Our Vacation

by Lesa

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: Story of two couples who meet at a hot vacation spot and spend some time getting to know each other VERY well in the hot tub.

It had been so long since we had gone anywhere together. Our relationship had become more like that of roommates. Civil but unaffectionate. The trip was my idea, a last ditch effort to add some excitement to our relationship. I knew I was being deceptive but if it worked it would be worth it.

We arrived at the hotel and checked into our room. The view was breath taking. I could feel my stomach dancing as my nerves began to take over. One hour until dinner which meant one hour until we would meet Kathy and Darrin for the first time. Purely by coincidence or at least it would seem so to Ted and Darrin. We decided to take a walk around the grounds before heading to the restaurant for diner. The huge lush foliage, fragrant flowers and numerous man made water falls calmed my nerves as we finally made it to our table. The hostess brought us a pina colada and plates for the buffet. Minutes later she returned this time with a man and a woman.

"We are running short on tables do you mind if Kathy and Darrin join you?"

"No, not at all, that would be fine." Ted smiled at her as she turned and left.

Kathy and Darrin were from the mid-south; she had dark hair and beautiful dark eyes only her smile could grab the attention from. Darrin had a nice build, perfectly tanned skin and his head was covered with dark slightly wavy hair. His smile was as sexy as hers was sensual.

Conversation was limited at first, but after a bite to eat and a few drinks we talked like we had known each other our whole lives. Four hours after sitting down together we agreed to meet in the hot tub just off our room. I hoped I wasn't the only one feeling such an attraction to both Kathy and Darrin. I wanted this to work out for all of us.

We changed into our bathing suits and waited for our new friends to arrive.

The knock at the door was soft and secretive. My insides jumped from excitement and nervousness; this was it. If anything were going to happen it would happen in the next little while.

We made our way onto the terrace and Kathy and I poured drinks for us. Ted and Darrin were already in the hot tub when we brought the drinks over. They were talking about guy stuff when we climbed in next to them and there was sudden quiet. The comfort zone had been changed from sitting at a table to sitting barely clothed less than five feet away from each other. Kathy and I had discussed how this would go to make it easier for the guys to take part. We looked at each other and both started to laugh. It was so much easier to talk about when we weren't actually together, but we wanted it to happen.

Slowly we moved closer to each other. Feeling braver thanks to the alcohol we had consumed. Coming together we kissed softly but quickly and as we turned to see the reaction from Ted and Darrin it was obvious they were in shock. They had no idea what was about to happen. Kathy and I looked back towards each other and smiled, the hard part was over... we had made our point. Once again, our lips touched and we kissed, longer this time. My trembling hands slowly reached up towards the strap of her bathing suit sliding it down off of her shoulder. The other one slid down on it's own. For the first time the warm tropical air caressed her beautiful tits and I could see in her face she liked it. I lowered my lips to her erect nipples and gently began to suck on them teasing them with my tongue and teeth. From behind, I felt hands trailing slowly down my sides touching the sides of my breasts and then undoing the hook at the back of my suit. The top fell down and I pulled closer to Kathy our tits touching flesh to flesh for the first time. She kissed me, her hands at the back of my head, her tongue deep in my mouth. Neither of us had ever been with another woman but had always wanted to experience it. The long conversations we'd had before our meeting had divulged every detail of what we wanted. Darrin's hands reached forward as he massaged both of our tits at once. I could feel his erection behind me rubbing against my ass. Ted was the last to join. Following Darrin's lead he moved behind Kathy and began to kiss the back of her neck. His hands reached in front of her and he caressed her hard sensitive nipples. I reached back and slid my hands down the top of Darrin's bathing suit sliding it down over his ass and cock, letting him take over from there. He tossed them out of the tub so everyone knew he was naked. Ted slid his down and tossed them out next to Darrin's. That's when things got wilder. Kathy and I removed our bottoms and the four of us moved around the hot tub at times unsure whose hands were where. In my ear I heard a whisper

"I want to see you and Kathy make love to each other. I want to watch and then take you."

I made my way back to her and patted my hand on the side of the hot tub.

"Here jump up here."

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