Road Trip

by Janice Kirtley

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A lonely mother takes a much needed vacation, only to break down on the way. A lonely husband and father happens upon her on the road, and comes to her aide, in more ways than one.

She was getting tired of driving, but knew it wasn't much further. She didn't travel well, but needed so badly to get away. The kids had been driving her nuts, and she needed some "me" time. A few days in the sun would do her a world of good.

As she started to speed up to hurry to get to her destination, all of a sudden she heard a hiss and saw steam come from under the hood of the car. "Oh no, not now" she said, as she pulled the car to the shoulder of the road. The warning indicator light had not come on, and she had no clue she was overheating. "Now, what" she said to herself, as she raised the hood to look at something she had no idea what she was looking at.

She went back to the car to get her phone to call for help, only to find out she was grossly out of range.

Terry cursed as he realized he had forgotten some very important papers back at the office. He had no choice but to go back and retrieve them. " What the hell " he thought. "I can always stop for a beer on the way back. Its hot as hell and I have been wanting one all night". He climbed into the truck and headed out onto the highway. He rolled down the window and cranked the radio full blast. One of his favorite old songs was playing, and he started to sing along. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad going back out. He liked the time to himself, the boys had been screaming all night, and he needed some peace and quiet.

As he approached the off-ramp, he spied a car sitting on the shoulder of the road. The hood was up, and the female driver standing next to the car looked helpless. He didn't usually stop to help strangers, unless they were female, and he pulled slowly in behind the stranded vehicle.

"Anything I can do to help?" he said to her as she smiled at him. "I'm so glad to see you", said the woman, who looked like she was near tears. " I don't know what happened, it just spewed steam and died "

" Let's take a look, shall we?" He walked to the front of the car, and peered in, even though there wasn't much light left, he could see the problem. " Your fan belt is broken. We'll need to get you a new one " " Oh wonderful. I don't know how to put one of those on", she said. " I do", he said. " No problem. Get in the truck and we'll run down to the local parts store and pick one up. We'll have you going again in no time."

He walked around and opened the passenger side door and helped her into his big truck. He couldn't help but notice what great legs she had as she climbed up on the running board. He smiled to himself when he imagined what might be under the dress. When she was secure in the seat, he closed the door and went around to his side and climbed in.

"I really appreciate this ", she said as they pulled out onto the highway. " No problem at all, I know exactly where we can get what you need ".

She watched him as he drove. They made idle conversation, and talked about little things such as jobs, kids etc. He glanced over at her now and then, but noticed she had crossed her legs, making her dress shift up over her thighs. He cleared his throat and tried to keep his mind on the road. It wasn't easy with the heady perfume she was wearing. She had been driving in the hot July sun all afternoon, but didn't look like it. In fact, she looked. fresh as a daisy and wonderfully edible. Many thoughts were crossing his mind, when he realized she had been talking to him, and he didn't hear. She repeated that she didn't know his name. "Terry", nice to meet you. " I'm Jan, she said " You too ".

About that time, they pulled into the auto parts store. "I know exactly what you need, so if you'd like to just wait for me, I'll get it and be right back ", he said. "Fine, I'll be waiting". He got out of the truck and headed for the door. She liked the view of his taut ass in his jeans as he walked. She found herself licking her glossed lips. She thought herself very lucky that this good -looking fellow had come to her rescue, and how she could repay him. Soon, he was back with the part she needed, and they were back on their way to her car. He had a flashlight under the front seat of the truck and asked her if she could possibly reach it. She complied by reaching between his legs, under his seat to find the flashlight. During this, he was allowed a wonderful view of her ample bosoms. She found the flashlight, and returning to her side of the seat she brushed against his leg, making him shiver. He wondered what it would be like to cover her nipples with his mouth and tongue. She in turn, thought about what it would be like to swallow his cock.

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