Dad, the Girls and Some Smokes

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: His daughters had escaped with a pack of grass when a party they were at was raided. To protect his daughters he had to help them dispose of the evidence ... he did't expect what that would result in!

Sighing I took off my jacket and hung it up before making my way into the living room for a much needed drink. All in all the evening had been a right bummer, it had started at the restaurant with a disaster of a meal and had ended when my current paramour had kept her legs shut. She had almost gloated when she had informed me that she was getting married and that we would not be able to meet again. Thankfully my daughters were at a party, as I really did not feel up to facing them.

"Shit!" I exploded at the empty room.

Draining my glass I quickly poured another drink and flopped into my chair to review my woes and there seemed a lot of them. First my wife had left me, had it been for another man I wouldn't have felt so bad, but no, she had left me for a woman and had left me with our two daughters; Claire who was nineteen and Lorna who had just turned eighteen. Both girls were attractive with bodies men killed for and personalities that could get them anything that they wanted. To be honest I had fantasised about both my girls in the year since my wife had walked out surprising and shocking myself with the desire I felt for them.

"Shit!" I exploded again.

Shaking off the thoughts of my daughters I drained my glass and poured myself another drink, if I couldn't get my end away I may as well get blotto. I was well on my way to getting drunk when I heard the front door open and my daughters' voices in the hall, glancing at the clock I saw it was only just half ten and was puzzled that the girls were home so early, the parties they went to normally went on until the early hours of the morning. Laughing and joking the pair of them appeared in the doorway, their tender young, desirable bodies clad in skin tight dresses that hid very little to the imagination, even one like mine. Pushing my lustful thoughts away forcefully I smiled at my girls as they came into the room.

"You're home early." I commented.

Laughing the pair of them crossed the room to the drinks cabinet and while Claire poured three drinks Lorna responded to my comment.

"The party got raided." she laughed, "Claire and me were having a walk outside when the cops rolled up so we just sort of faded into the background."

"What on earth were the police looking for?" I asked as I accepted a full glass from Claire.

The pair of them looked at each other then grinned.

"This." Claire laughed reaching into her purse.

She pulled out a small pack of what looked like mouldy tobacco, a second later I realised that it was grass.

"Shit!" I gaped.

"That's one of its names." Lorna laughed.

"What the hell are you doing with it?" I asked.

"We were looking after it for one of the boys," Claire grinned, "the bugger would have left us carrying the can if it had been found so we decided to take it with us when we slipped away."

I felt more than a little anxious about the whole affair, but they had got away scot-free and all that was left to do was to get rid of the evidence. As I had this thought Claire pulled out a cigarette rolling machine and some papers, agog I watched her roll a 'joint'. She rolled two more, which exhausted the supply of grass.

"You're supposed to mix it with tobacco," she laughed, "but I suppose it is just as good this way."

"What the hell are you doing?" I gaped.

"Well," Claire grinned, "we have to get rid of it and it seems such a shame to waste it."

"Come on dad," Lorna laughed, "it's a buzz, why don't you try it before giving us the lecture."

Biting back a retort I counted to ten and let myself calm down. Looking at it calmly and with a brain more than a little befuddled by booze I came to the conclusion that burning the stuff was as good a way as any to get rid of it and I had long been curious about the stuff.

"All right," I sighed, "give me one of those joints and let's get rid of the stuff."

Grinning triumphantly Claire gave me a joint, passed one to her sister and stuck the last one between her luscious lips; Lorna produced a lighter and applied the flame to my joint. As I took a deep drag she lit Claire's joint then her own, following their example I held the smoke from the joint in my lungs before exhaling. It tasted like old shag yet there was an under flavour that I could not identify, taking another drag I looked at my daughters and wondered what effect I was supposed to feel.

"It takes a few minutes to work," Lorna said, "then you feel tingly and warm all over."

"One of the boys" Claire commented, "reckoned that having sex while on a high is the wildest."

Taking another drag I wondered when I would next have sex, for a brief moment I felt a little light headed then a warm glow seemed to spread outwards from my groin. Enjoying the sensation I took another drag and watched my daughters settle themselves on the couch, God they were a pretty pair and I found myself stripping them with my eyes. I suppose that I should have felt shock at my thoughts, but between my frustration and the effects of the grass I felt anything but shocked. As warmth spread through me I felt a tingling in my groin, it was like an itch that needed scratching only it was inside me where I couldn't get at it.

"What do you think dad?" Lorna giggled.

"Not bad," I grinned, "it certainly relaxes a body."

My inhibitions seemed to fly out the window as I gazed at the luscious curves of my daughters' bodies, my thoughts growing more lustful by the second. Half the joint had gone and I was getting more and more horny, my balls felt like rocks as I continued staring at Claire and Lorna. Claire leant over and whispered something to her sister, Lorna laughed and looked at me, she leant forward and I gazed longingly at the cleavage she was revealing. Sucking in another lung-full of the harsh smoke I felt my head spin for a second then the room grow hot.

"Lord it's hot in here." Claire commented as though echoing my thoughts.

"Stifling." Lorna agreed with a giggle.

The girls went into a huddle while I took another drag on the joint, it was almost gone and with a sigh I took a last pull and dropped the tiny butt in an ashtray. Across the room my daughters copied my actions then sat back and closed their eyes, as the room seemed to grow hotter I stared at them. In my mind I had stripped them and was getting ready to fuck their brains out when my eldest giggled. Standing up she reached behind her, I heard the sound of a zip then Claire's dress flopped away from her body, with a lithe, graceful motion she pushed the dress off to reveal her bare young boobs and a minuscule pair of panties; black self-grip stockings completed the picture of loveliness. As Claire sat down Lorna rose and took off her dress, though less well endowed than her older sister Lorna was filling out nicely and I looked hungrily at what she already had to offer. With a cheeky wiggle Lorna took off her panties and sat down, Claire laughed and copied her sister's action, feeling hot, excited and horny I stared lustfully at my daughters who were now clad in nothing but stockings. Both girls had their legs tight together, but their boobs were open to my hot gaze and even as I revelled in the view their nipples became swollen.

"What about you dad?" Lorna asked in a voice that seemed to ooze sex appeal, "Aren't you hot too?"

"Yeah," Claire laughed, "get 'em off dad."

As though in a dream I rose to my feet and under the staring eyes of my daughters I took off my clothes to the accompaniment of cheers and whistles. My cock was semi-hard as I tossed my pants across the room and sat down, the burning itch in my groin flared up and my cock went rigid.

"What a lovely prick." Claire breathed.

Smiling broadly my eldest daughter opened her legs to let me gaze at her young pussy, the light down of her pubic hair doing nothing to hide her ripe pussy lips. The blood pounded in my veins and my mouth went dry as I drank in the sight of Claire's pussy, then my eyes went to Lorna, giggling she parted her legs and I looked at her almost hairless pussy and drooled. Claire and Lorna shuffled to either end of the couch then patted the space between them in invitation, without hesitation I crossed the room to join them.

"Technically," Claire breathed as she lent against me, "we are still virgins, we've only ever sucked a man's cock."

Her words should have shocked me; all they did was increase my desire, the thought of deflowering my own daughters sending thrills of excitement through me. I felt Lorna's boob rub against my arm, her nipple sliding over my skin, turning my head to look at her I found her young lips suddenly pressing hungrily on mine. With a groan I put my arm around her shoulders and drew her to me in a tight embrace that was not at all fatherly, thrusting my tongue into her mouth I felt the lust rise even higher in me. Parting our lips some time later I turned my head to Claire, put my other arm around her and pulled her to me, our lips met with a passion that burnt, our tongues danced and the heat within me became a burning flame.

Releasing my hold on both girls I sat back and sighed, reaching to either side of me I explored my daughters bodies, stroking the tender flesh of their young boobs, teasing the hardness of their nipples then plunging down to probe the virgin depths of their pussy's. As I gently thrust a finger in and out of their pussy's I groped around with my thumbs until I found their clits, Claire and Lorna groaned as I teased their tiny buds, their groans quickly becoming sighs and gasps as they rose to an explosive climax. Wherever their bodies touched mine my skin tingled and as they began to shake on my fingers I leant over and took one of Lorna's nipples into my mouth. Tonguing her nipple I thrust my finger deep into her pussy, she screamed with wild abandon, turning a few moments later to Claire I repeated my actions and she also screamed into an orgasm. With my fingers still sliding in their pussy's I sat back, as I did so I felt two hands closing around my cock, Claire and Lorna slowly wanked me, their hands sending electrifying thrills throughout my body.

"Who will be first?" I asked without thought.

"Lorna." Claire hummed.

Removing my fingers I slid off the couch and knelt in front of my youngest daughter, she looked down at me with eyes that begged me to fuck her, but I could not resist the sight of her bare pussy. Leaning forward I licked her flesh, probing her hole and pressing my tongue on her clit, savouring the taste of her sweet juices I licked her to a climax before raising my head. As I knelt up and positioned my cock at her pussy Claire leant over and watched what I was about to do, the knowledge that one of my daughters was about to watch me fuck her sister added fuel to the fire of my lust. Gently I pushed my hips forward, with barely a moment of resistance my knob slid between Lorna's pussy lips and penetrated her, as I continued to push home Lorna gasped and squealed with pleasure.

"You are so big daddy!" She cried as my cock filled her.

With slow strokes that sent wave after wave of blissful sensations through me I began to fuck my youngest daughter, reaching out I took her boobs in my hands and played with them as I continued thrusting. Fingers touched my chin, turning my head I found Claire's face mere inches from mine, I lost no time in closing the gap and hungrily placing my lips on hers. Gradually my movements became faster, Lorna's body reacted to mine and her hips would thrust up to meet my every stroke while her voice rose in cries of bliss. Twice I felt my daughter buck beneath me, her body gripped in an orgasm, each time her pussy would clench tightly around my cock. Then I felt her pussy begin to tighten for the third time. As Lorna rose to another climax I felt a burning heat rising in my shaft, with a groan I thrust deep into my daughter and gasped as my juices erupted hotly into her depths. I had never felt such a powerful climax before, it was as though my whole body and mind were afire with bliss, parting my lips from Claire's I cried out with the force of the sensations I was feeling. A minute later I began to thrust again, tingles and thrills of after pleasure ran through me as my cock slid in and out of my daughter's tight little hole.

To my surprise and joy my prick stayed rigid, turning my head I looked at Claire and smiled.

"You're next." I whispered to her.

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