Lori Gets New Job Satisfaction at the Office

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lori's a webmaster for a large firm and she and Tom find that they have a lot in common in her office.

Tom first noticed Lori Philips when he began working at his new job in the same building where she was located. She was in her middle 20s and a very pretty young woman. He quickly found out that she was married when he dropped by her office and just "accidentally" struck up a conversation as she sat there working on her computer. He could see her wedding rings on her left hand as he glanced at her face and could also see down her sweater and noticed the sexy lace bra she was wearing.

Lori had pretty shoulder-length brown hair and beautiful eyes that could look a hole through you. Her face was very exciting and she had sexy lips. Lori seemed to be very shy and quiet at first but Tom quickly managed to talk to her about totally innocent subjects and soon had her opening up about herself. Lori was also just slightly on the heavy side, certainly not fat but almost like teenage chubbiness, but Tom still found her incredibly arousing and sexy. One thing you couldn't miss was Lori's very nice big breasts and the lace bra he'd seen inside her blouse just accentuated the sexiness and hotness of her figure. Her ass was also very nice and Tom found himself almost uncontrollably drawn to her office every day as he passed through the building.

In the course of their casual conversations, Tom found out that Lori's husband was a graduate student at a nearby university and they'd actually been married about three years. They didn't have any children and Lori was about his age but she'd gone ahead and gotten a fulltime job working on building websites after she graduated from college. She was an official webmaster for the local community college while her husband spent his time studying and working on his degree.

Tom worked around Lori for 6 months before their conversations began to grow more personal and intimate in their nature. He asked her to share some of her in-depth knowledge of building web pages and using HTML to put a website together. As they sat in her office with the door closed for privacy, he soon found Lori sharing more personal things about her husband, about his self-centeredness and increasing lack of attention to her sexual and marital needs as a 20-something year old woman. Before she'd even come close to saying it blatantly, Tom realized that he had a young woman right in his hands (figuratively speaking at that point) who simply, well, wasn't getting enough dick to put it bluntly. She as much as said that her husband was more focused on his studies, his own interests than he was on making love to her and just giving her as much fucking as she obviously needed. Wow, what a "door of opportunity", Tom found a voice in his head telling him. This sexy voluptuous young woman is healthy, she's full of life, she's sexy and her husband is rolling over at night and leaving her lying there with huge amounts of pent-up sexual needs and tensions. Tom decided that as long as Lori and her husband continued to live there in the city, he was going to see what he could do to meet Lori's sexual and intimate needs - as well as his own.

It was a Thursday morning when Tom had decided he'd finally put "the moves" on Lori and see what luck he could have. Frankly, he hoped somehow he'd manage to get in her panties but he sure didn't think he'd get much beyond first base on his first try.

Lori had worn a soft, bust-emphasizing sweater and a matching short brown skirt to work that day and the view of her sexy big breasts pushing out proudly against the constraints of her bra and the somewhat tight sweater gave Tom a semi-hard cock while he was standing there in her office talking to her. He couldn't help noticing instantly that her sexy nipples were poking out hard against her sweater. Her bra did nothing to conceal that very obvious fact and Tom did the best he could to conceal the hard-on bulging at his crotch because he didn't want to "show his hand" before the moment was right.

Finding Lori concentrated on the screen of her computer, working on a webpage for someone in the company, Tom asked her casually, "Hey, Lori, how are you doing today?" He expected the usual pleasant response that she was OK or fine but this time she just stopped her work and looked at him without saying a word. Tom didn't know exactly how to proceed for a moment when she suddenly began talking, "Tom, I'm not doing very well at all. It's my husband. Things haven't been going too good between us, you know, and it just seems like he's growing more and more distant from me all the time."

Tom could tell from the look in Lori's eyes and her face that she was on the verge of crying. He almost hated to do anything at that moment but put his hand gently on her shoulder and say something encouraging. He almost did only that but then he realized that Lori was really hurting, she was not only finding her sexual and marital needs totally unmet by her husband but now she was feeling very lonely and almost abandoned even though she slept in the same bed with her husband every single night.

The words began to come out of Tom's mouth almost before he even realized what he was saying. "Lori, I'm so sorry. Is there anything at all I can do to help you?" Then Lori looked up from her chair and their eyes really met each other for the very first time since they'd known each other, they met and there seemed to be a deep exchange of unspoken words and needs that neither of them could bring themselves to say out loud. Tom was overwhelmed by the look of sadness and desperation in Lori's deep brown eyes and then his right hand reached over and he placed it on the middle of his young co-worker's back. He continued, "I hate to see you hurt like this, Lori, so very much. I really hate it that your husband has made you sad like this." The feel of her body heat and the soft firmness of her back almost burned into his hand and then he felt her bra strap underneath his palm as he left it there touching her momentarily. The feel of her bra strap was a very sensuous reminder of how sexy and sensual he found Lori and he suddenly made the decision to move - now.

Tom reached over to Lori's chest and he placed his left palm completely over her left breast, closing it over the full firm mound and squeezing it so very firmly and passionately. "Oooohhhhhhhh, Tom... " Lori responded in shock as she felt this man touch her sensitive breast. She wanted to act revolted and shocked that she would take such liberties with her body but the touch of his hand there, the heat of his hand penetrating through her sweater and the cup of her bra felt so wonderful that instead she fought momentarily with the idea of smacking him and then with the impulse to reach out and beg him to fuck her right then and there. As Lori fought the battle in her mind, Tom leaned over and whispered just before he placed his moist firm lips over hers, "Lori, I want to make you feel better and I want to give you what your husband won't give you."

Lori's response was a low deep-throated lusty moan of great pent-up horniness and desire to be touched, to be paid attention to and to be fucked by a man who could admire her beauty and make her feel like the desirable, sexy woman she was. As Tom's lips closer over hers, Lori could only moan and she felt her body pressing against Tom's hand as he cupped her full jutting breast. Before Tom could make another move, Lori stood up and turned to press her body against his, mashing her breasts firmly against him as she whispered softly, "Tom, ohhhhhh, Tom, I've wanted you to pay attention to me for so long, I've wanted you to touch me... "

Tom didn't need any further encouragement beyond what he heard Lori whispering as he began to kiss her hotly. He wrapped his arms around her full womanly body and pulled her close against his chest, feeling her sexy full tits against his chest and his hand stole down to her ass, firmly cupping the roundedness of it through the material of her skirt and panties. He couldn't feel any panty line at all and felt his cock grow immensely larger against Lori's pussy as he realized that this hot woman was possibly wearing either a thong panty or no panties at all. He almost felt faint as his level of arousal leaped higher and higher.

Tom kept one hand cupping Lori's asscheeks as he moved his other hand underneath her sweater and cupped her breast. He could tell by feeling that the bra was lacy and the material sheer. No wonder it did nothing to conceal her hard perky nipples. Her nipple burned like a hard little rock against his caressing hand as Tom felt his lust for Lori suddenly exploding inside his groin. He had to fuck this hot woman and he had to do it right now. Lori was moaning underneath his touch and his strong kisses. Her tongue snaked out first and shot in between his lips; Tom immediately responded with his own wet hot tongue dueling with hers.

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