If Only Anna Knew

by Mandil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Rico's wife has always refused to have sex with another man. But when she is blinded in a car accident, Rico get his neighbor to have sex with her without her being aware of it.

The accident had been so unpredictable. Rico and his wife Anna were so unprepared for it, that it took them almost a whole week before it finally registered completely in their minds.

On that fateful day, Anna had been driving home from work during a snowstorm. As she took the ninety degree turn in the road that led to Pine Hill road - a stretch of road that she had been driving on almost every day for the last three years - she was not quite prepared for the snow covered patch of black ice on the road. She was driving a little faster than she should have been and the lack of friction on that steep turn in the road was responsible for the lack of grip of her car's tires and the road. After two complete three hundred and sixty degrees turns, her car finally went through and then over the bank of snow lining the side of the road, then plunging into the ditch twenty five feet below.

The next thing that she was aware of after that, was her awakening in a bed in Memorial hospital. She was experiencing pains from the dozen points of contact that her body had made with the dashboard as well as with the steering wheel when she had plunged into the ditch. But the one factor that was scaring her the most, was the complete blackness that was engulfing her when she woke up.

She could hear people talking next to her. At first Anna couldn't remember what had happened to her and what she was doing in this strange place, then the memories of her accident came back to her and she realised that she probably was in a hospital bed. A nurse was in the process of giving a pill to a woman in the bed next to her. She and the woman were also talking about the foul weather they were having and in no way were they trying to be quiet about their conversation.

But in spite of the intense pain that she felt, it was the noises that she could hear coming from many different sources that preoccupied her the most. Why should there be so much noise if it was in the middle of the night? Then it occurred to her that the room was not dark at all. She probably had a bandage over her eyes and this was why she couldn't see any light.

Slowly, with more pain being registered by her brain, she brought her right hand over her eyes to check if indeed there was a bandage there. Nothing. There was absolutely nothing covering her eyes. It took her a few more seconds before she began to understand. No light, no bandage; then if finally registered in her mind that she was blind. It had to be since her eyes were wide open.

For the next ten minutes she dared not move, hoping that she would wake up from this nightmare and that it would all go away. Her heart was beating fast now and she was almost on the verge of panicking. She had a strong impression of suffocating. With her sense of sight now gone - an experience she had never had before and hadn't even bothered to think about she felt very scared; it bothered her much more than all of the pain she felt at that moment.

When the doctor came later to examine her again, he was very surprised to discover that she couldn't see. For the next few days, she remained in the hospital and more doctors came to see her. Two of them were eye specialists and they did many tests on her eyes. Later they told her that there was nothing wrong with her eyes. It seemed that the shock of the accident had done something to her mind and the blockage of sight was inside her brain and it had nothing to do with her eyes. Anna was dismissed from the hospital five days after her accident and her husband took her home. She was legally blind now and even though the doctors did predict that her sense of sight would suddenly come back, it was a small consolation to her.

It was now over three months since Anna had lost her sight and she had pretty well resigned herself to being sightless for the rest of her life. Just a few months before her accident, Rico had been gradually trying to win her into accepting to have sex with another man while he watched, but she went into a fit when she heard him asking this. He did try to coax her some more and he even promised her that he was never going to ask her to let him have sex with another women if she did that. All he wanted to do was to watch her having sex with another man. But each time they talked about that matter she got more and more angry at him and he finally had accepted the fact that this was never going to happen.

He knew that now that she was blind she was going to react even more strongly about the matter, so he didn't bother to ask her again. Instead he simply tried to forget about it. But an incident occurred just a few months after her accident, and what he witnessed then became the seed of an idea that germinated in his mind.

It was a sunny Saturday morning and Rico was watering the flowers in the backyard. The yard was completely enclosed by a fence since as soon as Anna had arrived home from the hospital, he hired two carpenters to built the six foot high wooden fence around the back yard. Even in her blindness she could roam at will there with a minimum of danger. On that particular morning, Anna wasn't aware that her husband was in the fence- enclosed yard. Since her accident, he had taken to the habit of telling her where he went whenever he was in or around the house so that if she needed him she could call him, but on that morning he hadn't done that.

As he was slowly pouring water on the flowers, he suddenly saw Anna slowly walking out of the back door and into the yard. She had her hands turned upward as if trying to feel if rain was falling but she was actually trying to detect the heat of the sun instead. Rico watched her without saying a word. He loved to observe her when he knew she was not aware of it and he never failed to marvel then at the beautiful sight that she was. She had long light brown hair and her thick full lips with her high cheekbones gave her the appearance of a pre-historic goddess. Because of the heat on that particular day, she had dressed in a short off-white mini skirt made of thin material, and she also had on a matching, light brown halter-top.

However, what attracted Rico's attention the most was the fact that in her hurry to get dressed, she had paid no attention to her thin skirt at the back and the hem was caught in the elastic band of her panties at the waist. Since it was impossible for her to look at herself in the mirror, as most women would do after getting dressed, she was completely unaware of this fact.

As she slowly moved around in the yard, he could see her nice long legs at the back and most of her panties bulging as her round bottom pressed the material of the undergarment. She slowly walked in front of him just a few feet away. He was careful not to make any noise so that she would not be aware of him since he was finding a lot of erotic pleasure in watching her half exposed body.

Yes, she was a lovely sight to see and he soon felt his manhood twitching in his pants as he feasted his eyes on the splendid sight just a few feet in front of him. Of course he had often seen her half naked and also completely naked in the house; he did know all the hidden details of her body, but the fact that she was unaware of his watching her, added a special delicious wickedness to the situation. After all she was his wife and he wasn't doing anything he had not done hundreds of times before.

Just then, the newspaper boy being his first time on the job instead of leaving the paper on the front porch as the previous paper boy used to do, entered the yard through the opened gate of the wooden fence. He was in the process of putting the paper on the picnic table when he saw Anna slowly walking toward him. He nodded to her at the same time that he deposited the newspaper on the table before him.

But since he hadn't talk to her, Anna remained unaware of him and she simply went on past him. All of a sudden, he saw the pinned up skirt at her back and then she was next to him. She continued to walk very slowly as if he was not there. Soon he was in for a spectacle that he was never going to forget. Her long and smooth looking legs, as well as the back of her thighs were all exposed, then higher still her splendid panty covered butt was there for his eyes to see. It then became evident to him that this beautiful woman, only partly clothed and slowly walking past him, was blind and she was not aware of her half nakedness. Now that he knew that she could not see him and that she was completely ignorant of his presence, he remained very quiet and he even turned around to see more of the splendid sight as she went past him. But when he did turn, he soon saw Rico in his line of sight as Anna slowly walked between them.

Before he had time to say a word, Rico signalled to the paperboy placing his index over his lips so that he remained quiet. The thirteen- year-old boy understood immediately that Rico did not want the half naked women to be aware that she was being watched so neither of them moved.

Anna stopped near a flower bed close to the fence and both of them saw her slowly reaching for one of the red roses that she already knew were there. She then bent her body to smell the perfect rose she was holding in her hand. Since she had her back to both observers, they could not fail to see her round and well formed thighs from the back, even the swells of her cunt's lips were visible through her stretched white panties.

By now, Rico had a huge erection; when he looked at the newspaper boy he noticed that he also had a tremendous one and worst still the front of his beige shorts had a darker stain just about where the head of his cock was underneath. By all evidence, the erotic sight of Anna's half nakedness had made him ejaculate in his underpants.

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