Casual Sex

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, BiSexual, Cheating, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Guy drops slut wife, weds queen then they remake slut.

Libby and I had been married less than a year. We were both in our mid twenties.

I had noticed Libby the day she started work at the Investment House where I was a broker. She was a very beautiful woman. I found out that she was single and made up my mind to ask her for a date.

She was willing to go out with me and things kind of began happening. The second date ended in my apartment. She spent the night. Sex with her was kind of dull, she acted as if she had not been with many men.

A week or so later Libby left her bikini and some shorts and tops in a drawer in the spare bed room. That was for when we used the pool at my apartments.

She began spending nearly every night at my place. Bit by bit she moved in. Two months after our first date Libby asked if I would let her share my apartment. She said she would pay half the rent and utilities.

At that time I thought she was an ideal apartment mate. Libby played her cards well and two moths later we were married.

She had never offered again to help pay the bills.

I discovered that Libby owed two months payment on her Corvette and it was going to be repossessed the next week. She had obligated herself when she bought that toy for eleven hundred and thirty two dollars a month.

She owed a large credit card bill and two months rent on her apartment. I used nearly all of my savings account bailing her out. Over ten thousand dollars was what I spent.

Libby became a different person after the honeymoon. She never missed a chance to find fault with me. If anything was cooked I did it. She turned into a contrary, bickering bitch.

I realized that I had been taken. I had made a hell of a mistake by marrying her.

I began trying to figure how I could rid myself of her without paying her part of my income for the rest of my life.

My mistake could be costly.

Libby's sister and brother in law invited us to spend a week end with them at their lake cottage.

I really would rather have spent the week end at home. I had planed on us going to a cook out with some of our friends.

Paul had a pool and I had planed on letting Libby show her great body off in her bikini to several of my friends. She loved knowing that someone had a hard up for her.

Libby wanted to go to her sisters though.

I thought " What the hell, we would do what she wanted to do that week end".

Friday after we got home from work we changed into casual clothing and drove east to their lake home. It was just under an hours drive from Birmingham. Libby's sister Kay and her husband Jeff met us as we pulled up to the house. The house was on a secluded point on fourteen acres. There were no close neighbors.

Kay was wearing a next to nothing thong bikini. Jeff was wearing a body builders thong sheath.

Kay kissed me on the lips and hugged Libby. Jeff hugged me and kissed Libby on her lips.

Libby and I had never been there before, they showed us around after we put our bags on the bed we were to use.

There was a full basement and a bar. There was a dance floor and couches and chairs along the walls.

Kay said they had a party there nearly every Saturday night.

Jeff promised that we would meet some nice people the next night.

Kay and Jeff insisted that we put our suits on and swim in the lake with them. Kay made a point of rubbing her lovely body against me several times while we were in the water. She put her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips one time and felt my hard on with her crotch.

Jeff was touching Libby a lot. One time he put her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and pressed her against his hard cock. Libby looked as if she was enjoying that.

When we got out of the water Jeff and I both had hards on and the ladies both had titty hards. Their nipples were pushing the cloth of their bras out.

Jeff dried Libby off with a towel, Kay did me. Libby and I did them.

Dinner was frozen food thawed and warmed in the oven. We even used throw away knives, forks and spoons. Supper was filling but not great.

Afterward Jeff put a movie in the VCR and we watched that for nearly two hours.

The room was totally dark except for the TV screen

Libby was on my lap and I was in a recliner. The movie had hardly any plot, it was mostly raw sex.

Libby had put on shorts with large legs when we took off our wet bathing suits. She watched a fuck scene and put her hand up the leg of her shorts and teased her cunt. Kay and Jeff were on a sofa near us and I thought they could see what she was doing. Libby had a climax from her fingers and moaned.

Kay said "Good for you girl". Before the movie was over Libby did herself again.

Jeff put his hand inside Kay's shorts and did her. He put his hand under her tee shirt and played with her tits.

Libby put my hand under her shirt and I played with her tits. She spread her legs and placed my hand inside the leg of her shorts. She wanted me to do her that time.

Libby had a climax just before the movie ended.

I thought Libby would go to bed then. She had acted as if she were turned on. Libby told me to go on without her, she was going to watch the late show. I had satisfied her needs but I would be going to an empty bed again.

Some time later she slipped in bed without waking me.

Saturday morning I was up having my morning pee. I heard two people go by that closed door.

I walked down the hall toward the kitchen and stopped in the hall to be sure I had closed the front of my robe. I heard Kay say " Now I have the coffee brewing and I can tell you that my sister will not need Date Rape in her drink". "She is excited and said she could hardly wait until tonight".

Kay said we would need it on her husband though according to Libby.

I sneaked back to our bed room and put on shorts, a tee and flip flops. I let the bath door slam as I went by it.

They knew I was about to join them in the kitchen.

I poured myself a cup of day starter. I ambled out on the porch with my cup.

Jeff came out and asked if I wanted to go with him and bring back breakfast. There was a fast food joint near the Interstate ramp.

As we drove along in Jeff's Buick Jeff asked if I had ever participated in group sex or swapping dates. I told him that while I was in college sometimes a car load of girls would show up. Some one would call around and get up enough guys to fuck them non-stop until they were ready to go back where they came from.

Jeff said that was not what he meant. He said he was talking about swapping dates.

I told him I had done that a few times.

Jeff asked if any of my neighbors 'wife swapped'. I told Jeff that there was a group that did that. We had been invited to one of their parties. Jeff asked if they used the Date Rape drug to enlist new members. I told him that I doubted it. I asked him why anyone would do that.

Jeff said he knew of a small swap group that did that to a guy's wife when the guy wanted to swap but the wife wanted no part of that. Jeff said once the wife realized that she had been fucked by three other guys at the party she was all for the next one.

Jeff acted like the next time there was to be a swap party he and Kay where going. He asked if I would like to take Libby.

I told Jeff that Libby would never go along with that and I could not screw a woman with her husband watching. I told Jeff that Libby and I took our marriage vows seriously.

Jeff's reply to that was " O".

Just before we were about to place our order Jeff said "Shit I left my bill fold on the dresser", he asked if I had brought mine. I had money and we returned to the lake house with food.

After we ate our fake breakfast I thought I would give them a chance to talk.

I pushed my chair back and asked how far it was back to the county highway. Jeff said it was slightly more than a mile.

I told them I needed about that much of a walk. I told them I would be back before noon.

I walked toward the county highway until I rounded a curve and was out of sight of the house. I sprinted to the lake shore and went back as fast as I could to even with the north side of the house. There were no windows in that wall. I trotted across the side yard to the porch that was the length of the house and looked out on the lake. I crawled to an open window behind the dinette table. They were still there and talking.

Jeff was telling Libby about the effects of the drug I would be given. He said that a person given the stuff was able to understand commands, would act as if extremely drunk, but do as they were told.

Libby said she did not want him to give me anything that would do any harm to me.

Jeff assured her that her man would not even have a headache tomorrow morning. He told Libby that I would not remember anything that happened. Libby wanted to know how he was going to give me the drug.

Jeff said he would make me a drink with the crap in it just before the guests were to arrive.

Libby asked about the others that would be coming that evening.

Kay said the real beauty would be Mary she was Horace's slave. Jeff said "Shit Kay, you don't know that to be true". Kay said she was pretty certain.

Kay said Mary was scared shitless of Horace.

Kay went on to describe Mary. She said that Mary was a little over six feet tall, she was slender built except for her tits. Kay had looked at the size in her bra and found that she wore a size 36dd. Yet her breasts were in proportion to her size. Jeff said Mary had the look of an angel and she looked very young.

Kay told Libby that Mary's husband was a scary prick. He was a mean bastard when he was drinking. He had an eight inch cock when she had measured it last month.

The other couple were Deana and Ken Armstrong. Deana was skinny and had hardly any tits. The guys all agreed that Deana was a really good fuck. Her pussy was busy milking their cocks when they fucked her.

Ken went down on each lady before he entered her. He seemed not to mind if the guys that preceded him had deposited their seed in her.

Jeff said he thought he liked it better if it was filled with semen.

Jeff told Libby that she would like Ken, he took a long time with each woman. He told her that Horace was rough and quick to get off. It was like he was trying to hurt a woman with his prick.

I had heard enough to know what to expect, it was time for me leave.

Back at the road I found a log to sit on.

I had a lot to think about. My wife was planing to let me be drugged in order to participate in a swap meet.

The very wife that seemed to never want sex at home was planing to screw three different guys.

I was expected to perform as if I were very drunk.

I had read an article about the Date Rape drug in the Reader's Digest. It was reported that girls given the stuff would allow a whole college Fraternity to do anything they wanted to do to her. Persons under the influence of the drug could follow simple directions and would do anything they were told to do.

I was going to have to act the part because I sure as hell did not want to be drugged.

I spent long enough time on that log to have walked to the highway and back. I went on back to the house.

Libby and Kay were taking a nap on Kay's bed. Jeff was dozing on the couch.

I decided to fish some. I had a rod and reel in the trunk of my car and some lures.

I cast for the rest of the afternoon.

The fishing was brisk and I landed a lot of fish but turned them loose.

Jeff and Kay's guests were due at around seven. I put my tackle back in the car about five thirty and told everyone I was going to take a shower and get dressed. It was about six thirty when I joined everyone in the living room.

Jeff asked what I wanted him to fix at the bar. I told him Bourbon and water. I had my back turned to him as he mixed my drink.

He brought it to me. I told every one I had not changed the things from the pockets of the clothes I had worn that day and I would be right back. Jeff told me they would be in the basement and to come down there.

I dumped that drink and rinsed the ice two times then filled the glass back with water. I had left half of a coke on the dresser earlier. I used that to give the water in my glass the right color.

I carried my full glass of fake drink down with me to the basement. Every one there was watching me as I downed my drink. I made a face and said "Dam that was good".

I made another drink at the bar, I wanted my breath to smell of Bourbon. I had several swallows.

I walked over to a couch and sat down. I had read that the drug was quick acting.

I closed my eyes and appeared as if I was sleeping.

Libby asked Jeff if that stuff worked that fast. Jeff said it did. The door bell rang and I kind of sat up and put a silly smile on my face and said "Door bell". Jeff went up to answer. He appeared at the top of the stairs with two couples. Horace came down followed by his wife Mary. Kay did introductions. Horace looked kind of like a two hundred pound frog. His wife, Mary was a knock out. I wondered why a truly beautiful young woman like her had married an old ugly fart like him. I figured she married him for his money.

The other couple were Deana and Ken. She was skinny and had no tits at all. Ken was built like a line backer. They both looked like they worked out at a gym.

Jeff and Kay's guest milled around and all got drinks at the bar. They looked Libby over and spoke to her. Deana came over and looked me over, I was sitting there with a silly smile on my face. Deana said "To bad you are out of it handsome, I could really make it good for someone that looked as nice as you". Libby came over and spoke to Deana. Deana told Libby she had a nice looking husband. Libby said "He is hung nicely as well". Deana told Libby she wanted to see me naked. They told me to take my clothes off. I fumbled with buttons on my shirt until they got impatient and took my clothes off themselves. Deana put her hands on my soft cock and told Libby to watch her make it hard. Deana took it in her mouth and soon had it standing up and stiff. Deana asked Libby how long it was when it was hard like now. Libby said she had never measured that 'thing'. Deana said "Let's find a rule or yard stick". Kay told them where to find a yard stick. They came back and I was still standing there grinning but my hard was just about gone. Deana said it looked like she needed to suck it hard again. I loved it. Deana got it harder than it was before. She put one hand under that tool and laid the yard stick along the top of it. Deana pressed it firmly into my pubic mound and announced eight and a quarter inches in a loud voice to every one.

I was still standing in the same place smiling. Deana said sit down big boy. I did. Kay came over and sat beside me and took it in her hand. Kay promised that she was going to put that thing in her later. Every one had a drink and had chatted long enough, they began to undress.

I remained where they left me but my face was getting tired from smiling, I thought that I had smiled enough. I quit.

Mary came near the couch and took her shorts and top off. The lights seemed brighter than was necessary for an intimate party. I could see every detail of her lovely body. She looked as if she might be barely twenty years old. Mary's large tits had no sag, they were perfect and her nipples pointed up a little. She was a natural blond, her neatly trimmed muff proved that. Her tummy was flat and her hips were rounded.

Mary was the prettiest woman there. Jeff asked her to fuck him first. Ken was next. Jeff might have lasted three minutes, Ken two.

Those poor bastards had never learned to give their woman pleasure. After Ken was finished with her Mary came over and sat with me on the couch. She had been fucked on a couch facing the one I was sitting on. I had watched her face as those two clowns had intercourse with her. She did not enjoy what was being done to her a dam bit.

Mary said she was glad she was through for the evening. She looked at me and said she hated this kind of shit, and that I must too because they had to knock me out.

Libby was getting fucked by those two half grown men. Jeff was first and Ken was after him. Horace had already had Libby. Horace was fucking Kay.

Deana had waited until then to have her share of the men. She had learned that none of those guys had any restraint. If she waited until she was last she would get longer fucks.

Mary said in a whisper to herself " It is time for me to do my thing". Then " God I hope I do this right".

Every one was resting from exerting themselves. Mary went around taking drink orders. She went to the bar and made all of their drinks and carried them to every one at the same time. In ten minutes every one was drugged out. Only Mary was able to move. Mary lost no time. She took down a VCR recorder at each end of the room. She took the tapes in them out and replaced them with blanks.

Mary rolled a bookcase out away from a wall and found two shelves of video cassettes. They were all dated and had the names of the participants written on them.

Mary found a large canvas zipper bag to put those tapes in. Mary was still nude but looked as if she was about ready to leave. I scared the hell out of her when I walked up behind her and asked " What the fuck are you doing"? Mary screamed and jumped away from me. She asked " You are not drugged"?

I told her I had over heard their plans and faked taking the drug. Mary said that she was messing a porn scam up. Mary said that Jeff and Horace were running a blackmail operation with the tapes of past orgies here in this house.

I told her that with the tape of tonight's fuck fest I could get a divorce from a bitch of a wife and pay her nothing.

Mary said she wished it was that simple for her.

Mary asked me if I could get her away from this place.

We loaded our luggage into my Explorer and headed for Birmingham. Mary asked me if I knew of a place she could hide for a few weeks, I told her I was not going back to my apartment and have to face Libby there. I told Mary I was taking care of a friends forty acre farm while he was in Europe for six months. I was going there to spend what was left of the night. Mary asked if I would let her join me there for a while. I told Mary " No problem if you would help me get rid of a woman that would set her husband up like Libby did tonight".

Mary told me she had enough now to send her husband Horace to the electric chair in Florida. She said the bastard was guilty of taking part in a murder down there.

I drove Mary to an apartment she and Horace shared. We spent less than thirty minutes there and left with all that was her's.

She got her car and followed as I drove us to my apartment. I loaded every thing I thought I wanted out of that place and Mary and I drove to a small farm in the Cahaba Valley.

It was very late and I suggested we unload the cars the next morning.

I unlocked and let us inside, both of us used the bath room then we crashed.

Mary was tired, it had been a tense evening for her. I turned down the bed and sat on one side and undressed. Mary sat on the other side and did the same. I cut off all the lights except a small light in the bath. I crawled into that queen sized bed, Mary wiggled into my arms and we went to sleep. After day break I woke as Mary slipped out of my arms and went to pee. When she came back she saw that I was awake. She told me she was sorry she had woken me but she had needed to go bad. I told her I had slept long enough and it was time we got up.

Mary said she guessed it was time now to tell me what was going on last night. Mary said that during spring break in her senior year in college she and three other girls had gone to Fort Lauderdale Florida. She had made reservations six months in advance for a room with two double beds. The reservations were for three nights in a hotel on the beach.

The evening of the day they got there someone put something in her drink. She woke three days later on a lounge chair at the pool of the motel she was to have stayed in. Her friends were in the room waiting for her.

It was near check out time so the girls grabbed their luggage off the unused beds and left. None of the girls had even been back to the room for three days. Beth said she had spent the last three days in a rented house with a frat group from Florida State and had been fucked maybe a hundred times. Each of the other two girls told of a similar three day holiday.

Mary said she had told them she had been screwed by more than she had counted. She said she had a sore cunt and ass hole and would not want a man for a long time.

Mary told me she had been a virgin before that trip, she had planed on giving up her hymen to some nice guy she would meet on her holiday. Mary had graduated two months later.

Her father was recovering from by pass surgery and could not attend the event. Mary said that after her graduation she had returned to the family home in Birmingham to be with her father. He was very sick, his by-pass surgery had not gone well.

His doctor was an old family friend. He told Mary that her father might be able to recover and live a full life or his body might give up and let him die. The doctor told her that in three to six weeks they would know.

Several weeks later a parcel was delivered by UPS. There was a VCR cassette in the parcel. It was labeled 'Mary Duncan The Porn Queen'. and 'She is a real killer'. There was a note with the tape. It said "Mary you have been a bad girl, now you have to pay for being bad". the note said that the writer would contact her soon. There was a cutting from a news paper with a picture of a woman's face and a head line asking persons that knew who she was to contact the police. The article said the body of the woman had been found in a city park. She had been shot five times in her chest.

Mary had gone to her room and played the cassette. The cassette showed her having sex with dozens. She had performed every perverted act in the book. Mary knew she had been drugged but the film showed a girl maybe a little tipsy but willing to do anything she was told to do. Mary got ill and threw up. The end of the tape showed a woman tied in a chair. Mary walked into the camera view with a pistol in her hand and fired five shots in to the woman's chest. The camera clearly showed the bullets going into her chest and Mary's face as she pulled the trigger, the woman was the one whose picture was in the news paper. Mary knew she was under the influence of drugs but that tape made her look as if she was acting normal. She said she knew she was in deep shit.

The next day she received a phone call from the person that had sent the cassette. He had told her that he would not mail the cassette to the Fort Lauderdale police if she would pay two hundred thousand dollars for it.

Mary had told the caller that she was not able to come up with that kind of money. She received four thousand a month from a trust she had inherited from her grand parents and had about twelve thousand in her two bank accounts. The caller told her to borrow the dam money. She had replied that she had no credit and was under the legal age to borrow from a bank.

The guy told her he guessed he would have to give her name and the tape to the police. Mary said she had begged him not to do that and offered to do anything he asked of her to prevent that. She had told her caller that her being arrested would cause her fathers death. The caller told her to come to a motel room in the Eastwood Mall area and they would talk about that 'anything'. Mary said she had gone to Horace's room and had intercourse with him. She said she was repulsed by the man but was desperate. Mary told of Horace telling her she would have to marry him, it was only a matter of time before her father passed away and she would get his estate. She could then pay him the two hundred grand he wanted for his silence and the tape. He had promised to get out of her life then.

Mary said that had been three months ago and Horace and she had gone to Georgia and gotten married. Her father had passed away six weeks ago and the estate would be probated next month. She would inherit a lot of money.

Mary said after her father's death Horace had forced her to go with him to swap parties. She had not known until last week that he and Jeff were taping those things and planed to use them for blackmail. Mary had begun to fear for her life after that will was probated. Horace would be the beneficiary of her estate upon her death. Mary said that last Monday she had used a public phone to call the Fort Lauderdale police. Mary had asked if the woman found in a city park several months ago had been identified yet. She was told that she had been. She was a prostitute and her pimp was being held for strangling her. Mary said the paper had reported her being shot. The policeman had informed her that the woman had already been strangled to death before the shots were fired into her body.

Mary realized that she had not killed while she was drugged. The worst thing that could happen if the tape of her was released was that some of her acquaintances would see her doing some perverted things. Her father was dead now and she no longer feared him seeing that tape.

Mary had decided Monday to drug every one at the next party and steal all of the tapes that had her in them. She had planed to try to hide and let Horace sweat.

She would implicate Horace in the murder of that woman in Florida. He would have had to be involved in it to have her body available for her to shoot in that tape.

I told Mary it was Sunday and nothing much could be done that day. I suggested that we spend the day loafing and planning our next moves. I told her the freezer and the refrigerator had been emptied and they had been cut off. We would need to shop for food that day. Mary and I got up and made a list of what we would need to camp there for several weeks.

Mary and I were nude and she seemed to like it when she found that I had developed a hard from looking at her. She made a point of backing her pretty butt in to that hard often as we made our list. When we thought we had written down every thing we should shop for I asked Mary if she had been trying to tell me she was wanting sex with me.

Mary said that for the first time in her life she wanted that while she was not drugged or being forced by Horace. Mary said she wanted me to have sex with her because she wanted that not because she was told to.

I led her back to the bed and made love to her. I abused her pretty cunt with my mouth until she screamed for me to put that cock of mine in her. I had learned years before to put off my climaxes until my partner was nearly sated.

When Mary started to beg me to spurt up in her, that she had enough for now I let myself go in her. Mary lay there on that bed with her eyes closed while I went to the 'john' and pissed.

When I came back to her she put her arms around me and told me that it had been a wonderful experience, I had showed her how sex should be.

We got dressed and I drove us to Pelham a small city south of Birmingham.

I found us a large grocery store and we checked off our list.

Mary was like a kid, she was having fun and laughing a lot. At the check out counter she told me she would get a check cashed the next day and pay the amount of the bill.

We had lunch at a nice place and went to back to our temporary home.

Mary told me to take a nap on the couch while she put the food up. I offered to help but she said that she was in charge of the kitchen and would not need my help.

I kissed her and said "Yes mam ".

Mary beamed as I left for the couch in the living room. I really though I would not be able to take a nap but I woke to see the sunset several hours later.

Mary was sitting there on the floor watching me. I asked her what she was doing there looking at me.

She said we had met less than twenty four hours ago and she was wondering if what she was feeling for me was love. I asked if it might be lust for my body. Mary said it was that for sure but it was more than that she thought.

I sat up and told her to sit beside me on that couch. I gathered her into my arms and kissed her. I told her she was sweet for saying that and I was wondering what I was feeling for her right now as well.

I kissed her again and told her we had better decide what we wanted to do for our supper.

Mary told me supper was ready when I was, she had a small roast in the crock pot with vegetables.

I told her "You are very efficient in the kitchen Mary, I may want to keep you".

Mary said "I might like that"!

Mary had created a fine meal.

Later we sat in a swing on the screened in back porch and listened to all the night noises. Mary was laying in the swing with her head in my lap.

Mary asked if I was going to work as usual the next morning. I told her I could see no reason not to. Marry asked if I thought Libby would come in. I told her that Libby would have bummed a ride in and found that I had moved out of the apartment by now. She would try to salvage her marriage to me. She would think I had recovered from the drug, seen the evidence that she had engaged in an orgy, and left her there and drove my car on home. She might try to tell me that they had used the drug on her as well as me. "Libby will be at work for sure, she will try to keep me paying her bills if she can" I said.

Mary asked what I was going to tell Libby about herself. I was still thinking about that I said. I told Mary that if that group thought she had left with me in my car they would check to see if she was still with me. I was thinking that it might be better for both of us if I told them that a very nice looking blonde lady was there using a cell phone when I woke at sometime after midnight. She had called someone and all she said was " It is done and I am ready for you to pick me up". I might say that later I heard a car horn beep outside and she left with a canvas bag.

Mary said that would be better than letting Horace know that we had left together. After that we talked for hours about ourselves. We got to know each other better.

I asked Mary if she was sleepy and did she want to go to bed.

Mary said she was not sleepy but that she did want to go to bed. I laughed at her and picked her up and carried her to our bed.

I tried to make our loving even better than it had been that morning. We were gentle with each other. I brought her to several orgasms before I more than barely touched her clit. I was fucking her with my tongue and massaging her nipples with my fingers. Mary begged me to let her rest after over an hour of that. I went to the kitchen and brought back glasses of wine. After we finished the wine Marry sucked me off. It might have been my imagination but I thought it was the best blowjob I had ever received. Mary swallowed all my juice and told me I had a good taste. I told Mary it was my time again. I went down on her again, but that time I punished her clit with my lips and tongue. I put two fingers in her and found her 'G' spot. Mary went wild. I really do not know how many times I made her have a climax that way but she had a lot. I quit that when I saw that she was crying. I cuddled her in my arms and asked " What are the tears for honey". She said "Because you make it so good and feel so right". I told her that was good enough reason and kissed her. ( Women, they cry when bad things happen to them and cry when good things happen as well ).

For another hour we had straight sex, the missionary position, dog fashion and her riding me. I restrained my self from jetting in her until she was worn out. When she said she could not fuck any more I let go in her. Mary lay there for a while and said "You are wonderful". I asked her if I needed to carry her to the pot. Mary said she could make it on her own. She tried to stand up from the edge of the bed and sat back down before taking a step. She said she might need a tiny bit of help. I helped her and kept a straight face. I was going to help her walk back to bed so I stayed right there by her side while she sat on the commode. Mary hugged her face to my hip with her arm around my leg. She took her other hand and lifted my limp dick and kissed it. I said "Don't stir that thing up again Mary, the next time it might kill us all". Mary put it back where it had been and patted it gently. She spoke to it and said good animal sweet heart get some rest now you did good. I helped Mary get back to the bed and we twined around each other. She was sleeping in a minute, I was in two minutes. I woke at my usual time, five am, and as I untangled my self from Mary she woke up. She said she had been having sweet dreams about me during the night. I told her to go back to sleep then. Mary said she was going to get up when I did from now on. She told me she wanted to send me off to work with a good breakfast in me every morning. We had a shower together and that was a nice way to start our day. I shaved and got dressed after Mary went to the kitchen. I was putting on my suit coat when she came back to the door and said breakfast was ready. As I sat down Mary remarked that she thought I looked good in my suit. I told her she looked better in her birthday suit. Mary laughed and told me I said the nicest things to her.

I asked Mary what her plans were for the day. Mary said she was not going anywhere, she was going to clean house. She said she was going to call one of her father's friends and tell him the whole story. He was an Attorney and she was going to ask him to file for a divorce for her.

The phone in the house had been disconnected when my friend Herbert Pate had made his plans to work in Germany for six months. She said she might drive out to that little shopping plaza back toward Birmingham to make her call. I kissed her and left for work. As usual I was the first person in the offices. I put the coffee on and went into my office. People started arriving and I got myself a cup before that pot was gone.

At eight fifteen Libby entered my office and closed the door behind her. Libby started eating my ass out for leaving her at the lake house. Her sister and brother in law had to bring her home she said. I told Libby that when I had wakened from some kind of drug I had found her nude and in a daisy chain. I told Libby I had recovered from what ever was used on me around midnight. I described a very pretty blond that was there and just about to leave. I told Libby that the woman used the phone and spoke just a few words then hung up. Libby asked if I had heard what she said. I told her that she had dialed and told someone that she had pulled it off and had the stuff. A pause and the blond said "I am ready for you to pick me up". I told Libby I had heard a horn beep and that woman left.

I asked what they had all crashed on. Libby said they all figured that Horace's wife had put something in their drinks. Libby said I had drawn the wrong conclusion, that bitch Mary had undressed all of them and probably took a lot of pictures of them expecting to use those for blackmail. I told Libby if pictures showed up of what I had found when I came out of that drugged sleep I would buy a lot of them.

Libby asked why I had moved out of our apartment. I told her that when I left her at that lake house I had made up my mind that we were through. I told her I was going to hire an attorney to file for a divorce this morning. I would ask on the grounds of adultery. Libby was speechless. I asked her if she wanted to stay on in that apartment. Libby said she would not be able to afford it.

Libby said she had to go to work now but could we talk about this some more after work. I told her that I needed to find a place to stay today, two nights sleeping in a car were enough. I promised to give her a chance to talk to me in the next day or so.

I left for the day at noon. I had an appointment with my attorney at one. I told him all about the weekend at the lake.

He said if I gave him just one of those pictures to show a Judge he would have no trouble getting me a divorce.

I went on to my borrowed house and Mary. Mary was washing windows when I got there. She told me that it was plain that a man had lived here alone, he had kept house pretty good but she had a lot of real cleaning to do.

I told her to knock that off until tomorrow because her new man was home and she had to give him her attention. Mary smiled and put her cleaning things up.

I told Mary I thought we should catch our dinner from the pond behind the house. Mary said she had never been fishing, she would just watch. I told her she was going to do the fishing, I was just going to watch her in those shorts and halter top. Mary smiled and told me I would have to tell her what to do.

I had brought folding chairs from the porch and we sat and talked after I put two poles out for Mary. I told of Libby's pitiful try at making me believe she had been a victim Saturday night.

Mary had a nibble on one of her poles, she asked me what she should do. I told her to wait until her float went under and then pick the pole up and back away from the water with it nearly straight up.

Mary sat in her chair ready to pounce on that pole if the float went under and asked me what I was going to do about Libby. I told her that I had authorized my 'legal beagle' to file for divorce on the grounds of adultery. Mary asked me to think about that, Libby would be branded forever as a slut, did she deserve that. Before I could answer that Mary had jumped from her chair and grabbed up one of her poles, the float was out of sight. Mary was screaming as loud as she could " I have a fish on my pole. Mary remembered what I had told her and backed away from the water with her pole straight up. She had landed a three or better pound cat fish. I took her poles out and told her she was finished fishing for today. Mary asked if she could do that again soon. I told her I liked fish and she could serve that at least once a week.

Herb had a sink and counter on the back porch for cleaning fish. There was an electric knife on the wall. In a few seconds I had two filets for our dinner.

Mary told me she had made a phone call to the attorney she had told me about. He had gotten all of the details of her Fort Walton trip and wanted to see that tape. Mary said she was to meet with him at his office Wednesday morning. He wanted her to make a deposition for him to send to the authorities in Florida. She would sign an appeal for divorce at the same time.

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