Friends and So Much More

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Orgy, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: Alex gets with his two female classsmates, Lauren and Amanda, to study in the library. But when he gets there, they're already going at it.

It seemed like only a week or two before that the new school year had started. New class schedules, new books, football season beginning and now it was November. Alex asked himself where the days and weeks were slipping away to as he considered what he still needed to get done before the holiday break. He had several big tests looming on the horizon and, of course, the big research paper he was working on with his friend and classmate, Lauren. Friend?? Was that all she and he had in common?? Just friendship?

Alex smiled as he realized his cock had suddenly gotten very hard in his boxers from thinking about Lauren. He liked the feel of the erection he'd suddenly started getting as he remembered some of the experiences he and Lauren had shared with each other. Yes, they'd just started out as classmates and this year they had gone out for the first date together. Their first date had been to a home football game and afterward they had gone to a local eating spot for burgers, fries, and Cokes. Lauren was a very sexy and attractive girl and Alex found himself pleased to be there talking with her and other friends as the minutes seemed to fly by. He found it hard to keep his eyes from staring at her beautiful brown eyes and her sexy full breasts tightly encased in her demi-bra and top.

Later in front of Lauren's house, she and Alex sat in his car talking about a million different things and suddenly Alex turned directly towards his pretty friend and reached up to touch the side of her face. Her skin felt so soft and smooth, very sexy and sensual feeling, but it was when Lauren noticeably pushed her face back against his hand that he felt his cock begin to throb into hardness. He left his hand there for several moments and then Lauren took his hand in hers and moved it down to her left breast. She placed his hand firmly there, covering her full tit, letting Alex know clearly that she wanted him to touch her and fondle her sensitive breasts.

Alex could instantly feel Lauren's nipple harden under his palm, even through the material of her bra and the tight bust-emphasizing top she had worn. He gently squeezed the taut little bud between his fingers and heard Lauren moan from the sensation of his touch on her body.

Lauren and Alex soon had their clothes undone to making touching each other easier and he had his hand up inside her top, feeling her sexy breasts under his hands. Lauren was rubbing her hands across his muscular chest and very quickly she had reached down between his legs and was grasping and feeling his hard erection in his pants.

The young pair spent an hour playing with each other's bodies, sucking and licking but they could never quite bring themselves to go ahead and move to the fucking stage. Alex had to go home that night and jack off, his nuts were so tight and full with sexual pressure and frustration. Lauren went home and laid in the middle of her bed, slipping her hand down inside her panties and bringing her horny pussy off with a badly needed orgasm.

The meeting with Ms. Henderson, their history teach, took longer than Alex had expected. He hadn't minded the time it took because she was a very sexy looking woman. Alex had often caught himself thinking it would be hot to try her out in bed sometime. He'd managed to get her thoughts and guidance on his project and then he headed out to the library where Lauren and another of their classmates, Amanda, were supposed to be waiting for him.

He walked through the main library entrance, expecting to see Lauren and Amanda at one of the big study tables in the front lobby area. There were nowhere in sight. He looked around some more, then looked through the stacks to see if they were still searching for some sources for their research paper.

Alex was just about to turn around and leave, figuring his friends had given up on him and left the building when he remembered a study area buried in the back of the library. The study alcove was hard to see unless you were almost standing right there. As Alex walked around the corner, he could suddenly hear low female moans and sounds of wetness. When he looked underneath the table, he couldn't believe his eyes. Lauren and Amanda were locked in a hot passionate embrace down on the floor. Amanda had Lauren's top pushed up above her breasts and her bra pushed up as well, uncovering Lauren's full sexy breasts. Lauren's tight jeans were unzipped and Amanda had her hand down inside the other girl's panties, obviously finger fucking her pussy as she sucked the girl's naked left tit.

Alex couldn't believe the hotness of what he was seeing. Two of his closest female classmates in the middle of an extremely sexy grope on the floor of the library. Alex's cock was fully hard and thick in his pants instantly. He didn't know where this was leading but he planned to get a piece or two of this action.

Amanda's attention was focused on her kissing Lauren's tits and finger fucking of Lauren's tender hot pussy. Lauren's head was thrashing back and forth on the floor as Amanda worked her wet finger in and out of her sexy friend's cunt. Amanda had taken off her short skirt and was wearing just her yellow lacy bra and matching yellow thong panties. Alex quickly removed his pants and shorts, his blood-engorged cock bobbing up as it cleared the confinement of his underwear. He knew he wanted to bury his cock in Lauren's cunt most of all but here was sexy Amanda's barely covered pussy and bare ass cheeks flashing in front of his eyes. He could see there was only that thin piece of cloth between her pussy and his hard cock.

Alex let the girls continue to work on each other as he stroked his cock to full readiness. Here were two of the sexiest girls in his class having sex with each other and he was ready to make it a threesome.

Alex bent over behind Amanda's upthrust ass and pussy. He grabbed her hips, quickly reached down to slip his finger under the crotch of her panties, pulling it smoothly aside to bare her pussy. As his cockhead eagerly approached her brown-furred cunt, Alex dipped his finger in her wetness and smearing his cockhead, lubed it just before his dick hit Amanda's openly exposed cunt lips.

Amanda seemed so engrossed in what she was doing to Lauren lying on her back underneath her that she almost seemed not to notice Alex's cock probing into the mouth of her pussy and suddenly starting to spread her cunt lips. Alex was determined to get inside her as soon as possible, before she could resist or try to prevent him from mounting her from the rear. Alex couldn't believe his luck in finding both Lauren and Amanda available for him to plow his horny cock into right here in the middle of the library study room. He moved his cock in Amanda's wet pussy lips again and then wedged the blunt head of his cock inside her and pushed forward strongly. Gripping her hips, he thrust his groin into her, fucking his thick horny cock into the depths of the hottest, tightest pussy he'd ever felt. Amanda's ass muscles tightened as she realized she was being penetrated by a hard cock. His dick met resistance initially but as Alex continued to push into her pussy, he head Amanda let out a moan and then a lusty sigh as Alex realized that Amanda had just lost her virgin cherry to him. He couldn't believe she was still a virgin as he drove his cock on deep into her tight pussy. Alex's penetration of Amanda's tightly clasping cunt seemed to make her hotter and she and Lauren both continued to thrash on the floor under him as he felt his cock sink completely inside his horny classmate's pussy.

Alex allowed his cock to adjust to the tight young cunt it was buried in and then he began to pull the length of his hard cock back out of her pussy. He was going to give Amanda the ride of her life since his was the first cock she'd ever felt inside her young body. His cock was very wet with her pussy juices as he pulled back out and he heard Amanda's passionate moan as she realized he was starting to really fuck her.

With Lauren's help, Amanda had tugged Lauren's jeans and bikini panties down off her hips to her ankles. Amanda had shifted her efforts and her mouth was now right on Lauren's hot furry pussy. Lauren had one hand on Amanda's head, encouraging her as she groped and squeezed her naked right breast. Lauren's eyes were closed in sexual abandon and she was moaning her girlfriend's name as Amanda licked her wet cunt and flicking her pussy hungry tongue in and out.

Alex held tight to Amanda's waist as he began to thrust his hips back and forth inside her tight hot cunt. He could hear her muffled groans and sighs from his fucking movements as she avidly ate Lauren's pussy out.

Alex focused on the sexual bliss Lauren seemed to be in as he fucked her hot horny girlfriend. He wanted to shoot his cum load inside this hot pussy surrounding his horny cock but Alex really wanted a piece of Lauren's cunt most of all. He began to drive his cock in and out of Amanda's wet pussy faster and deeper and then he suddenly pulled it out completely, his cock super coated in all the wetness of her aroused pussy.

"I want a piece of Lauren, ladies," he said as he gently pushed his friend off of her pussy. Amanda readily moved off of Lauren and swung her recently fucked pussy around to Lauren's face as she settled it down onto Lauren's waiting mouth.

And then the fun really began.

Alex and his two sexy female classmates from high school had found themselves enjoying a hot lusty threesome in a very secluded area of the local public library. Alex had joined the girls there to do some school research when he found Lauren and Amanda down on the floor under a long work table eating each others' pussies.

Alex had stood there momentarily watching his brunette friend, Amanda, down between Lauren's spread legs, licking and kissing her pussy as she moaned and wriggled underneath her sexy touches. With Amanda having already taken off her skirt in her foreplay with Lauren, all Alex had to do was pull the crotch of her bikini panty to the side and he was able to slip his cock inside the horny girl from behind and mount her doggy style, fucking her until her pussy was just about to reach climax. Alex had almost lost his wad very quickly when he realized as he penetrated Amanda's wet pussy that she was a virgin and had never been fucked before. He'd "taken her cherry" and proceeded to fuck her hot and hard. Not wanting to spew his cum load inside her pussy, Alex pulled out and told the girls: "I want a piece of Lauren, ladies." Instead of continuing there in the library and running the chance of getting busted, Lauren asked if they could move their threesome to another safe location. All three of them had straightened their clothes to disguise what they'd been doing there under the table and headed to Lauren's house since her parents were out of town that night.

When Alex pulled up in front of her house, Lauren unlocked the door and they all headed down the hallway to her room. She had a queen-sized bed which would be more than adequate as a playground for them to continue their sexual adventures.

Alex quickly slipped his polo shirt off over his head and shucked his jeans and briefs off onto the floor to get naked and ready for more fucking with Lauren and Amanda. The girls both undressed themselves as well and quickly joined Alex on top of Lauren's huge bed. His cock was as hard as it had been when he first found the two horny girls groping each other in the library. The thing Alex had wanted most for months had been to slip his hard young cock inside Lauren's pussy and fuck her until they both orgasmed explosively. He'd saved his cumload that night at the library, hoping and wanting to get a chance in the hotness of the evening to fuck Lauren. Now seemed to be the chance he'd been hot for longer than he could remember.

Alex mainly wanted to fuck Lauren as he'd tried to on several occasions when they'd been on dates with just the two of them. But with Amanda there to play with them as well, he tried to figure out a way he could fuck Lauren's hot pussy and pleasure Amanda at the same time.

He waited to see if the girls would touch or kiss each other before they moved onto the bed, but Lauren took Alex's word from what he's said earlier and she climbed up on the bed and laid down on her back, spreading her legs for him to join her. Alex immediately jumped on the bed between her legs, his hard jutting cock bobbing up and down rigidly as he stroked his cock shaft a couple of times to tease Lauren with the length and girth of his big dick.

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