Helping My Friend 'In Need'

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2001 by Tom Land

Sex Story: Tom is approached by a pregnant co-worker who's gotten divorced and is very horny and needy of a man's hot cock to fuck her. True Story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Petting   Pregnancy   .

I met her when she was in her early 20's, a new mother and a very vivacious and beautiful young blonde. You could just sense the vitality for living that she had - she was a handful for her husband to keep up with. Her mouth sometimes overloaded her common sense but -- you always knew where you stood with Pam.

I actually first met this sexy hot young blonde within a month after she'd had her first baby. I couldn't believe she'd just delivered a child - her figure sure didn't look like she'd just finished nine months of pregnancy. Well, maybe it sort of did. I remember one of the first things I noticed about her was her very nice large breasts. Yeah, they definitely caught my attention the first time I laid eyes on her.

We hit it off as co-workers and then became really good friends. In fact, as Pam's marriage began to fall apart about two years after we first met, she'd bare her soul (no, just her soul back then) to me and almost cry on my shoulder. I must admit - it didn't take long after I started working with Pam that I began to view her as something other than just a very attractive co-worker. But, she was married, happily I thought at the time, and there wasn't anything to pursue at that point in her life or mine.

Well, a few years passed, Pam's marriage disintegrated and then she and her husband divorced - when she was about 2 or 3 months pregnant with her second baby. What a sad situation. Pregnant with a child that she wasn't about to give up - not even her its father had deserted her and left her to care for their first baby and now this "expected" one on her own. I again found myself giving my expectant co-worker much needed moral support and comfort in her times of stress and strain.

Pam and I had even talked about some sexual topics on occasion at work but nothing ever went beyond that. She'd told me about her rambunctious high school years and the number of boyfriends (and yes, lovers) she'd had. I knew she'd presented a real challenge to her parents.

Then, one night when I was sitting watching TV, I got a very surprising phone call from my pregnant friend. She'd moved on to another job a few months before she'd found out her marriage was over and that she'd "accidentally" gotten pregnant again. It was a phone call I will never forget.

"Hi, Tom," the familiar voice on the other end of the line greeted me.

"Hi! Is this Pam? Girl, I haven't heard from you since you changed jobs?? How in the world are you doing??" I expected her to tell me how very pleased she was with her new work, how her first child and husband were doing great, and that sort of "passing the time of day" type of personal news. No, that wasn't what she told me at all. In no time, there was crying on the other end of the phone and she started pouring her heart out to me. Then, after we'd talked quite a few minutes, I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her. I never expected the answer I got.

"Yes, Tom, there is something you can do... " There was a long pause and then she said, "You're my good friend, right Tom?"

"You bet I'm your 'good friend", Pam! You know that. I'd do anything for you, lady." Well, I expected her to ask me to babysit her child while she went away for a few days or something like that. Maybe meet her for lunch to just talk. No, what she said next was nothing like that.

"Well, Tom... " and again there was a very long "pregnant" pause. "I am so horny and I need to be fucked so badly. You know how much I enjoy sex and, well... Tom, would you please think about coming over and sleeping with me? Please?" There was no way I could resist a plea like that, certainly not from Pam and certainly not a request like this one.

You could have literally pushed me over with a feather. I was "blown away" to say the least. This sexy attractive young woman was nearly begging me to come to her house and make love to her - because she was so in need of a man's touch and cock in her pussy. Unbelievable!!! When I'd recovered from her unusual request of me as her friend, I showered, dressed in casual sports clothes and headed within the hour to Pam's apartment.

When I walked in the door, Pam was wearing a pretty yellow maternity top over a pair of matching yellow shorts. She'd fixed us some snacks and Coke to drink and we actually sat there in her living room for almost thirty minutes just talking like we had on the telephone. But we both obviously knew why she'd asked me to come over - and finally I decided to take matters in my own hands. I felt that was also something I could do for my friend -make her feel comfortable in meeting her physical and sexual needs and help her over the obvious nervousness and indecision of having me fuck her.

I got up from where I was sitting, walked over to Pam, and took her by the hand and pulled her gently to her feet. I was also a bit nervous I must admit but I knew this was an unbelievable hot and sexy opportunity that I was very sure would never present itself to me again. I didn't intend to blow "the dream of a lifetime".

I closed my arms around Pam's sexy body, pulling her close against my chest, feeling her full mature breasts pressing very hotly against my chest. I could also feel that my cock was well on its way to full hardness and erection but I found myself hoping Pam could feel it hard pressing against her belly. But then, why not?? Can't fuck your friend with a limp dick!! Realizing that was why I was holding this babe in my arms, I pressed my hardon against Pam and she instantly reacted by purring and looking me in the eyes as she said, "Wow, it feels like my friend's about to come to my rescue, Tom. Thank you so much for being here for me," as she kissed me on the cheek sweetly and pressed her pussy back against my hardening manhood.

I very shortly after that had Pam's maternity top off and her shorts off as well as she helped me undress too. It was almost laughable - two good friends laughing and joking as we undressed but we were getting naked for a very serious reason - to make love with each other, to fuck until my friend's emotional and sexual needs were met. I was definitely up to that challenge.

I got Pam naked fairly quickly and I was just slipping my boxer shorts off as I watched this sexy young blonde lay back on the bed in front of me and spread her legs, obviously telling me that she was more than ready for me to come fuck her. I momentarily caught myself almost thinking this was another of my hot dreams about fucking Pam that I'd had in the past when we worked together. I'd had a very vivid dream once of Pam and I being naked and of her bending over my erect cock, taking it in her hot mouth and sucking my cockhead and much of my shaft deep inside her mouth. But, thankfully, I was not dreaming. This was reality. This was the same Pam, even hotter looking than in my dream - and I was standing at the edge of her bed, ready to join her and fuck her really good.

Pam reached up with open arms when I laid down on top of her, my cock was already hard and jutting proudly from my groin. I guess when it came down to fucking a sexy hot woman, even one's who's just been your friend, there's no hiding the obvious. Pam was very aroused; I noticed visible wetness in her pussy as I joined her on the bed. I didn't know quite what to do but even though we really were "in love" or romantically involved, I reached behind her head and closed my lips on hers, kissing her softly and gently. She responded by a moan that told me she'd been starving for man's company and touch. We just lay there in each other's arms for a few minutes, just kissing and not saying a word. Then, I reached down and covered Pam's naked right breast with my hand. I'd wanted to touch and love on Pam's big sexy tits as long as I'd known her and now I could feel the hardness of her nipple pressing against the palm of my hand. I squeezed the firm flesh of her breast which was already bigger in size from her being pregnant. I could hear her breathing starting to grow more rapid, and I was ready to take this opportunity to much more serious levels. I reached down between our naked bodies, positioned my steel-hard cock in between Pam's legs and found her pussy. I pushed forward and began to slip inside the hot tightness of my friend Pam's cunt. When Pam felt my cock begin to penetrate her pussy lips, she moaned lustfully and immediately began thrusting her cunt back towards me, taking my cock inside her as quickly as I pushed forward to thrust inch after inch of my swollen manmeat inside her pussy. "Ohhhhhh, yes," she moaned, "give me that big cock!! Fuck me good, stick that big thing in me and fuck me."

I reached underneath her belly, feeling the bulge of her pregnant belly, as I kept pushing my cock deep into her wet hot cunt and getting turned on even more by having my cock nuts-deep inside this sexy pregnant young woman. "Ohhhhhh, Pam, your pussy feels so tight on my cock, honey," I moaned as I kept pushing my cock in further, letting her take all of my manmeat. My erect cock was about 8 inches long and rather thick in girth. Quite a decent pussyful of cock for any woman and Pam seemed to find it very enjoyable to have it shafting in and out of her. She immediately threw herself into our mutual fuck, she was obviously as needy of sexual release as I was. I started to thrust my long cock shaft eagerly and forcefully in and out of Pam's tight hot pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhh, yes, baby," she moaned as I really began to throw a hot sexy energetic fuck into this young woman's horny cunt.

"How pregnant are you, Pam?" I asked as I felt her big belly and continued to drive my pussy-needy dick in and out, in and out, wanting to pleasure us both with as long and hot a fuck as possible. Her pussy was hot and tight, amazingly snug for a woman who'd already had one baby.

"I'm about 5-6 months, lover," she moaned sexily, "but we've got plenty of time left for you to fuck me all you want and all I need before I get to be too big to make love." I thought our fucking might be tiring Pam out so I gently urged her to lay down on her side while my cock stayed deep inside her hot cunt. With my cock deep inside her, I reached around Pam's body from behind her and cupped her full rounded breast, even more rounded now than normal with her pregnant, and tweaked her hard little nipple as I drove my big dick in and out of her pussy, my belly smacking loudly against her ass and my cock making wet hot fucking sounds as I filled and emptied her pussy again and again. Pam was every bit as hot a fuck as I thought she would be. What a lusty passionate lover she was proving to be. She'd used to turn me on when she'd tell me about how she did phone sex with horny men while she was wearing only a T-shirt and boxer shorts at home at night. Then I thought, "Yeah, Pam, I bet you talk a great fuck but I bet you'd fuck me even better."

Pam began to moan more passionately and lustfully as I began to give her a much more sustained fuck that she'd thought me capable of. Obviously some of her other lovers hadn't sustained their fucks with her long enough to really satisfy her and help her reach her orgasm, certainly not this long. She thrashed with me as good as I poured it into her, she was a hot woman in bed and I was looking forward to many more hot fuck sessions with Pam before she gave birth to her baby. I thought that it was a shame she was already pregnant; I would have loved to fuck her and get her "knocked up" with a pretty baby myself.

Before I felt my own orgasm about to explode, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and rolled her over onto her back. I climbed up over Pam's sexy body, spread her legs apart, and guided the now very wet length of my cock into her waiting pussy. It felt so very hot and sexy when my cock touched the warmth and wetness of her pussy again. My cockhead stopped momentarily at the mouth of her sopping pussy, then my cockhead split her pussy lips and disappeared inside her cunt as I leaned forward, spearing her pussy with my hard cock. Pam bucked her ass up from the bed to meet my downward penetration, taking all of my hard rampant cockshaft quickly back inside her tumid cunt.

Then I really began to fuck Pam hotly, vigorously and passionately. I levered myself almost up above her and began to ardently thrust my thick cock up and down, up and down into her pussy. She began to moan and beg me to "fuck me, fuck me." I could tell Pam wasn't far from reaching her first orgasm and I was determined to make it as hot and sexy for her as I could. Just before my own sexual arousal reached the level of orgasm, I leaned over Pam's body and took her two large sexy breasts in each hand, and alternated kissing and licking her passion-hardened nipples. Pam filled a 36C bra out nicely and now that she was pregnant her breasts had grown at least a cup size larger. I determined to check her bra lying over on the floor before I finished making love to her today to see for myself what size her breasts had grown to.

"Oh yes, baby, yes, fuck me harder," she moaned as she pumped her ass up towards me more quickly and I could also feel the pressure of my cum about to explode out of my cum-filled nuts. Suddenly her climax exploded inside her pussy and Pam began to moan and scream "Ohhhhhh, yes. I'm cumming, baby." It was very hot knowing that Pam and I had just enjoyed our first fuck. I could tell from the passion and enjoyment of it that we would enjoy many more fucks yet to come. I continued to pump my hard ravagingly thick cock in and out of Pam's tight cunt. Her first husband's fucking (she told me once that they had fucked for three hours together after one of her really hot phone sex sessions) and already having had one baby hadn't done a thing to loosen Pam's pussy - she was as tight as a hot young virgin. She was still in the throes of her own orgasm and squirming her sexy ass with my frantic hammering of her pussy with my hard cock. Then, my own climax exploded and I could feel my hot white cum spurting out of the tip of my cock, deep into Pam's horny hot pussy. She may have been pregnant already, but now she had a pussy full of a real man's cum. I loved the feel of my cum exploding out of my cum-filled nuts, spurting strongly against the mouth of Pam's already pregnant womb. Yeah, she'd already conceived with her present man and if he hadn't, my cum might have formed with one of her eggs to make a baby inside her.

Pam was a woman of passion and desire. I remember when I'd first met her only a month after she gave birth to her first baby. Pam's tits had grown so large from her pregnancy that her bras no longer fit her right. One of her female co-workers who became a good girlfriend took Pam to a Victoria's Secret store and helped her buy bras that fit her and showed her sexy big breasts off just right.

Pam and I lay there with me on top of her, my cock still completely inside of her satiated pussy for several minutes. I knew Pam wasn't finished or really satisfied after only one orgasm. No way. I knew it would probably take Pam at least four orgasms before her sexual fires were quenched for the night. We lay there in each others' arms kissing and I began to carress and titillate her ample swollen tits. Pam's nipples and breasts were super sensitive and soon her nipples were hard again. Noticing that, I leaned down and locked my lips over her hard erect little left nipple, tugging on it firmly but gently with my lips and tongue.

"Honey, let me ride you and fuck your big hard cock this time," Pam pleaded. I didn't need any encouragement. I knew having Pam on my cock, riding me like a horny cowgirl would be awesome. I readily agreed. I pulled my cock out, wrapped my hand around it and stroked it a few times as Pam leaned over and took the crown of my cockhead in between her hot lips and began sucking on my dick. I knew I was merciless at that point. I knew I was in the hands of a consummate lover. Pam had admitted to me that she'd had at least seven lovers total and most of those had been during her years in high school.

I pulled out of Pam's well fucked pussy and lay back on the bed so she could climb on top of my hard cock. I was horny and more than ready to fuck this sexy woman again right then. Pam looked so hot and sexy. Her big naked breasts were so beautiful and much fuller even than normal in her mid-pregnancy. The aureolae were accentuated and darker due to her being with child. Her breasts were obviously already preparing for the birth of the child her belly was big with now.

I'd imagined fucking Pam many many times. Now we'd done it once and were about to couple again. I knew she would be more than a hot passionate lover in bed - she was like a wild animal. Pam pushed me back and swung her shapely leg over my body to straddle me, her wet pussy touching my upthrust cock as she reached down, taking the shaft of my cock in her hand and rubbing it firmly back and forth against the mouth of her pussy. Pam immediate took my cock inside her pussy lips and then began to slide down on top of my big erection, taking all of my ample cock inside her pussy on one downward stroke. Pam certainly had no problem taking all the cock I could stick inside her. Her pussy was very well fucked but it was also amazingly hot, wet and tight for a young woman who had been fucked by so many different men. Pam had no sooner taken my cock inside her than she began to ride upward on my hard big cock shaft again, and she immediately settled into a very hot medium-paced fucking up and down on my dick. She obviously loved it because she began to moan and thrash her head back and forth as she felt my thick cock filling her pussy clear up to her womb. Inside that womb was her unborn child but we were going to spray her womb with more manseed anyway.

Pam rode me like a cowgirl, determined to stay firmly on top of my cock. I knew this fuck would be even more pleasurable and exciting than our first two. Pam would practically fuck my cock off. She was up and down, up and down vigorously on my cock, her ample breasts bobbing and jiggling up and down as well. I reached up and cupped a full mature big breast in each hand and leaned up to kiss and suck on her perky nipples as Pam fucked my cock and screwed her hot orgasm-hungry pussy up and down on my erect manhood. Her pussy was really wet and hot now that we'd already made love but her pussy still felt very tight and snug on my hard cock thrusting up and down inside her belly as she rose and moved back down onto my cock shaft. Wow, I could hardly believe the sexiness of actually having my hard manmeat buried inside Pam finally and really being deep in the passionate throes of our second lusty fuck of the night. I laid back at first and just let Pam ride me - up and down, up and down, she was begging me to fuck her deeper even though she was in one most in control of how deep my cock penetrated her hungry pussy.

I suddenly decided togive Pam more of what she said she wanted - a deeper and most passionate fuck with her on top. I pulled her arms and brought her over onto my chest, her sexy big tits mashing against my chest. Then as I kissed her hotly, I began to jackhammer up off the bed with my cock flaying in and out, in and out of her tight clasping pussy. She began to moan and whine as I really whammed my rampant cock fast and hard in and out of her pussy. I knew this would bring us both quickly to climax and I was more than ready to dump another big hot load of my white cum inside Pam's pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh, Pam, yes, baby, ride my hard fucking cock, you hot sexy woman, yes, fuck my hot dick, baby," I moaned as I really pounded my ass up off the bed, and stuffed my hard cock and my cum-starving nuts up towards her waiting cunt. Pam was kissing my lips hotly, her tongue stabbing in and out of my mouth as she abandoned herself totally to the hot sexy fucking I was giving her and that she was giving me right back.

"You big hot fucking man," Pam replied as she really thrust her pussy down vigorously on my upward impaling cock. Her nipples were hard as little rocks under my tongue and fingers. I was amazed at how passionately this young woman was fucking me with her midterm pregnant belly but it seemed to just fire her hormones up more that she was expecting. I loved cupping Pam's sexy big tits as I poured my cock in and out of her clasping, tight pussy as fast as I could jackhammer it in and out of her.

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