Warren's Women
Chapter 1: Renata

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Renata - Warren was a close friend, an unusual guy, liked by his friends and adored by women. He attracted women like flies to honey. The author often benefited from the fall out. This is a true story and these chapters will cover some, but not all of his women.

Warren sat hunched over, on a wooden bench about five yards inside the eight-foot high fence surrounding the yard. He gazed forlornly at the rivulets of early morning light breaking through the birch trees. He wore only his pajama pants and sandals. He took a deep drag on his cigarette, exhaled the smoke through his nostrils and reached for the cup of coffee on the bench beside him.

He sighed, leaned back against the garage wall and sipped the last of his coffee. The wall was cool on his naked shoulders. He listened to the birds gabbling and bickering at the feeders in the trees and continued to calm down. Last night had been a bitch.

"Only a rich cunt can save me now," he thought with an air of utmost weariness. "I get so tired of chasing after new cunts all the time. It gets so friggin' mechanical."

He slapped his leg, which had fallen asleep and continued with his soliloquy.

"I can't seem to fall in love. Why? Am I such an egotist? Its painfully obvious women are my vice, an addiction like booze or heroin. I gotta have a new one every day. I think about it all the time, trying not to get morbid, or worse."

He takes a deep drag on his cigarette and half sighs, half exhales, the vapor of the smoke drifting away over the fence behind him.

"Sometimes I amaze myself, I mean, know the guys are in awe of my successes, and how quickly I pull them off. If only they knew how little it really means. I'm on automatic fucking pilot most of the time. Sometimes I'm not even thinkin' about a woman at all, but suddenly I spot one lookin' at me, and then wham! It starts all over again. Before I know what I'm doing I've got her alone someplace. Shit! I don't even remember what I say to 'em."

Laughing out loud, Warren takes a last drag on the cigarette and flips it into a nearby shrub.

"Shit, the guy's would kill to know what I lay on 'em, but for the life of me, I don't remember. I get 'em alone, give 'em a pat on the ass, and before I know it, I've nuzzled their pussy, they've sucked my cock, and we fuck like rabbits. It's wham, bam, thank you Mam! Over and out. Getting rid of them is harder than finding and fuckin' 'em. It's kinda like a dream. I'm beginning to wonder, is it really a dream?

She lived on a small side street just off Carolina Beach Road before it intersected with College Road, at Monkey Junction. It was one of four bungalows that faced onto a common courtyard with a small swimming pool as its focal point. Red zinnias, mauve petunias and white azaleas threatened to overflow the concrete walkway leading to the pool.

The evening air was rich with the smell of dampened plants and steaks being grilled next door. Warren had spotted her while walking through the Mall earlier that afternoon. He allowed her to observe his interest in her there, then removed himself from her field of vision. He was an expert at this. Intuitively, he knew which shops she would visit and in what order. Other girls passed through his field of vision. Some were attractive, some not, but he remained fixated on her. It was a simple matter to follow her out of the Mall, to her car and to her apartment. He didn't care if she knew he was following her. In fact, he thought he saw her adjusting her rear mirror and observed him behind her.

Warren parked up the street from her residence and waited patiently like a big game hunter stalking his prey. Sitting in his car in the searing heat for two hours, watching the comings and goings from the bungalows, until he was satisfied that she either lived alone, or was alone at the moment. He'd seen the curtains move on two occasions, an announcement to him that she was aware of his presence.

Since no police had cruised by to check him out, Warren's confidence rose and he allowed the car door to slam shut, in part to announce his arrival, in part to convey to any observers that he was not hiding anything; and walked to her door and rang the bell. It took a full minute before the door opened. She appeared surprised to see him standing there.

"Hello," he said, a faint smile breaking across his handsome face. "We almost met at the Mall earlier today."

Her black hair was long, and fell over her shoulders. Warren had the impression she usually wore it up and had just combed it out. She wore a simple black cotton dress that reached nearly to her feet and fit at the waist in a way that made it quite clear she had special charms hidden beneath it. He felt that special tingle in his groin that signified hot, raw, sex was near at hand. He stood straight with his hands by his sides, and appeared relaxed.

"I remember you. How did you find me? Did you follow me?" There was a lilt in her voice that reflected an amusement with his appearance.

"Yes, when a man falls in love he has to act quickly or risk losing his intended forever." He said this with all sincerity. "My name is Warren," he smiled, "and I'd very much like to know you."

"My friends call me Renata," she responded in a friendly fashion. "I saw you following me. You waited quite a while before ringing the doorbell." Her eyes met his briefly, then turned down, and then away. "Now we've met. Warren, is it?"


"Other than meeting me to declare your love," and her eyes sparkled as she uttered the words, "why are you hanging around my place for hours in this heat?" Her left hand was slowly stoking her right wrist.

"To make sure there's no husband around with a gun or an ax. I'm a little crazy but not that crazy," he grinned, opening his arms as if in surrender.

"You're in luck," Renata said, leaning towards him, her posture erect and alert. "There's no one here but me." She turned away and closed her door and motioned for Warren to follow her and led him to the rear of the building where the trees offered a cool shade.

Renata smiled, flashing a perfect set of white teeth as her large dark eyes fixed on him with greater interest than was implied by the casual manner in which she spoke. "I hope you don't mind sitting out here," she said gesturing to two old-fashioned wooden porch chairs. "The air conditioning is broken, they promised to fix it, but... "

"That's fine," Warren said softly, looking directly at Renata. "I was admiring your zinnias."

"Thank you, but they are not mine," she quickly pointed out as she adjusted her hair by brushing it back.

"Teresa is the one to thank for the flowers. She's very talented in that area." She glanced at him and then looked down. "Oh, Teresa is my roommate," she volunteered. She'll be back tomorrow afternoon." Renata caught herself wondering why she'd let that vital piece of information out.

Warren nodded as he sat down and crossed his legs - then seemed to change his mind and uncrossed them. His arms rested on the chair's arms. "Do the flowers remind you of home?" he inquired.

"No, not really. They remind me of Mississippi. I spent many years there, near Biloxi."

Warren looked into Renata's eyes briefly and then away. Renata wore no makeup, but her coloring was elegant, with the subtle variety of shading he often saw in the cinnamon complexions of Latin women.

They sat silent for a moment in the soft lavender light that proceeded dusk, in that hour of day during Wilmington's lowland summer when it seemed time had ceased, and night would be held forever in abeyance.

She gazed into the dusk and not at Warren as she said: "So you followed me home from the Mall."

This murmured more as a statement of fact than a question.

"That's right," he said. "I found you to be the most attractive woman I've seen in a long time," he said, his voice grew huskier as he continued. "I couldn't let you drift out of my life without at least trying to meet with you, to talk to you. To let you know how you affect me." He was staring into her eyes as he lightly licked his lips. Casually, his eyes dropped to her breasts, he took a deep breath and returned them to meet her eyes.

It was her turn for a brief inspection, and Renata discretely took in the long bulge running from his crotch and down his thigh. He dresses to the right, she thought, and he takes a large at that. Her eyes met his again, there was a sparkle in them that was missing before, then she smiled, and asked, "And how do I affect you?"

Warren watched Renata stoke her arm, as she asked the question. He decided to be direct.

"As I said earlier," he leaned towards her, "I think you're the most attractive woman I've seen in a long time." He reached out and took her hand in his, and kissed the palm. "I meant it. I want you."

Renata withdrew her hand, and stared at it, as though he'd left a brand upon it.

"You've got a nerve," she said hotly, as her body flushed with sudden warmth.

"Some people think so," Warren stated blandly. "Actually, I apologize for being so abrupt," he continued, "but I meant what I said, I do desire you."

This was stated with more emotion than Renata thought possible. His voice quavered, then broke, as he continued in a low, hoarse, voice: "I want to hold you - feel you against me. I want to be inside you - and I want that to be soon."

Renata looked at Warren with narrowed eyes, and turned to face him once again, slowly angling her neck in a quizzical fashion. Then abruptly, she rose and walked away entering the house. Warren waited patiently. After ten minutes passed, he got up and followed Renata inside.

It was dark, the only light coming through the opening from the partially opened bathroom door off to the left. Quietly, Warren moved toward the door and looked in. Renata was standing in front of the mirror stroking and petting her thickly matted dark pussy. She appeared to be talking or whispering to it. Warren's cock became fully engorged with blood as he debated kicking the door open and fucking her against the vanity so he could watch in the mirror, but decided not to - that might be rape. He continued to watch as her fingers darted in and out of her bushy cunt.

Warren smiled and turned away, walking softly into the darkened living room, he withdrew his cock and lay down on the sofa to wait for her to come out. As he lay there with his cock erect and twitching, he could visualize her bushy cunt and her fingers strumming it. Warren decided he'd let his cock mesmerize Renata from the sofa. "Come here, you bitch," he murmured softly over and over. "Come in here and spread that cunt over me." She must have picked up the message immediately, for within seconds the bathroom was dark and he heard her groping her way toward the sofa.

Warren didn't say a word, didn't make a move. He kept his mind riveted on her cunt as it scuttled crab-like toward him in the dark. Finally, she was standing beside the sofa. Renata didn't say a word either, standing still as Warren slid his hand up between her legs; she moaned and shifted one foot a little to make her crotch a bit more accessible. Warren couldn't recall putting his hand into a juicier cunt in all his life. It was as if a paste was running down her legs.

After a few moments just as naturally as a cow lowering its head to graze, she bent over and took his cock in her mouth. By this time, Warren had four fingers inside her, stirring feverishly, whipping the juices into froth. Her mouth was stuffed full and the juice poured down her legs. Neither spoke a word in the darkness. Squishy sucking sounds whispered out in the room from her mouth and sodden cunt.

Warren imagined her cunt as a dark, subterranean labyrinth filled with cozy corners and sharp rubber teeth; and when she moved a certain way flashes of purple and mulberry walls appeared in his mind's eye. Languidly, he reached out and pulled at the tuft of hair covering her pubis, his thumb slowly caressing her clit. Renata moaned but didn't speak a word. She continued sucking his cock, pausing occasionally to lick it as if it were an ice cream cone melting in the summer's heat and then swallowing it so deep into her throat that she felt the bristles of his pubic hair cloying at her lips.

As Warren began to release his load, Renata began to choke and gag. He pulled out of her mouth, as she coughed and spit out his sperm. Once her air passage was clear, she held up her hand indicating that she was alright and took him back into her mouth, swallowing the remainder of his life producing seed. After they shared in licking his fingers of all her juices, they drifted off to sleep.

He was not aware of actually awakening, for the night had afforded very little sleep. Rather, he simply opened his eyes and looked up at the morning light cascading across the floor and onto the bed where he lay. He was thankful the dreaming was over. As he lay there, his single overriding emotion was that of relief at seeing the morning sun.

His watch said seven-forty. He threw off the sheet, went into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. Coming out, he grabbed a light cotton robe off the foot of the bed and donned it although was several sizes too small for him. Then started down the stairs.

He smelled breakfast before he was halfway down, and he hurried through the dining room to the kitchen, where he found Renata squeezing oranges.

"Good morning," she said, smiling radiantly, and with a satisfied sparkle in her eyes, she asked: "Coffee?"

"Oh, yeah, thanks."

She poured the dark Colombian brew into his mug. "Would you like to eat now?"

He shook his head no, picked up the coffee mug and walked out onto the terrace. Renata followed and they sat in the shade of a large Magnolia tree.

Warren took a second sip from the mug and asked, "how long have you been up?" He put the mug down onto the wrought-iron table beside him.

Renata looked at him and smiled. She lifted her wrist and looked at her watch. "Since six-thirty. I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. How do you feel? You did a lot of turning and tossing last night."

"Mmmmmmmm," he murmured noncommitingly. He was enjoying the sensations of a marvelous languid erection. Renata didn't look bad in the morning; sleep apparently refreshed her as it was supposed to, even when she got only a little of it. That was the first really personal thing he'd noticed about her.

"How 'bout you?" he asked, not answering her.

She smiled. "I've had less sleep, but I can't recall a better night. You were unbelievable. I've showered, but you're still dripping out of me."

Renata opened her robe, exposing her long tapered thighs, reached down and with a dark red lacquered nail traced up her thigh to her pussy's lips where semen was indeed oozing out and forming a thin stream that left unimpeded, would soon trickle down her leg. Renata took a napkin and wiped herself unselfconsciously.

Warren smiled for the first time. "I love ya baby," he said with great affection. "You're my kind of woman." He opened his robe to reveal his semi-hard erection. In Renata's eyes, it was quite formidable.

"Ohhh! May I?" she asked tentatively.

He leaned back in his chair to rest against the railing surrounding the terrace. "Be my guest, I'm known to be very generous to my friends."

Renata knelt down, and with one hand swept her hair from her face; the other hand grasped his cock, which twitched upon contact.

"Ahhh, look at that, he loves ya baby." Warren reached down as Renata's lips closed tightly upon his cockhead, and lay a soft, gentle caress on her cheek. Renata purred. Warren wondered if his touch or his cock brought it on.

"Ohhh, that's good baby. Yesss that's good," he crooned as Renata's tongue laved its way up and down his cock which was growing quickly to its full size.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed contentedly, recalling the sexual gratification of the night just ended.

Changing her position slightly to continue the blowjob from a different angle, Renata took the head in her mouth and plunged downward. On the upstroke suck, Warren heard a rustling, or whistling sound, as of the wind. Had he been that far into her lungs?

"Ummmm," a murmuring sighing sound, this time from Warren as he felt himself starting to respond to her ministrations. He reached out and tenderly cupped her head in his hands.

"Baby, you're giving me the best head I've ever had."

The fingers of his right hand grazed her cheek and moved slowly across Renata's forehead and then to her ear, where he teased her lobe and inside her ear in turn. She moaned in pleasure.

Grasping his full-sized cock with both hands, Renata broke off the tight suction on his cockhead with a loud, wet pop! Like a limbo dancer, she shimmied beneath Warren, and bending backwards, she took one of his testicles into her mouth and began tonguing it even as she continued her two-handed masturbation.

Warren was amazed at this demonstration. Renata was definitely a keeper. He made a mental note not to piss her off as he usually with his numerous other one-niters.

After a leisurely breakfast he left, making no commitment about seeing her again. But she knew in her heart that he would.

"Wait until I tell Theresa," she thought gaily, and set about her household chores for the day.

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