Custody Battle

by RR

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, InLaws, Oral Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A custody battle between 2 Aunts over a nephew turns violent.

It has been a year or so since an automobile accident took the lives of my parents. I had a rough time adjusting. Just turning 16 was bad enough. Now, I had a new home and a new guardian. The last year had been full of changes. I attended the burial of my parents. I left my old home and school and moved from Tallahassee to Miami to live with my Aunt Cathy. I had to live with my future in limbo while my Aunt Catherine and Aunt Anne struggled in court to gain custody of me.

Aunt Cathy and I knew and loved one another for years. Aunt Cathy was my favorite Aunt. My Mom's younger sister and I were quite close and each visit she made brought new and wonderful memories. As an only child, I had no close siblings to confide in. Divorced, with no children of her own, Aunt Cathy filled the role of big sister quite well. She was about 5'8" and a 130 lbs. Her smile would always reach her warm brown eyes. Her hair was long, wavy, and shiny blond. She was never satisfied with any one particular hairdo. On one visit she would have it up and neatly pinned. On another visit she would have it permed. Once, when I was 12, she asked me how I liked her hair. I told her that I liked it long and down. Every visit afterwards she wore it that way, just for me. Her face was beautiful in a classic sense with a straight nose, beautiful smile, and startling blue eyes. It was also at 12 that I started noticing her body. She had a perfect hourglass figure with 38DD breasts. (I peeked in her lingerie drawer at 13.) Her legs were long and supple. She worked out daily aerobically and it showed. I sported my first boner watching her workout in her black leotard, and she has been the number one star of my jerk off fantasies since.

Aunt Anne, my Dad's sister, was a different kettle of fish. Where Aunt Cathy took time to talk with me, Aunt Anne seemed to barely tolerate me. Where Aunt Cathy was fun to be with, Aunt Anne was a stick in the mud. She seemed so cold and calculating. Her rich dark brown hair was always tied into a bun at the back of her head. Her chilly blue eyes always seemed to glare out her disapproval of me from behind her wire rim glasses. She was beautiful in her own way, tanned, tall, and slender, about 5'10", with a 34C bust. (I peeked into her suitcase at 13 as well.) I was under no illusion that what she really wanted was not so much custody of me, but of the Ω million dollar estate my parents left behind.

Aunt Cathy and I were thrilled when she was awarded custody of me. It was what my parents wished, but I still remember Aunt Anne hiss at Aunt Cathy that it wasn't over yet. We didn't care. We bought a new ranch style house in a semi-secluded location with all the amenities, including a jacuzzi and pool. We plowed the rest into a series of investments. I started at a new school. And got on with the business of living. The greatest change however, occurred just before my 17th birthday.

Aunt Cathy tried to carry on with her normal life as if she didn't have a teen in the house. She still ran her real estate business, making a goodly wage. She would still go out of Fridays and "party like it was 1999." I helped out with the chores, but having a nearly grown teen in the house cramped her style a bit.

One Friday evening, a cab dropped her off. She was more than a little tipsy. I met her at the door. I helped her navigate to the living room couch, sat with her as she poured out the details of a disastrous date with the bastard she was out with that night. I comforted her as best as possible and one thing lead to another. Next thing I knew I was nude, flat on my back on the couch, with my nude, busty, blonde, beautiful Aunt riding my cock. My fantasies hadn't even come close.

Of course by the next morning, she was ashamed and mortified at what happened. It took two weeks of kind words, warm touching, and gentle seduction to get past my Aunt's guilt and into to her bed. Within 2 weeks after that, I had moved out of my bed and into hers. And we both couldn't have been happier. We didn't keep the action confined to the bed or bedroom for that matter. I had her in the shower, the kitchen, the living room and den. Hell, I had her in the laundry room, bent over the washer as it went through its spin cycle. I even had her out back beside and inside the pool. That is where we slipped up. I remember that day quite clearly.

I had just turned 17 and school was out all summer. I got up early, had breakfast, kissed my Aunt goodbye and walked to the market for a few things she wanted. After a half-hour, I was back. I entered an empty house. I opened my mouth to announce my presence when I caught the sound of music coming from the backyard. I made my way though the dining room into the kitchen and looked out the back kitchen window. There she was, stretched out on her stomach on the grass atop a white beach towel. Her little radio beside her. Her black string bikini top was untied, the thongs lying on the white towel. Her bikini bottom was little more than dental floss. Her expanse of nearly nude golden brown skin hardened me immediately. I took the single bag of groceries I had and stuffed whole thing into the top shelf of the fridge. Then I pulled off my shoes and socks, pulled off my white polo shirt, pulled off my red running shorts and underwear. Then I slipped on my running shorts. I got 2 tall glasses of ice water and walked out into the backyard to join her.

Coming up quietly beside her, I dropped to my knees and said, "hi."

"Hi Rod." She smiled back. Her smile grew wider as she caught sight of the glass of ice water I held out to her.

"Thank you sweetie." She said as she turned on her side took the glass and with her eyes never leaving mine, drank. I followed to course of the water as it passed her moist full lips, watched the motion of her tanned swan-like throat as she swallowed, my eyes dropped to her large full breasts as they swayed with the actions of her drinking. Finished she held out the glass now only filled with ice.

Taking it from her, and placing it on the grass beside me, I then asked, "Anything else I can do for you Aunt Cathy?''

"Would you mind rubbing some tanning lotion on my back, Rod?" She asked, holding up a bottle of tanning oil.

Mind? Its what I was hoping for. I knew for certain that within the next few minutes that I was going to be buried deeply within my Aunt. My cock, if anything, got even harder. "Not at all." I smiled as I took the bottle from her hand.

Smiling at me in return, she laid face down on the towel, took a deep breath, and relaxed. I dripped a goodly amount of tanning oil between her shoulderblades. She shuttered a bit at the contact of the cool lotion on her back. I put the bottle down, and started rubbing the lotion deep into her flesh. Using long firm strokes, I covered her back with lotion as well as soothing her tense muscles.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred. "That's heavenly".

"You're tense". I noted. As I rubbed the lotion from high on her right thigh down to red painted toenails.

"It's that bitch, your Aunt Anne."

"So what is she up to now?"

"She hasn't stopped her efforts to get custody of you. She has filed yet another motion."

"Well, she won't get custody of me will she?" I started my way up from her left foot to the top of her left thigh.

"Not if I can help it sweetie." She groaned and spread her legs as I stroked her buttocks and cunt under the thong.

"You would think that a lawyer would know when to quit." I groused as I untied her thong bottom and pushed the scrap of cloth away.

"Sweetie, I don't want to talk about that bitch anymore." My aunt moaned, as I moved back to shuck my shorts.

"Neither do I." I said as I lay my full naked body upon her. I lay my fully erect 9" onto the crack of her round firm ass and pressed. I hissed in pleasure as she started to rub that delightful ass against my straining cock. I reached my left hand up and gently pulled her face to the side. Then I brought my lips to hers and gave her a kiss that scorched me as much as it did her.

"Now!" She gasped. "Do me now!"

Bracing myself with my left arm, I reached under to my wanton aunt's belly with my right hand and pulled her up to her hands and knees. Frantically, she reached back between her legs and groped until she found my cock. With a moan of encouragement, she set my prick at the entrance of her pussy and suddenly I was in. I hissed at the sudden sensation of her moist warn cunt around my cock. I gritted my teeth and froze, not daring to move until I could get a measure of control. I didn't want this to end too soon. A few seconds later, my breathing slowed, the trembling stopped, and I found that I could start fucking my Aunt Cathy without immediately blowing my wad.

I reached beneath my well-oiled aunt with my right hand and cupped her bountiful right breast. I rolled her erect nipple between my fingers, eliciting a little squeal and causing her thrust her self-back rhythmically against the cock I had in her. Damn I was getting close, but knowing my sexy Aunt so was she. So I grasped her with both hands on her hips and started thrusting in earnest. With each thrust I gave her she gave a breathy little grunt. Soon sweat and oil mixed into a silvery sheen that coated her from head to toe. Her dangling breasts shook every time I deeply thrust into her. I too was coated with sweat from my exertions, but we didn't care. The scent of her arousal mixed with the scent of oil and our sweat. The sound of her grunts combined with my moans and the rhythmic slapping sound I made against her buttocks as I fucked her faster and faster. I felt as if the inside of my cock was boiling from the friction of fucking my hot aunt. Our breathing became ragged, as did our motions as we came to the point of no return. Suddenly my Aunt collapsed. Her arms folded beneath her and her ass was left up in the air. She suddenly snaked out an arm, stuffed a corner of a beach towel into her mouth, and bit down to muffle her wail as she came. As she clamped down on my cock with her pussy, I exploded. I gritted my teeth to stifle the yell that was forcing its way out of my throat. My back arched and I found myself frozen like a statue as I emptied myself into her womb.

We collapsed bonelessly upon the beach towel as we struggled to catch our breath. Later after we recovered we would take a dip into the pool to cool off. We would wrestle and have a splash fight that would end up with my Aunt and I fucking like fishes. But it would not be until a week later that we would find out that our encounter on the beach towel had become a Kodak moment.

One Week Later...

I awoke to the sound of the doorbell. Reaching out for my Aunt Catherine, I encountered only empty bed. Groaning my disappointment, I lay back down a cast my blurry gaze toward the electric alarm clock on the nightstand next to me. 7:24, who would be calling at such an early hour? I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and was drifting off when I heard my Aunt Cathy suddenly yell "Get out of here bitch, before I fuck you up for life!"

A scornful chuckle answered her. I sat bolt upright as I heard my Aunt Anne's mocking answer. "Before you toss me out, I strongly suggest you look at these. I like that one, and this one as well, but this one, the one where you are incestuously fucking your nephew in the backyard like the bitch in heat that you are is my favorite."

There was a sudden "crack", a scream of pain and rage, and then came more screams and other sounds of conflict. I sprang nude from Cathy's and my bed, snagged my red terrycloth robe from the foot of my bed in passing, and ran for the living room. I had just settled the robe about my shoulders and tied the belt when I burst into the living room and froze at the sight before me.

The immaculate livingroom was largely intact. Across the living room about 20' was a fireplace that was hardly ever used. The old fashioned, dark brown wooden clock showed about 7:25. The right hand side of the room opened into the dining room. The left-hand side of the room extended out 20 feet toward the front of the house. To the left of the fireplace was a comfortable rocker. On the left side of the room was a large picture window, it blue drapes thankfully closed. In front of the window was a large brown leather couch with a coffee table in front of it and end tables and lamp to either side of it. A matching loveseat stood at a right angle to the couch, making a little corridor between it and the wall where people walked though to enter in the house through the front door. The floor in that section of the living room was littered with what looked to be photographs. My attention was drawn to the front door and the two women struggling against it. The sight gave me an instant boner.

Aunt Cathy squealed as Aunt Anne pulled her hair back by the roots. I saw that Aunt Anne was also hurting from Aunt Cathy's hands in her hair. Aunt Cathy had Aunt Anne pinned against the front door as each did their level best to pull their enemy's hair out by the roots. I noticed that Aunt Anne was dressed for the expected heat of the day in a white, halter top sundress. On the floor by the door was a matching purse that she dropped and matching sandals that she had kicked off before I came in. Aunt Cathy was only in her short red silk robe, which was belted at the waist. Aunt Cathy suddenly pulled her right hand out of her foes hair and suddenly slapped Aunt Anne hard across the face whipping Aunt Anne's face to the side. Aunt Cathy's returning backhand sent Aunt Anne's glasses flying. Aunt Anne responded with a sudden spin that forced Aunt Cathy into the wall, hard. The impact rattled Aunt Cathy's teeth and loosened her grip upon Aunt Anne's hair. Aunt Anne spun again and tossed Aunt Cathy away from her. Aunt Cathy screamed as she hit the back of the loveseat and went over it to crash on the other side.

Any thought I had in stopping the fight died as I saw Aunt Anne start around the couch after Aunt Cathy. Her hair was down in a wild tangle past her shoulders. Blue eyes, normally cold, blazed with anger. Her teeth showed in an almost a feral grin. A glance to Aunt Cathy showed that she was rising. Her eyes also were blazing in anger. Her grin matched her foe's as she waited for Aunt Anne to come around the loveseat. I knew both of these women hated one another for years and now they are finally going to have it out.

Aunt Anne came around the loveseat and in her eagerness to get at Aunt Cathy, walked right into a slap. It hardly slowed her down as she responded with a roundhouse right that caught Aunt Cathy with a glancing blow to the jaw.

Wiping the back of her hand across her mouth, Aunt Cathy snarled "So that is how you want it, eh?" And launched a wild punch of her own. Both of them stood toe to toe slugging it out. Although they missed more than they hit, both succeeded in landing some punishing blows. I remember Aunt Anne catching a straight punch that bloodied her nose. She responded by grasping Aunt Cathy's hair with her left hand, then pull Aunt Cathy down and forward by that hair and start to rain blows onto Aunt Cathy's head. Suddenly, Aunt Cathy, who was reeling from a punch that would leave a shiner, latched onto the top of Aunt Anne's dress to keep on her feet. As Aunt Anne struggled to free herself from her foe's grip, the dress tore. With a great tearing sound, the front of the dress gave way, then the halter snapped, stripping Aunt Anne to the waist and leaving her beautiful breasts bare. What remained of Aunt Anne's sundress then slid down to entangle her legs, leaving her in just a white pair of panties. Now it was Aunt Anne's turn to grab on to something to keep her feet. Aunt Cathy's flimsy, red silk robe was never built to take that kind of stress. As Aunt Anne fell, she took Aunt Cathy's robe with her, leaving Aunt Cathy gloriously nude. Although staggered, Aunt Cathy was still game. She simply fell on to her prone opponent and continued the fight on the carpet.

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