Bound to Please

by little miss blair

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Desc: Sex Story: Young married business woman is forced to acknowledge her depraved, submissive lust by three strangers, three women who prey on luscious young girls.

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My name is Tabitha. No, I'm not a witch and I can't wiggle my nose. My mother, however, was a big fan of the old television show "Bewitched" and yes, that's where she came up with my name.

Anyway, the firm I work for insisted I attend the grand opening of a new branch office in Baltimore. I didn't relish the thought of being away from my husband for a week but my employer wasn't looking for a volunteer, it was part of my job. My unusual story really began on the last night of my visit.

As I was dining in the hotel restaurant where I was staying the hostess approached my table with a peculiar request. Apparently there were three women waiting for a table who were getting restless. They asked the hostess if she would approach me about their joining me for dinner.

She pointed out the three women to me. They were attractive, well dressed businesswomen and their request seemed harmless to me.

"Why not," I told the hostess. "I haven't had a decent personal conversation since I left Indiana."

The three introduced themselves to me as Susan, Rachel, and Megan. They weren't rude exactly, but they pretty much conversed amongst themselves and ignored me. Believe it or not I actually prefered listening to their conversation as opposed to sitting alone.

As we were leaving the dining room Susan, or I think it was Susan, asked if I would like to join her and her friends later for a drink.

"I'd love to," I said. "Anything to get me out of my hotel room." I gave her my room number and asked her to call when they were ready.

Soon after I arrived back at my room there was a knock on my door. It was them. Since they had failed to call me I asked if they would like to wait while I changed into something more comfortable. I've always felt so stiff and proper in my business suits.

"Sure," Susan replied. "No problem."

My room, unfortunately, was a one room suite so I had no privacy and... well, I was a little uncomfortable about undressing in front of them. I've always been proud of my body but...maybe it was because they were strangers.

I had removed my jacked, blouse and skirt when I heard Megan say, "Why don't we stay here girls. She looks like she would be fun. Check the body out on her."

I didn't understand what she meant by that remark but suddenly, without warning, two of them grabbed me by my arms and threw me on the bed.

"What are you doing," I cried out. I was suddenly scared to death, my mind screaming out...what had I got myself into by befriending thiese three ladies.

They didn't answer me. I continued to scream until one of them stuffed something in my mouth.

Two of them held me, pinned on the bed, while Susan tied my arms to the bedpost. I was frightened out of my mind. Were they going to kill me? What did they want?

Once my arms were secure they moved three chairs next to the bed and sat there looking at me. I lay there, partially dressed, kicking and writhing on the bed. They were whispering to each other, mostly, it seemed about my body.

Susan used the phone to order up two bottles of wine from room service. I continued pulling on the ropes that secured my arms to the bed. I was soon exhausted.

For some reason I thought what a fright I must look, surely my tears had streaked mascara down my face by now. My sobbing paused briefly while I wondered how I could be so vain. For all I knew I could be near death, but for one brief moment, I worried about my appearance. It was almost laughable.

Finally one of them spoke aloud. " God she has nice tits doesn't she? I can't wait to suck on those babies."

Susan hissed, "I told you in the lobby she had nice tits. Nice legs and ass too, and I love her large mound. Look at that cunt. She's going to be a real pleasure to fuck..."

I was totally stunned. There I lay, half naked, worried about dying, and they were saying what? They weren't going to kill me, they were talking about sex!   I was still scared, no, I was repulsed, but I also felt a sense of relief I wasn't going to die.

"Have you ever had sex with a woman before?" Rachel asked.

I shook my head vigorously, trying to convey to her that not only had I not had sex with another female, I didn't want to start now!

About that time the wine arrived. Susan made the waiter stay in the hallway as I tried my best to scream. Whatever was stuffed in my mouth just allowed a muffled squeal.

They poured themselves some wine and continued staring at me. Then they did something not only peculiar, but depraved! They spread their legs, pulled up their skirts, and began rubbing themselves. It was like I was on display for their sexual was so perverted I couldn't comprehend it.

By now I was crying hysterically. The tears were burning my eyes. They paid absolutely no attention to my pleading.

Through my tears I could see Rachel quicken the pace of her fingers. Suddenly her body shuddered, a sigh of satisfaction emitted from her lips. She stood up, removed her panties, and walked over to the bed. She removed the gag from my mouth. What a relief, I thought, as I took a big gulp of air. Not for long. She was stuffing her panties into my mouth!!

They were warm and,...wet. I could taste and feel her juices warming my throat and all I could do was swallow. I thought surely I would vomit and choke to death...but I didn't. I didn't understand the flush I felt either...

Rachel began fumbling for the front hook of my bra. When unhooked, my mammoth, swollen breast fell out heavily. My nipples were like pencil erasers. I was totally embarassed and ashamed.

"Look, her nipples are soooo hard," I heard Rachel say. "Look how long they are. Jesus, I could fuck these nipples."

With that, I was sure my shame was complete. If she tried to mount my nipple...well, I would just die!

She lowered her mouth to my left breast and sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her other hand was pinching my right breast hard enough to make me wince. I accepted the pain as my penance for the humilation...and the tinge of pleasure...I felt.

Suddenly, Susan's face was looming above me. She pulled the panties from my mouth and lowered her lips to mine. I twisted my head from side to side trying to pull away but her hands clamped my head and held it still. Her tongue was forcing it's way beween my lips. My mouth stayed clenched, there was no way I was allowing her to stick her dirty tongue in my mouth.

She pulled away for a moment and slapped me across my cheek. God, did it sting. I looked at her defiantly. She slapped me again, and again, until...until I said please, my eyes pleading for her to stop, or... slap me again! My mind was so confused I wasn't sure what I was pleading for. She lowered her lips again and I submissively parted my lips. I could feel her tongue, so long, thick and soft, snake its way into my throat.

Someone was rubbing my pussy through my panties. I couldn't see who it was. I didn't care, I just wanted it stopped because this was now going to far. This was gross! I crossed my legs but the rubbing continued, slowly, up and down my panty clad, swollen lips. As my mind screamed stop... my thighs parted slowly, slowly...until my legs, wide open, the squishing of my pussy deafening to my ears. I was soaking wet, my whole body betraying me by this depraved assault. An abrupt realization, I was sucking on Susan's tongue! How long had I been doing that...I didn't know.

Megan spoke. "She's almost ready Susan. Are you going to get ready?"

Megan's sound of urgency brought a surge of reality, something else, something big was about to happen. But the reality didn't seem so important. What was important was the heat between my legs.

Susan pulled her tongue from my mouth. She walked across the room to her purse. I could tell she was removing her clothes. God, what a body, I thought, as an unnatural craving swept over my body.

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