Rescuing Mother

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Mult, Mind Control, Incest, Mother, Son, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A nasty surprise in his mother's past becomes a problem in the present. How can Luke rescue his mother from the clutches of her former Master?

"Hey mum," I called down the stairs, "have you seen..."

"Not now Luke," she called back, her voice sounding tense, "I have some-one with me."

Muttering to myself I headed downstairs to search for my tape recorder, I was sure I'd left it in the living room so I made that my first stop. As I entered the room I saw my mother sitting on the sofa with a strange man next to her, something about him put my back up immediately and my mother's reaction only added to my instant dislike of him.

"Luke, please," she almost snapped as I entered, "go elsewhere for now, can't you see I have a guest."

Raising an eyebrow I retreated to my room wondering just who the hell the guy was and why my mother didn't want me to see him; not that he was much to look at, short, dark, greasy and ugly was the impression I had got of him. Since I couldn't go searching for my recorder I decided to get myself ready to go out for my birthday treat, my mother was taking me to see a film then on to a restaurant for a meal. I was looking forward to the evening, but at the same time I felt it wouldn't be the same without dad, he'd died almost a year ago to the day and at 15 I really missed him being around. My mother had done what she could to fill both parental roles, but there was stuff I felt I couldn't talk to her about, sex being the top of the list.

About forty minutes later I heard my mother's bedroom door close quite loudly, I guessed that her visitor had gone and I slipped down to the living room to find my recorder before we went out. Scratching my head I looked around the living room then grinned as I spotted the machine lurking under the coffee table in front of the sofa. Retrieving it I looked at the tape and my grin grew broader, the recorder was one of those that had a sound activation system and it had obviously been activated since almost all the tape was used up. Although I hadn't planned for my mother's conversation to be recorded I was not going to be all noble and not listen to whatever was now on the tape, my curiosity about the stranger and my mother's mood was too great for me not to listen. Only that would have to wait, I could hear my mother coming downstairs and she seemed in a rush, which puzzled me a little since we had a least an hour to go before the film we were going to started.

"There you are." My mother said as she entered the room.

I was even more puzzled by her appearance; she had a coat on as though ready to go out, her face was made up more heavily than I had ever seen it before and she was wearing her highest heels. Not that I let my puzzlement stop me giving my mother my usual eyeballing, I loved my mother and I also lusted after her, which I guess is normal for male teens. Seeing her made up as she was with those heels and what looked like stockings encasing her legs fuelled my imagination and sent me into a daydream of what was under the coat and how I'd take it off her.

"Luke," she said drawing me away from my lustful thoughts, "I'm sorry darling, but tonight is off, something's come up and I have to go out."

"What!" I gaped at her, "But mum...!"

"I'm sorry Luke, we'll just have to go another day." She cut across my shocked protest, her voice sounding strange, "I won't be back until late so don't wait up for me okay."

"But mum," I protested, "it's my birthday! You promised we'd..."

"Luke," she said sharply before I could finish, "I can't put this off, we'll go out another night, I promise."

"Yeah right, just like you promised we'd go out tonight!" I snapped as I retreated to my room.

I regretted my words as soon as they were out of my mouth, but hell, I was pissed, I'd been looking forward to our night out eagerly for over a week and now, just like that, it was off. Yeah I was pissed, but at the same time I had the feeling that my mother's sudden change of plans had something to do with the mysterious visitor she'd had. Sitting on my bed sulking I half expected my mother to come upstairs to at least say goodnight, instead I heard the front door close and my anger faded to bewilderment, she never left the house without at least a goodbye to me.

It was five minutes later that I remembered the tape recorder I was still holding, rewinding the tape I hesitated a moment before pressing the play button.

"...doing here?" my mother's voice came from the speaker; it sounded stiff and nervous.

"Can't I visit an old friend Ruth?" I heard the strange man's voice reply.

"Friends, Marcus?" my mother's voice retorted, "Is that what you called it, friendship?"

"True, it was a more... intimate... thing we had together." The man replied

"So what is it you want Marcus?" my mother asked, "And how did you find me anyway?"

"I never 'lost' you Ruthie," his voice held a smirk in it's tone, "I always keep track of my... pets. As for what I want, I need a hostess for tonight..."

"NO!" my mother's voice almost shouted across him, "I want nothing to do with you Marcus, I escaped from you sixteen years ago, you can't believe I'd ever go back to that again!"

The man's laughter sounded cruel as it rattled from the small speaker of the tape recorder. I continued listening in bewilderment; none of the conversation was making any sense to me so far.

"You think you escaped?" he was chuckling, "Poor girl, I let you run loose for a while. You have always been mine, always will be."

"NO!" my mother retorted, though her voice held a little uncertainty, "No, I'm free of you..."

"Slut-bitch-whore." The man almost seemed to whisper.

From the speaker I heard my mother give a gasp then a sob, then silence.

"What the fuck?" I muttered.

"You see Ruth," the man's voice suddenly sounding from the speaker again made me jump, "you've never been 'free', I could have come for you at any time I chose, I merely allowed you the illusion of freedom."

There was no reply and I wondered just what the hell was going on, whatever it was didn't sound good.

"Nothing to say Ruth?" the man's voice laughed, "No protests? No pleas?"

"No... Master." I heard my mother's voice reply softly.

My eyebrows nearly shot to the back of my neck at her reply, her voice had sounded meek and defeated, in disbelieve I rewound the tape a little and listened to her say the words 'No... Master' again. From the tape the man's laughter sounded cruel and evil, a shiver ran down my spine at the sound of it.

"It's been a long time since I felt those soft lips of yours on my cock my little slut," he laughed, "come, take my cock out and suck it as you used to."

"Yes... Master." I heard my mother's voice respond meekly.

The next sounds from the tape were indistinct, but they seemed to be the sounds of someone getting off the sofa, a zip opening and then there was a sigh from the man and a soft sort of slurping noise. In confusion I kept listening, it was as the sound of my mother breathing heavily and sighing came from the speaker that it dawned on me that I was listening to her obeying his command to suck his cock! Gasping in shock I stopped the tape and stared at it while I tried to sort out what I'd heard so far in my mind. It was impossible, unbelievable, but everything seemed to point to this man from my mother's past being in control of her, her 'Master', which made her his...

"Slave!" I gasped aloud in astonishment.

Turning the tape back on I listened to the sounds of my mother pleasuring the man she called Master, heard him commenting on how good she was and her pausing to thank him for his compliment before going back to sucking him off! I listened while he came and my mother groaned in what seemed to be pleasure with him commanding her to swallow all his cum, to lick his cock clean then put it away for him. I listened in stunned disbelieve to my mother thank him for letting her suck him off, then beg him to use her as he wished.

"Shit!" I cursed in incredulity.

My cock suddenly made it's presence known by throbbing, stunned I stared at my groin and the bulge in my trousers, listening to my mother servicing the man Marcus had really turned me on.

"Perhaps later." I heard the man respond to her plea for him to use her, "For now let's concentrate on why I came. I need a hostess for tonight. I have chosen you. You will come to the Landsdowne Hotel at four, I am in the penthouse suite and the liftboy will expect you. Dress in your maids outfit, I assume you still have it."

"I have it Master." I heard my mother respond.

"Good," his voice sounded victorious, "then you will come in that, don't bother with a bra or panties they will just be a waste of time. Stockings, high heels and your sluttish make-up will complete the ensemble. You may wear a coat to get to the hotel, but you will remove it on the way up in the lift, if the liftboy wants to sample you he may. Understand all this my little whore?"

"Yes Master." I heard my mother respond with a catch in her voice.

This Marcus must have seen something in her face or eyes because his next words from the speaker were 'Speak slut.'

"Master," my mother's voice said, "it's my son's birthday today, I promised him that we'd go out tonight, can't..."

"Silence!" He snapped, "I don't care what day it is, your only concern is to please me or anyone who knows your key."

"Yes Master," my mother responded meekly, "but what do I..."

"I don't care what you tell him," the man said sharply, "just be at the penthouse suite at four. Is that clear slut?"

"Yes Master," my mother responded instantly, "I will be there as you command."

"Welcome back to the stable." I heard the man laugh.

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