Rescuing Mother

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Mult, Mind Control, Incest, Mother, Son, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A nasty surprise in his mother's past becomes a problem in the present. How can Luke rescue his mother from the clutches of her former Master?

"Hey mum," I called down the stairs, "have you seen..."

"Not now Luke," she called back, her voice sounding tense, "I have some-one with me."

Muttering to myself I headed downstairs to search for my tape recorder, I was sure I'd left it in the living room so I made that my first stop. As I entered the room I saw my mother sitting on the sofa with a strange man next to her, something about him put my back up immediately and my mother's reaction only added to my instant dislike of him.

"Luke, please," she almost snapped as I entered, "go elsewhere for now, can't you see I have a guest."

Raising an eyebrow I retreated to my room wondering just who the hell the guy was and why my mother didn't want me to see him; not that he was much to look at, short, dark, greasy and ugly was the impression I had got of him. Since I couldn't go searching for my recorder I decided to get myself ready to go out for my birthday treat, my mother was taking me to see a film then on to a restaurant for a meal. I was looking forward to the evening, but at the same time I felt it wouldn't be the same without dad, he'd died almost a year ago to the day and at 15 I really missed him being around. My mother had done what she could to fill both parental roles, but there was stuff I felt I couldn't talk to her about, sex being the top of the list.

About forty minutes later I heard my mother's bedroom door close quite loudly, I guessed that her visitor had gone and I slipped down to the living room to find my recorder before we went out. Scratching my head I looked around the living room then grinned as I spotted the machine lurking under the coffee table in front of the sofa. Retrieving it I looked at the tape and my grin grew broader, the recorder was one of those that had a sound activation system and it had obviously been activated since almost all the tape was used up. Although I hadn't planned for my mother's conversation to be recorded I was not going to be all noble and not listen to whatever was now on the tape, my curiosity about the stranger and my mother's mood was too great for me not to listen. Only that would have to wait, I could hear my mother coming downstairs and she seemed in a rush, which puzzled me a little since we had a least an hour to go before the film we were going to started.

"There you are." My mother said as she entered the room.

I was even more puzzled by her appearance; she had a coat on as though ready to go out, her face was made up more heavily than I had ever seen it before and she was wearing her highest heels. Not that I let my puzzlement stop me giving my mother my usual eyeballing, I loved my mother and I also lusted after her, which I guess is normal for male teens. Seeing her made up as she was with those heels and what looked like stockings encasing her legs fuelled my imagination and sent me into a daydream of what was under the coat and how I'd take it off her.

"Luke," she said drawing me away from my lustful thoughts, "I'm sorry darling, but tonight is off, something's come up and I have to go out."

"What!" I gaped at her, "But mum...!"

"I'm sorry Luke, we'll just have to go another day." She cut across my shocked protest, her voice sounding strange, "I won't be back until late so don't wait up for me okay."

"But mum," I protested, "it's my birthday! You promised we'd..."

"Luke," she said sharply before I could finish, "I can't put this off, we'll go out another night, I promise."

"Yeah right, just like you promised we'd go out tonight!" I snapped as I retreated to my room.

I regretted my words as soon as they were out of my mouth, but hell, I was pissed, I'd been looking forward to our night out eagerly for over a week and now, just like that, it was off. Yeah I was pissed, but at the same time I had the feeling that my mother's sudden change of plans had something to do with the mysterious visitor she'd had. Sitting on my bed sulking I half expected my mother to come upstairs to at least say goodnight, instead I heard the front door close and my anger faded to bewilderment, she never left the house without at least a goodbye to me.

It was five minutes later that I remembered the tape recorder I was still holding, rewinding the tape I hesitated a moment before pressing the play button.

"...doing here?" my mother's voice came from the speaker; it sounded stiff and nervous.

"Can't I visit an old friend Ruth?" I heard the strange man's voice reply.

"Friends, Marcus?" my mother's voice retorted, "Is that what you called it, friendship?"

"True, it was a more... intimate... thing we had together." The man replied

"So what is it you want Marcus?" my mother asked, "And how did you find me anyway?"

"I never 'lost' you Ruthie," his voice held a smirk in it's tone, "I always keep track of my... pets. As for what I want, I need a hostess for tonight..."

"NO!" my mother's voice almost shouted across him, "I want nothing to do with you Marcus, I escaped from you sixteen years ago, you can't believe I'd ever go back to that again!"

The man's laughter sounded cruel as it rattled from the small speaker of the tape recorder. I continued listening in bewilderment; none of the conversation was making any sense to me so far.

"You think you escaped?" he was chuckling, "Poor girl, I let you run loose for a while. You have always been mine, always will be."

"NO!" my mother retorted, though her voice held a little uncertainty, "No, I'm free of you..."

"Slut-bitch-whore." The man almost seemed to whisper.

From the speaker I heard my mother give a gasp then a sob, then silence.

"What the fuck?" I muttered.

"You see Ruth," the man's voice suddenly sounding from the speaker again made me jump, "you've never been 'free', I could have come for you at any time I chose, I merely allowed you the illusion of freedom."

There was no reply and I wondered just what the hell was going on, whatever it was didn't sound good.

"Nothing to say Ruth?" the man's voice laughed, "No protests? No pleas?"

"No... Master." I heard my mother's voice reply softly.

My eyebrows nearly shot to the back of my neck at her reply, her voice had sounded meek and defeated, in disbelieve I rewound the tape a little and listened to her say the words 'No... Master' again. From the tape the man's laughter sounded cruel and evil, a shiver ran down my spine at the sound of it.

"It's been a long time since I felt those soft lips of yours on my cock my little slut," he laughed, "come, take my cock out and suck it as you used to."

"Yes... Master." I heard my mother's voice respond meekly.

The next sounds from the tape were indistinct, but they seemed to be the sounds of someone getting off the sofa, a zip opening and then there was a sigh from the man and a soft sort of slurping noise. In confusion I kept listening, it was as the sound of my mother breathing heavily and sighing came from the speaker that it dawned on me that I was listening to her obeying his command to suck his cock! Gasping in shock I stopped the tape and stared at it while I tried to sort out what I'd heard so far in my mind. It was impossible, unbelievable, but everything seemed to point to this man from my mother's past being in control of her, her 'Master', which made her his...

"Slave!" I gasped aloud in astonishment.

Turning the tape back on I listened to the sounds of my mother pleasuring the man she called Master, heard him commenting on how good she was and her pausing to thank him for his compliment before going back to sucking him off! I listened while he came and my mother groaned in what seemed to be pleasure with him commanding her to swallow all his cum, to lick his cock clean then put it away for him. I listened in stunned disbelieve to my mother thank him for letting her suck him off, then beg him to use her as he wished.

"Shit!" I cursed in incredulity.

My cock suddenly made it's presence known by throbbing, stunned I stared at my groin and the bulge in my trousers, listening to my mother servicing the man Marcus had really turned me on.

"Perhaps later." I heard the man respond to her plea for him to use her, "For now let's concentrate on why I came. I need a hostess for tonight. I have chosen you. You will come to the Landsdowne Hotel at four, I am in the penthouse suite and the liftboy will expect you. Dress in your maids outfit, I assume you still have it."

"I have it Master." I heard my mother respond.

"Good," his voice sounded victorious, "then you will come in that, don't bother with a bra or panties they will just be a waste of time. Stockings, high heels and your sluttish make-up will complete the ensemble. You may wear a coat to get to the hotel, but you will remove it on the way up in the lift, if the liftboy wants to sample you he may. Understand all this my little whore?"

"Yes Master." I heard my mother respond with a catch in her voice.

This Marcus must have seen something in her face or eyes because his next words from the speaker were 'Speak slut.'

"Master," my mother's voice said, "it's my son's birthday today, I promised him that we'd go out tonight, can't..."

"Silence!" He snapped, "I don't care what day it is, your only concern is to please me or anyone who knows your key."

"Yes Master," my mother responded meekly, "but what do I..."

"I don't care what you tell him," the man said sharply, "just be at the penthouse suite at four. Is that clear slut?"

"Yes Master," my mother responded instantly, "I will be there as you command."

"Welcome back to the stable." I heard the man laugh.

From the tape there came the sound of movement then the living room door opening, then silence for a few moments and then the living room door closing again.

"Oh God!" my mother's sob from the speaker was heart wrenching.

I turned the tape off to the sound of my mother crying and stared at the machine as though it were a poisonous snake. Though I didn't really understand everything that I had heard I had worked out that somehow the man Marcus had a hold on my mother that made her obey his every word, that it was his order to her to be at a hotel dressed as a maid without underwear that had caused her to cancel out night out. Then I felt my cock twitch in my pants again as I realised what my mother would be doing at the hotel that night, the thought of Marcus and his guests using my mother's body to slake their lusts both excited and sickened me.

"What the hell do I do?" I asked the empty room.

Had my father been alive I could have turned to him, but that wasn't possible and I knew that calling the police would be a waste of time, to all outward appearance my mother was in that hotel suite willingly. Though I had friends, none of them would be any wiser about what to do than I was, whatever I was going to do I would have to do on my own. Only what the hell could I do?

"Oh shit!" I swore as it dawned on me that I couldn't do anything to help my mother that night, then a thought came to me, "The hotel... I can go to the hotel. Maybe I'll figure out what to do once I get there."

It was almost six by the time I left the house, already I knew I was too late for my mother, she'd been at the hotel for nearly two hours and I didn't see any man in his right mind keeping their hands off her for long, especially when she was dressed for their pleasure. It took me forty-five minutes to get to the hotel by bus, every moment that passed I cursed under my breath, and my heart was sinking with the thoughts of what my mother would be enduring even while my cock grew harder at the very same thoughts. When I got to the Landsdowne Hotel I dithered about outside trying to figure out how to get past the uniformed flunky on the door.

"Nothing like the direct approach." I muttered to myself after ten minutes of fruitless pacing.

Walking to the main doors I went to go inside and the flunky was suddenly in my way.

"Where do you think you are going?" he asked aggressively.

"Uh... inside." I replied hesitantly.

"I don't think so." He said, "Beat it kid."

"But..." I started to protest.

"You aren't a guest here," the flunky almost snarled, "nor are you expected by any of the guests. We don't want brats wandering around annoying the patrons. Now beat it!"

Defeated I turned away, looking up to the roof of the hotel I tried not to think of what was happening in the Penthouse, but visions of my mother being fucked by groups of men popped into my mind making my heart chill and my stupid cock twitch. Turning a corner I stopped then poked my head around the corner and watched the hotel entrance and the flunky guarding it, I was almost hopping from foot to foot as I anxiously waited for an opportunity to slip past the doorman. All the while I was conscious of what was likely to be happening in the Penthouse and I started to curse under my breath as the time passed.

Then, just as I was thinking I would never get inside, a large limousine stopped at the entrance to the hotel, whoever was in the car must have been high on the VIP list because the flunky was instantly at the car opening the door for the occupant then going to the rear of the car with the driver. Taking one deep breath I ran to the entrance and inside, skidding to a halt as I entered the foyer, no shouts greeted my entrance. By sheer chance I had hit a busy period, no-one even noticed my hurried arrival. One look told me I would not be going up in the lifts, all of them had uniformed flunkies in them and I had no doubt that like the doorman they would question my presence in the hotel. Turning to the stairs I sidled over to them then almost slunk up the first flight until I was out of sight of the foyer.

Ten flights of stairs later I panted my way into the hallway that led to the Penthouse suite, pausing for breath I looked around trying to figure out what to do next. Behind me were the stairs, to my left was a single lift door, ahead of me was a panoramic window and to my right were three doors, one of which was the entrance to the suite.

"I wonder where the other two go?" I puffed as I started along the hallway.

The first door went nowhere; it was nothing more than a broom cupboard filled with mops, buckets and other sundry cleaning materials. Almost tiptoeing past the ornate doorway that led into the suite I approached the only other door at the far end of the hallway.

"Fuck it!" I swore softly when I found that it was locked.

A 'ting' from the lift sent my heart into my throat, someone was coming! Like a greyhound I raced back down the hallway to the broom cupboard, the lift doors opening even as I slipped inside and partially closed the door. Peering through the crack of the part open door I watched as a fully laden trolley was pushed from the lift to the far door, at least I now knew that the door led into the suite. About two minutes later the waiter reappeared pushing an empty trolley, he went into the lift and the doors closed, even before they had fully shut I was running along the hallway to the fast closing third door. I heaved a sigh of relief as I got to the door just in time to stop it automatically closing and locking, slipping inside I blinked at the sudden low light level.

I found myself in a short, dimly lit passageway with only one door ahead of me, light spilling out around it's edges, not having much choice of directions to go I headed for the door. As I got closer to it I heard the sound of laughter and voices, cautiously I opened the door and peered into the room beyond, the sound of voices growing louder as I looked at the empty kitchenette revealed to me. Slipping inside I crept towards the source of the noises; there was no sign of the trolley the waiter had brought in so I guessed that the occupants of the suite had taken it from the kitchenette into the main part of the suite. This being the case it was unlikely that anyone would be coming through the door I had my back pressed to as I peered through the large glass doored serving hatch into the room beyond.

What I saw made my heart almost stop, the room held seven men, one of whom I knew had to be the man Marcus that had come to our house earlier that day. All the men were naked from the waist down with a few completely nude, five of the men were standing or sitting around the room laughing and making comments about the trio of people at the centre of the room. I gasped and had to bite back a cry when I saw what they were all laughing about, there was one man harshly deep-throat fucking the mouth of a woman while another was doing the same to her arse. The woman was wearing a small black maids outfit that was rucked around her waist, her bare boobs dangling and bouncing to the motion of the men fucking her, her shoulder length brown hair almost plastered to her neck and face by sweat and what I could only guess was spunk. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back, but her voice, what could be heard past the cock deep in her throat, was rising and falling in sounds of pleasure.

"Oh God," I breathed unable to tear my eyes from the scene, "mum!"

The woman was indeed my mother and from what I could see she had been the sexual plaything of this group of men for hours. Even as I watched the man in her arse was pushing into her and I knew he was filling her back passage with even more spunk, after a few thrusts the man pulled away from my mother, took a drink from a nearby table and sat himself down laughing about how good the 'whore' was. Barely had he got seated when another man was in his place, this one shoved his cock into my mother's pussy and I gaped in awe as she pushed back to greet his invasion of her. Despite all the appearances that my mother was loving what was being done to her by this group of men I had heard her despairing sob on the tape and knew that somewhere deep down she was crying at what was happening to her. The man in her mouth came with a thrust and groan, I saw my mother's throat moving as she swallowed his sperm, then he moved away from her and I heard my mother breathlessly begging for more!

With an effort I tore my eyes away from the sight of my mother being fucked and looked around the kitchenette in desperation, my eyes suddenly came to rest on a fire alarm.

"Right you fuckers!" I muttered as I crawled across the room to the alarm.

Keeping half an eye on the men I rose up, set off the alarm and ducked back down out of sight. All over the hotel alarm bells and klaxons went off, I grinned at the cursing and swearing that came from the other room. Poking my head up over the work surface I grinned at the sight of seven men running around in panic trying to find their own trousers, my grin turned to a frown at the sight of my mother kneeling at the centre of the room, her face and body covered in spunk, her hands cuffed behind her back panting as she looked bleary eyed at the rushing men. Almost as an after thought one of the men that I recognised as being the one I had met that afternoon went over to her, he fumbled with the cuffs and then her hands were free, he said something to her and she nodded weakly. I saw her go to a coat stand and retrieve her coat then move towards the man Marcus who was standing at the now open door, all the others had left and I decided it was time I did the same too.

"... be here tomorrow at four," I heard the voice from the tape saying as I eased the door open a little, "there will be ten of us tomorrow so be rested my little whore."

"Yes Master." I heard my mother respond with a trembling voice.

"In the meantime," Marcus continued, "you will walk home, if anyone fancies a little fun with you along the way you will of course oblige them like the good little slut you are."

"Yes Master." My mother agreed in a low voice full of weariness and defeat.

I waited all of thirty seconds after they had left to get the hell out of the place, muttering dark curses under my breath I followed Marcus and my mother down the stairs. As soon as I had heard his instructions to my mother I had decided that she would not walk home alone, I had no intention of letting her know I was there, nor did I have any idea what I could do if someone did come on to her, but I was going to be there for her nevertheless. Cautiously I slipped out of the hotel while keeping my mother in sight, she and Marcus parted company at the edge of the crowd that was looking at the hotel for some sign of the fire that had caused the alarm. Grinning mirthlessly I slipped away after my mother, from a distance of about a hundred feet I watched my mother as she walked along the dark and, thankfully, deserted streets towards our home.

"Hey honey, how about a good time?" a drunken voice from the darkness made me jump.

As my mother stopped under a lone streetlight and turned to the sound of the voice I slunk back into the shadows of a shop doorway. Out of the darkness staggered a slob of a man, he was obviously drunk from the way he could barely keep his footing, staggering over to my mother I heard him giggle.

"Well honey," he chuckled, "what about it? Or are you too fucked out?"

I bit back a gasp as I saw my mother smile at this drunken slob.

"What would you like, a blowjob? A fuck? To bugger me?"

"Jeeessuss!" The man gasped at her reply, "Oh man, all three will do me! How much?"

"Nothing." My mother smiled as she opened her coat to reveal her cum stained maids outfit.

"For free?" the man chuckled, "Oh shit I have to have some of that for sure! Come on honey, I know a place we won't be disturbed and lots of light so I can see you good."

I followed with a sinking heart as the man led my mother off in the direction of an industrial estate, if he went into one of the buildings I knew I might not be able to follow and that worried me. A few minutes later he had reached what was obviously his goal, it was a loading bay for one of the buildings, the place was lit up as bright as day, yet the building looked as though it was locked tight. Glancing around I saw no signs of security cameras, though I did see something else that made my heart sink even further even as my cock got even harder.

"Hey Rod, watcha doin'?" another drunken voice asked as two other men joined the man with my mother.

"Watcha think," the one called Rod answered with a drunken chuckle, "I got me a nice little slut and she's givin' out freebies."

"Fuck! No shit?" the third man exclaimed.

"No shit." The one called Rod laughed.

"Hey bitch," the second man said to my mother, "you gonna give us some too?"

"If you want." My mother smiled at him.

I felt my fingernails digging into the palms of my hands as I watched events unfold helpless to do anything to stop what was happening.

"I'm gonna fuck the arse off the whore!" the third man declared, "Come on slut, let's get a look at you."

Smiling my mother took off her coat and placed it on the loading bay behind her, next she slipped off the maids outfit and stood there wearing only a garter belt, stockings and high heels while the three drunks ogled her naked body. From my place of concealment I was also ogling my mother's body, but while half of me was getting it's perverse jollies seeing what was happening to my mother the other half was desperately trying to figure out a way to end the event before it started. There was nothing I could do alone against these men, there were no convenient fire alarms I could set off, there was nothing at all that I could see or think of to stop what was about to happen.

"Oh shit," one of the men said as he loosened his trousers, "this slut is really askin' to be fucked an' I'm gonna oblige her!"

His words seemed to spur the other two to action as well; in moments all three of them were bare from the waist down and moving in on my mother calling her all sorts of filthy names.

"Bet you love it rough dontcha slut." The one called Rod smirked as he stood in front of my other.

"I love whatever you want." My mother replied smiling at him.

"Well girlie," he grinned at her, "I like it rough, turn around and let's see that bum of yours."

I felt tears of anger running down my cheeks as I watched my mother obey his command, her sudden yelp as Rod slapped her across the rump hard made me bite my lip in shame that I could do nothing to help my own mother.

"Oh yes, again, please, again." I heard my mother pleading.

"Oh fuck," the second man laughed, "this is gonna be great!"

I couldn't tear my eyes away as I watched the three of them start to beat my mother's arse, spanking her and calling her all the names under the sun and she just took it and begged for more. They spun her around and one of the men roughly tugged at her nipples making my mother cry out in pain, but even then she just asked them for more. My whole mind went numb at the sight of my mother accepting anything and everything these men did to her while begging them to do even more to her! I think I must have been in shock for a while, even though I could see everything that was happening to my mother and hear every sound they made I could not believe it was really happening, not to my mother. Yet it was, and when my stunned brain finally accepted that this was no dream I growled deep in my throat in rage.

At the loading bay the three men had started to fuck my mother, the one called Rod lying under her using her coat to stop himself getting dirty, his cock thrusting up into my mother's pussy brutally. The second man was raping her arse without mercy, fucking her and slapping at her buttocks as he did so. Meanwhile the third man was taking her in the mouth, his hands holding her head still while he thrust in and out without any concern for her at all. The sight of what they were doing to my mother sent my rage boiling over and I think I went a little berserk.

The next few minutes were a little hazy; it was like seeing bits and pieces of a movie rather than the whole thing. <Flash> I was running at the group <flash> the one in her arse was screaming and falling away from her clutching his groin <flash> the man under my mother grasping his crushed nuts as my foot slammed into them <flash> the third man screaming in fear and running away into the darkness. <Flash> the one called Rod groaning as I rolled him off my mother's coat and covered her with it. <Flash> my mother sobbing and leaning against me, her face turned down as I guided her away from the scene of her degradation.

We were almost home before my rage cleared enough to take in the fact that I was supporting my all but naked mother in my arms. I had not intended letting her know I was aware of what was going on, but I had not been able to take seeing her being abused any longer. Thankfully she had not looked up once as we had made our way through the darkened streets, her soft sobs wrenching at my heart with every step. I don't think she knew who it was holding her close, supporting her and guiding her, I don't think she was even aware that I took her inside, took her coat then helped her upstairs into the shower. My hands shook as I stripped her torn and tattered stockings from her legs, unhooked the suspender belt and gently soaped her nude body under the warm water of the shower.

"Oh mum." I groaned as I felt my cock jerk and my pants fill with spunk as I came in them.

She muttered something that sounded like 'fuck me master' as I dried her off then almost carried her to her bedroom, laid her in the bed and covered her up. Turning out the light I went to the bathroom to strip and wash the drying cum from my groin before heading to my room to sleep a sleep filled with dreams of me doing to my mother all the things I had seen her enduring at the hands of others. Needless to say there was a wet patch on the sheets when I woke the next morning.

When I went downstairs the following morning I was torn between keeping silent about what I knew and begging my mother to let me help her break away from what was happening. Somewhere in my sleep of dreams I had figured out that there was someone I could talk to, someone that might be able to help me with my dilemma, it was an online friend and I preyed that he would be online later so that I could seek his advise. In the meantime I had to face my mother and not let her see that I knew her secret and her pain.

"Morning mum." I said as I entered the kitchen trying to sound 'normal', "Mum, I'm sorry about yesterday, I know you wouldn't have gone out unless it had been urgent."

From across the room I heard a low sob as I spoke, somehow though my mother managed to sound almost normal when she greeted me and replied without turning away from the stove.

"I know you were upset Luke," she said, "I can't blame you, but I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"I know mum," I responded with my appetite fading away, "I love you."

Her shoulders seemed to slump at my words and then I saw them shaking and I realised that she was weeping silently. I wanted to rush over to her and comfort her, but I knew that unless I could figure a way out of her situation there would be no comfort for either of us.

"I love you too darling." My mother finally managed to reply with barely a catch to her voice, "Now what do you want for breakfast?"

"Nothing mum," I replied keeping my voice from trembling, "I don't feel that hungry this morning. Mum, can we go out tonight instead?"

"Oh Luke," she said still not turning to face me, "we can't, I have to go out again."

"Oh." I sighed knowing exactly what was to happen to her again, "Will you be late?"

"I'm afraid so darling," she answered with a definite catch in her voice now, "but we'll go out as soon... as soon as I can get some free time."

I had to leave the room or take her in my arms and tell her all that I had seen. Holding back a sob of my own I rushed up to my room, closed the door and bawled my eyes out like a five year old.

At about ten thirty my mother called up the stairs to tell me she had to get something from the shops, I heard the front door close a few minutes later. It didn't take much guesswork to figure out that she was off to get a replacement maid outfit, the one she had worn the night before was somewhere in the dust near a loading bay where I had left it. About half an hour later I heard the phone ringing, naturally I went down to answer it.

"Ruth Summers please." A familiar voice said.

"I... I'm afraid she's out at the moment." I replied desperately trying to keep my voice calm.

"I see," Marcus said with a hint of annoyance in his voice, "well give her a message when she returns, this is urgent boy so get it straight."

"Okay, okay, let me get a pad and I'll write it down." I replied biting back a curse as I grabbed a notepad and pen, "Okay, go ahead."

"Tell her Marcus Wetherby called" he said, "and that the... 'meeting'... has been brought forward and that she should get over to the 'meeting' location immediately. Got that part of it?"

"Yes," I said through gritted teeth, "meeting brought forward and she should get over there as quick as she..."

"No boy," he snapped, "the word is immediately, be sure you tell her just that!"

"Okay, don't blow a fuse," I said more sharply than I'd intended, "I'll tell her 'immediately'."

"Good," Marcus said, "one last part to pass on, tell her we are catering for fifteen now, she'll know what I mean."

She wasn't the only one that knew what he meant, I had to fight back a gasp at the thought that unless I could do something right away my mother would have to face the lust of fifteen men! Hanging up the phone I swore both at this new turn of events and at the fact that I couldn't talk to my online friend for another two hours. To add even more to my misery my mother returned at just that moment, at first I was tempted not to pass on the message, but then I wondered what this Marcus might do if my mother didn't get the message. Forcing back tears of frustration, anger and sorrow I passed the message on to my mother, her reaction was to pale and rush up to her room. It was sickening to know that this man, this stranger had more power over my mother than her love for me, that she was willing to drop everything to rush to him at his whim and fancy.

Once again I was determined to be there if only to help my mother get home safely and I left the house before she came down and made my way to the hotel. I had barely arrived when my mother arrived in a taxi and rushed into the hotel, the doorman grinned as she ran past him on her high heels and I felt the rage rising in me again. It was just turning half eleven when my mother reappeared with Marcus, my heart sank to my boots when I saw a car pull up at the hotel steps and they got into it. I had no way to follow the car to wherever my mother was being taken, no way secretly to be there for her and I felt tears flowing from my eyes as I turned towards home.

"Come on, come on!" I sat muttering at my computer screen.

I was anxiously waiting for my online friend to appear in our usual chat-room meeting place, I almost sagged with relief when I saw his handle appear on the user list. It took me only a few moments to get him into a private chat with me and only slightly longer to tell him all that was happening to me.

>Please White Knight< I typed as I concluded my tale of woes >can you help me?<

The screen was silent for a few seconds and then words flitted across it.

>I don't know much about that sort of shit< he typed and my heart sank >but I know someone who does, hold on<

My hopes rose at his reply and I sat waiting for what seemed like an eternity for him to type more to the screen. Suddenly there was a third handle in our group, as words began to appear on the screen I preyed that this was the person White Knight had referred to.

>Hi Cyber Luke< the newcomer typed >White Knight has told me about your problem. Can you repeat it all to me?<

>Yes, okay Domnator< I typed then repeated all I had sent to my friend.

>Wetherby?< Domnator responded as I finished >Marcus Wetherby?<

>Yes!< I typed back.

>Shit!< was the one word response.

For all of two minutes the screen remained blank, then just as I was giving up hope Domnator came back.

>Sorry Cyber Luke< Domnator's words flashed onto the screen >Wetherby's bad news. Unlike most other D/s folk his partners aren't willing to play. He has a rep for breaking women to his will, programming them with a key word that will put them under the control of anyone that uses it. There's a rumour that one of his 'stable' did get away from his control, it's rumoured that her husband found out the key word, used it and commanded her to only obey a new keyword.<

>And she was free of him?< I asked feeling dizzy.

>Yes and no< came the reply >She was free of Wetherby, the man's a coward at heart and won't face anyone willing to fight him for a 'slave'. She won't ever be free of his programming though. Don't know if that is any help to u, it's all rumour though, I don't know how true it all is.<

>It's a hope< I typed back.

>Yeah if u can find out the right keyword< came the response.

>I think I might know it< I typed back feeling elated >Thanks for the help<

Feeling a lot more hopeful than at any point in the last twenty-four hours I signed off and sat back to await my mother's return with the glimmering of a plan growing in my mind.

My hope slowly faded as the hours started to pass, dreading that my mother may not return at all I watched as the time ticked away. By midnight I was almost tearing my hair out with concern, it was over twelve hours since I had seen my mother get into the car with Marcus and I had visions of her being fucked to death.

"God, how much can he expect her to take?" I groaned as I peered out of the living room window for the umpteenth time.

At one I was pacing the living room and hall, my lip sore where I was biting it in my anxiety, all sorts of dire thoughts were filling my mind as the minutes kept ticking away. By two a.m. I was a wreck, tears were flowing down my cheeks as I became convinced that by some horrible twist of fate my mother would not come back just as I had a possible solution to her situation. Three a.m. came and went and it found me sitting desolate on the sofa, already mourning my mother.

"Oh God!" I cried out as I heard the sound of a key in the front door lock.

It was just after four in the morning, sixteen and a half hours after I had last seen my mother and I leapt from my seat to the hall to greet her in relief that she was home at last. I froze in my tracks as she lurched through the doorway, she looked totally exhausted and seemed completely unaware of my presence as she closed the door and let her coat slide off her bare shoulders. Gulping back bile I stare at her naked cum covered body, it was drying on her everywhere, in her hair, all over face, her tits, her pussy, streaks of it ran down the inside of her thighs from her arse and pussy, there wasn't a part of her that didn't show signs of dried or drying spunk, not one part!

"Oh Mum!" I gasped, "What have they done to you!?"

Her head snapped up and a look of sheer horror came into her eyes as she saw me standing there in front of her. With a stagger of mixed weariness and shock my mother made a vain effort to cover her nudity.

"Luke!" she cried weakly as she sank to her knees weeping, "Oh God, don't look at me, please I beg you don't look at me!"

Had Marcus appeared at that moment he would have been dead, my rage was boiling over at what he and his 'guests' had done to my mother, I felt my whole body shaking with it. At the same time my heart was wrenched by my mother's distress and it was this that finally allowed me to regain control of my rage. With a throat that felt blocked I bent over my mother and helped her to her feet, she sobbed and pleaded with me to not look at her as I half carried, half supported her up the stairs to the bathroom. As gently as I could I sat her down on the side of the bath and went to remove the tatters that were all that remained of her stockings.

"Luke, no!" she gasped out as I rolled the first ruined stocking down her leg.

"Hush mom," I said as soothingly as I could, very aware of how hard my cock was in the confines of my pants, "this isn't the first time I've had to do this for you."

"Isn't the first...?" she breathed in confusion.

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