The Box

by Mitzi May

Caution: This Lesbian Fetish Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Lesbian Fetish Sex Story: Miranda has been left bitter, hurt and frustrated by a bad marriage. Her life takes a spectacular turn for the better when her lesbian friend invites her to the local fetish club

"Oh My GAWD," Miranda exclaimed as she gazed at herself in the mirror. "You are such a slut." She slowly ran her fingernail down the zipper at the front of the skimpy red PVC top, admiring the way it squeezed her heavy tits into two perfectly spherical bundles. She'd borrowed the top from Gina, along with a black leather mini-skirt with an equally prominent zip up the front. The stockings, suspenders, boots and silk G-string were her own, after an afternoon's intensive retail therapy. "If this doesn't work, I'll become a goddam nun."

Giving her own tits a playful squeeze, Miranda tried to remember the last time anyone else paid them any real attention. Jamie had never been particularly interested. At first she accepted his claim to be 'more of an ass guy,' then after they got married he soon lost interest in sex altogether. She knew he wasn't impotent, sometimes he would get an unexpected erection when they were watching a movie or a football game on TV. Desperate for any physical contact, she would gently unbutton his flies, and drop her mouth over his stiff cock, running her tongue around the head and swallowing him deep into her throat. Jamie would just put his hands behind his head, close his eyes and lean back, while Miranda sucked him to a finish. With one hand inside her own panties, Miranda would try to bring herself to a short, less-than satisfying climax before he shot his hot jizz down her throat and calmly sent her off to the kitchen for a beer.

The only other kind of sex Jamie seemed interested in was anal. It was their fifth anniversary when he first suggested it, and Miranda was horrified at the thought. But it was their special day and she didn't want to refuse him, so after sending him out to the 24-hour drugstore for some KY, they retired to bed and she took great pleasure in seductively stripping and positioning herself on hands and knees, before slowly lubricating her ass in front of him. When he first pushed inside her she gave an involuntary scream from the pain, she didn't think she could take it for more than a few seconds. But as she relaxed, a new feeling overtook her. Her beloved husband was fucking her, filling her, uniting with her for the first time in years and as her desire grew she dropped a hand to her pussy and soon was screaming in pleasure, not pain.

They repeated the session every few weeks for another couple of years. At least it was a sex life, Miranda thought, even if her pussy was aching to be filled full of cock and she had to ask for a padded chair at work. It did not make much sense to her, until three months ago. Of course she should have guessed long before, but she was blinded by love. Everything just fell into place when Jamie ran off with Brian, the coach of his office softball team.

She was devastated for months. She felt betrayed, humiliated and her ass still hurt. What made it worse was that office-gossip Elaine was a friend of a friend of Brian's wife, and within days Miranda's sorry story was all over her company. The hazards of internal e-mail. Miranda knew that everybody was laughing at her behind her back, and when the tall, flame-haired graphic designer Gina leaned over her desk one day and said, 'hey, I was sorry to hear about your marriage,' Miranda just scowled back and waited for the punchline. She did not expect the what followed. "I guess I've been through something similar. If you need to talk to someone, why not come over to mine and we'll have a drink."

More out of surprise than anything else, Miranda said yes, and that evening, over a large bottle of vodka, Gina told her story. She too, had been married young to her first love. "And when did you realise he was gay?" asked Miranda.

"I didn't." Gina cracked a tiny smile and looked calmly into Miranda's eyes for a reaction. "I realised I was gay."

Miranda took a long, long drink of vodka and Coke and tried not to look shocked. She obviously failed, as Gina laughed loudly.

"Don't worry, I'm not planning to seduce you tonight, I just thought it might help if I explained what I went through." Miranda tried not to think about the significance of that word 'tonight', and sat back to listen. As Gina described how she had lied to herself, her family and her friends from her adolescence, through her teenage relationships, trying to convince herself her 'perverted' desires would pass like a phase. She really did love her husband, but when she allowed herself to be seduced by the keynote speaker at a women designer's conference, she knew her life would never be the same, and told her husband that it was over.

Two things happened as Gina told her tale. Firstly, Miranda began to forgive Jamie, realising the pain he must have been going through, and even feeling sorry for him. Secondly, Gina and Miranda became best friends.

As she studied herself in the mirror, Miranda did the sums. Eight years of marriage, two years of engagement, and in ten years she had never touched another man. Before she met Jamie she was a virgin, the closest to sex she had come was at a party when she was fifteen. She'd been necking on the dancefloor with a senior, when the gulps of rum she'd taken from his bottle hit her hard. She ran out into the garden for some fresh air, with the boy loping after her. As her head cleared, she kissed him again, their breathing got heavier and he ran his clumsy hand over her swelling adolescent boobs. She squirmed slightly as she felt the heat growing between her legs.

"P-p-please, can I see them?" the boy breathed, looking down at the hard buttons which were now unmissable beneath her blouse. She was about to slap him when an irresistable, almost painfully sexual urge began in her pussy and spread to the tips of her nipples. Without a word, she stepped back slightly, checked over each shoulder that they were alone, and unbuttoned her blouse. Even at 15 she had a 34D bra and as she pulled down the material the boy gasped at the sight of her two creamy orbs and the pink nipples pointing straight out at him.

Almost in awe, he cupped her tits in his hands and gave them a painfully delicious squeeze. Miranda was suddenly so horny she would have done anything for that spotty youth. She'd read about 'giving head' in her Mom's magazines, and decided that even if she wasn't going to lose her cherry tonight, at least she would give this boy, and herself, something to remember the evening by.

Without a word, she reached for his flies and unbuttoned them. She pushed her hand inside and felt the thick fleshy rod between her fingers. Dropping to her knees, she pulled it gently into the open, but before she could do anything else the boy groaned loudly, his cock jerked in her hand and a thick white stripe of creamy cum splashed across her exposed tits and dribbled down her cleavage. The boy swore, muttered something about being sorry, pushed himself back in his jeans and ran off in embarassment.

Miranda felt a mixture of disappointment and excitement. She would have liked more of a chance to play with her first cock, but at the same time, knowing that her young body could have such a spectacular impact on a man nearly three years older than her gave her an enormous, horny thrill. She buttoned her blouse and left immediately through the back gate, without even saying goodbye to her friends. As soon as she was home she ran to her room, stripped off in front of the mirror and studied the cum still drying on her breasts. Looking at herself, dropping a hand to her burning pussy, she felt like a woman for the very first time.

Standing now in front of a different mirror, Miranda wondered what had become of that brazen young girl. Twenty eight years-old, and never had a decent fuck in her life. Well she was a new woman now, and from tonight, she would behave like it. As the doorbell rang, she unzipped her top a few inches to allow a handsome cleavage to spring into view, and she went to let in the girls.

"Wow," said Gina, as she stepped into the hall, squeaking slightly in a rubber dress. "I mean, like, wow."

"Thanks hon," replied Miranda with a wink. "Just remember, it's not for you. Hi, you must be Jill and Cindy." Miranda had never met Gina's friends before. Jill was tall and dykey, with short hair, a battle-axe tattoo on her shoulder, wearing leather jeans, a plain black t-shirt and and a studded collar round her neck. Cindy was a big girl, squeezed into a black corset which made her huge tits stand up like footballs, with long blond hair flowing down her back.

"Club Climax watch out," said Miranda as she showed everyone into the living room. "The babes are about."

Club Climax was the desJilltion for the evening. At first Gina had been reluctant to let Miranda join her monthly foray into the fetish scene. But as they were arguing about it, Gina made the mistake of saying, "The thing is, sweetie, I think deep down you might be a bit of a prude."

That settled it. Miranda was willing to be accused of many things, she might be inexperienced, she might be naïve, but she was certainly not a prude. And she was determined to prove it. She didn't know much about the club, only that it was a mixed gay/straight event, where people would meet up to put their favourite fantasies into practice. "It's not a sex club," Gina explained. "It's not a swing party, and it's not an orgy. Most people go with their partners. But if you want to explore your own sexuality, then it's the only place to be."

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