And Son Makes Three

by Scorpio00155

Copyright© 2001 by Scorpio00155

Incest Sex Story: Dan's family was very open, but when he switched seats with his father his mother made the mistake of thinking it was her husband she was encouraging to touch her up!

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   .

From the kitchen I heard my mother squeal. I grinned as I guessed at the reason why, my father. My parents may have been in their late thirties, but they acted twenty years younger and my father was a right randy sod. Mind you I couldn't blame him, if I had a girlfriend half as attractive as my mother I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her either. Over the last eighteen years I had watched dad chasing mum around, naturally my early years held no real memory of this, but I'm sure it happened. As I had got older the pair of them had tried to be a little less obvious about their activities, but it is a little hard not to notice when you find them bent over the kitchen table or on the couch in the living room, not that they knew that I had seen them at play, every time I caught them I grinned and snuck away.

I suppose it was my father's influence that made me the randy bugger I was, my current girlfriend was only too happy to meet me and always complained of a sore fanny when I left her. The squeal sounded again and I laughed quietly and looked forward to giving my girlfriend Rita a little of what dad was giving mum when I met her later that evening.

Then the phone rang, grabbing it before my fun loving parents were interrupted by its peel I spoke into the mouthpiece.

"Hello?" I said.

"Dan," Rita's voice came over the instrument, "is that you?"

"Yes, what's wrong?" I asked with a feeling of dread.

"Dan, I'm sorry, but my gran has just gone into hospital." Rita replied, "My parents are taking me there now."

"I understand." I said through gritted teeth, "I'll see you next week. Take care, bye."

I barely heard her reply as I hung up the phone and swore; there went my nookie for the night.

"Is something wrong son?" my father's voice said from behind me.

I nearly shot through the roof; I hadn't heard him or my mother enter the room. Gulping my heart back into my chest I turned to face him, mum looked flushed and was breathing heavily, dad looked the same.

"No, not really." I replied, "Rita's gran has been taken to hospital and Rita has to go see how she is."

"Rita? Is she the one with the knockers out to next Wednesday?" dad grinned.

"No," I sighed, "that was Carol. Rita's the one with the long red hair."

"I guess that means that you won't be going out then." Mum said.

"Fraid not," I grinned, "but I'll try and keep out of your hair."

"Don't be daft." Mum laughed, "Your father has had a portion so he should be docile for a little while. We can have a nice quiet family evening in for a change."

"Docile!" dad breathed and reached out to grab mum, "I'll show you docile."

"Alan," mum squealed, "not in front of the children."

Shaking my head and laughing I went and sat on the couch. Gazing over at the one eyed beast lurking in the corner I wondered if there was anything on worth watching; a quick look at the TV guide told me there wasn't. Dad flopped down on the other end of the couch and grinned at me, grinning back I handed him the guide and looked over to my mother who was pouring out drinks.

"There's bugger all on." Dad grumped, "Sooner or later we are going to have to get a satellite system."

"There's bugger all on the satellite channels either." I grinned.

"How about a video?" Mum suggested.

"You do have a few good ideas Dawn my love." Dad laughed, "What would you like to watch, sex or violence?"

"Sex." Mum grinned.

"I needn't have asked." Dad laughed, "What about you Dan?"

"Sex is fine by me." I grinned.

"I bet it is you randy sod." Dad laughed as he stood up.

"Well you know what they say dad." I grinned.

"What do they say?" Dad asked.

"Like father like son." I laughed.

"Ouch!" Dad grinned, "I walked into that one."

"He got you good that time Alan." Mum laughed as she crossed the room to join me on the couch.

Mum handed me a full glass while dad sorted out a video for us to watch, having selected one to his liking dad put it in the machine, turned on the telly, grabbed the remote and came to sit on the other side of mum. Taking the glass she held out to him dad reached over and dimmed the lights then started the video playing, sipping my drink I settled back to watch the film. About half an hour later mum got up and grabbed the vodka bottle then sat down again, she filled all our glasses then turned her attention back to the screen. So far the film had been fun, but nothing to write home about, it was one I hadn't seen and I assumed that it would pick up a little later, it didn't. The film finished and dad turned up the lights.

"That was a waste of time." Mum commented, "I'll choose the next one."

"Okay," dad grinned, "you do that while I go to the loo."

"I'll sort out the drinks." I sighed, "Then I think I'll go to the loo as well."

"Fill the glasses right up so we don't have to bugger about while the film's on." Mum instructed me.

I did as she asked finishing just as dad reappeared, I left the room and went to the loo, when I got back mum and dad jumped apart, mum dashed out of the room while dad dimmed the lights and sat down on the couch. This time dad sat himself where I had been sitting, it made no difference to me so I plonked myself in the spot he had been, what a fateful move that was. A few minutes later mum returned and made her way to her seat by the dim light from the television, she took the glass I held out to her as dad started the video playing. Sipping our drinks we watched events unfold on the screen, this time it was the business, plenty of naked bodies of all sexes, explicit fucking and sucking and any number of cum shots.

About half way through the film I was feeling randy and my glass was empty, I leant over and put my glass at the side of the couch, mum handed me her empty glass and I put it with mine and sat up again. A few minutes later mum put her hand on my thigh and squeezed it, not thinking I put my hand on her stockinged leg and squeezed back. The next thing I knew she had grabbed my hand and shoved it into her dress. It wasn't a surprise to discover that under her dress her tits were bare, it was a surprise to have her encourage me to play with her tit, puzzled I did as she seemed to want. I felt my mother move her hand from my thigh to my crotch; she tugged at my flies and slowly pulled them down. I was speechless when she slid her hands into my trousers, into my pants and grabbed hold of my cock. As mum began to wank me I felt her take my hand from her tit and guide it under her dress, she placed my hand on her pussy, which I quickly discovered was bare, and moved her hand away. It was fairly obvious she wanted me to finger fuck her. Shaking off my surprise and shock I pressed a finger to my mother's clit, gently I teased the little button of flesh then moved down to her pussy.

Sliding a finger into her wet hole I wondered what had got into my mother, not that I was thinking any too straight with her hand gliding up and down on my cock. Then it dawned on me that mum had made a mistake, she thought I was my father, I was sitting where he had been sitting and I decided that I had better let her know before she went too far. Reluctantly I leant towards her.

"Dad's on the other side mum." I whispered.

Her hand froze in its movements as my words sank in, but she did not release her hold on me.

"Jesus." Mum said.

"What's wrong?" dad asked.

"I thought you were sitting on the other side of me," mum admitted, "I've been wanking Dan and put his hand up my fanny."

"Is that all?" Dad laughed, "Tell you what, to avoid any confusion why don't you wank both of us while we both touch you up?"

I couldn't believe my ears, then I realised that dad was joking, but mum's response surprised the pair of us.

"Okay," mum said happily, "but you'll have to open your own trousers Alan my other hand is a bit busy."

"Eh?" dad yelped, "Are you serious Dawn?"

"I think so." mum laughed, "Anyway I like the feel of Dan's cock."

"Well if that's what you want," dad laughed, "don't blame me for what happens."

From the other end of the couch I heard the sound of a zip, a hand joined mine under mum's dress and mum's hand began moving on my cock again. Stunned I felt the other hand push a finger into mum's pussy, shaking myself mentally I pushed a finger in to join it and mum gasped.

"Mmm," she hummed, "that feels nice."

I had to agree with her! With my mother's hand rubbing slowly up and down my shaft I settled down to watch the rest of the film. It was an amazing experience watching the remainder of the film while my mother wanked me and I played with her pussy, amazing and exciting and I was disappointed when the film came to an end. Dad set the tape to rewind and put the telly on stand-by, reaching out with a reluctant hand I turned up the lights.

"That's enough light." Mum said as the room brightened.

The level of lighting allowed us to see clearly, but at the same time it was warm and intimate, much to my surprise mum had not moved her hand from my cock and I could now see her other hand wanking my father. Soon enough mum would turn her attentions solely to my father at which point I would retire to my room for a good wank, until then I decided to enjoy things while I could. Mum looked from dad's cock to mine then grinned, dad took his hand from under her dress and I reluctantly followed suit, then to my surprise my father began to undress himself. When he had removed all of his clothing my father sat down again, looked across at me and grinned.

"Your turn." He laughed.

For a moment I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I followed his example and got undressed. When I was naked I sat back down and mum immediately took hold of my cock again. More than a little confused, but determined to enjoy myself I sat back and let mum play with my cock.

"I feel a little overdressed." Mum giggled.

Removing her hands from our cocks mum stood up and quickly shucked off her dress, with a laugh she tossed it across the room then sat back down between us. The thrill I felt as she put her hand back around my cock was stupendous, it was the knowledge that what we were doing was against the law that made the situation so exciting, that and the fact that my mother was a damned sexy woman.

Without any instruction I placed my hand at her pussy and pushed a finger into her wet hole, I could feel that mum was more than ready to receive a cock and wished without hope for that cock to be mine. A moment later I felt my father's hand brush against mine as he added a finger to my mother's pussy, looking across at him I saw that he was grinning at me. My father winked then raised his other hand to one of mum's tits, an action I quickly followed. As I began to tease her hard nipple and finger her pussy my mother hummed with pleasure, the sound adding to the excitement of the moment; a moment I savoured to the full as I knew that it would end all too soon. For ages I had been resisting the temptation to lean forward and kiss my mother, daringly I gave in to my temptation and as my lips came in contact with hers my mother sighed and returned my kiss with a fervour that shocked and thrilled me.

"You're a hell of a kisser." Mum sighed when we came up for air a few minutes later.

She turned to dad and he kissed her while I sat and watched the erotic display, I didn't sit idle for long, the feel of mum's tit in my hand made me long to suck her nipple, so leaning over I took the hard bud in my mouth and circled it with my tongue. My mother growled into dad's mouth then pushed her boob tighter to my face. Encouraged by her reaction I set to with a will, sucking hard and teasing the nipple with my tongue; at the same time I began moving my finger faster in her pussy and stretched out my thumb to play with her clit. I felt dad's hand move away from her pussy and heard mum gasp, grinning around the nipple in my mouth I enjoyed the taste and feel of my mother for as long as I could. Suddenly she was trembling, groaning my mother pushed down onto my probing finger and I felt her pussy tighten around that digit. It did not take the brain of an Einstein to realise that she was having a climax and I felt happy and thrilled that it was me that had given it to her.

"Jesus!" Mum suddenly exploded, "If I don't get a cock soon I'll scream."

The couch bounced, looking over the swell of my mother's boobs I saw dad kneel up on the cushions, his cock pointing straight at mum. Enthralled I watched mum lean forward and take his cock in her mouth. Enticed to be even more daring by the sight of my mother sucking my father's cock I slipped off the couch and knelt between my mother's legs. In this position I could see her pussy in all its erotic splendour, leaning forward I licked her moist flesh, the taste of her juices drawing me on. At any moment I expected mum to stop me and took advantage of whatever time I would have to probe her pussy and to tease her clit with my tongue.

As the minutes passed mum showed no sign of stopping me. Concentrating on her clit with my mouth I pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. Mum cried out around the cock in her mouth, one of her hands dropped to the back of my head and I expected to be pushed away, instead she pulled me tighter to her. I was too excited to feel shocked by her action, eagerly I tongued her clit while moving my fingers faster in her pussy; her hand holding me tight to her, increasing the excitement I felt as I drove her to another climax. Then I heard dad groan, glancing up I saw his cock pushed deep into my mother's mouth and her Adam's apple bobbing. The knowledge that my father was cumming in my mother's mouth made me shiver with delight, and when dad finally pulled away from mum I saw his skin glistening with her saliva. I was not surprised to see that dad's cock was still hard, but I was surprised by mum's cry.

"Christ Almighty Dan," she gasped loudly, "stop fingering me and fuck me properly!"

Her words were a surprise, a shock and an amazing turn on! Without thinking I moved my fingers and knelt up, shuffling forward I placed my cock at her pussy and slowly pushed forward. As I penetrated her my mother sighed happily and pushed down to greet me.

"Yes." She breathed.

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