Joys of Unexpected Passion

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tammy found that ONCE would never be enough for getting fucked by a black man's cock. So she calls the plumbing company for a follow-up visit.

Tammy's breathing was ragged and fast, her shapely long legs spread wide apart, and her right arm pumping quickly in and out between of her groin. She was in the throes of her third episode of sexual activity for the day and Tammy was totally lost in the moment. Normally at 7:30 in the evening, she would have been sitting watching one of her favorite TV programs but tonight she was laid out in the middle of her bed, fucking her hot pussy with her new sex toy - the almost man-like black rubber dildo she'd bought only a few days earlier. Tammy had always used a little vibrator dildo that her boyfriend had bought for her to use when she masturbated, but something a few weeks earlier had led her to buy this full-sized dildo that looked like a black stud's cock. This morning she had finally dug it out of her bedside nightstand and put it to wonderful sexy use for the first time.

What a day this had been in her life. It had begun for her like almost any other - kissing her sometime live-in boyfriend as he made began a long trip out of town, getting the kids up, fed and dressed for school, and then getting down to the many household errands and chores she normally had to see to. Today had been different when Tammy had played with her horny pussy and tits even before she'd gotten dressed. Her cunt had gotten really hot and aroused, her pussy lips swollen and sensitive to the touch, when she dug out the new sex toy and tried it out. The result had been fantastic. She'd never had a black man's cock anywhere near her body before in her 30-something years and then she found herself lubing up the make-believe cock in her own plentiful pussy wetness and driving the black dildo inside her wanton pussy.

After Tammy had brought herself to her first orgasm that morning, the door bell rang and she was confronted by Sam, the young black man who worked for one of the local plumbers. She'd called them to have someone come over and fix one of her commodes. Sam had shown up unannounced just as Tammy had gasped out the ecstasy of her orgasm. Events moved in a totally unexpected direction and Sam not only fixed her commode but he also go the opportunity to be Tammy's first black lover. His ability as an excellent lover made such an indelible impression on Tammy that morning that she'd thought about nothing all day but having his hard thick black cock fucking in and out of her hungry cunt.

Picking up the kids from school, taking the boys to after-school sports and cooking supper had all diverted her from locking her bedroom door and getting out her ebony dildo again, but after the supper dishes were put away and the kids had gone outside to play, Tammy headed straight for her bedroom again. Tammy had gotten undressed completely, and shortly after she had rubbed on her clit and pussy lips, found herself sucking on the dildo like it was Sam's cock that she was playing with and trying to suck a cum load out of it.

It hadn't taken long at all for Tammy's cunt to reward her with another explosive orgasm that flooded throughout her body, quickly followed by three more climaxes before she was satisfied - for the moment.

After dressing again, she spent time watching TV with her kids before they all had to go to bed. When she headed to her bathroom to clean up and relax, Tammy took her black dildo with her into the shower for further playtime. She'd shrugged out of the soft yellow bathrobe she was wearing and quickly had the warm cascading water splashing down all over her naked body. As Tammy felt the shower getting her head and upper body wet, she could also feel her own wetness within her groin becoming more plentiful as she thought about her previous morning in the arms of her first young black lover and the thick black dildo she was about to help herself cum with again. Tammy suddenly found herself wishing that it was Sam here with her in the shower she was about to fuck and not her black dildo. A sex toy just wasn't any substitute for the loving and fucking of a real man.

Tammy suddenly decided that she wasn't going to settle for her hot black dildo. She wanted Sam, the hot young plumber, to come service her again and she took the dildo and slipped it sexily inside her mouth and then let it drift down and across her ample 37-inch breasts as she felt the tension of her unresolved sexual need burning inside her pussy. She was hungry for Sam's virile black dick and she would waste no time in getting him to give it to her again.

Tammy finished her shower without fingering herself or riding on the dildo but as soon as she jumped out, she ran to the bedroom phone and called the plumbing company to tell them that her hot water heated had blown up and was leaking water all over her bedroom. She made it clear that she wanted Sam to come and fix the problem for her.

Tammy dried herself and then quickly blow-dried her hair and ran a brush through it 30 or 40 times to make it look sexy. She knew that her long blonde hair that reached to the middle of her back made her look extremely sexy and right now she wanted to look irresistible.

Throwing a thin robe on over her naked body, Tammy tried to pass the agonizing minutes after she hung up the phone from the plumbing company. It seemed like the minutes were crawling by and then she went into the kitchen to get herself a good cold drink of water. She realized that her nipples were hard and pressing out very pointedly against the material of her robe. She was standing there when she heard the doorbell ring, but she'd left the front door ajar and simply yelled, "Come on in, it's unlocked."

As Tammy remained standing at the kitchen sink, she heard heavy footsteps come in and then she realized that the person causing them had entered the kitchen where she was standing.

"You don't really have a water heater out, do you, Tammy?" she heard the male voice ask. "But you do have something which needs my immediate attention, don't you?"

Tammy felt her cunt begin to get even wetter than it already was as she stood looking out the window over her sink and said in her sexiest voice, "Oh, I've got a leak, Sam, but you're the only one who can do anything about it."

As the horny young blonde slowly laid her drinking glass down on the counter, she felt two firm strong hands reach underneath her arms and suddenly close over her breasts underneath the material of her robe. She could smell the aroma of a man there with her now and Tammy could also suddenly feel the unmistakable feel of a very hard erect cock pressing firmly against the rounded cheeks of her barely concealed ass. She instantly pushed her rear end back against Sam's urgently aroused cock as she moaned just from the feel of his body against hers.

"Tammy, I expected you to call me again," Sam whispered in her left ear as his hands squeezed and kneaded the ample full flesh of her tits under the thin covering of her robe, "but I didn't think it would be this soon. You're one hot sexy woman, you know?" Sam said as he pulled the robe away from her breasts and filled his hands with the womanly fullness of her tit. His strong hands felt so hot covering her body and Tammy knew that her nipples were both as hard as small pebbles under the touch of this sexy hot black man's hands over them.

Sam began to thrust his horny thick cock against Tammy's tight rounded ass as he pressed his body against hers. Her ass crack was right there where his hard manhood was jutting up between them. Between his bumping his erection against her and her pushing back against him, he thought he might cum the first time standing there behind this sexy white woman. Sam decided suddenly that he was going to give Tammy exactly what he knew she wanted. She was hotter than a firecracker for his big black manmeat and he'd give her precisely what she wanted most. He stepped back momentarily and undid his zipper and pulled his engorged shaft of dark black meat from inside his pants. As she whipped his dick out in the open, he reached down and flipped the short hem of this hot cunt's robe up to her waist, instantly baring her body from the waist down since she was totally nude underneath it. He allowed his cock to slip underneath Tammy's sexy asscheeks as he took his hands and firmly bent her over the kitchen sink in front of her.

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