Doing My Neighbor - Getting the Best of Lisa

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom thought his neighbor's wife, Lisa, was shy and quiet. He finds out what she's really like behind close doors when he goes over to fix her plumbing. And, boy, does he fix it.

I've been living where I'm at now for about seven years and my neighbors have been a young couple by the name of Mike and Lisa that entire time. When I first moved in, they had one child, a little boy name Billy, and they've subsequently had a little girl named Elizabeth.

Mike and Lisa are an attractive young couple in the early 30's and Lisa used to teach school but when she got pregnant with Elizabeth, she decided she'd stay home and be with her at least until the little girl got old enough to go to school.

When I first moved into the house next door, I met Mike and Lisa while we were both out mowing our yards and doing some outside work. Mike's a very outgoing sports-loving type of guy and Lisa seems to be really the quiet, home-providing mom and wife for her family. She's about 5'8" tall, just slightly taller than me, and when I first met Lisa, she had a statuesque slender figure with rather small breasts, maybe B-cups at that time. Her hair was cut to about her neck in a layered look and she was always wearing pants or shorts and tops whenever I'd see her out. I remember my first impression of her being that she wasn't gorgeous or even really beautiful but there was a sort of innocent sexiness about her that really caught my attention. She just seemed to draw my attention to her face and her figure whenever I saw her. I know from the first time I met Lisa I wanted to fuck her. There had never been a time when I was around her that I didn't think about taking her in the house, stripping her naked, and pleasuring her till she had gotten her fill of being with me sexually.

When Lisa got pregnant with Elizabeth, this time her figure began to take on more womanly shape and form. She had that nice sexy belly that every expectant mother gets but this time Lisa's breasts must have grown to her needing at least a C-cup bra. I loved seeing how sexy Lisa's body had gotten with her increasing pregnancy and whenever I'd be out mowing my yard adjacent to theirs, I'd be checking out Lisa's nice tits, her pretty face and her sexy slim ass as much as I possibly could.

Mike, Lisa and I were just good friends for the first three years I lived there and then Mike had to start taking trips out of town. Lisa had delivered their second baby six months earlier and one evening I made the offer in front of both of them that if Lisa ever needed anything while Mike was gone, I'd be more than glad to help. Sometimes after seeing Lisa outside, I'd go home and lie awake at night wondering what she was like in bed with Mike. She was fairly talkative and certainly very friendly and I found myself wondering if Lisa was rather reserved sexually, even though she'd obviously gotten pregnant twice now, or if she was quite a hot woman behind the closed door of her bedroom. I didn't figure there was any way I'd ever found out the answer to my question.

It wasn't long after Mike had left town on one of his business trips that I had the chance to help Lisa with some emergency home repair things she needed. Her faucet began to leak uncontrollably one evening as she was washing the dishes and she called me to ask if I'd come over the next day to look at it for her and see if there was any way I could temporarily get it to stop. I pretty well knew that it was some worn seatings in the faucet itself that just needed replacing so I picked up a repair kit on my way home from work and went over to Lisa's right after I pulled in my driveway.

"Hi, Tom, thanks so much for helping me out," Lisa said as she smiled warmly and held the door for me to come into her kitchen. I noticed that Lisa was wearing something a little more revealing and figure-emphasizing that normal. I could see though she had on a sexy demi-bra underneath the snug-fitting beige top she had on and a pair of shorts that I could see the outline of her bikini panties through. Her breasts had definitely gone down in cup size since her baby's birth but they were a nice B-cup size. Nice, round and sexy. And Lisa always enjoyed going barefoot. There was something sexy about her always being out in the yard barefooted.

I quickly had the water turned off and the faucet disassembled and, sure enough, it was just a few worn parts that needed to be replaced and she was back in business again. Lisa thanked me profusely for fixing the problem and asked if I'd share a cup of coffee with her in payment for my help. I immediately took her up on the offer of the coffee, knowing that I had a semi-hard cock in my pants from just glancing at Lisa as she'd watched me making the minor repairs. I couldn't tell but I thought I'd also noticed her nipples poking out slightly against the cups of her bra. As my hands almost automatically made the faucet repairs, my mind was wondering what was going on in my sexy little neighbor's head that had caused her to get hard nipples. I wondered if there was something sexy going on in her mind and if her pussy was wet as well.

As Lisa poured my coffee black and sat down beside me to sip her own refreshed cup, I asked how the baby was doing and if she'd heard from Mike while he was gone. She commented that her mom had the baby for the afternoon and we continued to make small talk as I found my thoughts suddenly hanging on why Lisa had taken her infant daughter to her mom's for the day. I looked at Lisa intently as we talked and she sipped at her coffee.

When I finished my cup, I stood up and walked over to the kitchen sink to lay it there with some lunch dishes she hadn't washed up yet. When I turned around at the sink, Lisa had stood up from her seat at the table in the eating area and she was standing only three feet away from me. She hadn't said a word but now I could see that her nipples were definitely hard. She was aroused and I knew almost without doubt that I was going to find out very soon whether or not her pussy was wet and hot to be fucked.

"Lisa," I said in a low voice and then paused to see what was on her mind. "Is there anything else I can do for you before I leave?" I asked and I walked over to where she stood and took her into my arms. I immediately pulled her body to mine, feeling her nice breasts pressing against my chest and I leaned forward, my lips softly touching hers and beginning a kiss. The only thing I could hear from her at the moment was a sexy low moan of pleasure as our lips meshed and when I reached down behind my sexy neighbor's firm right asscheek and cupped it gently, I could feel Lisa responding to the touch and pressing her groin forward against me. My cock was _ hard almost instantly and I knew now that I wasn't leaving this house until I'd fuck my hot neighbor Lisa.

I wanted to take Lisa back to her bedroom and fuck her right but I could sense that she was so aroused and horny that we were going to have our first sexual experience right there in the kitchen. I bent down when our first kiss ended and slipped my hand down inside the waistband of Lisa's shorts and her panties. I found the bush of her pubic hair and it was already starting to become moist from the wetness of her pussy saturating it. I quickly moved Lisa back over against the table and pulled her shorts down quickly below her knees, baring her light brown pussy hair and the wet lips of her cunt. I pulled her shorts on off of her feet and then spread her legs, leaning forward to lick my tongue up the slit of Lisa's hot cunt. Mmmmmm, her pussy tasted to hot and sexy. My cock was now at full erection and I needed to get my own pants off to release the cramped position it was in.

I dove right into Lisa's pussy with my fingers, tongue and lips, kissing and licking her aroused cunt, bringing louder and louder moans of lust and passion from her lips until I could feel her groin bucking against my mouth and then she began to moan so that I knew she'd reached her first orgasm. "Ohhhhh, yes, suck my pussy, Tom, eat meeeeee..." Lisa moaned as her orgasm crashed through her entire body. I loved it when a woman climaxed from my loving attentions and I couldn't believe that I'd just brought Lisa off from licking her sexy young cunt. As I heard her whimpering and breathing hard from her first cum with me, I licked her pussy completely and kissed her clit before I move on to our next stage.

I stood in front of Lisa as she sat there on the edge of the table, breathing hard and her nipples poked out hard in her bra and top as I quickly undid my pants and pulled them and my boxers completely off, throwing them hastily onto the floor nearby. My cock was completely hard and more than ready to fuck my sexy horny neighbor. Obviously she'd seen to it that she'd have the entire afternoon free, hoping that she could seduce me into fucking her. I was more than glad to oblige this sexy shapely young housewife and mother.

"Do you want me to do something for you with this big horny cock of mine, Lisa?" I asked as I wrapped my hand around the shaft and stroked up and down a few times to get my cock fully hard and to tease and entice this hot lady to beg me to fuck her.

"Yes, I do want you to do something with that big beautiful cock of yours, Tom," Lisa answered in the sexiest voice I'd ever heard from from her lips. "I've noticed your big lump of hot sexy cock and balls in your pants ever since you've lived next to us and I've had a wet horny pussy more than once from wanting you to fuck me. More than once I've fingered my pussy to orgasm, imagining what it would be like to have that big hunk of cock fucking me. Now I want to know what it's like, Tom, give it to me, pleaseeeeeeeeee." I loved how she was suddenly being so honest with me about her sexual hunger and desire for me through all these years. I didn't intend to keep sexy Lisa waiting any longer.

I leaned over to kiss Lisa's soft sensual lips briefly and my right hand covered her heaving left breast through her top. It felt so good to have Lisa's tit under the palm of my hand finally. Her breast was nicely shaped and firm and round in my palm - now I wanted to know what her pussy felt like with my cock buried inside it. I wanted to feel her wet cunt swallowing my cock so badly and I found myself really wondering how tight and hot she'd be now six months after she'd delivered her second baby.

"Ohhhh, Lisa, yes, mmmmmm, you feel so good, so hot, girl" I moaned as I took the shaft of my cock and ran the engorged head of my dick slowly up and down the very wet lips of her brown-furred pussy lips. Her cunt was not only wet from my licking and kissing her pussy but she had become very wet from her own arousal and anticipation of the fuck she'd obviously been hoping and planning for the two of us to share together. I always loved to ensure that my dick was fully erect and as well lubricated as possible to ensure that my entry in the woman I was fucking was as pleasurable for her as it could be. And there's nothing like the feeling of my cock spreading tight wet pussy lips and penetrating a hot woman's tight cunt when she's more than ready for me to fuck her.

I continued to work my cock head up and down Lisa's tight pussy and then I wedged the head of my cock right at the mouth of her pussy and began pushing inward, mounting her and I decided to let her know that she was about to be fucked by a man who was an experienced lover. There was nothing tentative about my cock penetrating Lisa's cunt; as soon as the head of my cock started going inside her, I pushed forcefully and felt the head of my cock disappear into her pussy and then the inches of my shaft slipped inside her tight hot tunnel.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmmm," Lisa hotly moaned as she felt my thick hard cock quickly taking posession of every inch of her horny cunt. "Fuck me, Tom, like you've never fucked another woman. Ride me, honey, give me all of your horny cock deep in my pussy," Lisa moaned as she felt my cockhead hit the bottom of her cunt. I was fully inside her.

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