The Office Temperature Rises: Tom and Lori

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom and Lori carry their torrid affair of fucking back into her office at the workplace.

Lori and I had become steady lovers after the first "spur of the moment" fuck we'd shared in her office and then after she invited me to her house while her husband was out of town, we were "deep in lust" with each other. Lori's a very pretty, sexy-looking 25-year old and her husband apparently was just overworked or stressed with his medical school studies and one of the things that got neglected were the hot sexual needs of his pretty young wife. If you've never experienced having an affair with a co-worker, you have no idea what it's like to go into the office and see this person who've you've held naked in your arms, with your cock buried deep inside her tight wet cunt. I've always been on good relations later even with women who I was no longer fucking and we'd share between us a carnal knowledge of each other that no one else working there with us could know about or appreciate.

After Lori and I had fucked the first few times, I could definitely tell that she was dressing more sexy and wearing more enticing clothes to get my attention and give me some very cock-hardening moments at work. Lori's nice big D-cup breasts would be held in some very sexy lacy bras that I knew she'd just recently gone to Victoria's Secret and bought. Lori knew how much I loved her awesome tits and she knew she could make me cock get hard by wearing a hot bra and then some sort of breast-emphasizing blouse or sweater. Lori's nipples are especially sensitive and I would go by her office several times a day and talk to her, hoping I'd find her in a moment of horniness and be able to see her hard little nipples pressing out sexily against the cups of her bra.

We had both pretty much decided that since we could get together at her place when her husband was at the hospital or at mine, that we'd better not risk having a fuck in her office again like we had the very first time. It wasn't too hard to keep from doing that but I assure you that every time I went by Lori's office I wanted to go in, close the door and fuck her right there on top of her desk. We'd managed to fuck that first time without anyone catching us but we didn't know if we could always be that lucky.

One morning I went to work and about an hour into the day, I headed for Lori's desk to say hello and get my first "Lori fix" for the day. She was sitting there working on some website layout projects and I just stood there admiring how sexy and hot she looked. She was wearing a somewhat translucent pink blouse that was unbuttoned at the top two buttons and I could tell that she had a very sexy demi-bra underneath. With Lori's ample tits, a demi-bra is a very sexy and very provocative item of lingerie and she knew exactly what she'd been doing when she picked it out to put on that morning. Lori was also wearing a skirt that hit her just above the knees and I could tell that she also had on pantyhose. Her beautiful luxurious brown hair fell around her face, framing it nicely and when I approached her desk, I immediately caught the scent of some very sexy smelling perfume that she'd obviously put on that morning to tempt me and every other man working there with her.

I had fucked Lori three times in a row only two nights before and then I'd been gone out of town for a brief trip the next day. So this was the first time I'd seen her since I'd last pulled my cock out of her hotly fucked cunt, and started to dress as I watched the massive load of jism I'd just shot into her pussy starting to ooze out of her pussy lips. Lori had laid there on the bed naked, with a totally satisfied sexy look on her face and told me she couldn't wait until she could have my cock inside her horny pussy again. As I dressed and headed back to my place, I knew it wouldn't be long before Lori would get exactly what she wanted from me again.

As I walked close to Lori there at her desk, I breathed deeply to enjoy the sexy aroma of her perfume and when she looked up from the screen of her computer, she smiled, "Morning Tom. How are you doing today?"

I wanted to tell her that I was doing great but I was as horny as I could be for her pussy, but I decided not to be too blatantly hungry for her body. "Hi, Lori, I'm doing great, lady. It's so good to see you."

"Have a nice trip yesterday?" she asked as her left hand consciously moved down and began to play with one of the unfastened buttons on the top of her blouse. My gaze locked on her hand fiddling with the button and then I looked straight into Lori's deep brown eyes and lost myself in their depth and mystery. She always had that effect on me when I allowed Lori's beauty and her sensual mysteriousness to grab me. What a hot sexy woman she was. Why in the world did her stupid young husband neglect such a treasure of beauty, desire and sexiness? I didn't have any idea but his neglect was my gain. And I intended to see to it that Lori's sexual needs and wants and desires got satisfied for as long as she would let me.

I leaned over and placed my lips over Lori's, my tongue flicking out into her soft moist lips instantly. I heard her moan softly from the touch of my mouth on hers and my left hand quickly followed by reaching up and cupping Lori's full rounded breast through her blouse. Lori had worn sexy bras and panties before the first time she and I'd became lovers but with her loss of a few pounds, she'd really begun to wear very sexy demi-bras and much hotter skimpy panties and thongs. I laughed inwardly as I realized how my sexual and physical attentions to Lori had brought out in her the sensual wants and wantonness that her husband could have enjoyed if he hadn't been so uncaring to her needs.

The demi-bra she was wearing today was very sexy, leaving nearly all of her breast above her nipples uncovered and temptingly bared. Mmmmmmm. How hot and aroused just feeling her breast through her blouse was making me. I could tell my horny cock was almost at full erection already and pressing tightly out against my boxers. I knew I was going to have to fuck Lori here and now or stop and go to the men's room immediately. Nah, why would I waste a opportunity to fuck Lori with the poor substitute of jacking off in the men's room. Never pass up a chance to be with a beautiful hot young woman.

Just at that moment, I felt Lori's warm hand reach to my groin and cup the fullness of my hard cock and balls. I loved the feel of Lori's searching touch on my horny cock. Just the feel of her firm, sexy hand on my body would inflame my passions many levels higher than they already were when I was around her.

I reached down and quickly began unfastening the remaining buttons of my lover's tightly fitting blouse. Lori just as quickly started undoing my belt and then unzipped my pants as I finished getting her blouse undone and pulled it back off her shoulders, exposing the sexy lacy pink bra beautifully cupping two of the sexiest tits I'd ever seen or loved on. I made sure Lori's office door was closed and locked securely when I first entered her room so I knew we had at least 20 minutes or so to let ourselves enjoy each other.

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