Stacy - A Small Package of Hot Passion

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Stacy's a small young lady but Tom finds how that she really packs a sexual wallop.

I'd never thought of having an affair with somebody I worked with until I met Stacy, a sexy young woman who ran the experimental lab in a large university medical center. After I met her the first time, I couldn't think of anything else. She was one of the hottest and most amazingly sexy young women I've ever been around. She just said "SEXY" from head to toes. I'd never have thought Stacy would be sexy and desirable if you just described her to me because she was only 4' 10" tall. She was short, yeah, but wow!!! She looked like a little girl in stature but you knew you were looking a quite a woman within a matter of minutes watching her. I've never seen such a healthy, outdoors type of sexuality and hotness in my entire life. Talk about a "big surprise" in a small package. From the first time I met her, I wanted nothing more than to enjoy a roll in the hay with her.

And a "roll in the hay" was exactly what the man winning Stacy's attentions was likely to receive because she was a horse woman, an equestrian. She loved being around the thoroughbreds in the horse breeding area where we lived and worked. Despite her rather small height, Stacy wasn't a bit afraid of horses or of taking care of them. Stacy spent most of her time before and after work out in the horse barns looking after her own as well as horses that were stabled there. She was so full of energy and enthusiasm and I actually found myself envying the horse that was lucky enough to have Stacy riding on his back. I bet Stacy gave more than one thoroughbred stallion a huge hard-on from knowing he had such a sexy babe riding on top of him. She would nuzzle her own horse and say "sweet nothings" to him. Despite her small stature, Stacy really wasn't intimidated by anything - not the huge thoroughbreds she cared for and loved to ride and not by any man that I ever saw her come up against. I think that was partly what attracted me so much to her -- her brashness, her excitement, and her blatant sexiness and sensuality.

One of the very obvious things that couldn't help but catch any man's eye about Stacy was her rather large breasts. They were very sexy. Stacy's tits must have been at least C-cups and I have no idea what her measurements were but on such a short lady as her, these big tits looked awesome. She wasn't huge but on her petite frame these breasts were awesome. She'd usually come to work in jeans and a button-up blouse or maybe a sweatshirt. It was a good thing because I knew if she ever showed up with just a T-shirt on, I'd be in "terminal erection" and really embarrass myself. There were many days when I imagined Stacy in a T-shirt but initially I never saw her in anything that revealing and hot. It wasn't only Stacy's nice large tits that were arousing; she also wore some perfume called "Temptation" or "Seduction" that was absolutely an aphrodisiac. I could be sitting at my desk working hard and Stacy could walk by me, I'd catch a whiff of her perfume and I'd be instantly hard, my mind totally off of work and on taking her to bed.

Stacy kept her pretty blonde hair cut short around her face and she was always wearing a smile, whether from the good spirits she always seemed to display or a sexy, saucy grin, knowing that she had the attention of every man who was around her. She was in charge of the experimental lab next door to my office and I was the lucky guy who got to see her when she came to work and left at the end of the day. She would duck into an empty office right next to my desk and emerge a few minutes later dressed in surgical scrubs for the lab work she would supervise. And even loose-fitting, baggy scrubs did nothing to hide the sexiness of Stacy's physical assets. In fact, I loved the looseness of her tops because it was very easy when her top gaped forward to catch a direct view of her hot breasts and the sexy demi-bras she usually wore. Seeing Stacy's tits like that was a total turn-on. And she was either teasing me and intentionally letting me see down her tops or just completely oblivious to the show she was giving us guys.

Stacy and I started out just becoming good office friends since she needed to be on my good side to use my office area for her clothes-changing routine. We'd talk about her horse riding and stable management activities. I was totally amazed at the things she did that a man half again as tall as her would find a full day's work. And she usually did a lot of that before and after coming to work in the medical center all day. As we talked week after week, I became more and more curious about Stacy's personal life and found myself frequently daydreaming about what it would be like to spend a night in bed with her. I couldn't tell that she had any kind of boyfriend at that time although I would certainly have bet serious money that Stacy wasn't a virgin. She was maybe 22 or 23 years old even though she could have passed for a freshman in high school. I couldn't prove from her comments to me what her sexual experience was but you could just figure with her sexiness and bubbly nature that she also had fucked at least one or more lovers by that point in her life. Well, I was certainly right in that area.

One day we started talking about our individual experiences of "the first kiss", dating and making out with our early dates. Stacy started to make some comment about how the boys were always giving her a lot of attention because early on she'd had large breasts when one of the doctors walked into the office and we quickly changed subjects. I managed to catch her alone again one day soon after that and got her back onto the topic of her being "well endowed" early in high school. She laughed lightheartedly and said, "Yeah, I got big breasts much earlier than most of the girls in my class and the guys were always wanting to get me to go out with them, kiss them, and stuff." It was very obvious that Stacy was quite proud of her large firm tits and sometimes when my eyes would stay on her bust momentarily, I could almost see her thrusting them out ever so slightly to emphasize and capture my gaze. The ultimate arousal would come when Stacy and I were talking and I'd suddenly notice that her nipples had gotten hard and were pushing out proudly through the material of her bra and her top.

One Thursday afternoon both Stacy and I had to work later than normal to get some important research completed and documented so one of the doctors could make a scientific presentation at an upcoming national medical meeting. She was still wearing her scrubs from finishing the last round of experiments, and I agreed to hang around after normal work hours and help her pull together the necessary statistics and get the PowerPoint slides made for the doc's early flight out to his meeting the next morning.

It didn't look like we were going to get the project wrapped up before having to spend an all-nighter and Stacy didn't help things at all. She was hovering over me as I put together the layout of the briefing slides and she'd bend over me, pressing her full breasts against my chest or my arm. At first I thought it was an accidental brush against me, but then I began to sense that there was another purpose behind her actions. The subtle but sexy smell of her perfume all around me wasn't helping my concentration any either. Finally at 7:30 P.M., we made the finishing touches on the analysis, put the slides in proper order to match the script we were giving our boss, and then I started to lock the office doors and head home for the night. I figured Stacy had something else to do before she could also call it a day so I watched her slip in her "changing room" and I walked out, closing the main door behind me.

I hadn't gotten down three or four hallways before I remembered some papers I'd left on my desk that I meant to take home and look over that night. I turned right around and went back to the office, unlocked the door and let myself in, knowing full well that Stacy was probably back in the spare office getting changed back into her street clothes. I didn't say anything when I walked into the room but instantly I could hear some heavy breathing and moans coming from where I knew Stacy was probably getting changed. My cock instantly grew hard and engorged as I realized I was hearing Stacy's sexy erotic moans and I had to find out what she was up to. It almost sounded like she was in some kind of distress but I knew that was not what I was hearing. It was Stacy making some involuntary sexual sounds and moaning from the stimulation she was getting from someone.

The door to the office where Stacy always changed was slightly ajar and as I stood there in the shadows, I could see Stacy had stripped down to only a sexy black demi-bra and black bikini panties. Stacy was sitting up on a large wooden desk in the corner of the room, her legs bent with heels resting on the desk and her hand was buried inside her panties, visibly stroking up and down as she moaned lustily in response to the fucking she was giving her pussy. I felt my cock grow much harder than it already was inside my pants and I didn't know whether to duck back out quietly unobserved or take a chance and see if I could join Stacy in her sexual ecstasy.

Stacy's eyes were closed tight as she feverishly worked her hand up and down inside her panties, rubbing her wet pussy lips and aroused clit. I'd also quickly seen that her right breast was bared where she'd pulled the bra strap off her shoulder and pulled the cup off so she could play with her full breast as she worked her pussy towards orgasm. Then I heard what she was moaning and whispering as she stoked her cunt harder and faster. "oh yeah, baby, oh yeah, give me that big fucking cock of yours, yeah, Tom, yeah, you hot stud, shove that big thick cock of yours in me, harder, baby, harder and deeper..."

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