The Animal Within

by Darkstar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: kirsten decides to see some performance art, but little did she know what was in store for her.

The envelope stood out from the usual collection of bills on the doormat, it was white, embossed, and simply had her first name on it, 'Kristen'. She dropped it along with the rest on the coffee table and went to make herself a drink before she got round to finding out what it was. She sat down with the glass in her hand and stretched her long slim legs out on the table, and they were long. Kristen was 5'10" without heels, slender and pale skinned with shoulder length brown-red wavy hair and brown, 'classy' was probably the one word that fitted her best. She opened the envelope and pulled out a card:

The White Room Presents:
An exhibit exploring the relationship between man and beast.

You are invited to attend the opening of this exciting collection of new art 9:00pm Friday the 18th.

There was an address on the back picked out in gold. Kristen was puzzled she had never heard of this 'White Room', but there was every chance that this was one of Jennifer's pet projects, Kristen rarely paid full attention when she was talking with Jennifer so it was entirely possible that she had nodded and said "That would be lovely" without really paying attention to whatever Jennifer asked. It wouldn't be the first time it had happened, in fact she was pretty sure that Jennifer counted on it, there were a number of Jenny's male friends who could be counted on to show up if she told them that Kristen would be there, which would be fine but most of them were as dull as Jennifer. She sighed, she didn't actually have anything else to do on Friday, and it might not be Jennifer who had sent the invite of course, the only way to find out she supposed was to actually go, and see who she recognised.

The venue was in what passed for the bohemian part of town, a little run down, with lots of old warehouse type buildings, but no gangs or anything like that, a good place for struggling artists to find the space to show their works. It took her a few minutes to find the right building after the cab dropped her off, it was marked only with a small metal plaque bearing the words 'White Room'. Inside Kristen found herself in an entry hall with a formally dressed maitre de, who asked for her invitation and exchanged it for a black bound brochure, as he dropped the invite onto a pile of similar cards she noticed that they weren't gold embossed like hers, Kristen gave a little smile, someone had obviously run out of money.

Inside the main room she was glad she had decided to dress up for the occasion, she had her hair up and was wearing a long red clinging dress, with a slit up the left leg and a oval cut out on the front that showed a little cleavage. There were probably twenty or so other people in the place, all the men in tuxedos and all the women in their party finery, but no one she immediately recognised. She spotted a table loaded with glasses of champagne and made a beeline for it, she nodded and smiled at her fellow guests as she weaved through them and was a little put out at the cold shoulder she got in return, she grabbed a glass and turned her attention to the exhibits to cover her annoyance.

After reading the brochure and looking around Kristen came to the conclusion that she didn't know much about art, but she knew what she liked, and this wasn't it. There were statues of half man half beast figures, werewolves, mermaids, and other stranger things. The walls were adorned with medieval images of women being terrorised by bestial demons, all pretty gross. She found herself moving towards the far end of the room, there was a raised stage with something on it, it didn't appear in the brochure, and she was so bored that any distraction was welcome.

The contents of the stage were actually pretty plain, but if anything weirder than the other exhibits. The stage had a black curtain hanging at the back, with a rail that ran right round the stage, and there was a kind of low leather couch with an arm at one end on it. What made the couch truly strange was the pair of broad leather flaps attached to the mid point of the couch, they had straps and buckles on them, designed to hold something onto the couch. Kristen had heard of some art weirdo who put dead animals in glass tanks, maybe they were going to strap an animal carcass into it? She decided she wanted to leave before they got round to that.

Suddenly she felt a cold, almost stinging sensation on her bare arm, she whipped round to see a man grasping a tumbler full of ice and scotch.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

Kristen cursed silently, the perfect end to the evening some guys idea of a subtle pick up, she managed to put a smile on her face and said, "That's ok," She ostentatiously looked at her watch, "I had better go find out why my friend hasn't turned up." She walked off before the man could say another word, so she didn't see him pocket a small plastic cylinder. As she moved towards the door Kristen was hit by a wave of dizzyness, she shook her head and kept going, but it came again, this time she turned to find a seat. She dropped into it, and was unconscious before she could ask anyone for assistance.

As Kristen came round she had a headache and her vision was blurry. She was only immediately aware of only two things, there was bright light shining straight down on her and she was lying on something with her legs and arms dangling on the floor. As soon as she tried to get up she discovered something else, she was somehow restrained, she could barely move! Kristen blinked rapidly to clear her vision and looked round, she found herself staring into a giant mirror, and realised where she was, she was on the stage. The black curtain had been pulled around to the front unveiling the mirror, allowing Kristen to see the full extent of her predicament. She was bare naked stretched out on the leather couch with her ass raised up over the arm. The flaps had been strapped round her body like a corset. there were a pair of metal rods threaded through eyelets screwed into the stage, and attached to the rods were leather cuffs, and firmly strapped into the cuffs were her wrists and ankles.

"What the fuck is going on here? I'm not part of your exhibit!" As Kristen shouted she heard the sound of the curtain opening, it was drawn of to the left revealing a darkened gallery, she could just about make out figures sat in rows of seats watching the stage.Kristen pleaded with them, "I'm not part of this performance piece, or whatever crap you want to call it, please just get me out of here." The only response from the crowd was some rather nasty laughter, and the sound of whoever laughed being shushed. The tone of the laugh washed out Kristen's anger and replaced it with cold fear. They knew she wasn't a willing participant, they had come to the exhibit for this, she had been invited here for this, they weren't about to just let her go after going to so much trouble

The soft sound of a whistle drew Kristen's attention to the side of the stage, and saw a Dobermann padding out from the darkness. The dog walked around Kristen, and she watched it in the mirror, it circled her twice before halting in front of her with its tongue lolling out of its mouth, she could smell the stink of its breath. She twisted her head round to try and escape it, but the dog followed and start licking her face. Its tongue ran across her mouth, and Kristen spat as she tasted dog drool. The animal seemed put off by this and went round behind her. As it walked in front of her face Kristen suddenly began aware that the dog had a huge hard on, the red tip of its penis was completely out of its sheath.

Even as the dog waled round to her ass her mind refused to reach the obvious conclusion, and then the animal shoved its cold nose into her pussy, Kristen gave a little squeal, and then shouted, "Bad dog, go away!" The animal totally ignored her, apparently fascinated by her pussy, its rough tongue licked across her mons and clit and Kristen jerked away, but she could move only a couple of inches and the dog simply shuffled forward, and then it leapt and put its front paws on the leather couch either side of Kristen's ass. It thrust forward and missed, a second time and missed, and then with the third try it hit home and slid into her cunt. "NO! OH GOD NO!" As the dog entered her Kristen realised that her vagina had been lubricated while she was knocked out, so there was no pain as it pushed into her. Satisfied that it was in the dog started humping, Kristen could see the animals face in the mirror, it almost looked amused, enjoying its brand new bitch. The animal's cock was about seven or eight inches in length, and Kristen had been with men who were that size. Her mind was reeling with horror as she watched the animals hips thrusting forward, bouncing off her ass, driving her forward, rubbing her clit and her nipples against the leather stimulating them and engorging them with blood.

As the rape continued Kristen felt something changing in the beasts cock, a swelling slowly moving up its member, a knot it was trying to force into her, she tried wriggling her ass to stop it, but all she was doing was making her pussy hot. Kristen grunted as the knot pushed deep into her, now this was an alien sensation, a ball moving up and down her tunnel. Finally it seemed to reach the tip of the dogs cock and she felt herself being flooded with spunk as the dog thrust forward and locked in place, letting spurts of cum fill Kristen up. When it stopped she began to panic, she had heard of dogs being tied for ages, but the dog had been trained, and Kristen's pussy had been well lubed, it popped out with minimum pain and staggered off stage. Instantly another Dobermann came out from the wings.

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