The Perfect Mating

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Honey and her husband want children but he can't get her pregnant. So, desperate for a baby, they get their best friend to fuck Honey and impregnate her.

by Tom Land

Honey suddenly realized as she stood in front of her bathroom mirror that her heart was nearly beating out of her chest. She and Ben had thoroughly agreed that they wanted to use this rather unusual method of getting her pregnant and she thought she'd been ready for it, been prepared to actually go through with the experience of having sex with a man other than her own husband. She'd had sexual encounters with other men when she'd been in college but she'd never had sex with any other man but Ben since they'd married.

Ben had asked Timothy to let him know how he wanted Honey to dress and what he would want her to do in order to make their first sexual encounter as arousing and pleasureable as possible for him. Timothy had quickly told Honey and Ben that he would love for her to be dressed in sexy lingerie and a negligee and be waiting for him in their bedroom when he arrived. He hadn't specified any more details so Ben and Honey had gone to the local Victoria's Secret and bought brand new panties and bra and a very sheer sexy negligee for her to wear for her fuck with Tim. As Honey pulled the bra cups up over her breasts, she realized her nipples were already turgid with desire and anticipation of what was about to occur. When she pulled the high cut black bikini panties up her legs and over her pussy, she could feel dampness already beginning between her legs as she thought about fucking with Timothy. She hoped her eggs were as ready to make love as she was.

Honey was lying there totally naked in front of her husband's best friend, Timothy, as he leaned over her, his hard erect cock jutting up from his sexy groin at an angle. She loved the way she could see his large, cum-filled balls dangling there below his engorged horny cock and Honey realized she was only seconds from realizing the plan that she and her husband, Ben, had put together. Her breasts were engorged with passion and her chest heaving with arousal from the hot pussy licking that Timothy had just given her in preparation for their fuck.

Honey and Ben both wanted a child, well, many children to be truthful but they knew that Ben could never father any kids because of his accident playing college football. They hadn't known he was sterile as a result, but they loved each other so much that they hadn't even thought of that problem when they got married.

Their only alternative in their minds was for Honey to become pregnant with another's man's sperm. But Ben had insisted that he wanted the father of their baby to be someone they both liked, admired and who had the qualities they would want Ben to have implanted if he'd been able to fuck Honey. Their mutually agreed choide for the "father" and the man who would deposit his sperm inside Honey's fertile cunt was his friend Timothy.

As Timothy leaned over and kissed Honey on the nipple of her left breast, she felt the huge swollen head of his cock grazing her hot wet pussy lips. She almost caught herself wanting to scream "Stop -- we can't do this; I'm sorry" but she knew this was exactly what both she and Ben wanted to happen. Her resistance inwardly struggled with what her heart wanted and then Honey felt Timothy's cockhead purposefully engage the mouth of her cunt and then she knew he was mounting her as he pushed his ass forward, his large pointed cock spreading her cunt and beginning to slip slowly inside her waiting pussy. Honey knew she was "ripe" for conception and now she was at the point of no return. Their mutual friend had his cock pushing inside her pussy and Honey was committed to this fuck and all that would follow in an effort to get her "with child".

From the moment that Timothy and Honey had moved their "icebreaking conversation" from the living room into the master bedroom, it had been agreed that Honey's husband Ben would be right there watching the whole time. He was to strip naked at the same time as Timothy and Honey stripped each other and he could masturbate or whatever he wanted to while the other couple fucked and implanted Honey's pussy with Tim's hot sperm.

As the sexy young 26-year old Honey felt Timothy's hard thick cockhead spreading her cunt lips, her nervousness suddenly seemed to melt away like snow in the noonday sun. She was beyond stopping now. They had picked Timothy out specifically to be the father of her baby and he was "cockhead deep" inside her cunt now and pushing his ass strongly forward to give her all the length and girth of his horny cock. Honey spread her legs wider to allow him full access to the very depths of her pussy and she even thrust her ass up off the bed to enhance his mounting her and possessing her cunt completely on his first inward fuck stroke.

Honey's nipples grew instantly harder from the feeling of Timothy's cock pistoning down inside her and she leaned up and kissed his lips gently, wanting him to know that she loved what he'd agreed to do for her and Ben. She loved that this man was willing to impregnate her and give them the gift of a child from his own loins. Timothy was overcome by the hotness and sexy innocence of this beautiful young woman he was burying his cock inside. Her cunt was very tight and hot and his week-long deprivation of any sexual release had made him so horny that he wasn't sure how long he'd be able to hold about before his first climax.

Timothy couldn't believe the hot tightness of Honey's pussy as his cock strongly surge forward into the hot wetness of her body. He'd never been asked before by a childless couple to donate his sperm in helping them conceive a child and he'd certainly never imagined doing it in this manner. As he felt his cock nearly 3/4 inside Honey's pussy, he leaned down and placed his lips softly over hers, kissing her and feeling his tongue slip out, tasting her mouth. Her sexy medium-sized breasts were pressed against his chest and he could feel her legs spreading wider, opening her cuntal sheath and allowing him to slide inside her as deeply as his cock could reach.

As Tim felt the head of his cock touch Honey's womb, he stopped thrusting and allowed his cock to soak in the lubricating wetness of her cunt. He wanted this to be not only a moment of procreation but also a time of hot sexy passion and sexual fulfillment for both he and this beautiful woman who was fucking him in her own marital bed. Tim knew that their coupling would be much hotter and sexier if he could ensure that Honey was fully aroused and totally "into" their fuck together.

Timothy felt his kiss growing more passionate with Honey and her breathing was growing more ragged and rapid. He had her impaled on the total thickness of his cock and now he was ready to use it in not only fucking her to multiple climaxes but to deposit as much of his baby-creating semen in side of her body as he could deliver.

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