Polaroid Pictures

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: A neighbor would like me to do a few snaps of his lovely wife. She lets it become more than chaste Glamor shots.

I worked as a superintendent for a large construction company. The company had furnished all of us persons in charge of their projects self developing cameras. We were to use them to document progress on our construction sites and any details of a job injury or to give other information to the main office.

Since hardly more than a child cameras and taking pictures had been my hobby. I was building a Dark Room in the basement of our house and had a new enlarger on lay away.

My wife Fay was pregnant with our second child. Her breasts were large and her pretty tummy was swollen with the child. I took some pictures of her nude. I used the company owned Polaroid to take the shots. Several were nice pictures and in good taste but a few were of her masturbating or sucking me off. Fay loved to pose for me. Even before we were married I had taken hundreds of pictures of her in nude poses and doing erotic things to herself and me. Fay loved to suck my dick and told me she had liked to do that to boys since she was eight years old.

Fay was close to her time to go to the hospital and had taken leave from her job. One morning three of our neighbors had coffee in our kitchen, talk turned to Fay's complexion and how pretty she looked in the last part of her pregnancy. Fay got out a few of the pictures I had taken over the last week end. She did not realize that one of the pictures of her sucking my cock had stuck to the back of another of her posing on our bed. Before she realized her mistake three of our neighbors saw her with her tongue licking my hard prick. One of her neighbors said she wished her husband was that big and told Fay she was a lucky girl.

Fay was embarrassed but laughed it off and said we took a lot of pictures to look at when we were old. It would help us to remember our youth.

That was Tuesday, Friday night I took Fay to the hospital to deliver our child. She had us another little girl. I stayed with her until her mother came Saturday morning. I went home and slept for a few hours. Fay's sister was taking care of our first child. Fay's mother was at the hospital. I woke after noon and cut the grass in our yard. When I was finished I cooled off on some lawn chairs in the shade of a tree in front of the house. My neighbor John Fleming across the street shut his lawn mower off and came over to join me. John congratulated me on the birth of our new child. I thanked him and said Fay had done all of the work. John laughed and said she could not have done it with out my help.

I had been about to go inside and get a beer when John came over, I asked if he would like one. John said that sounded good to him. When I came back with our beers John said his wife Mary had told him of Fay showing her some very good pictures of her nude pregnant body. John said he would like some of him and Mary doing things together. The kind of pictures he would not like to get developed by a photo shop. I told him I would lend him the company camera anytime he wanted. John said he was talking about me taking the pictures not him, he wanted to be in the pictures too. He said he knew nothing about photography.

I asked him what Mary thought about this and John said she was all for it and that it was her idea. I asked when they wanted to pose for the pictures. John said right now if I had the time. I told John I was going to clean up and go visit with my wife and new daughter now but I would be free the next morning. John said that would be fine and asked what time I could come over to his house in the morning. I told John to look for me at about nine.

Mary was one of the most beautiful women I had ever known, she was always a lady and had never acted as if she could get the least interested in any man other than John. I realy thought I would be taking tame pictures of Mary with all of her clothes on and a few cheese cake poses with lots of her pretty legs showing.

I had a shower and shaved and spent the late afternoon and early evening with Fay. I got home and fixed a snack and went to bed early. The next morning John called at seven and asked if I would like to come over for breakfast. I told him that I would enjoy that, I was just about to go out to eat at our local 'greasy spoon'.

I had bought ten packs of film for the company camera on my way home from the hospital the night before. I put that and the camera in a tote bag. I thought I might get to use my thirty five mm. camera and I put it in with a ten roll carton of film. I had a good tri-pod in the bag and several small lights in there when I left for the Fleming house.

John answered my ring at the front door and led me to the kitchen. Mary was wearing a next to nothing night gown. Every inch of her beautiful body could be seen through that gown. I put my bag down and sat at the kitchen table and just looked at her.

Mary asked if I liked her new gown, she said John had helped her choose a few naughty things to wear the evening before.

I told Mary I adored her new gown. Mary said she had a few more things to wear for me to photo her in. John said they were more revealing than the gown.

I wondered if I was dreaming, this was not the Mary I thought I knew.

John said he was going to bring the Sunday paper in. The minute he left us Mary moved over near me and said " This is for you and I to get better aquatinted". "You are not going to be able to have sex with Fay for six weeks but you can have sex with me if you want".

John came back in with the paper before I could reply. Mary finished our breakfast and we ate.

I did not really want to use that Polaroid camera. Those things flatten the images and loose some of the fine details of a shot. I told them I thought I would use a 35mm camera to take the shots they wanted. John and Mary both spoke at the same time. They were afraid some developing service would make copies and God only knew where those things might show up.

I told them I was far enough along with my new dark room to develop the film myself. I and they were the only ones that would ever see the pictures if they wanted it that way. Mary said " I am ready to start then, you guys tell me what you want me to do ". I suggested we use their bed room as our setting.

Mary had decorated the bed room herself and it was beautiful.

I had her pose with one knee on the edge of the bed her gown flowing down to her ankle I took one of her facing square at the camera, one side shot displaying her ass and tits in her gown. The next series were of her laying on the bed in different poses. Mary let more and more of her legs show. Mary was a natural, she was a perfect model.

John suggested she put on the teddy they had bought the day before. Mary slipped the gown off and took her time putting the next garment on, I had a lot of time to view her nude body. I took at least a dozen pictures of her nude and putting that wisp of nothing on.

When Mary was ready I had her pose on the bed some more. John said "Dam all of these tame shots, I am going to get your toys out Mary and we can get some shots of you using them". John took an assortment of dildos out of a night stand drawer and laid them on the bed. Mary started a small one to vibrating and ran it over her breasts, John pushed the strings off her shoulders and pulled the tiny skirt up around her waist. Mary was nude except a narrow band of cloth above her hips. John said " Put it in your cunt baby" ! Mary told him to get naked and put a big one in her, he could help get her off that way. John only had a pair of shorts and a tee on, he was on that bed in a second. I quit worrying about making the pictures look good and started shooting just pictures. I caught several while Mary was having her first orgasm.

She looked as if she was having a big and very intense one. Mary had to rest after that.

I got some close up cunt shots.

When her breathing slowed down John wanted her to suck his cock. Mary said she would if he would go down on her afterward. John said "Mary you know I can't do that, I threw up the first time I tried before we were married, I have never been able to do that to any woman it's not just you."

Mary told John to forget a blowjob then. Mary looked at the bulge in my shorts and asked if I would bring her to a climax with my mouth. She said if I would she would give me a really good blowjob.

I told Mary I had never done that to anyone except my wife. I told her I would feel strange doing that to someone else. Mary asked me how long it had been since I had fucked or sucked Fay. I told Mary it had been several weeks, but Fay had sucked me several times since then.

Mary said " You poor dear, I will tell you what, If you will go down on me and get me off with your mouth I will fuck you and then suck you off too". I looked at John and asked if he was alright with that. John said " Go for it". Then he asked if I minded him taking some pictures of us doing that. I told him he could if he liked.

Mary was already wet from those dildos. She was in a hurry but I took my time. Mary had her first orgasm when I finally licked her swollen clit. When I took it between my lips and lashed it with my tongue she went wild. I kept her going for a long time. When Mary begged me to stop I gave her cunt a final kiss and backed off the foot of the bed.

Mary lay there until her breathing became normal. She told me that I had just given her the best sucking she had ever experienced.

Mary asked me to give her another few minutes and she would do her part of the bargain.

I took my tee shirt and shorts off. Mary said " It is bigger than Fay said it was, I am going to have a hard time with that monster". I grinned and told her she could handle it with no trouble, I would go easy with it in her. I looked at John to be sure he was still willing for me to fuck his wife. He was stroking what looked like a six inch long, slim prick.

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