Office Cleaners

by Phantom1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Incest, Niece, Aunt, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Office cleaner is blackmailed into lesbian sex with her co-worker but then turns the tables on her.

Chapter 1

In the late 90's I worked in an Insurance company office in South London. My work was as a computer systems programmer and my duties meant I was often in the office late in the day. Most of my colleagues would normally have left the building by 17.30 and I would normally depart sometime between 18.30 and 19.00 hrs. The reason I write this story is to tell readers of my experiences I had with the office cleaners who would arrive at 17.30 each day to generally tidy up, empty the trash and polish the desks.

As I said most days, soon after the arrival of the cleaners, I would be the only member of staff left. The regular cleaners we had were two women in their late thirties. Now I don't want to be disparaging in anyway to them; they were real nice people, but they were, as we say in England, 'the dirty sort'. By that I mean neither of them was anything other than you might expect; working class, good natured women who both looked liked they had been about a bit and certainly knew how to handle themselves. The short of women that you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of, but always fancied shagging like hell!

Like I said, I thought they were real pleasant and as soon as they arrived we would swap hellos, ask how they were doing and then they would get on with their work whilst I returned to mine. As I sat at my terminals I would watch them go about their work and often fantasise about them; what they looked like naked, being fucked by their men, giving head etc. However when I finally and actually got to find out what they were about sexually, I was in for a fantastic surprise.

It was one evening in August and I happened to notice that having quickly dusted round my part of the office they had both gone into the stair well area. There was nothing particularly unusual in this since they also cleaned the toilets that were located in this area. However what struck me this particular evening was that they seemed to finish the office very quickly. I hadn't even had time to get a good look at what they were wearing let alone let my imagination run wild. I decided to wander out onto the stairs, partly out of curiosity and partly out of concern in case anything was wrong.

As I made my way past the lifts, I heard a strange muffled sound from the ladies toilet. I walked to the door and listened. It was unmistakably the sound of sex. They were fairly loud groans of excitement most definitely coming from the toilet. I thought who it could be and decided that as far as I knew it was only the cleaners and me in the building so it had to be them. But it couldn't be! What was the chance of the two cleaners having sex at work let alone together. I thought again; what if it was one of them and a bloke. Perhaps their boyfriend or husband had come in to meet them. I listened again at the door and was sure that it was the sound of two women I could hear. I decided to take a chance and gentle push the door open. If I were lucky they would be out of site of the door and would not immediately see me. If they did see me, well then I figured they would hardly have a leg to stand on. Sure they may be pissed off at me catching them but they could hardly complain too much if I had caught them fucking each other.

I gently pushed the door of the toilet open and immediately saw the two women. They were in a cubicle with the door open and slightly round the corner from the door but I was getting a superb view in the large wall mirror opposite the door.

At this point I should describe the women. Both, as I said, were in their late thirties, maybe early forties. One was dark haired, with large hips, good firm breasts and a tendency to dress perhaps ten years younger than she actually was. Her name was Karen. The other was smarter, again with full hips but much smaller breasts. She was the more forceful of the two and her name was Angie.

Back to the view before me. Karen was stood in the cubicle, straight legged, with her back to the open door, bent at the hips with her hands resting on the toilet seat. Her jeans and knickers were round her angles but other than that she was fully dressed. Angie was still fully clothed, stood behind Karen and had three fingers of her left hand firmly inside Karen's pussy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As I stood staring, Angie started to pump her fingers in and out and as she did so was trying to get her whole hand into Karen's cunt. She was being quite rough and holding Karen's hair with her other hand.

"Come on you fuck bitch!", shouted Angie, "come for me, come on, come for me you slut. You love this don't you! Don't You! You dirty bitch!"

Angie was obviously running this little show and seemed to be greatly enjoying her dominant position. In response to her harsh prompting all Karen replied was a gentle "Yes, yes I want to be fucked. Please fuck me." as she approached a orgasm. Suddenly her head bucked backwards, her leg muscles contracted and her arse checks closed tight. She groaned in delight.

Angie, realising Karen was coming, thrust her hand fully into her wet cunt and started spanking her arse checks as if trying to wring ever last drop of orgasm out of her. When Karen was spent, Angie pulled her hand out roughly and wiped it on Karen's sweatshirt.

I expected them to turn around at this point and was just about to let the door close when Angie spoke.

"Stay exactly as you are!" she instructed, "Don't stand up and don't turn around. I want to look at your wet slutty pussy while I wank."

She moved a couple of paces back from Karen and then dropped her track trousers to her ankles. Without dropping her panties she put her hand to her own cunt, crouched down, to get a better view of Karen's pussy, and started to 'wank' herself furiously. Again she started to talk dirty, chastising Karen for being a dirty slut and shouting, "fuck, oh god fuck me!" over and over.

At the site of this I could control myself no more. I opened my fly, pushed the top of my shorts down and grabbed hold of my rock hard dick! It took no more than three or four pumps for me to shoot my load straight in through the toilet door and onto the tiled floor. A few more pumps to empty my load and I let the door start to close as I walked away to the sound of Angie screaming to her own orgasm.

Having returned to my desk, I was obviously entranced by what I had just seen. There was no way I was going to let this be a one off and decided that since Karen seemed to be submissive to Angie, it was her I should tackle first. As luck would have it Karen walked back onto the office floor. I decided that I should strike immediately rather than have to wait for a future chance that may never come.

Karen proceeded to a group of desks in front of mine and set about tidying them. I took a deep breath and blurted out, "So you're Angie's fuck slut, are you?".

Karen paused for a second, I held my breath, then she swung round to look at me and simple said "What?"

I could see from her embarrassed look that she had instantly recognised I knew something or had seem something and she look so scared.

"What?" she said again.

I held my nerve, "I said, so you're Angie's fuck slut are you!", and continued before she had chance to respond, "I just saw your little show in the toilets. You've got a real nice pussy there Karen, I'm not surprised Angie likes to look at it whilst she frigs herself!"

Karen, giving up all pretence at innocence, said "It wasn't a show and certainly not for you to see!"

"Well I did see it Karen", I said, "and I can tell you it was one hell of a show from where I was standing".

At this point Karen's demeanour changed and she went very sheepish. She approached my desk and sat herself in a chair just a few feet from me.

"Look, please don't say anything", she begged, "I can't have anyone else know, please"

Before I responded she started to spill everything to me.

"Angie made me do it! A few months ago I was going through a rough patch with my fella. I told her I had had an affair thinking that she would offer me the support I needed, but instead of acting like the friend I thought she was she just got nasty and said she would tell my husband if I didn't do what she wanted. I couldn't believe it. I really thought she would understand and help."

"And what did she have in mind for you to do?" I asked.

She continued, "At first she just made me do more of the cleaning work whilst she sat around reading magazines and drinking coffee."

"So what didn't you just tell her to fuck off and leave?" I said.

"I thought about it but I'm trapped. I need this job and couldn't afford just to walk away from it. Even cleaning jobs are not easy to find at the moment. Also, I couldn't take the risk that she wouldn't tell my husband. All in all I decided that doing the extra work was a price worth paying, at least until my husband and I started getting along better. Then perhaps I could tell him myself that I had made a mistake and that I was sorry."

"Doing some extra cleaning is a long way from what I just saw", I said.

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