Getting More of a Good Thing - Lori and Tom

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lori and Tom had become lovers in her office at work. She's invites Tom to her home when her husband's out of town and they discover the hot depth of their sexual hunger for each other.

I continued to work every single day in the same office complex with Lori, the website builder, after we'd fucked like a couple of rutting jackrabbits in her personal office. It had been so fucking hot. I'd suspected for some time that Lori was a very passionate, lusty woman but I'd never realized until that day when I shifted my comments more directly towards the question of whether or not her medical student husband was meeting her needs physically and sexually. The answer was a strong "No" and I'd decided to move in and help Lori with her pent-up passions and needs for hard, horny cock.

I had quickly gotten enough of our clothes off for me to touch and caress Lori's sexy womanly body. She was only about 25 or so years old and she had one very sexy nicely rounded figure. I loved Lori's sexy large breasts and finally taken the initiative to seduce and fuck Lori right there in her workplace had been a very hot, sexy and lusty experience.

Lori apparently had needed my sexual attentions because she ardently joined in fucking me back there at her desk. I could tell as I pulled my soft cock out of her cum-filled pussy that she wanted to fuck again but we both knew that would be very dangerous.

A few days later, Lori informed me that her husband had gone unexpectedly out of town to visit his family and asked if I'd be interested in coming over to spend the evening with her and keep her company. The need to say "Yes" seemed rather unnecessary as I listened to my cock as it grew instantly stiff in my pants. I told her I'd be there anytime she asked me.

When the door opened at Lori's home that night, my breath was taken by the young woman who was standing there in front of me. Lori normally wore pants and modest tops to work, nothing especially sexy or provocative but tasteful and comfortable for her intense work at the computer. There was normally nothing revealing or overtly sexy about her work dress although that one day I had seen her blouse gap open in front and caught a peek at a very sexy lacy bra she'd been wearing. Well, she'd changed her style of dressing completely for our evening together. She definitely hadn't intended for us to venture out of the house anywhere becasuse she was wearing a rather thin, clinging robe that showed off her figure splendidly. Lori's sexy big D-cup breasts were pushing out sexily against the fabric of the gown and her cleavage showing at the top was breathtaking. I fully suspected that Lori didn't have a thing on underneath her robe, but I wouldn't know that for awhile.

My mother didn't raise any idiot and the moment I saw how Lori had come to the door to greet me, I realized there was only one thing this hot young lady had on her mind and it was on mine too - spending the entire evening and maybe the whole night fucking in her and her husband's bed. Well, I didn't know if we'd spend all our sexual energies on her bed but I was sure we'd do some of our hot sexy coupling right there where she and her husband slept. From what I knew before the first time we'd fucked in her office, she and her husband must not have done much but sleep in their master bedroom. He seemed to have forgotten that his cock was for much more than just taking a leak.

Lori's long hair was loose and brushed out nicely, it was a beautiful deep brunette and framed her face well. Her sexy big breasts pressed out urgently against the thin material of her robe and I could see that both of her medium-sized brown nipples were hard and aroused, poking against the robe pulled tightly around her sexy body as well.

"Tom, I'm so glad you agreed to come over tonight. I've been thinking so much about what we did the other morning in my office and it's made me so fucking horny, so wet and so anxious for you to give me some of that big thick cock of yours again," Lori said in a very sexy voice as I reached for her and pulled her womanly body into my arms. She tilted her head slightly and our lips met as my left hand came up and firmly covered as much of her right tit as I could grasp. I took one finger and titillated the taut little nipple, loving the feel of her turgid little nib under my touch. My tongue met hers in a hot kiss and we only stood there in the middle of the living room for a few moments kissing before I gently edged her back towards the couch. I was so horny to fuck Lori and I knew that the intensity of our sexual desires for each other were so hot that even walking to her bedroom, wherever it was in the house, was totally unthinkable right then.

My cock had swollen into a huge jutting hardon almost immediately as soon as I entered Lori's house. I was proud of how hard, thick and long my cock got when I was sexually excited and I already had quite a good hunk of horny big cock to offer Lori for her sexual pleasure. I pushed my groin forward, knowing that she could feel my lump of hard dick pressing against what I really hoped was already a very aroused, wet and horny cunt. I found myself thinking back to that hot sexy morning when I'd dared to seduce Lori into a hot risky fuck with me and how wonderful it had felt to bury my thrusting cock deep inside her pussy, to make her moan and beg me to fuck her harder and the sexiness of her first orgasms in a matter of several months. I could hardly wait to slip my cock inside her again and hear her sexy sultry pants of arousal and orgasm as I fucked her like a real man should make love to a hot woman.

I gently eased Lori back onto the couch, as I reached down and undid the belt which barely held her flimsy robe together. With the robe untied, I pulled both sides back away from her voluptuously sexy body and sure enough she was totally and awesomely naked underneath. This was not the prim and proper Lori I thought I'd known for all the months we'd worked together. Yes, we'd chanced that hot sexy fuck in her office but I figured that was just an over-horny need by both of us to be fucked and her willingness to get that need met wherever possible since her husband wouldn't fuck her. Now I realized I was in a sexually intense relationship with a very sensual and erotic young woman who wanted much more than just one quickie at her desk. And I couldn't have been happier.

Lori's a beautiful 25-year old married woman, her beautiful brown eyes are so deep that you get lost in them when she looks at you. And Lori's shapely woman's body is so enticing that I don't know how any man could not want to fuck her and be naked with her. Her full D-cupped breasts were beautiful as she lay there naked, her dark brown medium-sized nipples just waiting for me to take them in my hands and my lips. I didn't wait any longer. I noticed that Lori's thick brown pubic bush was already damp and matted since she must have gotten very wet anticipating my arrival. But my main target of the moment was her tits and I lay down on top of Lori's prone body, and filled my left hand with her ample breast, flicking and caressing the sexy soft flesh as my lips closed over the taut perky nipple of her left tit. My tongue grazed her nipple, flicking it and sucking it firmly as I covered as much of her soft white breast with my mouth as I could manage. Lori began moaning and pulled my head firmly against her tit with her hands as I suckled and played with the luscious boob in my mouth.

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