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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Man is upset from getting dumped by his girlfriend but finds comfort in a new female but soon finds out she isn't all that sneaky.

I was home from college for the summer I was happy except my girlfriend at the time suggested we take a break and see other people over vacation I was devastated at first just the thought of her with another guy was tearing through me. But after awhile started to think it might not be such a bad idea. First of all my name is Cory now just let me describe myself I am 6feet and 1 inch I weigh about 180lbs I have blond hair and brown eyes. I am I must admit a good-looking guy I am no lady-killer but I have never had trouble getting a date. So the breakup thing didn't really bother me all that much. I just figured that I would stay in all summer and watch TV or just lounge around.

I got a rude awakening when my younger sister Claire came home from college also she said she wanted to take me out for food and drinks I obliged but she was reluctant so I decided it wouldn't be that bad. So we went to the best sports bar in town and got pretty drunk on screwdrivers, which have been my favorite drink since junior high. So ok I was a little drunk but she was plastered she was stumbling and she was falling down stairs.

So we decided to leave the car at the bar and walk home. It was about a mile from the bar to our house. It was 1 am so there weren't very many people out walking around. We got home around 2 am and I tried to sober her up before she went to sleep so I made a pot of coffee She had a cup and we both retired for the night.

The sunlight woke me up not to mention a bad hangover but I was surprised to see my sister walking in the room with a cup of coffee and some eggs. She said it was payback for going out with her last night. She asked me if I would be up to it again and I asked her what she had in mind. She said some of her friends were having a party to celebrate being home from college she asked me if I would like to go with her I said yes it would give me a chance to socialize.

The party was at 10:00 pm so we had a couple hours to just lounge or pick out our outfits which is what she did all day and finally decided on a little baby blue mini tee and a yellow skirt. I just grabbed a pair of really baggy pants and white tee shirt like I always wore I shaved and also did my hair which was rare. I looked good and so did she so we left to go to the party.

When we arrived I noticed she forgot to tell me how many people were going to be here the house was full. So I just grabbed a beer and sat on the couch in the living room. There was a slow song on the stereo and there were couples all around dancing I was so bored.

Then as luck would have it a beautiful girl came walking up. She was wearing a very small blue tank top and a very small black skirt. She was 5feet and 10inches and she had long curly red hair and very deep beautiful green eyes they felt like they were boring a hole in me. She said, " Excuse me but do mind if I sit down here." I was in a state of shock and all I could do was nod.

She asked, " Are you sure I don't want to bother you but you look a little bored and I thought you might like company. Oh and by the way my name is Gretchin and your Cory I know your sister." I replied " I don't think you could bother me and yes I was bored but now I can occupy myself by looking at you."

She blushed and smiled she had an amazing smile and it made her so much more attractive not that she wasn't extremely beautiful before but her smile just did something to her face that no one could resist. " You know I would normally call you on bullshit but I have this strange feeling that you are telling the truth." She said with this serious look on her face. Now it was my turn to blush and she smiled again.

And so it started we had a long conversation about school and other stuff but I just couldn't take my eyes of her face. Then a slow song came on the stereo again and I asked her if she wanted to dance. She said " I would love to this is one of my favorite songs." And so we danced I can't remember how long but sometime later I felt a light tap on my shoulder it was my sister she said she was getting a ride with one of her friends and said she would be back at the apartment tomorrow afternoon I said ok.

I asked her what time she had to be home and she said that she lived alone and she didn't have a time so I asked her if she wanted to get breakfast she said she would love to because she was starving she said goodbye and we hoped into my 69 Camaro Z28 she complimented me on my choice of cars and I popped the shifter into first.

We arrived at the local diner at about 4:00 am we sat in a corner booth. She order the house omelet while I order two sunny side up eggs with a side of hash browns we ate and talked the whole time I was really starting to like this girl which was weird because I only first met her last night but I felt a strange overwhelming attraction between us I just hope she felt it too.

So after that we started dating regularly. We spent so much time together over the next few weeks. Then one night while we were sitting in my car overlooking the city I just blurted out " I think I am falling in love with you I know we haven't been seeing each other that long but I can't help it every time I look at you I almost start crying you are the most beautiful person in the world I can't believe how lucky I am for being with."

And with that I broke down and started to cry a little it was all true I have never felt this close to anyone before. I saw her start to cry a little and said " I am so glad you said that I have been thinking the same exact thing for a while you have the most beautiful eyes I feel like they can see into my soul. I think it's time to stop just making out and start showing each other how much we can please the other."

I sat there stunned not know exactly what to say so I just grabbed her head and started saying how much I loved her while I was kissing her. I was kissing her all over up her neck down right under her chin, which she seemed to like a lot. I started licking a little right behind he ears down her neck across her chest. I pulled up the tank top she had on just enough to see the blue satin bra she had on. She reached behind her back to unsnap it and her beautiful breasts fell free they were perfect they were 34c just big enough so they didn't sag.

I attacked them the right one first I lick around the nipple just teasing it then I put her nipple into my mouth and hungrily sucked on it she was making little squeaking sounds so I sucked harder. I started to trail down her chest to her navel and licked it a little bit.

I grabbed her top button and twisted it. It popped open and I slid down the zipper she lifted up a little so I could slid her jeans off her I saw a matching pair of blue satin panties. But I didn't see much off those because she pulled them off before I could she was a natural red head I said, " You have the sexiest pussy I have ever seen you hair is so trim." She moaned and said, " If it's so nice then why don't you stop talking and start licking oh that feels nice stop teasing me oh fuck yeah eat me Cory oh bring you self up here so I can undress you and see what I have been waiting to suck."

So I stopped eating her and pulled off my shirt my shoes and sock I unbuttoned my pants and started to pull them off. All I had on was my jockeys but she took care of that real quick she ripped them off me and gasped, " Oh my god I never thought you were this big it might hurt me." She started licking the head very slowly then licked down the shaft she stopped to flick my balls around with her tongue I moaned she licked back up then she rammed her head down on my dick bobbing up and down she started out slow but rapidly built up her pace.

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