Revealing the Truth - Meeting Tammy's Needs for Black Meat

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tammy's a hot sexy young woman but she doesn't realize that there's one thing in life she wants more than anything - to be fucked by a hot black cock

Tammy had just awakened from a restless night's sleep. Her boyfriend Larry had been with her during the previous evening and she'd sent her kids over to her mom's house so the two of them could be alone and carry on the way they needed to without little prying eyes seeing what Mommy and Larry were up to. The kids knew Mommy and Larry sleep in her bedroom together but they were still much to young to know that they fucked and sucked each other to multiple orgasms in there. And they didn't need to see Mommy grabbing Larry's crotch, unzipping him and whipping his sexy big cock out of his pants to suck him off - so they got farmed out to Granny's on many evenings when Larry was in town.

Tammy had sucked Larry off twice during his evening with her and they had made love at least four or five times between his arrival at 4:00 P.M. and 5 A.M. this morning when he showered and heading back on the road for another few days as a truck driver. When he woke up this morning, Tammy had pulled him over on top of her, slipped his semi-aroused cock inside her hot blonde-haired pussy and grabbed his sexy muscular ass as he drove his full thick cock in and out of her 34-year old cock hungry pussy. As she sent him on his way with a plentiful bag lunch packed for his trip, Tammy found herself standing there at the front door of her house thinking that she needed to be fucked again right then - and probably several more times before this day would be over.

Tammy had a very wholesome, sexy appearance. She had flowing long blonde hair that look gorgeous against her fair complexion and on her long tall figure. Tammy had been beautiful since before her teenaged years and she was still very sexy and hot at her present age. She'd been divorced for about four years and she'd actually had a problem getting any man to pay attention to her after she and her first husband had split. Then she spotted Larry one day and managed to "accidentally" meet him and literally seduced him in his own home. She'd literally taken him by the hand and led him to the bed where he used to have sex with his previous wife and there she undressed him and her, sucked his cock to full hardness then pulled him on top of her and fucked him several times in a row until he was literally worn out. Ever since they'd begun their relationship, Tammy had loved to tease and titillate Larry with her voluptuous lithe body and her extreme sexiness and sensuality in the bedroom and in any other place where her desire for a man's touch and eventually for the feel of his cock in her mouth or in her cunt.

After Larry and the kids were gone, Tammy had crawled back inside her bed and then she reached down in the bedstand and pulled out her little "while Larry's away" friend. It was a full-sized manlike dildo, all pink and the cock shaft and head looked almost like a real man's cock. She first wetted the head and then half of the shaft with her mouth before she began rubbing the cockhead on her clit and then across and finally inside her horny pussy lips. Tammy's pussy got so wet and slippery when she was turned on that the lubrication from her cunt juices soon made the dildo slide in and out of her pussy without any resistance at all. Tammy quickly began to fuck the cock substitute in and out, in and out quicker and began to bury every inch of it inside her when she suddenly stopped fucking herself and reached into the bedstand for another little toy she'd just bought for herself. Larry didn't know about this one. It looked much like her first dildo but this one was somewhat bigger, with veins and a flaring mushroom-shaped head on it. And the sexiest thing about this new toy was that it was black, totally black and very big just like Tammy fantasized a black stud's cock would be. As she left her pink dildo buried inside her pussy, Tammy began to lick and graze the head of the black dildo in her lips. She closed her eyes and imagined that she'd lured some strong horny black man into her bed and he was allowing her to taste his engorged cock before he let her pussy feel the bulk and thickness of his sexual spear firsthand. When Tammy had wettened both the head and shaft of her black toy, she pulled the juice-covered pink dildo out of her snatch and instantly let the head of the black one rub in her swollen pussy lips and plentiful wetness.

Tammy couldn't believe what this dildo felt like as she lubed it up and then began to work the head and then the first of the shaft inside her pussy. She could definitely tell the difference in size between the two of them. Her first dildo was more the size of Larry's cock when he was fully aroused; this cock was much bigger than any she'd ever had inside her pussy. She gradually allowed herself to get used to the bigger thickness and length of this cock and soon she had both hands around the base of it, flashing the dildo in and out of her pussy as she squeezed her breasts and flicked her hardened nipples. Before too many minutes had passed, Tammy knew her orgasm was imminent and she began to fuck her pussy faster and faster, wanting her new black lover's cock to bring her off better then she'd ever cummed before.

As Tammy lay there in bed, panting and trying to enjoy the wash of sexual release that spread over her body, the doorbell rang. "Who could that be?" she wondered as she lay completely naked with her black fuck toy still sticking out of her cunt. She didn't intend to do anything about it until the doorbell rang again a second and then a third time.

Tammy finally gave in against her better senses and threw a loose robe on over her naked body and headed to see who was so insistently knocking at her front door. She could see a car at the curb but still didn't have any idea who wanted her until she opened the door and peeked out. There she saw a young black man wearing the work uniform of the local plumbing company who she called earlier in the week because of some problems with her main bathroom commode. "Oh no," Tammy thought to herself as she realized he was here in response to her call. She wasn't exactly dressed for a workman and not really in the mood to fool with him right now.

Tammy went ahead and opened the door wide and motioned for the young black man named Sam to come in since she knew he was there to do the emergency plumbing work. She pulled her robe tighter around her body, not preventing the young man from noticing her large breasts and the outline of her body underneath the nearly see-through material of the robe. He noticed a distinctive wet spot in front right where the material touched her crotch and he wondered what she'd been up to already this morning.

After she showed Sam where the bathroom with the problem was, she lounged around in her bedroom, washing her hair and trying to think about what clothes she was going to wear out to her kids' school that afternoon. She'd settled on a bust-emphasizing brown sweater and matching pants but just couldn't bring herself to put her bra and panties on and get dressed.

Sam finished replacing some parts in the leaking commode and had packed up his tools to leave in his truck. He came back inside to write out a work order to leave with Tammy and when he finally found her in her bedroom, what he saw took control of his common sense and he decided to see if this sexy white lady had anything else he could help her with. Tammy was sitting at her bedroom vanity, brushing her long blonde hair with a brush and she seemed lost in her thoughts. As Sam walked in, he could see that her robe had fallen open somewhat and her large right breast was almost showing completely where the robe had fallen away from her body.

"I've got your invoice here for the work," Sam said as he held out the slip of paper for Tammy. She hadn't heard him walk into the room and seemed startled for a moment as she responded to his approach. When Tammy looked at Sam, her eyes passed over his crotch and she noticed a much larger than normal bulge there. Tammy instantly thought of her new black dildo she'd been fucking herself with when he'd rung her doorbell an hour earlier and she found herself wondering what Sam's cock really looked like. Was it anything like her new toy?? As her thoughts raced around the close physical presence of this attractive young black man so close to her, Sam took the initiative and bent over, reaching inside Tammy's loose, gaping robe and covered her bare tit with his strong workman's hand.

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