Janet's Journey

by Lacy Underalls

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman gets propositioned waiting for hubby to show.

Chapter 1

"How much for head?" The man's question had almost made her drop the glass of vodka. It took a moment to even reply.

"Excuse me?" As she made eye contact she noticed how blue his eyes were.

"How much for head?" She had not heard wrong. What was wrong with this guy? He looked normal. Hell he looked high class to her.

"How much for head, is that what you asked me?"

"Listen lady, I only have half an hour. Fifty bucks is the going rate. Do we have a deal?" Janet was waiting for her husband in the lobby of The Plaza. It was the best hotel in the bay area. How could this happen?" OK lady, I'm out of options here. I'm in room 113, and I leave for a meeting in 30 minutes. I need at least ten minutes for the $50, five if you're good. I hope to see you, especially if you're as good as the girl last week." A wink and he was gone. Janet sat dumbfounded. A nudge brought her out of it.

"Ma'am. Excuse me ma'am, would you be Janet Miles?" The young hotel clerk had caught her off guard.

"Yes. I'm Mrs. Miles."

"Phone Ma'am." A minute later and Janet hung up the phone, discouraged as usual when it came to her husband. Work always came first with Mark Miles, and tonight it would cost her an extra hour of her life, waiting as usual. She picked up her vodka and took a healthy sip. Placing it down she saw the number 113 written on her napkin. She hadn't noticed it before. Janet smiled for a brief moment, before shaking the thoughts out of her head again. She couldn't, not with a complete stranger. The idea wouldn't leave her head though. She had never done anything like that in her life. Mark didn't even like oral sex. He claimed it took too long. Time was one luxury her husband did not have. It was one commodity Janet had too much of.

She only knocked twice before the door opened. The man from the bar was getting dressed, trying to finish the knot on his necktie.

"Sit over there on the bed if you don't mind. I'm quicker if I can stand up." Another wink and he wlkaed out of sight towards the bathroom. Janet walked to the bed and sat down. She hoped he wouldn't notice her legs shaking. Janet had not counted on her nerves kicking in this bad.

"Mr... what should I call you?"

"I wouldn't worry about that. Not polite to talk with your mouth full, is it?" His laughter made her cringe. Maybe this was a bad idea. Second thoughts were dashed from her head as he came back around the corner. His dress shirt hid his groin from view, but the bulge made it clear there were no underwear. He looked comical with his dress socks and no pants.

"I like a lot of tongue and not so much up and down. Like I said, five minutes and you're out of here with a nice $50 in your purse." He thrust his hips forward so she could reach him easily, then began to finish the knot in his tie. His laid back attitude bothered her. She was going to perform a very personal act on this man. He acted as if he was waiting in line for a pizza.

She placed her hand upon his hip. It took only a minute for his cock to emerge from between the flaps in his shirt. It had been 14 years since she had seen one other than Mark's. It was bigger than her husband's, not by much, but the difference was notable. Janet wrapped her hand around its base. Her fingers just barely made it around. It felt so warm, almost hot. She could feel his heart beating through his cock. Leaning forward, she brought it to her lips.

It smelled good. Janet almost laughed at the thought. The smell of subtle flowers. Her friend Beth used the same soap. She slipped the head past her lips, the tip of her tongue tickling the sensitive underside. Slowly she slid forward. He did say he liked it slow, right? Her tongue worked back and forth, her mouth slowly up and down.

He stopped what he was doing. Janet felt a hand on the back of her head. He pulled, forcing more into her mouth. She could taste him on her tongue, he must be close. The only warning she got was a small moan. The first ejaculation was huge, Janet almost gagging on it. The rest were easily manageable, she didn't even think about it anymore. She continued to massage his cock until it went flaccid in her mouth. There was no taste. The man must take care of himself.

"Thanks alot, very nice work. I mean it. Three minutes is a new personal best for me! Good thing, too. Got a meeting to get to."

He threw the money on the bed next to her. Janet looked at it surreally. The reality of what she did was sinking in now. She watched him finish dressing.

"I'll be back tomorrow, same time if you're interested. Same room also. I have two hours to kill though, so I'll need some extra entertainment. About $200 should cover it, right? If you can bring a friend I'll have $600 for you to split. You guys put on a good show for me, get real nasty, I'll make it a C note, ok? Now I don't mean to be blunt, but life is waiting for me." With that he escorted her out the door, gave his usual wink, and was gone.

Twenty minutes later Mark wandered in the bar, smiling apologetically. Janet gave him a longer than usual kiss hello.

"You havn't been eating snacks at the bar before our dinner, have you Janet?"

"No, of course not." The question puzzled her.

"Babe, you always were a bad liar. I can taste some kind of dip on your lips. You'd better be hungry anyway."

As they walked to the dining hall Janet smiled, if he only had a clue.

Chapter 2

"Janet, you are so full of shit!" Beth's laugh always made Janet smile, even when she was in her worst of moods. Beth stopped laughing and looked her best friend in the eyes, looking for her to flinch. Janet didn't though, she gazed back confidently. "Son of a bitch!" This time Beth lost it completely, tears cascading down her cheeks as she held her stomach. It was contagious, and soon Janet couldn't stop laughing either. They were getting looks from the other patrons at the restaraunt.

"Please Beth, this is serious. I don't know how to handle this..." She couldn't get the whole sentence out without giggling, and Beth couldn't keep a straight face long enough to let her.

"Listen Jan, what you did may have been a sin, I can understand your guilt there. On the other hand your husband is a horse's ass who doesn't appreciate what he's got at home. I'm suprised you didn't do this long ago. Hell, I even tried to set you up once and got the cold shoulder for a week afterwards. Or have you forgotten that?" Beth smiled, this time a warm smile that told Janet she was being serious.

"I know he can be short Beth, but..."

"Short my ass! Janet, he treats you like an accessory. I can see him going down his list before dinner last night, 'Blue silk tie, gold cufflinks, speech, brown shoes, trophy wife.' Jan, he has never shown you the love you have shown him. He does take care of you financially, but need I remind you that you don't need that? It would take him another twenty years to match the money your family left you. Enjoy life before it's too late. And if this guy has a cute friend..."

"Beth! My God is that all you think about? I'm sure your honey would just love to know you were out whorring all night with Janet."

"Is that what you think? You're a whore? Please! Whores don't get paid. And as for my Rick, he could use some competition."

"Well Beth, as usual you were no help at all. Should we meet same time tomorrow? Maybe down at the steak place?"

"The steak place? You still think you'll be in the mood for meat after tonight?" Another devilish grin graced Beth's face.

"Beth I can't go back there again. I just don't see myself doing that."

"Well if you decide against it call me." Her face turned serious. "The whole idea is getting to me. I'd like to try it once."

"Are you sure Beth, you've never even met this guy."

"If I remember right neither had you last night. Anyway let me know what you're gonna do one way or the other. And be a sweetie and pay the check. I know you can afford it." Beth looked at the bill, "fifty dollars including tip, perfect amount?" Again the wicked grin as she got up to leave. She gave Janet a hug and was gone. Janet sat back down and enjoyed the sunshine. What to do?

"Beth, I'm going to do it." Janet waited, hearing silence from Beth's phone. "Beth? Are you still there?"

"I can't say I'm happy, but have fun anyway. Maybe you could recommend me for next time?"

"I'll see what strings I can pull. If I get tired after an hour maybe I'll call you over to take my place. He did ask for two girls you know. He never said it had to be the at the same time."

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