Casual Sex

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, BiSexual, Cheating, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Guy drops slut wife, weds queen then they remake slut.

Libby and I had been married less than a year. We were both in our mid twenties.

I had noticed Libby the day she started work at the Investment House where I was a broker. She was a very beautiful woman. I found out that she was single and made up my mind to ask her for a date.

She was willing to go out with me and things kind of began happening. The second date ended in my apartment. She spent the night. Sex with her was kind of dull, she acted as if she had not been with many men.

A week or so later Libby left her bikini and some shorts and tops in a drawer in the spare bed room. That was for when we used the pool at my apartments.

She began spending nearly every night at my place. Bit by bit she moved in. Two months after our first date Libby asked if I would let her share my apartment. She said she would pay half the rent and utilities.

At that time I thought she was an ideal apartment mate. Libby played her cards well and two moths later we were married.

She had never offered again to help pay the bills.

I discovered that Libby owed two months payment on her Corvette and it was going to be repossessed the next week. She had obligated herself when she bought that toy for eleven hundred and thirty two dollars a month.

She owed a large credit card bill and two months rent on her apartment. I used nearly all of my savings account bailing her out. Over ten thousand dollars was what I spent.

Libby became a different person after the honeymoon. She never missed a chance to find fault with me. If anything was cooked I did it. She turned into a contrary, bickering bitch.

I realized that I had been taken. I had made a hell of a mistake by marrying her.

I began trying to figure how I could rid myself of her without paying her part of my income for the rest of my life.

My mistake could be costly.

Libby's sister and brother in law invited us to spend a week end with them at their lake cottage.

I really would rather have spent the week end at home. I had planed on us going to a cook out with some of our friends.

Paul had a pool and I had planed on letting Libby show her great body off in her bikini to several of my friends. She loved knowing that someone had a hard up for her.

Libby wanted to go to her sisters though.

I thought " What the hell, we would do what she wanted to do that week end".

Friday after we got home from work we changed into casual clothing and drove east to their lake home. It was just under an hours drive from Birmingham. Libby's sister Kay and her husband Jeff met us as we pulled up to the house. The house was on a secluded point on fourteen acres. There were no close neighbors.

Kay was wearing a next to nothing thong bikini. Jeff was wearing a body builders thong sheath.

Kay kissed me on the lips and hugged Libby. Jeff hugged me and kissed Libby on her lips.

Libby and I had never been there before, they showed us around after we put our bags on the bed we were to use.

There was a full basement and a bar. There was a dance floor and couches and chairs along the walls.

Kay said they had a party there nearly every Saturday night.

Jeff promised that we would meet some nice people the next night.

Kay and Jeff insisted that we put our suits on and swim in the lake with them. Kay made a point of rubbing her lovely body against me several times while we were in the water. She put her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips one time and felt my hard on with her crotch.

Jeff was touching Libby a lot. One time he put her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and pressed her against his hard cock. Libby looked as if she was enjoying that.

When we got out of the water Jeff and I both had hards on and the ladies both had titty hards. Their nipples were pushing the cloth of their bras out.

Jeff dried Libby off with a towel, Kay did me. Libby and I did them.

Dinner was frozen food thawed and warmed in the oven. We even used throw away knives, forks and spoons. Supper was filling but not great.

Afterward Jeff put a movie in the VCR and we watched that for nearly two hours.

The room was totally dark except for the TV screen

Libby was on my lap and I was in a recliner. The movie had hardly any plot, it was mostly raw sex.

Libby had put on shorts with large legs when we took off our wet bathing suits. She watched a fuck scene and put her hand up the leg of her shorts and teased her cunt. Kay and Jeff were on a sofa near us and I thought they could see what she was doing. Libby had a climax from her fingers and moaned.

Kay said "Good for you girl". Before the movie was over Libby did herself again.

Jeff put his hand inside Kay's shorts and did her. He put his hand under her tee shirt and played with her tits.

Libby put my hand under her shirt and I played with her tits. She spread her legs and placed my hand inside the leg of her shorts. She wanted me to do her that time.

Libby had a climax just before the movie ended.

I thought Libby would go to bed then. She had acted as if she were turned on. Libby told me to go on without her, she was going to watch the late show. I had satisfied her needs but I would be going to an empty bed again.

Some time later she slipped in bed without waking me.

Saturday morning I was up having my morning pee. I heard two people go by that closed door.

I walked down the hall toward the kitchen and stopped in the hall to be sure I had closed the front of my robe. I heard Kay say " Now I have the coffee brewing and I can tell you that my sister will not need Date Rape in her drink". "She is excited and said she could hardly wait until tonight".

Kay said we would need it on her husband though according to Libby.

I sneaked back to our bed room and put on shorts, a tee and flip flops. I let the bath door slam as I went by it.

They knew I was about to join them in the kitchen.

I poured myself a cup of day starter. I ambled out on the porch with my cup.

Jeff came out and asked if I wanted to go with him and bring back breakfast. There was a fast food joint near the Interstate ramp.

As we drove along in Jeff's Buick Jeff asked if I had ever participated in group sex or swapping dates. I told him that while I was in college sometimes a car load of girls would show up. Some one would call around and get up enough guys to fuck them non-stop until they were ready to go back where they came from.

Jeff said that was not what he meant. He said he was talking about swapping dates.

I told him I had done that a few times.

Jeff asked if any of my neighbors 'wife swapped'. I told Jeff that there was a group that did that. We had been invited to one of their parties. Jeff asked if they used the Date Rape drug to enlist new members. I told him that I doubted it. I asked him why anyone would do that.

Jeff said he knew of a small swap group that did that to a guy's wife when the guy wanted to swap but the wife wanted no part of that. Jeff said once the wife realized that she had been fucked by three other guys at the party she was all for the next one.

Jeff acted like the next time there was to be a swap party he and Kay where going. He asked if I would like to take Libby.

I told Jeff that Libby would never go along with that and I could not screw a woman with her husband watching. I told Jeff that Libby and I took our marriage vows seriously.

Jeff's reply to that was " O".

Just before we were about to place our order Jeff said "Shit I left my bill fold on the dresser", he asked if I had brought mine. I had money and we returned to the lake house with food.

After we ate our fake breakfast I thought I would give them a chance to talk.

I pushed my chair back and asked how far it was back to the county highway. Jeff said it was slightly more than a mile.

I told them I needed about that much of a walk. I told them I would be back before noon.

I walked toward the county highway until I rounded a curve and was out of sight of the house. I sprinted to the lake shore and went back as fast as I could to even with the north side of the house. There were no windows in that wall. I trotted across the side yard to the porch that was the length of the house and looked out on the lake. I crawled to an open window behind the dinette table. They were still there and talking.

Jeff was telling Libby about the effects of the drug I would be given. He said that a person given the stuff was able to understand commands, would act as if extremely drunk, but do as they were told.

Libby said she did not want him to give me anything that would do any harm to me.

Jeff assured her that her man would not even have a headache tomorrow morning. He told Libby that I would not remember anything that happened. Libby wanted to know how he was going to give me the drug.

Jeff said he would make me a drink with the crap in it just before the guests were to arrive.

Libby asked about the others that would be coming that evening.

Kay said the real beauty would be Mary she was Horace's slave. Jeff said "Shit Kay, you don't know that to be true". Kay said she was pretty certain.

Kay said Mary was scared shitless of Horace.

Kay went on to describe Mary. She said that Mary was a little over six feet tall, she was slender built except for her tits. Kay had looked at the size in her bra and found that she wore a size 36dd. Yet her breasts were in proportion to her size. Jeff said Mary had the look of an angel and she looked very young.

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