend to be hard done by. Now for tonight your punishment will be a show! You will put on a masturbation show for Steve and I, and you can start now. Get your clothes off, all of them!"

I was enjoying every minute of this and settled back into my chair adjusting my now erect prick as I did so, to be comfortable. I had to agree with Karen, it seemed to me that whilst Angie protested her punishment it was a very half-hearted protest. I really do think she was quietly enjoying what was going on between the three of us.

Angie started to undress. First her sweat, followed by the T-shirt underneath. She was bra less and her tits bounced free from the clothing, already showing erect nipples. This time Angie made no attempt to hide herself as she shed her clothes. Next she kicked off her trainers and grabbing the elastic waist of her track pants lowered slowly down to her ankles. Before she stepped out of them she puled her knickers down to join them. Then she stepped out of both together. Standing away from her pile of discarded clothes she seemed to be awaiting instruction. I felt that it was not for me to get involved at this stage and I to waited for Karen to speak. Turning to her I could see she had her eyes fixed on Angie's cunt and seemed to be slowly rubbing her thighs together. Karen was obviously hot too and I knew this was going to be a good evening.

"You will follow my instructions Angie", said Karen and then proceeded to issue details commands to Angie.

"First play with your breasts. Rub and pinch your nipples. I want them to be as hard and erect as they can be."

Angie raised her hands to her tits and started to gently rub them. Then pinching a nipple in each hand she tweaked and pulled at them quite harshly, stopping only to lick as much of her breasts as she could reach with her tongue before returning each time to the massaging. As she paid attention to her breasts I could see Angie was getting very turned on. Her nipples were indeed now very erect and her pussy was glistening with moisture. For her part Karen had sat down and with a hand inside her own blouse was also playing her own tits.

"Now your cunt!", she said to Angie, "start playing with your cunt. I want you to spread your pussy lips wide so that we can see your wetness. Then start on your clit. I want you to rub it hard and fast."

Angie again obliged, dropping her hands to her pussy and promptly pulling her lips as wide as possible, inserting a finger as she did so. She was dripping, with liquid now openly running down her legs. She started rubbing her clit, at first slowly and than quickly speeded up until she was groaning as she frantically approached an orgasm.

"Stop!", shouted Karen, "I didn't say you could come. You will come when I say and only when I give permission. Is that clear? Now turn around bend over to touch your toes and spread your legs."

Angie did as she was told, assuming the position as instructed. Her pussy and arsehole were now fully exposed. Karen left her like this for a few moments whilst she removed her own blouse and bra and then sat down again and resumed her own tit massage. For my part I decided to follow suit and quickly stripped to just my underwear. As I sat down I put a hand into my shorts and started to gently rub my cock.

"Now Angie, bring one hand between your legs and continue masturbating. This time you may come but you must remain in position."

Angie quickly bought her left hand between her legs and inserted two or three fingers into her cunt. With her right hand she was clearly working on her clit. It didn't take long for her to start groaning again and her hand movements became frantic as she wrenched herself to orgasm. As she came her pussy actually dripped onto the carpet and spent of energy she collapsed to her knees.

"I told you to remain standing!" said Karen sternly, "for that you will be sent home in a mess!"

Turning to me, Karen told me to take my shorts off and go over to Angie.

Surprised at my own submissiveness, I did as told, my erect prick bouncing up and down as I walked and dripping pre-cum with every bounce. I stood behind Angie who was still on her hands and knees.

"Now Steve continue masturbating. I want you to come on Angie's arse. I want your spunk to drip down her arse cheeks", said Karen as she herself removed the rest of her own clothing, sat on the floor legs spread and started to wank herself off.

As usual, given the circumstances, it didn't take long for me to cum. I directed a huge load all over Angie's arse and into her arse crack. My spunk dripped, as Karen wanted, down between Angie's legs.

Once I had finished my load both Angie and I turned to watch Karen finish herself off which she did with a grand finale of bringing her wet fingers to her mouth and eagerly sucking her own juices.

Karen then got to her feet and said, "Right Angie you will now finish the cleaning, without cleaning yourself up. I want to see you dripping with cum as you work and when finished you will get dressed also without cleaning yourself up."

"Oh come on Karen", pleaded Angie.

"Just do as you're told", replied Karen., "When you arrive home I want you to still be reminded of your punishment."

Half an hour later their work was done and Angie had indeed dressed, still covered in my mess. It was such a turn on for me to know she was going home like that.

Karen then issued her final instruction.

"Angie", she said, "next Monday is the start of the school holidays is it not?"

"Yeah, so?" replied Angie.

"Well your niece usually comes and earns holiday money helping us with the cleaning doesn't she. How old is she now?" asked Karen.

Angie replied that her niece was now 16 but wanted to know why Karen was so interested.

"Because," said Karen, "She will be part of your next punishment. You will seduce her while Steve and I watch!"

"I can't do that!", Angie responded forcefully.

"Oh you will, believe me you will! See you all Monday!" were Karen's last words as she left the office.

Chapter 4

Over the weekend I was absolutely obsessed with the sessions I had enjoyed with Karen and Angie. I was in a state of almost permanent arousal and relived myself time after time replaying the visions of both of them masturbating themselves.

It was the same all day Monday but with the added excitement of Angie's niece being seduced by her for the pleasure of Karen and myself.

As the time for their arrival approached I was getting hornier and hornier and was so glad when the last of my colleagues left the office. As soon as they had gone I got my dick out and wanked into a handful of Kleenex.

Karen arrived first and immediately sat down next to my desk. She already looked flushed and said that she too had been thinking about what was to happen all weekend. It was good to have a chance to talk with Karen prior to Angie's arrival. I was not at all sure about the involvement of her niece and wanted to set some ground rules.

"It seems to me" I said, "that if Angie can seduce her niece 'fair and square' into some lesbian sex then fine but I don't want anyone her age to be forced into anything."

Fortunately Karen agreed and said that under no circumstances would she physically force anyone to do anything they didn't want to; particularly a girl of sixteen. However she also said that she knew Stella, Angie's niece, and that she was no shrinking violet. Apparently she was very sexually active and had regaled Karen and Angie, when she had worked with them during previous school holidays, with stories of her sex sessions with various boyfriends. Karen was sure that we would get a good 'show' and said that she would take it easy, see how things went, and then decide how far to push Angie.

No sooner had Karen stopped speaking, Angie walked in looking extremely nervous and followed by the most gorgeous looking teenager. She introduced the girl as Stella, her niece and explained to me, I suppose for Stella's benefit, that Stella had just started a short school holiday and would be earning some extra spending money helping Angie and Karen with their cleaning. With that she turned to Stella and told her to start on the far side of the office.

Stella, who was slim, around 5'3" and with dark short cropped almost boyish hair, immediately went over to the other side of the office floor and started to empty waste bins.

Angie turned to Karen and myself and said, "I really don't think I can go through with your planned punishment tonight. How can I ever seduce Stella? What if she complained and told her mother, my sister? I could never face my family again! I can't do it, I just can't!"

Again I decided that Karen should take charge, rather than myself and looked to her for a response.

Karen immediately responded, "Oh come on Angie, you know you want to do this. I bet you're been as horny all weekend as Steve and I have and we both know that Stella is more than experienced in sexual matters, she's told us before about her sex life."

"I know", replied Angie, "but lesbian sex is a different thing all together, let alone lesbian sex with her own aunt!"

"Look, enough arguments!", retorted Karen, "you will do as you are told. Steve and I will make it easy on you. You will take Stella to the toilets on the pretence of cleaning. Then you can make your move in there. She will feel safer if she thinks its just to two of you in private. You can use a cubicle but must leave the cubicle door open. Steve and I will view from the main toilet door via the wall mirror so Stella won't even know we are there."

"But what if she doesn't go for it?" asked Angie.

"Its up to you to make sure she does! I wouldn't expect you to force her but if you don't look so nervous and just go for it, I think Stella will take the bait!" Karen advised. "Oh and I got you a surprise," she continued reaching into her bag and pulling out a strap-on dildo, which she passed to Angie.

"I'm not going to fuck her!" Angie said, rather too loudly.

"You don't need to. That's for Stella to use on you! Just make sure you get her to use it or Steve and I will not be best pleased. Do you understand?" said Karen in a fairly harsh tone.

Angie nodded, tucked the dildo into her cleaning bag and started over to Stella. They chatted for a moment and then headed towards the door. "Stella and I will do the toilets now!", she said to Karen and I as they passed.

This was our cue. Once they had gone through the door onto the landing area, Karen approached me and grabbed my cock through my trousers. Giving it a few rubs with one hand whilst rubbing her own crotch with the other, she smiled and said that this was going to be 'one of the best', as she put it. She then said that we should give Angie a couple of minutes and then follow to the toilet.

Moments later we both walked quietly out onto the landing and on to the toilet door. Karen very carefully and gently pushed the door open a few inches and we both listened. Angie and Stella were chatting and were obviously at the far end of the room already out of direct site of the door. Karen pushed the door further open and then we could see them both, via the wall mirror, going about cleaning the cubicles.

My dick sprung to attention in my shorts. It was all Karen and I could do to stand still and quiet as we listened to their conversation. It was general chit-chat for a few minutes and then Angie started to turn the conversation.

"You're looking very beautiful these days Stella," said Angie in a gentle voice, "I bet you've got the boys are chasing you."

Stella looked a little coyly at her auntie and with a gentle smile responded, "thanks for the compliment auntie, yeah the boys do tend to hang around but they are only after the usual!.

"The usual?" asked Angie.

"Oh you know, they just want to fuck you. Oh sorry auntie I suppose I shouldn't swear like that."

Angie responded, "Oh don't worry about that but tell me do you give them what they want?"

"Auntie!" said Stella in mock shock, "You shouldn't ask questions like that.

"Oh go on you can tell your old auntie. I just want to remember what its like to be young and beautiful and have boys chasing after you. It seems so long ago for me know."

"Don't be silly auntie, you're still very attractive, I bet you could still get all them men you wanted."

"If nice of you to say so Stella, but you didn't answer my question." Said Angie. "do the boys get what they want?"

"How do I know you won't tell mum if I tell you?" enquired Stella.

"Oh you can trust your old auntie. Have I ever told you're mum before when we have discussed sex?"

"No I guess not!", replied Stella, "so yeah, I can tell you, sometimes they get what they're after and sometimes not. It depends how attractive they are, how they treat me and how I'm feeling at the time. I like to flirt with them, you know, lead them on a bit, flash a little flesh. Its great fun to see them react."

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